Nadim Bashir – O You Who Believe #08 – 2-282

Nadim Bashir
AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the history and etiquette of the B carrier's deeds, including the preservation of life and property, lineage, and race. They emphasize the importance of an appointment for loan repayments and avoiding confusion. The speakers stress the need for agreements and specific terms, and emphasize the importance of being just as the person who writes them. They also emphasize the need for people to avoid giving out money and the importance of being aware of their financial situation. The speakers emphasize the need for cooperation and avoiding taking loans unless it is needed.
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Send 100 100 Local bid Alameen wa Salatu was someone that was sorry how much water earlier he was so happy he is Ryan Oh my god. So today inshallah we come to the last ayah Surah Baqarah that begins with a Johanna Rita Amano. This is item number 282. And this suit in this idea also happens to be the longest idea of the Quran is the longest I have the Quran and logically speaking or you know, many people would believe that the longest I have the Quran, would it be related to something regarding Tawheed or might be related to Iman, or the Ark era, or the result of the prophethood of Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, but no, the longest if the Quran happens to be pertaining to

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the laws and the etiquettes of taking a loan, taking a debt or taking a loan, or going into debt, what should be the etiquettes in that kind of situation, which teaches us a very important lesson. And that is that besides the fact that Salah is part of our deen and guess what honest part of our deen and

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Victor was part of our dean, and fasting as part of our dean and Hodges part of our dean. Likewise, when it comes to money matters, when it comes to being financially fair, and being just and being upright and being honest, this is also part of our deen. Now, when we look at, you know, one thing besides when it comes to fit in general, we all know there's something called FIP. And then said there's something called Musudan fic.

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And that is the laws that we have to you know, we keep in mind when it comes to fit and how we were able to use or how we're able to derive FlipKey matters from the Quran and the Sunnah of Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. This is something that we learn from the other books that will sort of fit. But if you say the history, there's one thing that along the way came after, was sort of flip came into existence, and it was called Mikasa Shuddha. Yeah, it's called the objectives of shutter India and the automatic scholars, they define that what are the objectives of Sharia? And they say that there are five objectives of Sharia. The very first objective of Sharia is the preservation of

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life. This is why you will see that there are many things in our deen that have been stipulated that we can preserve life. Number two is the preservation of religion to maintain our deen number three preservation of the intellect, number four preservation of property and finally, preservation of lineage. So, if you look at certain Bacara, when we sensitive Baccarat, we will find that there is an example of each of these five into the Bacara for example, when we talk about the preservation of life, Allah subhanho wa Taala in surah baqarah he talks about the loot the rules and the laws of the sauce, you know, we talked about this Yeah, you know the the AMA no quotevalet communica Saso fill

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out law that whenever a person has been murdered, or when there is a murder that takes place there is besides that takes place. So this in itself when you when a person's life is taken live for life, in essence, yes, another person's life is taken. But by taking that person's life, we are preserving the life of other people in the society. So this is the preservation of life and there's so many other things in our deen also. Then one is the preservation of our religion. And we learned that incident Bacara from where when Allah subhanho wa Taala he said half into other Saraswati was salted was to maintain your deen how maintaining your salad, then Allah subhanho wa Taala says, I mean the

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third thing about Makkasan Sharia Sharia is the preservation of the intellect. What does Allah mentioned to the baccarat about that he talked about wine and how wine is haram. Okay, yes in the Quran or so Bacara. Allah talked about that wine there are there are pros and cons yesterday Monica, and how many will miss it. However, instead of my either Allah subhanho wa Taala made it very clear that all of these things are from the acts of Shavon. So hence we should stay away from it completely. Then the fifth The fourth thing, which is the preservation of the property, so Allah subhanho wa Taala in the Quran, he talks about the laws of inheritance. This is why Allah subhanho

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wa Taala he talked about the laws of theft, this is why Allah subhanho wa Taala in the same surah and so the Bacara he talked about not taking bribes from one another. And finally, when we talk about writing down or the etiquettes of taking a loan, this is also to protect someone else's property, okay. So this is the fourth thing, the fifth thing is which is the preservation of lineage. So Allah subhanho wa Taala in surah baqarah he talks about Nikka he talked about Allah He talked about all these rules, and so the baccarat so the point is the ensuited Bacara, if you say is the Bacara

