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What it does for a believer is every leaf inside it is the command of Allah.

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But one thing you'll find unique about the Quran the description the specific description with which Allah describes Heaven is not found anywhere else, you will get general words like garden. That's what you eat the Garden of Eden, that's all you get. What Allah will tell you is fruits and luck we played in Minmei Yash, to whom the flesh of birds you're going to have some kind of chicken barbecue or something that's going to be there. There's going to be all kinds of drinks that are being served. There are servers that are that are charming, that are serving drinks to our friends sitting together, talking about how life used to be tough and what they went through, and how things used to

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be tough. They're having a reunion believers are having a reunion, you know, all kinds of descriptions, very vivid. Picturesque descriptions are being given of gender, but many of them you will find are things that are easy to imagine friends hanging out together, people enjoying drinks, servers, bring in drinks, beautiful trees, waterfalls, cushions, carpets, these are all things we find in this life. And there's a reason for that. Even though our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam told us Mother remember that without overland semirara Katara Allah can be Bashar no I have received no ear has ever heard. So if and no imagination has ever imagined what heaven has to offer

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what Jenna has to offer however, if you if you read the Quran description of Jana, it looks like very easy to imagine palm trees and beautiful mansions and spouses and all that stuff. Right? So why is that it is actually because this world is made a preview of what is coming. This is supposed to give us a glimpse. You know, Muslims see this life very differently than other faiths and many other faiths this life is actually a curse. We were sent here as a punishment in the Quran. We were not sent on the earth as a punishment halacha coma fellow of the Jamia Jana Lacan fee ha Maha Isha kalila Mata Sharon, he put in this world he put things for you that you can live well with an enjoy

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how little you show gratitude. You don't put someone in prison and say be grateful. You put someone somewhere somewhere nice and you show them the beauty of this world and that's what makes you want to be grateful. This is what Allah doesn't throw throw rocks man he talks about you know what, how build on us ask the right hand phobia yada yada Bukoba to Kenzie Bala, like look at all these beautiful things I've made for you look at the scent in the air from the crop that comes to you look at the grain that grows the crop that grows What were you going to be in denial of you should be grateful so Allah did in fact make this world beautiful and you guys are happened to be very

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fortunate you live in a state of Utah where you're surrounded by beautiful mountains. You get to appreciate Allah's beauty even when you're stuck in traffic unless you have something to look at. I come from Dallas, there's nothing to look at. You know, so

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So you know, there's this this constant beauty that surrounds us Anyway, coming back to the cya. He says just give them the example of this. Lowest life and everything you experienced in this life, every joy you experience and the minimal joy, the joy of a new babies, the minimal joy, the joy of marriage, the joy of seeing a beautiful waterfall, the joy of a beautiful sky that the joy of a delicious meal. All of these are the lowest like there's way more upgrades available. And can you imagine we were like oh my god, that's my favorite restaurant. I can't I haven't had it in so long. I need that chiller more or whatever right. And that's that's your thought of joy or this vacation

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this place you want to go to or this car you want to drive or this neighborhood you want to get a home in or whatever you be associate joy with these things and all of that is just the bare minimum. That's the Rama of Allah will deliver loving method and hieratic dunya karma in Anzahl, Davao Mina sama

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if you get some if you want to get a picture of what this life is like, it's something like water that we sent down from the sky I'll translate quickly then we'll contemplate these words. Faster bla bla bla he never told aren't then that water because of it, the grains in the world and all the material in the soil anything that can grow is called an about grass can be calling about trees can be called about fruits can be called flowers can be called in about Nevada is the word for all vegetation, all greenery all plant life you can call them about so the water mixes with all of these nutrients in the on the earth first Teletubby Hina battle out and of course when rain comes from the

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sky that Allah is talking about, and the earth becomes green flowers grow grass grows, trees grow farm grows, all of it grows. Then you would think Allah will next talk about how beautiful it gets, how colorful it gets, and he talks about that in other places. But here he says something else he says for us Baja Shimon, to Google Ria, then that same crop that grows he didn't even mention the crop. He says it mixes with the soil and eventually

