Kaleemullah #13 – Logical vs Emotional

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The speaker discusses the importance of being logical and emotional in dialogue, highlighting Subhan's success in reminding the Subhanab of their message. They also recommend not getting emotionally sucked into conversations and to stay out of fear. The speaker gives advice on four tricks of Islam, including labeling people with a certain name and proving that they are not lost. They also suggest giving people the ability to learn from their stories and make them into the "power of the people."

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Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah here. brachetto Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim Al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen wa Salatu was Salam ala Rasulillah Muhammad wa ala alihi wa sahbihi. Germaine about Welcome to another segment of Karim Allah where we go through the lessons and reflections from the story of Musa Huseynov. Now, today Subhan Allah will be going through a segment of sort of Shuara This is where Mossadegh Assam is being told by Allah subhanho wa Taala go to frown, give him Dawa, and so forth. And, you know, I really have to be truly honest, that I have read this passage, so many times in the Quran, whether it's in trowel or on my own individually, but it is for the very first time

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that today in just in preparation, in preparing for this talk, and this lecture, I came across something very interesting that I found in the books of the Pharisee. And, and what the books of the first year they mentioned is that here when Musala ism goes to fit our own, fit our own tries to discredit, he tries to find faults, and he tries to make a musalla you some emotional in his discussion, rather than remaining logical, let me explain this. So you know, when a person talks or a person is talking to someone higher than them in, in positions of authority, you're talking to someone who has a higher position who is more authoritative than you. Or let's just say you're

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talking to someone who's more older than you. And so in those kinds of situations, when you're trying to rectify a situation, either there's two aspects, either you're going to try to present your matter from a logical perspective, or you're going to present it from an emotional perspective. Now, if you become emotional, in your delivery, or you become emotional in a dialogue, or you become emotional in a discussion, you have lost that battle, you have lost that discussion. That's why it's always important that for every daring to that whenever you're talking, you always remain logical when you're talking to someone and you're trying to fix a situation or you're talking to someone who

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has more authority then you you have to always remain logical and you can never become emotional. Here what we find in the case of Musa is something fair on is Musa is standing on the logical side fair only standing on the emotional side we're following is going to do is that he's going to attempt to pull Musa into the direction of being emotional, so that he can lose track of his logical arguments. Let me give you another example from the Sunnah of the Prophet SAW Salem, when the Prophet Sam sent the Sahaba to Abyssinia, the Quraysh made many attempts to a towards the end Joshi to get to make him give up the Muslims. They brought presents one time, one time they came to him

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and they said that these Muslims that you are giving, you're giving them refuge in your land, they are going to cause chaos. They're going to cause fitna in your land and so forth. So they tried to find different ways to persuade the Joshi to give up the Muslims. And at every single moment that Natasha will call the Muslims all of them back to court. And he will say that this is what the Quraysh are saying, what do you have to say for yourself the original saying that you have no regards for you know such and such and you have Jabiru the yellow line?

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Sorry, Jaffa or the yellow line, and he would come and he would say, No, this is not who we are. We are such that we used to worship idols we used to worship stones and rocks, but because of the blessing of Islam, now we believe in Allah. And he goes, the story is long, but he explains his situation. And you know, one thing Subhanallah many of us do not pay attention to in that story is that never did Jaffa become excited, never D ever become emotionally compromised. He kept his cool at every single moment. Every single time the Quran would throw an allegation, or present an allegation towards the Muslims, Java or Python very eloquently, keeping his calm, keeping his

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composure, not getting emotionally compromised, he will provide a rebuttal and this is what we find Subhanallah in the case of Musa alayhis salam to so always remember that if you're ever in a discussion, like you might be, you might come across a person who does not believe in Allah, you may come across a person who is an Islamophobe, you might come across a person who is who just simply hates he has a hateful religion, or who hates you know, who hates Islam and Muslims and so forth. Or let's say you're in a dialogue where you are talking to someone who has more authority than you and so forth. And you are telling them to

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Do something, remember that there are going to be one of these five things that they're always going to present. And we find also in the case of Iran, he provided five ways or we see that he made five different. He tried five different ways of throwing Musa Adi Assam off of his mission and off of his message, but Subhanallah where we learn from Musashi Assam, is that he never got emotionally compromised. He never He made sure that he was never pulled by further on in the wrong direction and make him emotional, but he stayed on course he stayed on the message and Subhanallah we will go straight through this. It's very beautiful. So please, do stay with me. The very first thing that

