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The history of Islam is highlighted, including the creation of Islam foundation and the use of tools to measure success. The importance of socializing with others and avoiding isolation is emphasized. The speakers also discuss the negative impact of social media on mental health and addiction, emphasizing the need for people to understand the language of Islam and to avoid giving love or attention to people who are not part of their community. The success of Islam in addressing addiction and addressing addiction to a different language is also highlighted.

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so the Allah will leave otter us who I said a lot while he was salam al hubba so we're gonna call Ross who has a love

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well kind of had he had even happened in Salalah while he was was shown to have local,

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local knowledge and for now

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respected Brothers Sisters in Islam. First of all, we thank Allah subhanaw taala for everything he has given us. Allah Subhan Allah has given us so many blessings that Allah says in the Quran we're in dunya medulla Suha. If you were to try to count the blessings of Allah Allah says you will not be able to another if Allah says hello and never fill out the mansion or within Appalam malaria will do embody server server. Memory management can imagine love. They've all been the treasonous world would turn into pens, and all the water and the oceans will turn into ink. And we try to write the good, the bad and the blessings of Allah subhanho wa Taala Allah says we will be able to Allah has

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given us so much. The greatest ama Allah Subhana Allah has given us is the the blessing and the wealth of the Kalamunda in the world, but also Allah and he has also made us within the greatest Ummah ever to come on the face of this earth, which is the OMA Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam.

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We always read the Quran, this is something that we should always keep in mind, and we should always constantly make this dua that Alhamdulillah he had done and he had a warmer Canary that the Alola and had an Allah that we should always constantly make dua to Allah and thank Allah and glorify Allah for the hidayah that he has given us. Respected brothers and sisters, Allah subhanaw taala has created all of us, for the very first person to step on the phases Earth either Maliki salaam, to the last person to come on the face of this earth, every person has been created by Allah subhanaw taala. While I was in a Honda has also made this person Allah has created everything that surrounds

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a person that will help an Aina person to function in life. There was a famous who by the name of always

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used to say, a dunya Halima lagoon, they, this duniya everything that you see around you has been created to serve you has been created to serve the human being, so that the human being can function in this life correctly. by you, the human being what I'm looking for Level Two minute after you have not been created for this dunya you have been created for the life hereafter. Because that is what our final award will be. That is what our final destination is. And that is what we guys where we are going to right now, when we travel from one place to another place, if I want to travel from here to the United Kingdom, then if I stop in New York City, that is there's only one brief stop but

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if our destination is London, or we might be the UK, in the same exact way I understand this that our destination is the year after we came from the womb or others this is just a transit stop. This is just a brief stop. It may be 6070 years for some people, for some people it may be less than that also. But going back to what I said earlier, Allah has created everything around us to serve the human being. And while also has created all of this, he has talked about this in the Quran, and he has told us that this is very important for you. All of this has a purpose everything around you

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It has a purpose, the oxygen that we inhale and the exhale, there's a purpose behind that also the center was created, the Buddha was created, everything has a purpose. And then at the same time, ALLAH SubhanA, Allah has created also different people around us. Why? Because a human cannot function by himself or herself. They need people around them, they need people around them. And subhanAllah you'll see that because this concept of working with other people and that you have to be around other people. This is so important. The Allah subhanaw taala. Again and again the Quran he talks about that, how do you conduct yourself in a society when you are surrounded by people, when

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you have relatives when you have family members when you have people in your community? Or at the masjid? How do you conduct yourself? How do you treat others? We see soon as like sort of July, it all talks about the how do you socialize with one another instead of noon? How do you conduct yourself in your home? It is all mentioned in the Quran.

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But at the same time keeping in mind is that we see that in companionship and people around us it is so important than taking companionship away and taking us ourselves away from the human from anyone else. This is a source of punishment in this life, you see that a person may people that they are, you know they have been they have been they have committed a felony or a crime. And what happens is that the Punishment of the Crime is what? In a lot of cases in a lot of cases, it may be solitary confinement, what exactly is solitary confinement, disconnecting one person from the entire world that today is considered as a source of punishment. When our child is misbehaving, what do we do, we

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give them a timeout we promote and we put them in the corner, we disconnect them from everyone else that is considered as a source of consequences or a source of punishment. So this are one person to disconnect themselves from everyone around them. This is not aware of human being can function. If you see people who have psychological problems, or mental issues or mental they're mentally challenged, not mentally telling you about the psychological issues, you will see that one of the key reasons why we have psychological issues is because they have no family, they have no friends, they have completely isolated themselves from the entire community. They have nobody to talk to and

