Enjoining the good and forbidding the evil is an obligation

Abu Bakr Zoud


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The speaker discusses the importance of the honeymoon curries and the greatest maruf of Islam, which is the Association of Partners with Allah. They explain that the honeymoon curries are supposed to encourage people to learn from others, but if they do not, they are considered sinful. The speaker also discusses the reality of the honeymoon curries and the importance of the Association of Partners with Allah.

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My brothers in Islam, you need to understand that an honorable

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mooncup is the greatest pillar in Islam, one of the greatest pillars any slap. Our omo was only the greatest to ever exist because it enjoys the good and the forbids the evil as a lot of social he said quantum hydro Metohija, Tina's nurse, why that morona bill Murphy mooncup that we were the greatest to ever be brought out to mankind because of the fact that we enjoyed the good and the evil. This is why they said in joining the good and forbidding the evil is for sure obligation. And the obligations are of two type. They said this one is a form.

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It's a communal obligation, meaning that if someone were to do it, then the rest of the oma is spared from the sin. And if no one was to do it, then everyone is sinful. We You know, this is very scary reality. You need to understand something that if the people of knowledge, did not do their work in enjoining, the good and forbidding the evil, if they stopped altogether, we can understand why they're sinful. Because they had something they can offer it to the people and they held back. We understand why they're sinful. But why is the rest of the oma sinful? Why is even the most ignorant person sinful? Why? You know why? Because the rest of the oma was supposed to support and

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encourage those who knew to teach the people they should have supported them. They should have stood behind them. They should have encouraged them and motivated them and remain behind them and remain students of them learning from them. This is why the rest of the oma becomes sinful. We need to understand the reality of what Bill Maher off when the honeymoon curries and the greatest maruf that you can that you can call the people to the greatest good that you can call them to is the to hate of Allah subhanho wa Taala to declare the oneness of Allah azza wa jal and forbid the evil and the greatest evil that one could forbid is the Association of partners with Allah subhanho wa Taala