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fit on he did was he remind him of his blessings. He says alumna Rebecca fina, Walidah wallabies, the Phenom anomaly Cassini Aren't you the one that you grew up here and we took care of you. You You are the one who stayed here you're the one who lived here. You're the one who would eat here every day. You're the one that we took care of you we provided clothes and shelter and so forth. Like did you forget about all that? So what he's doing is that he's reminding him of the favors the second thing he did was he reminded him of a crime Nazi fit only smart for own is not going to just say openly that oh Musa this is what you did for your own is keeping it a mystery because there are

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people over there who don't even probably know Musa and there are some who knows because Musa bin has been away for more than a decade and so you're talking about that fit only saying that well fine I'll fall at the quality fault again Do you ever you did something Yeah, I remember you remember to Yeah, you did something and so we're fit on is doing is that he's trying to make Mussolini some become emotional here because he had a lot of times was that you know when you tell someone something and they bring up a crime of your past you know what will usually happen to any other person you become emotional you try to defend yourself you try to give an excuse that yeah, you know

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what I did that at that time but I was you know it was this or that you become emotionally compromised see once again fit on is trying to sway Musa towards the emotional side because he Musa is smart he's one step ahead of fit on. So what did he say he provides every battle he says fall to her even and see the beautiful words the word selection here of Masada Islam is just it's amazing he's saying five to have the word file in the Arabic language implies to do something without even thinking about it. So because what happened was the Quran says for workers the whole Musa Musa punched a man now he doesn't realize that how much strength is within one of his punches and not

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only that, but how what you know what will be the outcome he does not realize this and not only that, but he says for us to even see Musa does not even want to expose his secrets either he does not want to expose the wrong that he did because in this situation what would happen is with many other people they would go ahead themselves and expose their own flaws. See for the own is trying to trap Musa Musa is not getting trapped here he flower is saying you did something and Musa is saying yeah I did something I did it and I was not I was not I was not smart about it fall to her even were under Mina Bali and I was four amongst those who were who were on the who were misguided in that

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situation mean that that situation was such that I was totally misguided. And I did something which I'm not very proud about. So what we learn from this is that ever if you're put into a situation where someone is reminding you of your crimes, or someone is reminding you of the wrong that you have done, they're trying to put you they're trying to make you feel guilty of the things that you have done there is no need for you as a person to expose the wrong that you have done. You may have done something wrong in the past let it be there's no need to expose the wrong that you have done. But see again, then what happens is that further Musa he's gonna let us go he says for for our two

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min come landmark if to come for Hubballi Rob be Hawkman which I'll anaemia more sunny. He's telling him that I ran away because I was afraid of all of you. I was afraid of all of you. Lemme have to come. But now the fact that I'm here, it shows that I'm not afraid of you anymore. This is Musa has been very bold. I'm not afraid of you anymore. And then see once again he stays on topic. This is the key thing is that fear always tried to sway him away. But he remains on the topic. He says yes, I did. What I did was wrong. But at the same time I ran away because I was afraid now I'm not afraid. And Allah has given me hikma. Allah has given me wisdom and he has made me a Prophet. Once

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again. Musa comes back to the main topic which was what that I have been sent as a messenger to warn you

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This is the smart thing that moves out of Islam. Good. So it's always very important that ever if you're ever in a situation, do not get emotionally sucked up into that conversation, and you lose focus of the conversation or the goal of the conversation overall, you know, subhanAllah, this is, you know, one time it happened to me, to be honest, that one time I was at an open house, there was a person who asked a question, everyone there knew that this person was asking the question, their intent is not right. But me as a person, I felt like they you know what, I know the answer, I'm going to give the answer. And, you know, I gave the answer and so forth, not realizing that this

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person, he, you know, he was asking the question in the wrong way, or with the wrong reason, and I simply just got sucked up into that kind of conversation, or given the answer to that question. So that's why every person has to be very smart. Whenever you're engaging in a discussion, be vigilant, be smart, be one step ahead of the game, and to not get sucked up into that kind of situation. So these are so this is the one thing so first of all, we see that for our own, he remind him of his blessings, he reminded him of the wrong that he did. Musa he gave a rebuttal for the wrong that he did. And he's not going to leave him for the fact that he reminds him he says, we're taken Yeah, my

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turn. Yes, you did take care of me. You didn't look after me. But as a result, what do you do you enslave bunny is saw in. So meaning that Musa is telling him that just because you did something good for me that does not justify the wrong that you are doing. And this is something very important because a lot of times people who do these kinds of things, who provide favors, they feel like that they they're justified to do any wrong that they have done, and Subhan Allah so we have to always remember that if we do any good, it does not give us leeway, it does not give us permission to do something wrong. On the other hand, when we do something, we do it for Allah sake, I'm not doing it