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You'll find that all the five points of Mecosta Sharia have been covered into the Bacara. And not only instead of Bukhara but cover the entire Quran go through every single if you look at every single Hawk machinery and you try to fit one of these, one of these nakasu Shatter er points in there, you will find that something will fit somewhere with something, okay? Something will fit somewhere with something. So this is what our assertion area is now, we in the last portion, so the Bacara we talked about this before, Allah talks about sadaqa which is to give which sadaqa we don't give how you give sadaqa when you don't give sadaqa Allah talks about that the rewards of sadaqa

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then after Allah subhanho wa Taala he talked about riba we talked about that last week. Today, Allah subhanaw taala is talking about or we were covering ayat, where Allah talks about loans, so sadaqa rewardable and it is to give money and you don't expect anything in return. The second one Riba is punishable, okay, it is a crime. And that is when you give money to someone and you and you forcefully put a condition on them that if you want this loan, you will be given the loan only in the condition that you have to give you something back in return extra that is a Libra and then finally, you have loans, okay, loan, which is something permissible and what is a loan that you give

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your property away you're giving money away with the agreement that whatever money I'm giving you, you give me back in return, this is that is of course permissible. Now, we get into this is this is of course I said the longest I have the Quran so we'll go bit by bit Inshallah, we'll cover this entire ayah Allah subhanho wa taala. He begins the ayah by saying, Yeah, are you hallelujah? I'm Manu Are you people who believe either to the yen tomb B day in in either agilan Musa manufacturable, when you contract a debt for a specific term, then write it down. Okay, this is the very first thing that Allah subhanho wa taala. He mentioned this idea. Now, I want to explain this,

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first of all, is what is the definition of a Dane, the definition of Dane is something that you delay payment for whether you get the merchandise now, or you get the merchandise later on. But it is a deferring of a payment. And of course, this can be done in many different ways. You go to the store, you want to buy something that is big, you want to buy something that is a machinery type, you can't you know, you you tell them that I want to buy this right now. And I will defer the payments, six months, one year, five years, whatever it is, this is a type of thing. Another type of vein is what the agreement or the contract between the employer and the employee, right yes or no.

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So the employee, he has an agree or there is an agreement that he will do XYZ, for example. Now when he does X, he doesn't get paid. When he does why he doesn't get paid when he does, he doesn't get paid, he doesn't get paid for every single small thing that he does, he will get paid after every two weeks, he may get paid after one week, one month, whatever the agreement is, the point is there is a deferred payment. Number three is when you borrow money also there is a this is also a deferring of payment that I will pay you later on. And by the way, when it comes to taking something on credit, there is nothing wrong with this because even Rasulullah salAllahu alayhi wa sallam, he

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did the same thing. Also, he went once one time, he went to

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He once went to a man, and he says I want to purchase your animal. And the man said absolutely fine, the person he purchased it, but he told him, You have to come with me and I'll pay you the money later on. So that is absolutely fine as long as making sure that you pay. So the next thing that Allah subhanho wa Taala he says that first of all is whenever you give a loan or whenever someone takes a loan, the very first thing that must be done is there has to be an appointed time okay, there has to be an appointed time. It now of course, some people some orlimar say that because Allah mentioned this, it means that there should be and there must be an appointed time and majority

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orlimar they will say yes, that is true. And there shouldn't be an appointed time. However, the one thing is that if the person giving the loan, Okay, this one is very carefully. If the person giving the loan says I don't care when you give it back to me, just make sure you give it back to me. No time fixed. Okay, no time fixed, that that is his discretion. Because that is that is his hawk. And once again, it's his property, if he's giving his property and he's saying I don't there's no need to put a limit or a term on this than it is absolutely fine. Second thing that Allah subhanho wa Taala he says, Forget to boo, make sure you write it down, make sure it is documented. And make sure

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that everything is written down all the details are written down and I will say this, you know, as the imam or I'm sure even other Allah

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Their Imams and religious leaders don't say the same thing. Wouldn't majority of their money matters or disputes come to them from the community members? Like when people come to me and they say, We haven't we have a business dispute. So please tell us religiously. What do we do? The first thing I tell them is, was there an agreement in place? And he said, Yes, there was an agreement in place. I'm like, No, was there there was the agreement, documented or not? That is so important. Today, when it comes to Muslims. And there are tons of cases where the person says, I don't owe you money, that other person, the other party saying, No, you owe us money. And one party is saying that this

