Nadim Bashir – ISIS vs True Islam Part 1-2

Nadim Bashir
AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the history and definition of Islam, including the use of shaming and the media's hate towards Muslims. They emphasize the importance of protecting privacy and following up on commitments to avoid being caught in the "has been wrong" cycle. The speakers also stress the need for individuals to commit to protecting their country and not be caught in the "has been wrong" cycle. They urge parents to ask their children about their opinion on certain topics and educate them about the responsibility to protect their religious identity.
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Welcome to the Datsun bada that,

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for now, I'm not gonna

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I didn't get my foot back by sharing with you. A story that took place in London was was a lot it was southern that took place in the battle about itself. In the battle trenches.

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It was a time when the promise of law abiding was setting them, you sent everybody a man with your loved one to go and inquire about the plants of the Quraysh. And the plans of the opposition.

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Are they friendly, a lot of your love it went and it was a time of night. And of course, they did not have electricity like we have, we benefit from so there was sitting around a fire. And sometimes because of the strong winds the fire was not able to sustain. So one time so that time for them. When we abandon based on the instructions of the Prophet, he went and he sat down in the area or a Rothko with the grayish and they were not aware of that he is there, they were not aware that they couldn't be a man is there.

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At that time, the leaders of the old age, they began to talk and discuss their plans and their strategy for the next day and to go and you know, plan regarding the war in the battle, I guess was was a lot while he was alone, and the Sahaba of the alarm on which mine. At that time, some of the players they had already sensed that there is someone in our gathering that is not amongst us. So the leader at that time, I believe at that time was also here. And he said that everyone, I believe that there is an intruder here amongst us, someone who does not belong amongst us. So I want everyone to grab the hand of the other and ask who are you who they might be about what your level

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is, knowing the situation that he's in understanding the the atmosphere that he's sitting in, and understanding that tension tension. He immediately he reacted. And before someone could grab his hand, he grabbed the hand of the other. And he asked that person who are you not giving a chance to anyone else to ask him who he was. That's the Orlova. What they extract from this is that a Muslim is always aware of his surroundings. And he always adapts to his to his atmosphere into the surroundings that he's in. Likewise, as Muslims living in this country, we need to continue to educate ourselves and remain and remain aware of our surroundings. Because this is what Muslim is

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he's always aware of his environment. Since the tragic events that took place on September 11 2011,

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the landscape of Islam and Muslims has changed drastically over the years. There are times where the there's a high alert in this country. There are times when people have opened the garden and they're openly spreading Islamophobia. There are people who are openly saying negative things about Islam.

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And the question is that how do we react in a time like this? What are we supposed to do as muslims in a time like this? And then not only that, but now as we see the news every single day, there are that there are terrorist groups and extremist groups such as ISIS, spreading corruption, spreading fear, in the hearts of in the hearts of innocent civilians taking the lives of innocent civilians. And the question is that what does that mean do I do? How am I supposed to phases on these challenges? So the very first thing I want to share with all of you is that when we talk about extremism, when we talk about extremism, each one of us we have our own definition of what Islamic

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extremism is. And honestly to me when you look at when you when you see online, when you see the title when you watch television, you will see that that the media takes Islam and extremism and they put them together in one sentence. Although me personally, I believe that the same Islamic extremism is an oxymoron. It's it's not an extremism do not go hand in hand. To begin with. Islam teaches us is something that is that there is no extreme. Allah says in the sort of buffalo look at Danica John Masako

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We have created a new a modern Uma, there is no extreme, there can be one extreme in terms of a bar that a person only worships, worships, worships, and he does not fulfill the obligations of his family. That is one extreme. The other extreme is that a person does not pray at all. Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, of course, we see that we have to perform our prayers. At the same time, there was a woman that came to the Prophet salAllahu alayhi wasallam. And she complained about her husband, that he is always engaged in a battle that during the day, he is fasting. During the nighttime, he is engaged in salon, he has no time for his family. He does not fulfill the rights of

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his family members, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa set it up. He discouraged that he discouraged that. So when we talk about extremism, Allah, Allah talks about this, the pro about Islam talks about this that there is no issues of Islam. There is no extremism, Islam, there is only the moderate path. We're going to advocate Donald apple from within Muslim calm, but in Indy, from a strictly political point of view, and how this word extremism is being linked with Islam. What does that mean? Is it extremism is driven by misinterpreting the Quran and the Sunnah, that people who are considered as extra as extremist, they believe that is smiled and Islamic law is a religious end