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because I want to have like the authority to do something that is wrong. So even here, we find that if you hear we find Musa he's holding their own accountable, that just because you did one thing right does not give you the permission to do 10 things that are wrong. And also we learned from this to that do not ever take favors from people that are going to remind you of those favors. You rather stay clear of those kinds of people, there are always going to be people that you will come across in life, you will do them a favor, and then later on, they will come back to you. And they will say that yeah, you know what, I helped you here, I helped you there, or just in general, they will keep

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on reminding you of every single thing or every single favor they've done for you. Don't ever be around those kinds of people. It will save you a lot of hassle in your life. This is my honest recommendation for any for everyone. Do not be around people who are going to always remind you of the favors that they have done for you. Now next thing now when Musa when Mussolini Sam he gives a response and he says that this the fact that you did you did you took care of me that still does not justify the wrong that you're doing. And when for I'll remind him of the crime that or the wrong that he did. He never got sucked up emotionally into the conversation he remained on course, he

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remained logical. Now what was the next trick of Shangela of felon? He tried to discredit the statement of Musa Musa Musa is some what do you say initially he says I've come from rubble Island mean. So now he says Call of your own Romero but I mean this fit this rubble element that you're referring to? Who is it? And this is where the Quran says the Messiah or a sunset Rob was where it will all the while not being a homer in quantum marketing, it is a Lord of the heavens and the earth and everything that is between the skies and the earth. And if you seek to be convicted with

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or seek to be convicted with certainty, so basically Musa is some is talking about Allah subhana wa Taala now when he says that this is what Allah is free to own he gives his own answer he says that all the lemon hola who are allowed to stand on like he's looking at all the people around him in his court and he's saying that get a load of this like can you believe what this guy is saying? Like he's saying that this Rob that he where he has come from he is the rock of the skies and the earth and so forth. Now when for the own said this see Musa he's not going to get emotionally set up again to situation logical remain on course he again went back to talking about who Allah is. And he says

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Rob buco murabaha ecoman are welline He is the Lord of the your father's your ancestors and so forth now why do you think he said this see you know there's

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mana Idris Kandahar we he wrote a book called Mighty for Quran a very beautiful to see in there he actually the chef he explains that when Finn own he was giving this response when he said to all his people, that how can this Allah be this the lord of this

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Eyes on the earth. What he's trying to say is that the skies in the earth have been existing before I came. And even after I leave the skies in the earth are going to be existing and yet we never heard about this Allah. So how is it that this Allah does exist? And what Musa is going to try and do is that instead of becoming once again, not emotional, logical, he's saying, and he's providing a logical answer and saying to him, and he's telling everyone that this Rob, that you're trying to discredit, here's the rub of your fathers and your forefathers. So what musante is trying to do is that logically and using rationale, he's trying to explain to them that just like you cannot deny

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the existence of your ancestors, you cannot deny the existence of your forefathers and so forth. And the fact that they came into this dunya there were certain events that happened in their life, do you think that they grew up by themselves? Do you think they came into existence by themselves? No, for something, something was non existent, for you to come into existence, there was a power behind that, that made you come into existence, and everything that has happened in your life, from A to Z, there was someone behind it, just like there was someone behind every single affair of your ancestors life, your forefathers in their lives and so forth. Likewise, there is someone who's

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behind the creation of the skies in the earth. So we're musante somebody's doing is that logically, logically, he's trying to explain to everyone that how is it that Allah subhanaw taala exists? And how is it that Allah subhanho wa Taala is the Lord of the skies and the earth? Now, what we learned from this is that not always, first of all, is fit all and was trying to discredit his statement. You're always going to find situations where people are going to try to discredit what you're doing. And they're going to discredit you to such an extent at times, that you're going to have doubt in your own thoughts. You're going to have doubts in your own theory. That is it true or not, but see,

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that's the key thing. moosari son never fell for that trick. He was strong, and he was smart about it. He says, I'm not gonna fall for this. I have conviction in what I'm presenting. And then he used certain types of logic to prove the existence of Allah subhanho wa taala. And what we learned from this is that sometimes when you need to prove when you get into a debate, or a discussion about Allah subhanho wa taala, sometimes you can use logic and rationale to prove the existence of Allah subhanho wa taala. There is nothing wrong in doing that. So this is why this is where we learn now the fourth trick that fit on he used now first time he tried to remind him of the blessings. That

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didn't work. Then he tried to remind him of the wrong that he did. He never fell for that either. Then he tried discredit his claim about Allah being the rub. And that did not work. So now what did he do? He went to the fourth step, he began to label Masada he Islam. See, this is something that we find very often is that when people are usually labeled, and how did Musa get labeled? He says the Quran says that. All in Rasulullah. Common lovey Osita in a common image unknown found began to say that this prophet that has been sent to you all he's much known, he's lost it. He's gone cuckoo, you know. And so the thing is that now what he's trying to do is he's trying to label Musa alayhis.