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is what we agreed upon. And they both said, Yeah, this will be agreed upon, but it was not written down. is so important. I understand. When it comes to Muslims, we always say that you know what, we take the word of another Muslim brother and sister and yes, that's fine. It is fine in his place. But to be truly honest, this is the this is what Allah is saying. This is AI Of course, we all agree with this when Allah subhanaw taala says something, when there is a business dealing with someone else, write it down. Okay? There is honestly, it is not correct in especially in this day and age, when you say I take the word of another Muslim brother, yes, he is another Muslim brother. And I'm

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not saying that you, you make them write the agreement, because they are not trustworthy. I'm not saying that. I'm just saying that in order to avoid a dispute in the future, it is always very important to write down terms and agreements. So this is something that we should always remember now, Allah subhanho wa Taala says next, well yet to be in a concavity, boom, Bella Adam, and let the scribe right between you injustice, meaning that you should go and find a person and find a person who understands the language of financial terms, who understands, and they can put this in proper terms and so forth. So there's no confusion, the future, make sure that describe who's doing all

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this. And first of all, he is a professional. And number two is Bill Adams, they should be justice between them. And what does justice mean? There are several things that what justice means here, number one is everything in the contract and in the document should be free from any foul play, number one, number two, there shouldn't be anything in the document that both parties have not decided upon. If there is a contention, if there is a disagreement upon a certain point, it should not be it shouldn't be signed, till that point is clarified. A lot of times once again, amongst many, many, many Muslims, what happens is that we we look at, we look at a point that is that is

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supposed to be discussed, there may be disagreement, and what do most people say, okay, you know what, let's go sign the agreement. Right now, it's not that we'll discuss this later on. But we don't realize that that one thing you want to discuss, discuss later on, it becomes the primary point of your contention, yes, and this is why everything should be straight. Number three, there should be no changes. Without the knowledge of the to the person described cannot tell one party, I'm making this amendment, you know about it, and other person does not know about it, that's an injustice. Number four, the person writing the agreement should not add or subtract an agreement due

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to a bribe.

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A lot of times, what happens is, the lender will come here, Brian bribe, okay, make sure you add one or two extra points, the person who's taking the loan, he gives a bribe, write down these, you know, just put these one two extra terms in there, that the lender does not know about this. This is an injustice. And even in the case, even in the case, that the person who's writing the agreement, if he is an employer, ye in any capacity of the lender, or the person who's taking the debt, even in that case, because a lot of times employees come under the pressure of the employer. So the employer says, You're my employee, I want you to put this in there. Otherwise, your jobs on the line? Nah,

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still in that case. And that case, their scribe, or the person who's who's documenting, or is putting together or constructing that agreement, they'd rather not even construct the agreement to begin with, because in that case, there'll be a conflict of interests. So this is why Allah subhanaw taala, he mentioned, the importance of being just such as the person who's writing the agreement, then Allah says, Wallah, yeah, but carry on, and you have to work on NAMA hula, who for Jakub, now, what if there's a person who is who knows how to write these kinds of agreements? And he says, you know, what, don't bother me with this. Allah subhanaw taala, saying, Let no scribe refuse to write,

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as Allah has taught to him. What does that mean? It means that Allah has given this person, the intellect, the skill and the art to put together this agreement. This person should simply not just push away and say, You know what, go find someone else. Don't bother me about it. If Allah has given this person, that he should use that skill in the art to help help other people

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Oh, by the way, a side note regarding this, Allah Subhana Allah Allah has given you an eye all of us here some talent, and some expertise in some area. We all are talented in some area. When we talk about sadaqa for example, what does Allah say when it comes to the QA? Well, me ma Rosa Akane, whom UniFi Khan, Allah gave us risk, Allah saying, you want to show me your appreciation, then give some that for the sake of Allah subhanho wa taala. Now when, for example, if we have a skill in art, and someone says, you have a skill in the art, I need your help, for example, and they know that you cannot, they cannot find anyone else besides you at that time. And you have a skill in that art. And

