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Ammar Alshukry
AI: Summary © The Sudanese recitation style is a rhythm that is the way the speaker would hear it, and the "verence of the day of judgment" meaning for the day of judgment to a law is a way in which the "naughty names" meaning for a king. The "verence of the day of judgment" meaning for the day of judgment to a law is a way in which "overpowering people" meaning for a man who teaches a "medial" and claims to be a convert. The "verence of the day of judgment" meaning for the day of judgment to a law is a way in which "overpowering people" meaning for a man who claims to be a convert.
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You know, your recitation style is very African, like the rhythm of it is distinctly the way that you would hear like in Africa. Yeah. Yeah, that's true. That's what we're going for. Specifically, the Sudanese citation is even more unique, but I've never been able to actually pick it up. But if I could pick it up, but you have the rhythm for it, I would never stop reciting in the Sudanese way, I just love it who is a Sudanese? reciter that you think hits it on the nail? The most famous ones name right now is Xin Mohammed Ahmed. So he's going to pull it up right now. Yes. called TV's Koran. Look, he's the second guy on here. Okay. So what's what are you pulling up?

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See that inflection in

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Okay, yo man isn't too hot day to

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be Nora Baca. Oh Ha ha, yo, ma Ed.

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swash data neolo

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la home that inflection is uniquely suited nothing unique.

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See, even without me hearing him recite this, I knew he was gonna recite that part like that, because it just follows

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you know, it'd be interesting to just go around the world and capture the essence of the styles of accents would be very cool. And you know, what's interesting is that the Quranic accents, or the languages the dialects there's a relationship, I don't know which one mimics what, which one, okay, but the dialects of different African or Middle Eastern places or whatever. They actually are reflective of the recitation that that community recites so for example in Sudan and we recite we don't recite house traditionally, okay, we recite what Yeah, and a duty and which has a lot of camera. Okay, so what's the camera you make it light as opposed to a lot okay that that okay. And so

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Nana Rahim. Rama, Rama, Rama, okay. Okay, but that being said, but that's not how we should do it. But the point is, is if there is a fatality on before the law, yeah, in house you would pronounce it amo, we would pronounce it con matter. Okay, come up. And so, for example, my brother's Name Is Earl matter. Yeah, I pronounce it on that. on that. I recall that it's like there's a unique way you said Ahmed versus Omar. Omar. Yeah, right the way everybody else said Omar Yeah, we don't know crowns like we go around that and that's reflective of the Welsh okay tradition, or their citation very interesting. Anyway, so let's start the episode ladies and gentlemen boys and girls children of all

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ages Welcome to another episode of the 99 names I am your host Alex on and I'm here with amado shoukry tagging along for today's episode I sit down with a comb are going over the name of Baja aloha Alka here all call have cooked two of them together I'll call hero like Kira a and that's one of the me that's where the meaning comes from. So Kairos and so we carry out our hero

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hero and why we

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are here and alcohol. Okay, oh it's not as

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bad as the feminine form

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means to overpower. Okay.

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Equals overpower okay. I thought hair is the one who overpowers okay. Ah ha is the one who always overpowers, always overpowers, okay, the perpetual overpower, perpetual

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overpower cool. So I'll go ahead and alcohol Now both of them are names of a lot for short.

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They both come in the name form the proper name form or the proper noun form in the Quran. So Eliza just says For example what we'll call hero followed by a body and he is a hair over his slaves. Okay, he is the overpower over his slaves. Yeah, and allies we just as lame anymore Coolio. lilla Hello, ha ha. To Whom belongs the kingdom today are the Dominion today meaning the day of judgment to a law, a law head and a heart.

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Now why hidden alpha hot are paired together in the Koran more than once? Hmm why meaning the alone yeah enough to have meaning the overpowering now whenever names are paired together they're paired together means the alone and white on white okay? It means to lower alcohol it means the overpowering okay whenever names are paired together is because the pairing of the names will give birth to a third meaning okay? And so a lot being a lot and a lot of being alcohol and the reason why they're paired together really gives forward to a beautiful third meaning and that is that every king every person who overpowers people, they will overpower their resources overpowered their

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armies with their police force with their whoever okay, but a law says that he has a heart of the overpowering by himself alone.

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And that is just incredible. Right should get goosebumps when you see that because it's not his angels Don't be don't think that it's because of his angels that a lot overpowers or because of his soldiers or because of anything like that, and no army and no, he's just like, he is it. He is it? You know? So it's not about the angels who guard jahannam and it's not about it's like he's a no neither of those angels either. Reason why

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he is the alone and the overpowering. And so

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so for example, two verses in which a lot pairs are harder together. A lot says in sort of the life of verse 16 yo Mohamed is una life, Allah him in home shake the many Mercurio de la la hidden kaha Eliza yes as of the day where they come forward nothing concerning them will be concealed from a law to Whom belongs all sovereignty today to a law, the one the prevailing. So on the Day of Judgment, sovereignty belongs to Him, and He is the one the overpowering. And in sordid Eveleigh him verse 48, Allah says Yama, Tibet, the auto veil oddly or semi lotto bottles with the law why the Baja on the day the earth will be replaced by another earth and the heavens as well and all creatures will come

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out before a lot the one the overpowering. And so this idea of the Day of Judgment. Don't get it twisted. Don't be confused. Don't misunderstand. It's not about anyone other than Allah azza wa jal that is where all the power is. And that is the one who is overpowering everyone else. It's interesting cuz the name being appropriate because I met a guy. He was working for Islamic Relief in New Orleans. His name was

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the doodles like a six foot three plus, dude, jet. Yeah. Now he teaches a I don't remember meeting you in New Orleans.

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Wow, that's funny.

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What are you talking about? Like, are you there with me when I was doing?

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How you were describing me?

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Oh, man, okay.

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The guy was taller than me.

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Significantly taller than me I see.

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But no, Mashallah, me. I think he was a he was a convert. And he was appropriately I thought, man, he also teaches Muay Thai kickboxing and Puerto Rico. Nice. So,

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but yeah, I think

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the idea that, I think is a good mindset to go in with if you're going to go into a fight that allows a pod very true. And so, now we talk about you know, we wrap up this video with some of the fruits of a bajada one of them is that you never feel out powered out manned outgunned. Because a lot is the source of all power. That is the name that you access and you invoke when you feel like you are out power. Yep. That you invoke that Eliza did being a local Ha. Also, it causes a person pause again sitting against the law because you recognize that a lot is alcohol and going up against that is who you're going up against. Yeah. And so when a lot declares war on this person or declares

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war on that person, or threatens this person that you recognize this is no joke, no point in time in which you're going to be able to out power a lot. He will always up power everyone and so take that into serious consideration when shavon whispers anything to you. And that is it. That is a foul ha

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and we're gonna look at symbolizing hamadryad out of Cyprus interesting catella

In this 44th episode of the series titled 99 names of Allah, Ammara Alshukry talks about the name of Allah – Alqahhar Alqahir


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