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Salaam, the He's lost it, he's an insane person, why would you want to listen to this person? And see this is the key thing is that whenever you get labeled, usually what happens is that people are trying to convince others that No, I've not lost it. And once again, that is, again, Finland is trying to pull Musa into the emotional direction. Musa is smart, not going that direction, remaining logical, remaining smart. He doesn't fall for these labels, that when he gets called something, he's going to try to defend himself. He's not saying no, no, no, no, he could have said, no, no, I'm not a magician. I'm not a magician. I'm okay. I'm absolutely fine and so forth. He never tried to do

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that. What did he do? He went again back to talking about Allah subhanho wa taala. He says Rob bull machete will not really be Who am I being? And what did he do? Just like moose are just like Fiona saying, I am the ROB moosari Sam says that my Rob is the Rob and the Lord of the East and the West. He's basically telling you to own that you think that you are the ROB of the skies in the earth and you are worthy of worship? He's basically saying that I went to Medina and and your jurisdiction did I even reach Medina in your jurisdiction is only confined to this land and outside this land, you don't have any authority. So it is as if Musala is some saying that is as if Musa is labeling him

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that you are nothing but a fraud. You are you say one thing, but you have no jurisdiction beyond your area and beyond this area.

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Whereas my robi has jurisdiction over the east and the west, he has control over the east and the west. So this is Musala. He is on once again, not falling for the label that is being attached to him, but rather sticking to the conversation and talking about this. And then the last trick of fit own, when nothing worked, and all the people around him, they're starting to listen to Musa you know, what's the last thing that he did? He says, he says it the hut that Isla Han Li de la Agia Allah Nicomedia mas Junee. Last last trick in the bag is to threaten him. And he says that if you are going to continue to do this, that I am going to adjourn, then that commune was June, I'm going

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to make you from amongst those people who have who are imprisoned. And some books of Tafseer mentioned that at that time, you rather die than going into the prison of Finland, because there was a lot of torture there. So here he's saying he's not saying that I'm going to kill you. He's saying that I'm going to put you in my prison where you're going to be tortured. And at that time, when Musa ism knows that here, this is where you know, fit on par, he was very smart. He thought that he's going to sway Musa and make him emotional and throw him off his game and so forth. And when nothing worked, he's going to come down to the last resort, which is to threaten him, then that is

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when Musa alayhis salam says, What if I have proof of everything that I'm saying. And that is when for the onset, oh, proof, you have proof. And this is where we're going to stop right here. Because this is now we're going to the next part of the story where there was a duel between him and the magician and so forth. But in this story, what we learn is that I've given you many examples of how people how first of all fit on try to sway Musa how he tried to throw Him off of his, his his game, how you try to throw him off his objective, how he tried to pull him in the emotional direction, but Musa being intelligent and smart. He remained on the the logical side, and he just kept on

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presenting to things that Allah is Allah, He is behind me. And not only that, but the wrong the good that you did for me the favors you did for me still that does not justify the wrong that you're doing with the people have been nice to eat, and you need to free bunnies site and send them with me. So once again, what we learned from this is always be cognizant, always be intelligent, always be aware of your surroundings. Do not be oblivious. If you ever get into a dialogue. Remember how people can say different things, people will probably do different things. Imagine going to someone and trying to tell them something that is right. How many people today how many people today,

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they're trying to do something that is good. Sometimes they're trying to spread peace, they're trying to they're trying to establish justice and you know what happens? They get labeled too at times, and they get so much label that then they become the criminals whereas they're the ones who are the victims. So these kinds of things will always happen, especially when an authority figure their power, their their doings are being questioned. These are five things that you will find every tyrannical person, every oppressor that you they will bring up the one these kinds of things. I ask Allah subhanho wa Taala to be smart about these things. Ask Allah subhanho wa Taala that he makes

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us. He makes us smart dairies ask Allah subhanaw taala in all of our affairs we remain logical and not emotional. Ask Allah subhana wa Taala to give us the to teach us and to give us the ability to give the our like the power some he will give Dawa and ask Allah subhanaw taala finally to give us ability to learn from these stories and mutable Allah me is that Malachite as Salaam Alaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh

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in Mussolini now almost Lima Do you want meaning Mina? Do you want to quantity now look on it, the more slogging Pina was slowed in Poland he was saw the Rena was Slavia right the one before she you know wonderful she

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was before she I mean I want to follow she I think one down one BP now one downslide the party was slow on me and I was all in

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one heavy Lena photo gentlemen one half of what it was. Good enough. Guess

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what's going on? I don't know hula

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