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at the same time, a political system. They believe that surely must be enforced in the public by establishing a Global Islamic State. In other words, Islamic extremists consider it to be the only legitimate form of governance and they rejected it. They reject democracy and human rights values. Therefore, the all the the ultimate objective of extremists is the merger between mosque and state. Under the law of Sharia extremists also believe that they are obligated to install this form of governance and Muslim majority majority territories, countries and eventually throughout the entire world. Someone may ask that what goes through their mind when they are taking the lies and they

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weren't spreading corruption in the mind of an extremist, they are promoting their highest level of justice and freedom by instituting by instituting shunning. And in some cases, extremists even describe shunning as a superior form of democracy. extremists have in to have intermediate political goals, which they believe will pave the way for the global implementation of Shetty and peace inevitably, as of extremism includes terrorism, human rights abuses, the advancement of Sharia based governance, bigotry towards non Muslims, and rival Muslims, and overall hostility towards the west, and in particular Western democracy. This is exactly what extremists are. And subhanAllah these are

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people who also claim that they are promoting Islam in shutting up as I said, but when we look at the lifers who also log on even sending them no one was a better example than the rest of us that Allah morning listen. And we look at the life of the prophet and we understand what Islam is. Because what happens is that when we begin to define Islam in our own in our own ways, we begin to give a different definition. That is where the icons that's where all these corruptions come from. The religion that has come to us it is only from Homicide alone. It was set up next week on Friday, next week, Friday will be the day of Arafah It is a day of Hanukkah, Allah subhanho wa Taala he sent

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an idea to Roswell, somebody who said no saint and Yom Yom Dena goon, one called a career Monday. What are these resumes? Nina

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that Allah has sent out. I don't like that today. Allah has completed this way of life. This D this religion. Welcome to our local mayor Medina completed my dear man upon you, what are leading up Mr. Medina and I have chosen Islam as a religion and as a code of conduct in a way of life for you and your followers. And anyone who goes away from that path, anyone who begins to create their own definitions, that is not Islam, that is their own desires, and that is their own numbers. That is not Islam. Currently, as I said earlier, we have groups in the world such as ISIS, that today they are taking the lives of innocent people. I fully understand that you can disagree with one another.

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We as human beings, we're not told that we have to always do we have to agree with one another. But when we go back into the life, when we go back to the likeness was a wild party was suddenly in fact, as the title responsible a lot of it was

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I know that there were people and there was a group that was organized and created advertising, to sell, sell and under recall the house cottage. And these people, what they would do is that everyone who would disagree with their political ideas, anyone who would disagree with their values, their life was taken. There is history in history, we find, we find records that tells us that these people went and they took the lives of innocent Muslims, anyone who disagreed with them, they took the lives of women, women who were expecting children more pregnant, they will take the bias of those kinds of people. Today, right now, the media is spreading this hate that and they're

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generalizing everyone, that even right now there are things there are people who are saying in media, that if this is what ISIS is doing, and they are claiming to be Muslims, there are over one there. The overall population of Muslims, other phases, Earth is 1.8 billion people. And they're saying that 1.8 billion people all that from beginning to end men, women, children, they're all terrorists.

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They're all terrorists. They're all extremist.

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So we need to understand, and we need to convey this to begin with, that these people what they are promoting, and what they are teaching is against the teachings of Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wasallam. Senator, when we say the Syrah on the record, and you sit down, even after the battles, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, he will find a reason to let the people go freely, not mandatory, I think he lives here, we're talking about letting them go freely. There are times that we find in the Syrah of the prophet that the Prophet Allah his son did not add anything for the people will not come and give any kind of valuable to Mr. to, for the ransom of a person and the

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Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam would just simply let that person go, the province Illawarra usnm, living in Medina, where you have Jews where you had Christians where you had the runoff your deed, and then these were people who openly oppose those lesser love it was said that they disagreed with the province after sundown, but not a single time do we find in the seed of the profit that you went, he raised the war against these people and he took the lives of these innocent people, not a single time to refine that. And it was against the teaching of force a lot of money was set up that anyone duty the life of another person. In fact, we know the soil sounds insane when he took the

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life of a person and the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was so upset with him in the Quran, and we clearly highlighted that what is the what is the sin for a person who takes the lives of an innocent person? He said Allah Subhan Allah in the Quran, he says, that

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middle aged a daddy I can never know when he is sorry either I don't know who man other than Epson Epson officers and fill out

