Raising a Muslim Child in the 21st Century #01

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The meaning of the term "the West" in English is discussed, with men being encouraged to use it to achieve joy and fulfillment. The use of deception and deception in religion is also discussed, with speakers emphasizing the importance of being clear about one's criteria of decision making. The use of the Mahavira for achieving joy and fulfillment is also discussed, along with the use of deception and deception in religion and negative consequences of seeking too much of the "the West." The fundamental philosophy of Islam is not a monolith and is a rule of thumb that everyone should be the same way, with no distinction.

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Aloha Rama Rahim al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa Salatu was Salam ala shuffle them via even more saline mohammadu Rasul Allah is Allah Allah Haile he while he was he was seldom does leave and Kaziranga Sierra farm abajo. My dear brothers and sisters, I'm beginning a series of lectures, maybe two or three on a very important issue, which is the raising of our children in the West,

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raising a Muslim child in the West.

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There is my book also on this. It's called raising a Muslim child, you might like to look at that.

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Now, someone sent me a post the other day from the granddaughter of Sherif Ali and Tantawi of Alaska,

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which I caught.

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Nine years ago, I was tasked with investigating the Ramadan family from Beirut, who had migrated to North and South America about 100 years ago, I found 5000 members of the family 96% of them were not Muslim any longer.

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Now, I'm still trying to grapple with this, given that these were Arabs who spoke Arabic And presumably could understand the Quran and Hadith

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without needing any translations. So what happened?

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contrast this with the history of Indians in South Africa, also a western country,

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which starts with the arrival of

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indentured labor from India from Madras, and Calcutta, in 1860, to replace African slave labor, and you will see, in contrast that in 150 years, there are perhaps not even 10 converts,

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or turn people who left Islam.

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Remember that South Africa in 1860, was a British colony, which later became an African Republic, both devoutly Christian,

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first Anglican, and then the Dutch Reformed Church, yet they were practically no conversions. The Secret so called, was the establishment of massages and modalities, which happened almost from the moment they landed in South Africa, in Natal, vibrant massage, and mother his mother's us are the heart of our Deen and the best protection against ryda apostasy.

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Muslims struggle and agonize over the biggest challenge of all, which is raising children who are practicing Muslims in the West. This challenge is the result of course of Muslims migrating to the west in search of economic prosperity or

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to escape wars or to escape persecution in their native lands. The West comes with many benefits, the biggest of which is human dignity. Add to that free enterprise, a vibrant economy, dignity of labor, and compensation that enables one to support his family in the West, as well as back home, wherever that may be, and you have a very attractive proposition indeed, immigrants tend to work hard, long hours for lower wages, which are still higher than what they would have been able to back home and and they are able to save, that enables them to access high class education, excellent medical care, and a standard of living that they had dreamt off.

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But along with this also comes Western culture, values, morals, aspirations, and the ever present within God's danger as most Muslims see it, of assimilation, resulting in the loss of our own Islamic identity.

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The question that most parents grapple with is how they can have the best of both worlds that is new world standard of living with old world values

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in the same place, now, is this even doable? And if so, what does it take? Short answer? Yes, it is doable, and it will take a lot of parenting from you.

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First, we must define the meaning of the West, the term the West in order in order with a mother.

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In Arabic, also the same word Maori verb is used both to pinpoint a location as well as to define a state of mind and ideology, a philosophy and a way of life in order to do that we call mother ribbit.

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Mother Viet in Arabic we say is like two words, alfalfa to alharbi

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the Western philosophy but I think mother ABS is very

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succinct that it talks about something which is internal.

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The West as a location is incidental. But Western as an ideology is powerful, potentially all pervasive social engineering, statement of values, and a definer of actions leading to a new purpose of this life and existence. One is outside you, and you live in it. The other one is inside you, and directs all your decisions, your desires and your actions. It is essential to keep these two definitions in mind when we talk about the West, and Islam. To avoid confusion, in this lecture, I'm going to call the ideology of Western ism. Like Islam, Western ism is an ideology, which is not location specific, but is global. As evidence ask you what do you call Australia and New Zealand,

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Western or Eastern? Ask yourself why.