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when a person has no one to talk to and they have no companionship, then this message will the person's mind. So the reason I mentioned this is because Allah azza wa jal, he talks about this in the Quran, that while it is so important that you deal with one another, and you and you associate yourself with one another. And you you know, you build friendships and relationships in this world. There is a way to do that also, there is a way to do that also. And so Allah subhanho wa taala. In the Quran, he talks about a story about a person who was during the time of the Prophet SAW Walmart, he was sitting down, who had disrespected the Prophet of Allah, and his name was obeyed in the

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Marines. And what happened was that Allah subhanho wa taala. He says, that I remember the day where you only have the volleyball and you're dating and

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the husband was really Sabina. Yeah.

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This was a person been able to play with him and have him worried. He was one of the cheese of the grayish it was a customary practice amongst the adults at that time that when any chief or any noblemen from his community, when they would try to go away, when they would return back to town, they would invite everyone for dinner at their home. So as because it was a customary practice. This is what he did, he invited everyone at his home. And so what happened was that at the same time, it was a common practice amongst the auto this is something that doesn't exist today. Very much so and a lot of other cultures, then they always look after their guests, and whatever the guests asked

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for. There was no questions, they will do exactly what the guests asked. They had put the position of the guests to that to that level. So what happened was that not only did he invite all the other chiefs in all the other normal life of the parade, but he also invited the best present Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. Now when this person when he came to the Prophet and he presented food before the Prophet, the Prophet saw some says to enflame in every way that I cannot take your food, I cannot take your food. And he asked why he cannot take my food. He says I will only take your food once you recite the shahada, and USF does not die is the only condition because it was the it was

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the concern that we

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Because I said I wanted every single person to accept Islam, he was always in his mind was always in his heart. How can this person is Islam? And how can that person accept his thumb? It was a constant worry concern the Prophet salallahu it was. So the Prophet thought that you know what, this is the ideal time, I can try to ask him for a certain stamp. And he may do. And he did when he when the Prophet said that I will not accept your food until you don't take the Shahada. He didn't take the Shahada. He didn't say that in the in the Missoula and he did become a Muslim. And simply because it was a guest, who made a request to him. And he said that he will not eat the food until he does not

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say the shahada, and he did take the shot. Now, the following day, of course, his other friends amongst the Quraysh, the kuffaar, what about Muslim and Huff? So maybe the halal comes to him? And he says that Mokuba it has come to my knowledge that you are serving Islam. Is that true? And he says, Absolutely, I did I simply stop. And he says, Why did you accept Islam? Why? He says that? He says that the Prophet came to my home, he is denying and he if he said that he will not eat and try to keep the Shahada. What am I supposed to do? I have to take care of my guest. If the guests asked me to do something, I will do it. So he says to my own brain, that you're a coward. You don't have

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the willpower? You don't have the ability to say no. And he says that I want you right now to go and go to the pub Salah while he was sitting down and disrespect the Prophet and say that you had denounced Islam.

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So what this was talked about what he does is he does exactly as he is told, he goes to the opposite of Walmart, he was send them the books after see you mentioned that he spit upon the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. And he says that you know what I have given up this month. I've given up this now. i That time, Allah subhanaw taala he revealed this idea of super fun. He says, Remember the day where you oh my God in my life, and they remember the day when he wanted the wrongdoer the oppressor, even though even though this verse was revealed relating to Biden for you, but the ruling is universal. This applies universally to everyone and every single Muslim that remember the day

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when the oppressor and the wrongdoer he will be chewing on his hand. He will be biting on his hand on the day of judgment. And what will you say? Yep, whoo yah.

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Yah was holy Sabina. I wish I had taken the path of the Prophet sallallahu while he was and then he was saying yeah, what do you let me tell you that?

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Alina, this word that you see here he got away that doesn't make any the word later that is said your the word later in our law means that you are wishing for something you are wishing for something. And the difference between Nathan and Allah in the Quran is that Allah Allah is something that you are hoping for which is possible and later is that you are wishing for something that is completely impossible. It cannot happen at all. It cannot happen at all. And so here Allah subhanaw taala he says that, oh, this person on the day of Jubilee he will say, Yeah, well you can make any money. No, I wish I had not taken that particular person. That flag, flag, flag with the flag. I

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wish I had not taken that person as my friend. Alena the problem Allah says Medina, the word of studied in the Arabic means in the Arabic language means that a person that you follow their instructions without even asking Ibrahim I guess that was called the Hadith about law. Why? Because when Allah was saying anything to the Prophet Ibrahim alayhi salam, he would do it without any without questioning, or without even knowing without even doubting any orders of Allah. Allah challenging but it might sound so many different times throughout his life, not a single time that you doubt Allah not a single time the question Allah Subhana Allah, that is what you call a hadith.