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yes, through that skill in that art, we make money, we make our livelihood, but at the same time, what we need to realize is that when the call comes when the call comes when people are desperately in need of our help, and you know, a lot of times today, what do we say, if you want mice, if you want to utilize my skills, I'm going to charge you fine, you can charge but what if just what if there's a situation where the person says, I don't have any money, and I'm desperately in need of help? In that case, if Allah has given you a skill set and art for the sake of Allah subhanho wa taala, for the sake of the one who taught you that skill, for the sake of the one who gave you that

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art, then for his sake, help other people out at times, too. It's so sad. It's so sad. Well, Allah at times, when you try to reach out so many times, I've tried to reach out to people who have a skill set who have an art. And yes, of course, there is nothing wrong and asking for money. If the money if the person has the money who needs help, they will of course give it but there are times when the person does not have any money to give. And they're poor and they need they need help. And a person says sorry, I cannot help you. either. I don't have the time, or you don't have the money. I'm gonna that's it. So, at the end of the day, let's realize that at times when people need our

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help, we do it for the sake of Allah subhana wa Tada for the sake of the one who gave us that skill in that art. Then Allah subhanho wa Taala said when you millinery on a hill Haku well yet tequila Raja wala your husband who che? And let the one who has the obligation dictate and let him fear Allah and his role and not leave anything out of it. Now Allah saying here in this part of the verse, that the responsibility the primary responsibility is on the one who was taking the loan to write down this agreement. On the other hand, I might have said, that will end what we have seen nowadays predominantly, is that the one who is giving out the money the lender, usually they're the

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ones who are creating the agreement. There is nothing wrong with that if they create the agreement is absolutely fine. But Allah saying that what if there's a scenario where neither the lender is, is putting together the agreement? And in that case, who has the primary responsibility is the one who is taking the loan? Then Allah says for Encana levy on a hill Haku Sophie Han older Ethan, Allah yesterday here, what if there's a situation and also the house giving us scenarios here, that the person who was taking the loan for example, he is Sufi, he is a Sufi, now a Sufi? You know, like Allah subhanho wa Taala in the Quran, when he talks about the change of the Qibla ALLAH SubhanA wa

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Taala we refer to those people as the Akula sufa Ha, the foolish people, okay, here in the context of finances, a Sufi is not a foolish person here a Sufi is that person, that who is financially irresponsible, they there are some people who are just, you know, they're lavish spenders, they just spend and they spend in the spending nowadays, you know, there was one time where you had to take out cash out of your pocket, then it became easier to spend money by how swiping your card. Now, you don't even have to swipe your card, one tap to tap, that's it, you know, go to Amazon one, click Buy, that's it done, allow us okay, it goes straight to your credit card. So this is how it is or it

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goes to a debit card. The point is that it becomes very easy to spend money. So there are people who are just naturally they're very irresponsible, uncontrollable, or a Sufi is that person who doesn't know how the system works. They don't know how the system works. Now, if a person comes in is taking a loan, and they don't know how the system works, in that case, the lender, they usually they would take advantage of that situation. And the person who's taking the loan, they become usually the victim, okay? Because they just don't know how the system works. Or a person, a Sufi, it could be also in reference to a person who has bad credit. They just they have this reputation in society

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that they get involved in Bas and bad business dealings, or whenever they get involved with anyone in business. They always have a con

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They are in some situation like this, in all these cases, in all these cases, Allah subhanho wa Taala saying that, or, sorry, the one is a Sufi, as I talked about, and then Allah says, I will die even over a person is weak, what does that mean? A person is physically weak, or he is mentally weak. Or let's just say about even some some even alumni have said that what if you know, I'm just giving you a random example here, you don't see this happening. But what if a kid said, I want to take a loan? What if a kid said I want to start a business? Or a young man, you know, 15 years old says, I want to start a business. Give me money, okay? Now usually they will be like, you know, how

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can we just give you money, you know, it doesn't work like this. So in all these three cases, whether he's a Sufi, he's uncontrollable, or the bad credit, or the infant mentally physically weak, or Hola, yes, Talia, or someone who does not understand the rules, or they don't have the capacity. Or, for example, another example is, they don't understand the language. In that case, in all these three cases, Allah subhanho wa taala, saying that they should have a Willie who is making that agreement on behalf of them, they themselves cannot just go and sign agreement and so forth, they need to have a representative with them at all times. And by the way, the representative also who is