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It becomes this word has sheen and human error because it's something dried up that has no moisture in it and can easily break and has stepped on. Basically what he's describing is dried up leaves, dried up leaves and twigs that fall off of a tree, or grass that dies, that you step on and mix crunchy sounds and it's worthless. And the wind just blows it off and actually creates dust and pollen problems or allergies for you all of that stuff is coming from the dirt, and the broken up leaves and all of that stubble that's that's around in the world. So he's describing now this life starts off with water from the sky. And then eventually it just turns into just broken up leaves

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that people step on. They don't even realize if you were stepping on something valuable. If you were stepping on your new phone, you would be like, you wouldn't put your full weight on it the moment you felt a little bit of the crunch, but you don't think twice when you step on a leaf. You don't think twice when you step out a pebble is just it's worthless, right? And it's flowing around if if cash was blowing around, you would have a heart attack. What if leaves are blowing or you don't think twice about it? This is worthless stuff. And that's why in the Quran and things that blow with the wind are considered worthless like hubba and other images in the Quran when things blow into

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when they're actually considered weightless and worthless. And one of the scariest description, descriptions of judgment day is some people their deeds will be scattered like, like dust or ashes for Jana who hubba among flora. Allah describes so we seek Allah's refuge from our deeds being turned into scattered dust on Judgment Day, and not having any way. But anyway, coming back to this remarkable parable, how is it that I can benefit from this example? Other than just saying, well, Allah gives life and then we die, the plant grows and then the plant dies. Great. Now what? What actually if you dig a little deeper, and you contemplate the especially the end of this ayah What

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can Allah Who are the cliche in Madeira, Allah has been in complete control over all things. And the word for Allah's control, you find three different words in the Quran, you find Cardiff, you find Kadir and here you find actually see a lot of mobile design a sense from instead of, it's looked at it, looked at it and actually the way that translate that is actively in control, Allah is actively in control, and, and still overwhelmingly in control over all things. That's what Allah says at the end. Now, let's go back in this life, the first thing Allah wanted me to think about is the fact that he sends water from the sky that mixes with the soil. So there's something happening with the

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sky, and there's something happening with the Earth, every fruit that you eat, every every piece of meat that you and I eat, every bit of vegetation that you and I see is a result of water that came from the sky.

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You know what else comes from the sky? What comes from the sky is always the risk from Allah, the command from Allah, the guidance from Allah, everything that Allah gives us that is purposeful comes from the sky, the angels come from the sky with a mission. The angels that are here, go up and report to the sky and they come back, you know, from the sky. Later, some other The angels are descending that is Illumina Ikawa raffia. Right. So when something Allah says something from the sky, it has a purpose. It comes for a mission. And so what does it do for a believer it what it does for a believer is every leaf inside it is the command of Allah.

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Every fruit every every Orange has inside it, the water that came from the sky that came from the Command of Allah. And every time something comes from the sky, it has to have a purpose. So everything becomes purposeful and in everything, I see that it's related to a command from Allah descending from the heavens, everything, it changes my view of all life, I don't see any bird the same way I don't see any food the same way I don't see the green a tree the same way. All of them are directly in result they have inside mixed within them is the water that came from the sky and the water that comes from the sky is actually the Command of Allah. And they go and it's interesting

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that water coming from the sky as compared to no Quran, with revelation coming from the sky.

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You know that in certain Hadith for example, Allah talks about people who lost touch with Revelation and their hearts became hard. And in the very next ayah he says air Allah and Allah how you feel about the motiva. You should know Allah gives life to the earth after it was dead. Like your heart can come back to life with the word of Allah, like the rain brings the grass back to life. That's That's what it says. Now, what does that have to do with you and me? Let's come back to that all of you have different crises. Every one of you has a different drama going on in your life. And when I say drama, some of you looked at the person next to you like this is the drama I just drove with

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them to Jamar But on a more serious note

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Whatever struggles we're going through whatever we're experiencing in this life, we have to first understand that none of it would have been happening if Allah's command wasn't there.

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And there was no there was no there was some purpose there was a reason for which it was happening. Hey guys, you just watched a small clip of me explaining the Quran in depth as part of the deeper look series. Studying the Quran in depth can seem like a really intimidating thing that's only meant for scholars Our job is to make deeper study of the Quran accessible and easy for all of you. So take us up on that challenge. Join us for this study the deeper look of the Quran for this surah and many other sources on Vienna under the deeper look section