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the NASA Dyneema that anyone who takes a live of an innocent person, it is tantamount to taking the life of your entire humanity. Likewise, anyone who saves an innocent soul, anyone who says anyone else's life is equivalent to saying saving the lives of the entire humanity. This is a lesson behind telling us in the Quran that what is the sin of a person who takes a lot from another person. Right now there are these kinds of groups who are spreading this hate. There are spreading demonstrators hate you have groups like ISIS, that they are giving a wrong impression about Islam. And once again, this is clearly against the teachings of Russel Wallace and Allamani was send them because it's not

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always promotes forgiveness. When the Prophet alayhi salam went to first went to conquer Makkah. It was a time when the police in Mecca. They were literally under the impression that now Hamas have a lot of volume when someone is entering into mucca mucca now belongs to Him. That is when you take revenge from every single person who had heard him or any of his Sahaba you had people like they come out in Abuja, the son of Uncle John Nigma, who fled Makkah and the promises and tells the one of Electromatic go back and bring your husband back. And when it comes back to home so while while he was seven he says that there is the I forgive you. And there is nothing between there's nothing

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in my heart. And not only that, but people like him and the wife of the superyacht. When she left her home, she saw that people in Makati they were not going out and reach out and take the advice of other people in retaliation. But when she went out trying to see the what is going on in Mecca, she thought that they played it

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Muslims have taken over my God. Now they'll be celebrating during the night. But there was Pin drop silence at night. She leaves her home, just to find them homeless and a lot of money was setting up and the Sahaba are holding on to the cover of the Kaaba and they're crying for the giant of the village. They're crying and they're praying to Allah that Allah Allah die the pledge of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, he forgave every single person there, he forgave every single person there, if this is who the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was, and these groups like ISIS, they are, they are spreading murder and corruption, there are not there and there are nothing even close

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to the Sharia of Islam. So in a time like this, when when people are saying that these are Muslims, and these are the Muslims, like living in America, we have Islamophobes that are spreading this, this fear, which is like newly manufactured into the hearts of the average American. And that right now you have people like politicians from Oklahoma, saying things to the nature, that Muslims in our society is like a cancer in the body. And like, just like cancer needs to be wiped out completely. Likewise, the Muslims in this in the United States, they need to be wiped out completely. You have politicians saying things of this nature. And that's why if you are in touch with care, you know,

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and you probably heard that Muslims in Oklahoma have strived to receive death threats. They're starting to receive death threats. We hear the word Islamic extremists in Muslim fundamentalist radical Islam is these are just some labels that have been wrongly applied to Muslims. So in a time like this, what do we do? Also, not to mention that even right now, as I speak, there are people Islamophobes, who are spreading hate by even putting posters on and they are putting posters, and anti Islamic heads in subways in New York, they are putting posters on buses, saying that Muslims are terrorists, Muslims are no different than people like Hitler from the past. They are spreading

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this hate and they are spreading this corruption.

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So what are we supposed to do in a time like this? What are we supposed to do? There's so there are two things I want to share with you that what we are supposed to do. Number one is that limit in this country, you know, there's a term order the citizen people on the herd, protect and serve your country, you've heard this before. Being a resident in the United States, we don't have to, we don't have to serve our country, if we don't want to, unless we are forced to. But there is one thing that we must do. And this is an obligation upon every single person, and that is to protect your country. Now, let me say this.

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We may sit here and we may disagree with our government. We may disagree, how they are handling our tax money. They we may disagree with their decisions. We made this agree with their political system. But still, when we have chosen to live in this country, it becomes our responsibility to protect the interests of this country. Also, no one has forced us to live here. Each one of us we have chosen to live here.

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And imagine this, imagine there was a Muslim country where you have people from different faiths and different religions coming into the Islamic country and spreading corruption there. How would the Muslims feel about that? How would the muscle feel about that? Likewise, likewise, we need to think about it from that angle with a we have to protect our country. And subhanAllah. When you go back, when you go back to the scene of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, we see from the lack of the prophet that once we have made a commitment, we have to follow through with that commitment. We have fulfilled that commitment. And I want to give you three examples. One example is the example of

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how they may be a member of your loved one once again. How are they going to get by with your loved one he and his father, they were Muslims. And they were traveling they were coming to Medina one time that there was talk on the way going to Medina but to polish. The police knew that the battle of brothers just ordered this battle that is brewing for the clients regarding this battle is brewing with a lot of tension taking place. And so they had somewhat of an idea that the battle of others might take place where I battle in general. So they told the day by me a man who that you and your father vote only on the condition or in the condition that you are not to participate in the

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battle against us against us. Promise. Whatever your man and his father they agreed that fine, we will not. When he came back to Medina, he informed us was a law while he was on while the problem was