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being involved here, okay, because usually the person one is the person who's writing it. One is the representative, if the representative, imagine if a person says, he goes, and he has, he has a history of bad dealings, bad business, and so forth. And he goes to a person says, I want a loan, and I want you to be my representative, if the representative knows that this person is not a person that you want to give a loan to, it becomes the responsibility of the Wali to tell the lender that you should not give this person money. Because what could happen in some cases is that the representative thinks or he knows that if he takes a loan from the bank, or he takes a loan from

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someone else, I know the representative saying, I know that you will not pay him back. But I know that if he takes a loan, I'm gonna get a cut out of this. Not because he's looking at his own advantage over here. He does not care what that person does, or the person who's taking the loan when he doesn't lender No, in this case, if the representative knows that this person has a bad history, or he's uncontrollable or they will not pay back, they should step in and let the lender know that it becomes their responsibility a lot then says a word and says What does he do? shall he then he merely Janek and what about witnesses? Allah saying that there should be what does she do

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Shahid at marriage alikom there should be two men who should witness this agreement for Ilam lacuna, Raju Laney, for Raju Umbra tan Memento Volodymyr shahada until the Ummah for to the killer, Allah Allah then says that if you cannot find two men that find one man and to women, okay, now, I want to quickly explain this because we're running out of time, I want to quickly explain this because this idea or this part of this idea becomes very, very problematic for in some cases.

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This here, it does not mean that Allah subhanaw taala is saying that women are equal or half or equivalent to half of men, or half a man's witness. This is not what Allah subhanaw taala is saying over here. Allah subhanho wa Taala first of all, is saying over here, that in some cases, you know, when you have a woman, it's very possible that because they could be threatened, okay, they could be threatened in any capacity. This is why if you have to women and because in most cultures even even America, let's not I mean, let's face it the way it is, for the most part all over the world, even America, women are oppressed. Okay? I mean, it's even though in America they want to say that women

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or some oppresses women and so forth. It's it's all over the world. It's our our deen has taught us once again, just because it's happening when people say it's happening and like Islamic countries, this Islam says no, that's not what Islam says. People might be doing it, if you read document, if you see documentaries, if you read articles and so forth, you will see how Muslim women, even in Muslim countries, overall, they get oppressed even here in this country. They are oppressed in the sense that when you talk about equal pay, and so forth, that's another matter. But the point is that when it comes to witnessing, when it comes to witnessing it designed, easy thing, imagine telling a

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person to go and witness in court, it becomes very difficult, okay? Because when you're witnessing something, you have a responsibility, because the Quran next we're going to come to this, when Allah says that you are a witness. That means that God forbid, if that case ends up in court, then you are going to have to go as a witness to now when you see I mean, on another point, when you see most criminals walking the streets, a lot of times the reason is that there might be a person who's witnessing the crime.

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but they don't want to show up in court and testify against a criminal. Why? Because if I testify against a criminal, and I put him behind bars than someone who's linked with them, they're going to come up from my life. They're going to come after my children's life. Okay, well, my family's life. That's why they don't testify in court, because they're scared. But the point here I'm trying to make is, a lot of times people will be scared in testifying, Allah subhanaw taala, saying that if a woman in this case, if she is threatened, or she may forget something, in this case, you have another woman who is going to back her up, it doesn't mean that if they have to go in witness in

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court, both women are going to show up in court, no, only one woman will show in court. However, the other one, the other woman is simply a backup in this kind of situation. And I will say just going as far as saying this to in the case that well, let's just say there are two women and there were one, there's one man if the man is manipulating information, you have these two women who can say they know that he's manipulating information in person. So this is why Allah subhanaw taala has put this rule put this rule in place. Now, I do want to mention this because we're talking we're talking about this very briefly, quickly. There is no other injunction in Islam, where Allah says that the

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testimony of a woman is equivalent to half of a man's testimony. This is the only place in the Quran regarding this matter, by the way, okay. There are lots of other as mentioned this, otherwise, you go into any other matter if there is a, if there is a slander against a woman, a woman's testimony is equivalent to a man's testimony. Okay, a woman one time one time came in, there's so many different cases a woman one time came to Earth, maybe not often, but have you logged on and said that,