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So here Allah subhanaw taala he says that he says that they can either Felina Canada I wish I had not taken that person as my friend. Because in this situation Oba without even trying to understand the logic or why is only have an Hello telling you this and should I or should I not go to the province without even thinking on his own? He simply did as his friend will make up and have time to do and then he says and then this person who they don't know what he will say the other one Lenny and in particularly bother in Germany.

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that the situation is such that this person misguided me, after the vicar after guidance, and after he Daya had come to me, I still chose to go on the wrong path. And not only that, but let me give you something else about this. This is, this is why it says that remember the day when the person who will be chewing on his hat, when you see a person chewing on their hand, this person is mentally not stable. When you see a person who has been through who has just received some shocking news, you see that person that you can wave their hand in front of them. And they can, they will not even realize they are in such shock. He also has saying that the highest level of shock is that you're

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biting on your hand, and you're not even realizing you're biting on your hand, you chew in your head, and you don't even realize it. This will be the state of those people on the Day of Judgment, that when they see the punishment of Allah, when they see the fire Jamna, when they see the consequences of their actions, they will lose, they will lose focus. They will they cannot think about anything else. And in result of that they'll be chewing on their neck. And so the question is that, how does it relate to us? The way this is relates to us and how we can understand this is that there comes a time in our life, that we associate ourselves with different different people. We may

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associate ourselves with some people due to cultural reasons, we may associate ourselves with someone because I need something from someone else. Or I may associate myself with someone else. Why? Simply because I have self esteem issues. This is where a lot of our youngsters they get they get caught up that they don't see that Who am I keeping friends with? This friend of mine? Is he a good friend? Is he a bad friend? Is this a friend that will bring me closer to Allah? Or is this a friend who will push me away from Allah subhanho wa taala. There are so many youngsters today and I want to be clear about this. I'll be clear about this. I'm not saying that we cannot go and have

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friends with someone else. You can be friends with a Christian, you can be friends with a Jewish person, a lot of youngsters today because they go to university and they're friends with so many Hindus also. That happens. And despite that's fine. The problem is Don't you want to communicate with other people, there was nothing wrong with that. But what the problem is, is that our youngsters staying in the company of these people are slowly and gradually becoming corrupt. They are becoming corrupt, their ideology is being corrupted. These kids aren't coming back from school and from their gatherings and who they associate themselves with. And they're in so many times are

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asking different different questions, which puts their iba in doubt.

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Where is Allah? Is does Allah exist? I don't think God does exist asking questions like this.

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And so, what happens is that it is so important and this is what we learn from this is that on the Day of Judgment, when you associate yourself or you have friends who would take you far away from Allah, on the Day of Judgment, you this person will be like in the state of Illinois people worried that he wouldn't he sees the consequences of his actions and his association and his long friendship and his long company, this person will be chewing on his head just like the wave of lightning we will be doing also the ruling of this is universal. So that's why keep in mind is that we need to really understand that worldwide I associated myself with Who do I so my associate myself with my

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friends are the good friends or the bad friends are to be Rahmatullah. See. And he mentioned that the promise all along while he was selling, he says that what is the sign of a good friend, the sign of a good friend is that when you see him, he reminds you of a law when he talks, and when he speaks, it increases in your knowledge. When you sit with him, he increases and increases your Yvonne. And when you see his actions, it reminds you of the aphylla. So this is something that we need to put our friends next to this hadith does this friend of mine, I don't care who he is, he may be even a Muslim. But this friend of mine, who I associate myself with, does he remind me of the

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acapella does this person increase in my Eman? Does this person when I sit with him? Is there an increase in my knowledge? If the answer is no, then we need to disconnect ourselves from this kind of people. We see in the Quran. Allah tells us that there are people who you stay connected with and there are some people that you

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refers to you have to disconnect yourself from. So then the next question is that what if I'm, I'm socializing with these people. And you know, the very first thing that people will do is say, because this is what happens when a person he goes into the wrong company is going to have an effect on you. There is no doubt about it. A person cannot go into evil company and have evil friends and friends, they will not that will create doubt in his ima. And that will take him far away from Allah subhanho wa taala. A person cannot say that I'm just only friends and they are not going to have an effect on me. That is not true. They will most certainly have an effect on you. They will most

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certainly have an effect on you.