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It was while he was in the planning stages regarding development there, he told the profitable loss also now that I have taken a I have made a commitment, I've made a promise to the operation, that they will let me go and come to Medina only on the condition that I really want to participate with you. And the problem is I send them nothing when I look at this. The problem is if someone says he said that, you know what, I don't care, they are the police. They are the profile, they are the unbelievers, you made a commitment, that commitment has no has no value. He did not say that was the promise or some said is that if you didn't make the commitment, you must follow through with

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recursion. You are not to participate in the battle. You are not to participate about whether the process is teaching us that when you make a commitment to someone, when you make a commitment to anyone, even when I'm talking about to our country, to this country, we have to follow through with that commitment. And be in this situation when the Muslims they were prosecuted in Makkah because of their faith and their beliefs when they migrated to Abyssinia. They stayed in Amazonia and they lived in artesania, under the molding of Natasha, the Polish and the outcomes. They came to the to the Najafi with varying a lot of gifts. And they told you that tells you that you have people in

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your society or in your community, who are people who will spread corruption. And when he inquire who are those people, the police, they said that these are Muslims living in your land, who was for the corruption. Now Joshi said that these are not people who will spread corruption, they are living in the land. It is my goal to you once again at that time, he was a Christian later on, based on some reports. And

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what we know from the judge is that he did some of the stuff in his life. But at that time, when he left the Muslim stake in his country, he was a Christian of their time. And he said, and what we spied and were receiving the sealer is that these Muslims living under non Islamic rule, they never, they never violated the terms of the agreement. They stayed in that country. And they never cause corruption. Once again, they made a commitment to live there under the rule, and they did live there. And they did not go against or they nor violate their terms. Finally, I want to give you the example of what they do and how they react. So it was somebody made an agreement with the

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manipulation. As we all know, it was a one sided agreement. It was really, really a one sided agreement. And that's why some of the Sahaba they were really upset. But what we see is that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam you follow through with that commitment, even though it may have been a one sided agreement or one sided commitment. And what happened was that we know the story of the agenda of your loved one that he came to the low sell low when he was setting up. And it was in the agreement in that peace treaty, that if anyone comes to Medina from Makkah, he has been returned back to Makkah.

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And if someone comes from Medina to Makkah, we will keep it in Macau. It was unfair. The promises agreed with that that type of agenda of your wild lion was one of those people that came to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam seeking health and protection. But because the program as amended agreement with that kind of problem, somebody had to return back. He says, no, no, you cannot come with me, I have made an agreement. Once again, we see for the lack of the profit that wouldn't. Once we have made a commitment, we have to follow through with that commitment. We're living in this country, we have to talk we have to be observant of our surroundings, we have to see

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what is going on around us. If we find a potential threat in our community, we must talk to the responsible people in our community. And then finally, we must we must make people aware about it. I'm not saying so spread false rumors about one another. I'm talking about if you find a legitimate case, where there is a person who can hurt the reputation because of his actions, he can hurt. The reputation of Islam and Muslims in this country is our obligation to protect and it is our obligation to take a stand and to protect our country. Now, what are we supposed to do? Also, we said that we have to follow we have made a commitment. But there's something else I want all of us

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to do. And that is that today we are surrounded by social media. There's Facebook, there's Twitter, there's Instagram, there's so many other social media outlets, our children every single day they watch the news. They see this on television, they were watching all the propaganda and the stereotyping that is taking place against Muslims, in on Twitter, on Facebook everywhere. As parents it is our obligation that we should sit down with our children and we should talk to our children about this. Not to promote this, but to find out that what do they think about this? When they watch this over and over again?

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If I believe me, your children will have some punches in the back of their mind. And as parents, because we don't ask our children, that, what do you think about this? What is your thought about this? What is your opinion about this, I want you to sit down with these ideas in their mind these questions, and they are left unanswered. And as long as this idea sits in their head, and begins to bother them over and over again, the longer it sits in the subconscious mind, the more you will bother them. As parents, we shouldn't be sitting down with our children, and we should have this conversation, we should talk to them. Because whatever they see on media, trust me, the mind

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processes it. And as it is, then set the store and the subconscious mind. And it is there in their mind. And until we don't talk to them, and until we don't clear any kind of misconceptions, you will continue to remain there. So that's why once again, I strongly urge that please do talk to your children. You know, there was a brother that came to me and he told me that my son, he's watching this on the television, he's watching this, and then he comes to me and he says that Baba, will we be killed? And are we going to be hunted down, but people are living in this country. And that father, he was so shocked to hear words coming from his son and his son is no more than six, seven