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that she testified that these two people they were breastfed by me. Okay. She said, this was Monday. And I'll say all the time, that you know what your testimony is only half of or equivalent to have a man's testimony bringing someone else No, he took that testimony of that woman? Yes. And so in all the other matters. A woman's testimony is equivalent to a man's testimony. I want to make that very clear. Now. Allah subhanho wa Taala says, Wallah Yeah, but shahada we either Majerle and when and led, not the witnesses refuse when they're called upon. Later on. Let's just say there's a dispute these two these witnesses are being called up, they should show up. Well, let's move on to boo

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Severen Oh, carried on in agilely. Allah then says and do not be too weary to write it down. Whether it's small or large, for its specific term mean that whether the loan is small or big, someone says only it's only $1,000 It's small loan versus $10,000. No in either way, write it down. Allah then says Then he comes across in the law, what up normally shahada a letter taboo in the integrity Jonathan Harvey, rather than says, if you follow these rules, these are this is more just in this is more just in the sight of Allah subhanho wa taala. And a stronger as evidence and more likely to prevent doubt or conflict between you that Allah says there is one case in which you don't have to

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write an agreement, Allah then tells us what in the community data and have it all except for when there is an immediate transaction. What is immediate transaction is called a spot trade. What is the spot trade is like when you go to Walmart, okay, I buy the merchandise I bought the grocery I give you the money is the equivalent spot right? Spa trade in the situation like that. You don't have to sit there and say, Okay, let's create an agreement. Okay, I bought one butter or one kind of beans or all that kind of stuff. Let's create an agreement. You don't have to create an agreement over there. Although what do they give you as documentation purposes? A receipt, okay. They still give

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you a receipt. But Allah Subhanallah saying that when it comes to a spa trade, you don't have to create an agreement. Allah then says Felisa Felisa, they come to the Hon Allah to Booyah, you don't have to write that then Allah says well as he do either at about the bottom and take witnesses when you are concluded contract. Once again, if you are involved, when there is like for example, if you are in trade, commercial trade, or you're buying something from overseas, okay, like from another country, and you know, like where they're sending a shipment and you're sending money and that can in that kind of situation too. If you have witnesses, it is good, but there should be an agreement

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in place. Also, Wallah you Barbara Kathy Bona Shaheed and let no scribe be harmed or any witness, if the if the scribe for example, says okay, and by the way, when the Quran says they should not there should be no harm, meaning that they should not cause cause any harm, and no harm should be caused to them either. To the point that our alumni have also said that if the scribe says if the scribe says, Okay, I will write this down for you, and you have to pay me and they say, Okay, fine, both parties, they will pay you and if they don't pay him on time, there is also a harm done to him.

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There is also harm done to him, even if the witness is saying

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If the witnesses say if you want us to be a witness, then you have to compensate us. Let's just say they say that if you don't pay the witnesses on time that's also a falsely done against them. Or let's just say there's an agreement between the scribe and the witnesses, and you sign and then you don't take care of the of the agreement, then that also becomes problematic. Allah then says, we're into fi LUFA in the HuFa, so can be calm, if you do any of this indeed is a disobedience of Allah subhanho wa Taala what the law fear Allah subhanho wa Taala what your unlimited Allah and Allah has taught you will all be coalition and ally and Allah is Knowledgeable knowing of all things. Now the

00:30:38 --> 00:31:10

next idea is related to this it does not begin with Yeah, you need a hammer. No, but we will cover this Allah then says, well, In Kuntum Allah suffering what I'm trying to do Kathy been for the handle Maka Bula. The question is that what if you cannot find a scribe? What if you cannot find the scribe? In that case? What do you do, or Dean has taught us that you put a Rohan a Rohan is when you take a loan from someone, and they say, I need a guarantee. Like for example, I can just give you this example because it comes right right now to my mind, you know, these

00:31:12 --> 00:31:39

these cash loans that they give, you know, these like places where they say, you come like if you you know, your pay days, like four or five days away, but you need cash right now you come. Now, first of all, you don't ever take you should never take money from there because they charge you a very hefty interest as it is. But number two is you will see in some cases, you know what they will tell you that if you want a loan from us, we have to keep your car title for example, okay, that car title becomes a Iran