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Incidentally, if I say West name,

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three Western countries or even 10 Western countries, will you name Mexico?

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Think about that.

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So Western ism is not only about culture, but also about race, and stated and unstated ideas of racial supremacy. The secret is the globalization of thought. Technology has facilitated the global spread of this dominant culture. And the internal and the internalizing of its values were people far removed physically from the west see themselves in terms that are Western. They appreciate their like they look up to or down at each other based on their admiration of Western values or norms. Even though these may be far removed from their own cultures. You can see the effect of this on people's clothing, the spread of English as the lingua franca

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across the world actually,

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the effect of this on hairstyles on foods and drinks on sodas for example, on Smiley's emojis, abbreviations, you know, lol, FL and so forth. I can go on but I but I don't think that's necessary. The same holds for all the symbols of culture. There are still countries where local cultures enforce some level of decorum, and bar promiscuity. But all barriers fall in the face of technology. Thanks to the internet, smartphones, Instagram, Netflix, Facebook, Whatsapp, there is no image no news, which can be hidden from the eyes of children if they want to see it. The only guard is conscience. Nothing else will work Least of all force.

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Today, Western ism is the most common pervasive and widespread ideology in the whole world. Western ism is as much a religion as Islam or Christianity or any other traditional religion.

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It has rules of engagement, conditions of entry and exit, reward and punishment, high priests, temples and evangelists. The fact that these titles are not used to name them is a part of the ideology of Western ism. But that doesn't change either the nature or the effect of these symbols and pillars of this new religion. They are powerful and they are very effective. Western ism is effective because it panders to and allows every desire base or sublime under the illusion of anonymity to make money for the suppliers.

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It uses desire itself with the force of law. It opens doors and challenges anyone to shut them once they have been open. And like lemmings over the cliff, humanity eats drinks, drugs and shops into its way into oblivion.

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I know I'm painting a dismal, depressing picture. So let me color on the other parts. Western isms single differentiator is its support for freedom of belief and expression.

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In Western societies, you are free to believe anything, or nothing to say or do anything or nothing. I recall that in 1977, in 1997 98, when I used to live here in Massachusetts, we used to go to UMass every other week to meet Muslim students.

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In the of the MSA, the MSL room at that time, where we met them was located between two rooms, one labeled friends of marijuana society, and the other one called labeled devil worshippers. Remember that this was long before right?

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Creation and use of marijuana was legalized.

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Western ism also opens the door to question to questioning everything.

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And expressing yourselves in way in ways that you couldn't have imagined, debating and creating new theories to be tested, discarded and replaced in their turn, and endless churn, constantly changing color. It is the opportunity to research to publish findings, to write books to invent and convert invention into money making machines. It is the opportunity to enter any aspect of life and contribute with competence being the only entry barrier. I know that neither of the pictures that I painted are entirely accurate or complete. But that is the nature of all generalizations, but they still contain enough truth to make us sit up and take notice and ask what must I do?

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If I were to draw a comparison, Islam and to a large extent, many Eastern African faiths and religions are like a fixed lunch menu. While Western ism is like multicuisine buffet with all kinds of food very attractively displayed in the farmer in the fixed line menu,

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your choice is to eat or not eat, or maybe to eat less. Leave out something while in the buffet of Western ism, you need to choose what you want to eat. With the choice being Unlimited, so to speak, though what people often forget, is that every choice comes with a price tag.

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That is why

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to live positively and productively in the West, in Western societies and to be able to contribute significantly, it is very essential to be clear about your criteria of decision making. Since there are effectively no boundaries enforced by society, you need to be able to draw your own boundaries and to define your own limits.

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Personal likes and dislikes pleasure enjoyment, subjective happiness, which are all used as the criteria for decision making are highly unsuitable, and in many cases extremely harmful in the long term. When we choose instant gratification over long term benefit, it is always harmful.

