Nadim Bashir – Following the foot print of Prophet Mohammed P2

Nadim Bashir
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the importance of human satisfaction in relation to profit and how it can be a sign of one's life. They argue that they need to hold more accountable for service and acknowledge that they need to improve their lives in order to fulfill their goddamn job. The speaker also mentions the need for better job management.
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speak louder than words. I can see here and continue to say I love the profit. I love the profit. I love the profit. Someone says something about the profit we get upset. Of course it is a sign of human. But guess what, we will be held more accountable if this is just only a lip service. And we continue to verbally say I love the profit, but our entire life is contradicting the life of the prophet saw a loved one he was and so as much as we get upset about people saying things about the Prophet Sal Well, it was salah, let's put ourselves on ourselves under a microscope and ask ourselves and look ourselves in the mirror and ask ourselves one question is my life according to

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the teachings of a sorcerer, a lot of money was spent on yes or no die is a question we need to ask ourselves. And the answer is no. We need to do a better job of others. May Allah give us the ability out of aloneness Is that what you're saying? Allah must establish only MCI along the Sunnah Allah will Holofernes not

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