00:31:40 --> 00:32:21

that car title becomes Iran. So you're giving a let your as a lender you're giving money away you're giving money out. But because you want to guarantee yourself to this person to give me something that is very, very precious to you. Okay, and I will keep it in as soon as you pay me my loan. I'll give you back this Rohan, you understand? Allah subhanaw taala saying that imagine if you're taking a loan and you cannot find someone who can ascribe it. In this case, you can give something away as a Rohan and so that that person he knows that his financial interests are secured. In this case, this can happen. Allah then says for in Amina bah, bah then fell you are delivered to me no matter

00:32:21 --> 00:32:56

what you're talking about. But if the person says you know what, don't worry about it. Okay, you're taking a loan from me, I know you. You don't have to give me your car title. You don't have to give me your watch or something like that, or anything precious. I trust you take the loan, give it back to me whenever you want. That's absolutely fine. You don't then you don't have to put it on. Orion is only kept when there is when it's demanded from you. Allah then says while I talk to my Shahada, and do not conceal testimony for whoever conceals it, it is a great it is indeed sinful. Allah then says, well, Allah will be my time I know that I leave Allah and says that Allah subhanaw taala is

00:32:56 --> 00:33:32

knows everything that you do. So this is this is the conclusion. So quickly, we learned from these is, first of all, the importance that when it comes to financial matters, we have to be straight when it comes to our financial matters. You know, I would even go as far as to say, because recently I came across a situation like this to that, you know, even when it comes to like friends, you know, when it comes to friends, like when let's just say you and your friend, you go out, okay, you go out for lunch, you know, as Muslims or like in a lot of people, not just one of Muslims, but a lot of people, if they have a good heart, when the time comes to pay, what is they don't know, you pay? No,

00:33:32 --> 00:33:35

I'll pay I'll pay I'll pay I'll pay, you know, this happens all the time. Okay.

00:33:37 --> 00:34:12

So what happens that kind of situation is that even in this, I'll be honest with you, there are a lot of you know, there are a lot of people that when I personally go out with, we pay separate, you know why? Because there are cases I've seen, where sometimes they'll go to a restaurant, and the bill will come back like 70 $80 And the next time that will go the two friends will go somewhere, and the bill will only be $40 Now the person who pay $80 The first time, he's gonna think to himself what, that when we went, he took me to an expensive restaurant, okay. Now when he says he's going to achieve a restaurant, but that becomes a problematic two years and that when it came to me paying I

00:34:12 --> 00:34:53

had to pay 80 and he had to pay 40 You know, so this is why when it comes to money matters, be absolutely straight. Be absolutely fair, be honest. There should be you know, anything that can possibly become a an issue, or anything that can become a matter of contention. This is why Allah has given us all these rules in the Quran to avoid that contentious situation. So you don't ever fall in that kind of situation. So first of all, what we learn is that that matters of our matters. Money Matters is also part of our deen. Number two is when you take a loan. Okay, first of all, is if you remember I talked about this one day my Saturn budget also two three weeks ago. If you are in

00:34:53 --> 00:34:59

debt, make sure you get out of your debt. Do not take a debt unless you need to need to

00:35:00 --> 00:35:41

In all dire circumstances, you got to take a loan, that's a different situation, but try to stay try to stay away from taking a loan. Number three is make sure it is agreed upon, make sure you pay the person on time. If there's a case where Alyssa also teaches us that when there is a situation when the you know, there are some circumstances, there should be a Willie also and all these these are all things that Allah subhanaw taala has mentioned and we should preserve these rules in our mind whenever whenever the time comes. And once again, this concludes our sort of Bukhara once again at the end, what Allah mentioned three things so the Riba and loan so the point is rewardable

00:35:42 --> 00:36:22

Riba is punishable and, and loans are permissible. Okay, these are three things that Allah subhanaw taala mentioned once again, all of them have to do with money, okay, all of them are the money and think about this. This is almost a quarter of a Joses ALLAH SubhanA dedicated this to money once again, because it's extremely important. Ask Allah subhana wa Tada to give all of us ability to understand these matters. Ask Allah subhana wa Taala to give us ability to learn from the lessons of the Quran, and the lessons and lessons of the hadith of Allah so Allah while you were setting them, I mean, there's a common law hate Subhana Allah hunting, especially the inter nesto Fukada relate

00:36:22 --> 00:36:24

exacting law. Hey, so I'm wanting comfortable cattle

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