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That is what makes Islam such an invaluable asset. Because we have been blessed with a framework to choose that is clear, natural, positive and beneficial not only for us, but for all those who live with us in society at large

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Islams view of making choices based on their effect. On our everlasting future, the ACA is the most reliable way to ensure that we choose the best for both worlds. Western ism is a philosophy which is based on the supremacy of the self, which is desire over everything else, including family, friends, society and God. Its symbol is the raising of self indulgence to the level of not only a virtue, but the very purpose of life, definition of happiness and fulfillment, that is for one to be able to do whatever one likes, irrespective of its consequences to anyone else. Freedom has sought to be interpreted as freedom from responsibility, accountability, and the consequences of one's actions.

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Just look at the many conflicts that have taken place on one such freedom alone, which is the freedom of expression. And you know what I mean? The best answer to that was given by Pope Francis, who mentioning the tendency to say whatever one wants in the guise of freedom of expression, he said, if my secretary word to curse my mother, I would punch him in the face. Now what he meant was that there is no freedom without responsibility for what happens when you exercise that freedom. In English, we have a Mahavira we have a proverb, which says, your freedom and where my nose begins, which means the same thing. There is no freedom without responsibility. Now, who is saying this, the

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Pope, who is a Westerner living in the West, yet his thinking is not Western, in terms of what I described as Western ism. Islam is also not Eastern, but universal, like Western ism. Islam is like the principles of flight, which don't change whether you are flying a plane in the US or Australia or India. Islam doesn't change for the west or the east of anyone or any place. It is universal, applicable in the same way

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anywhere and holds its adherence to the same rules, no matter where they live, in whichever century and in whatever circumstances, Islam is Islam, and it is based on the principle of the supremacy of Allah subhanho data, or the self or anyone or anything else, and accountability to Him alone, from home nothing is hidden, and the subjugation of the self and desire to the rules of Islam. Its symbol is the such that which is to recognize the obedience to me just recognize that obedience Allah subhanho wa Taala takes precedence over self indulgence and the purpose of life and fulfillment is to live and work only for the pleasure of Allah Jalla gentle

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Islam allows everything your and beneficial and bribery the opposite. Allah subhanho data set is another graph. How do we learn Jimenez shaytani r rajim Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim Allah denia tabula rasa NaVi alumi la de de Luna whom October in the veto rod Mcdo binary, whom Vitara Diwali devoleena Gt moorambilla Maru Viva and how and I want my honeymoon car while you're here, Lolo motiva Do you hurry Murali himmelfarb is why yet oh and whom is Allah whom will Allah Allah Allah de cada de la valle Valentina, Amman, ob was oh one so what Rohan or a lady on Zilla Morocco, hola como como flee her own. Allah Americana said which means those who follow the messenger, the prophet who

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can neither read nor write one was on a solemn home they find written with them, in their books in the Torah, and in the Injeel. He commands them to almar of everything which is good, and forbids them from armonica everything which is evil.

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He allows them as lawful at the back everything which is pure.

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And he and he prohibits them as unlawful. All haba is anything which is evil and impure and filthy.

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And he releases them from their heavy burdens of unmask covenant, which was the some of the laws of the Jews and from the fetters the bindings that were upon them. So those who believe in Him, Mama salam, honor him help him and follow the light which is the Koran which has been sent down with him, it is there who will be successful.

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What can be clear that

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Allah Subhana data warned us against the deception of shed that and he said

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Alamo hon hyah. To Daniela Ebola who was in

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Rome by in a convert aka Ravi Langworthy, Walla Walla de

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Gama, Salah is in bulk of tau some

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some Maya Kono hakama Warfield, Clara de una shadie Vera Domine Allah

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wa mal higher dunya ill

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or Allah said which means know that the life of this world is only play and amusement, pomp and mutual boasting among you, and rivalry in respect of wealth and children. And this is like the vegetation after rain there off the growth is pleasing to the tiller. afterwards it dries up and you see it turning yellow, then it becomes strong. But in the Hereafter, there is severe torment for those who disobeyed and there is forgiveness from Allah subhanho wa Taala and his good pleasure for those who obey whereas in the light there whereas the life of this world is only a deceiving enjoyment, it's only deception. There's no compromise