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years old. Our six, seven year old children are watching this and be the things that are popping into their mind. And as parents, we never sit down and have this conversation with them. We should talk to your children, you know, try to observe in feet, you know, where are they coming from? What are they saying? Try to pick their brain try to you know, dig into their psyche and find out how they're thinking about all this and what is their opinion but all this mail is fine, you always ability Inshallah, in the next part of the full but there's something else I want to mention something else that it is our obligation that we must do in order to protect the Muslims and Islam

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in this country for you for now. And for future purposes. There's one more thing I'm going to share with you Inshallah, we'll talk about that in a second. But alone, and I will leave whenever another young lady with a hockey stick football anyway, we're saying we'll see if I stop

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and have a candlelight afternoon when I start you know, when I stopped you know, when I was in them show me Yeah, do you love them? Linda, when you look further ahead, you're much more likely that they will actually occur when it's going to happen in October. So my basketball quarterback with either football and Medina for 100 got opened and ownership apologies for that. Remember he in Oklahoma.

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I mean, you need to have no Sunday morning, he was in the steamer alongside my father and Muhammad Ali, for him while

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he was in virgin, before I continue further, please do come forward, he's will come forward through setting outside the charging port space inside.

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So we understand the severity of the matter. We understand that there's a lot of Islamophobia supporting our country. There's a lot of people saying that Muslims are an extremist. And we shouldn't be careful of Muslims, we should ever be around Muslims. And all this credit haze spreading around what are we supposed to do? As I said, number one is that we should we are obligated to protect our country. And we have made a commitment. And once again, what do I say about that commitment is that this is not only a rule that we find only in this country, every single country demands its residents, people living in their country to protect their country. This is not

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only what the United States of America, any country you go to the one that people to protect their country. We talked about the importance of talking to each talking, talking to your children about this and see what is their opinion, and what is their thought process behind all this. But the most important thing behind all this is that keeping in mind is that while all this spread of spread of fear and hate is going around, let us not lose let us not lose our focus. And let us let us let's look at the single source of love it was sadhana. And we see that the times and the time of the times or the the challenges during the time of the problems that a lot of it was seven were far more

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severe than ours. Today, we believe that our situation is really bad. But when we look at the lack of the proper set of love, it was set up in the first 13 years in MCCA. What the profile is about and the Sahaba what they went through that we cannot even imagine that nearly we cannot even imagine that they went through an immense amount of sacrifices. People lost their lives. They were boycotted, they were they were killed or prosecuted, you name it. Are we here right now this is all this is all verbal hate that is taking place and people are taking this verbal hate and they're translating it into physical hate and they may attack some resumes. We hear stories

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about people going and pulling off the teacher of our museums, and spinning on them. We hear these kind of stories. But the question is, what do we do in a time like this? What do we do? I mean, what is the purpose of offline listening? That's what we see, right? Because that is where we find our solutions. If we have a problem, we find that we find our solution Brian sooner the crocodile cellar. And what did the Prophet do, there's things that he did, that we can do also today, number one is to to exhibit good o'clock to exhibit Alpha prompts are likewise and also talks about fulfilling the rights of our neighbors, we should be doing that. Yes, in the beginning, if I have no

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connection with my neighbor, first time, I may go to my neighbor, he may be shocked himself, he may be scared himself. But what we need to do is that we need to care about that person. And we need to look after him and try to be there. If you need any help. We tell them though, it is our responsibility to tell them what we are there for and we tell our neighbors that if you need any help, I'm there for you. Please let me know if you need any help. And also at the same time, it is our responsibility to educate people at large. Seems you know what happens in any Muslim community, that you have a handful of people, you have a handful of people who are engaged in outreach

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activities. You have a handful of people from the community that they go to churches, they go to, they go to churches, they will go to different different places to answer questions regarding Islam, there are people who go to schools, they will try to clarify any kind of misconceptions. But honestly, this responsibility of protecting our deen it is not a further key via you know, a further Keifa means that if some people in the community aren't fulfilling their responsibility, the responsibility is omitted from everyone else. This This response is this job to protect our deen it is not for the viewer. This is from the eye this is obligatory upon every single person in the

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community. Whether you are whether you are a young, middle age, elderly, men, women, children, this is upon every single person. No one person may say that, well, you know what? I'm not educated enough to answer questions regarding this stuff. And there's always a starting point. If I continue to sit here and say, I do not know how to clarify misconceptions, and I don't want to take a step forward. I will always remain at square one. Only when you

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