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They will. And so we've learned from the other hand, the practice of of wanting a sender above the people of Bonita slogging above other people have been insomnia the way they do. They wouldn't go and they wouldn't associate themselves with other people. People who were disobey they will disobey Allah subhanho wa Taala people who broke the commandments of Allah, they will not have any type of Sharia in their life.

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No religion, no concept Allah in their life. And what would they do there unless I associate myself with them. That is only my friend. And that is it. I'm not gonna do what they're doing. I'm not gonna do what they're doing. I have a youngster one time he came to me also he says to me, that he had a friend. And this friend he had a drinking problem is a Muslim drinking problem gambling problem. And the beginning he says to be the another do what he is doing. But Alhamdulillah Allah He protected this youngster. Because this comes to he realized that as time was going on, and the more he would associate himself to that person. With that his Eman was being corrupted. Even he began to

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think to himself that if you can make so much money from gambling, let me just do it once this thought came to his mind. And Allah subhanaw taala he gave him the proper understanding. And he broke up that he broke off that friendship. He broke off that friendship. There are so many cases within our own communities where there are good Muslim kids that good that come from good good families that come from noble families, families where the mother and father they're connected with the Masjid. They teach their child what is right and what is wrong. The take them to programs, but what happens is that they fall into the hands of two or three other youngsters that these two or

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three other youngsters that May Allah forgive them. May Allah give them Udaya, but they are involved in drugs. They are involved in clubbing, they're involved in gambling. They drink they commit Zina. And what happens is that just a short period of time and the same youngster is not doing the same thing. I have seen it with my own eyes, respect to brothers sisters. So that's why it is so important that we understand that we might associate myself with my friends who are they may Allah give us ability but alone when I was

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when I found out what happened later with hockey, I stuck to a lot of what happened to me and just stuff you know hidden.

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hamdulillah Hamdan, a naturalness that in all that stuff, you know when the language does not mean you have to give love

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or when you're going for the half year that was the

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last one is the one I'm home with an awful lot of Zulu.

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We started brothers sisters, outside of our building this login, the people getting excited, what they did was that they had friends who did a lot, they will go associated themselves with, with those people saying that these people are not going to have an effect on us. Eventually, what the Hadith mentioned is the Allah subhanaw taala. He he put both of their hearts, and he merged both of their hearts together. Which means is that the same action is the same evil actions that these people were committing. They had an effect on the ones who were initially for the good people. Always keep in mind and that this is something very important also that as parents, we need to keep

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an eye on our children, who are our children associating themselves with who are their friends, and today in this time and age, it is so easy for any youngster to become misguided, to be misguided and to be deceived. It is so easy. It is absolutely so easy. And we have all these other social networks that help a person to be misguided, Facebook, Twitter, you name it. There are so many other social networks, that a person they are they have a different kind of personality. They are friends with people that they are not supposed to be friends with. So respect your brothers and sisters sit down and analyze the life of your child. If there is a difference in the life of your

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Child, if there is something that your child is doing wrong, or there is a change in their personality, or in their behavior, or in their demeanor, then we need to sit down and see who are they associate themselves with the people who they hang out with? Are they good friends? Or are they bad friends, I have heard parents saying this, because what happens is that today, you know, parents are always concerned about their children, they want their children to learn and learn and learn. They want their children to gain experiences in this life. So I have come across parents also saying that this child may be corrupt. But this child is street smart. I want my child to hang out with

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this child. Why? Because he can learn all the you know, he can learn the same streets, Warren is from this child. But what happens is that that same child, instead of learning anything, he is affected by the evil of this other youngster for this other title. So that's why do not take this something don't take this lightly. When our kids become corrupted, it hurts. Well, law, when I see this kind of situation, it really hurts that you see good good kids with potential with talent that they can give back to their community, but they can get involved in the wrong company. And now they're continually released. So that's why let us keep in mind that this this, this is a subject

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that I can continue to talk about. But right now the time of the debate is over, and I'm going to wrap it up but always keep in mind, ask yourself, Who do you associate yourselves with? is those people who remind you of Allah? Or is it people who will take you away from Allah? If the answer is they will take you away from Allah, you disconnect yourself immediately from these kinds of people. And if there are people who will remind you of Allah who will take you to the masjid, who will get you involved in community activities, then these are the people who you associate yourselves with. May Allah give us the ability to act on what's been said and heard

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a lot from us. It sounds to me a lot of us really solid missing if equally makan Aloha pseudonymously me