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in Islam, about this fundamental philosophy of the supremacy of Allah subhanho wa Taala over the enough's over the self and desire and everything and everyone else, for those who choose to follow their desires against the orders of Allah subhanho wa Taala he said, Alright, money Takada. Ilaha under and kuno alayhi wa keila. Allah said, enjoy the Volga Have you Omaha masala seen him who has taken as his Isla, as you

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object of worship, his own desire. he worships his desires. Would you then be a walk heel? Are you willing to intercede? We are Disposer of affairs over him. Allah subhanaw taala called following your own desires, against his orders against the orders of Allah subhanho wa Taala shirk and tantamount to worshiping desires instead of worshipping Allah, and even private hadrosaur as a solemn from interceding for the forgiveness of such people. Now what can be clearer or more serious than that? To understand the fundamental difference between Islam and Western ism? Let me quote one example to show how supremacy of God has been replaced by the supremacy of man in Christianity. In

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the Bible, in Deuteronomy, 14 eight, eating pork is clearly prohibited. The Jews follow this strictly to this day, but Christians have ignored this prohibition. And pork is the most widely consumed meat in all Christian and Western countries, and has been for centuries. The Bible clearly prohibits it to no avail. The same with the prohibition of usury and many other prohibitions of the Bible, which are simply ignored. Islam clearly disallows this and nothing which is ordered in the Quran or in the Sunnah can be nullified by any Islamic scholar.

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That is one benefit of not having a priestly class which tends to be susceptible to changing their religion at will, their own will or the will of rulers.

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As you can see, these are two opposing philosophies, submission to Allah or submission to desire.

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They are mutually exclusive and iriga irreconcilable. There can never be a compromise between them. One must necessarily submit to the other. This is a distinguishing factor, the signature of the Muslim that he or she subjugates desire to the will and pleasure of Allah subhanho wa Taala Lord, a Muslim recognizes and joyfully accepts that it is the purpose of his creation to please Allah subhanho wa Taala and does that in the way taught by Mohammed Salah Haile he was able to set up the Rasul of Allah Subhana Allah, that is the essence of the kalama La ilaha illAllah Muhammadan rasul Allah, that there is no one worthy of worship except Allah, so I worship Him, and will hamazon

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seldom is the messenger and the last and final of them. After all, there is none of Allah, so I obey and follow Him. There are no qualifiers to the statement of faith and declaration and oath. Thanks to which a person enters Islam. It is a statement that is applicable to every person who wishes to enter Islam.

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It is applicable to anyone who's who in who intends to and wishes to remain in Islam, whether in the east or the west or anywhere else. This is our creed. This is what makes us Muslim. This is our face. This is our signature, the obedience to Allah in the way of Rasulullah sallallahu Sallam is its essence. And that doesn't change for anyone, or any place.

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is Islam compatible with Western ism? The philosophy? No, it isn't.

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But it is possible for people

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living in the west to live by Islam.

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Without a doubt, that is why I began with the definition because when we asked about raising children, Muslim children in the West, we are not speaking about what we need to do in the location. But what we must do with combating those parts of western Islam as an ideology that are antithetical to Islam, combined is Make no mistake, like combat, it requires courage has risk is painful, potentially fatal. If you fail, and joyful and rewarding, if you succeed, it is a serious business, not an intellectual exercise. The cost and benefit are both very real. The first thing to teach therefore, is to draw attention to the definition so that people realize that there is nothing

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special about the West as a location, which requires Islam to be re engineered, interpreted,

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or changed to suit people living in the so called West. Islam is Islam, no matter where the Muslim may live.

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More inshallah, next week. I ask Allah Subhana Allah geladeira to be pleased with you

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And to help you to raise children who will be

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the symbols of the beauty of Islam in this in this world, as I said, Western ism is universal so whether they are living in America or India or Pakistan or Australia or somewhere else makes no difference. We want to raise children who are responsible citizens of the world who spread goodness around them wherever they may be asked Allah subhanho data to make this possible for us. Robin has Allah danfoss Anna Willem de fille and our door handle an akuna nominal Cassidy robina attina dunia has an at our villa.

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Was Allah Allah Allah Allah will carry while he was I remain. Veronica Mara Hamid salaam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.