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smilla rahmanir rahim al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa salatu salam ala mousseline Mohammed

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Salah, the Steven Catherine cathedra, from

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my brothers, sisters hamdulillah.

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We know the

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Hadees as far as or relating to a class.

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The first and foremost of them the most important of them is the first edition. Bukhari and Muslim. Were also realized or Salam is reported to upset in Nevada, Mr. Lubin, yet, he said that the reward of the deed is based on its intention.

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And he said that the last minute Allah gives to a person what he has intended.

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We ask Allah subhanaw taala to grant us the best of intentions.

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And that

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the best of intentions is the intention to please only Allah subhanho wa Taala.

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This is a

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very important reminder for myself and you that we must always check our intention.

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The intention is like

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it is not static. It is it isn't it doesn't remain in the same state always. So the intention is like carrying money in your pocket. When you are going through a big crowd. Supposing you are in a fairground, or something or

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railway station or something and if you carry money in your pocket, then you will continuously check that pocket to make sure that the money is still there.

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That no pickpocket has stolen your money. Because otherwise, when you reach your destination, then you put your hand in your pocket for the money money's gone.

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So the intention is like that. We may start with a good intention that we want to please Allah subhanaw taala but on the way as we work shaitaan comes in and destroys the intention.

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He introduces Ria into the internet into the intention introduces the desire to please others desire to show off

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Rasulullah sallallahu when he said that I am not afraid for you, that you will worship idols that you will do open ship, but I am afraid for you that you will do huffy ship, hidden check.

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So the nasty Godzilla what is hidden ship, he said he didn't share is to pray in such a way that you hope other people will notice how good your prayer is.

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So you are standing in Salah, in a position of Cujo, your hand folded your head bent.

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And the picture is a nice picture. You look at it, it looks like a person who is sincerely engaged in the Salah. But the person himself or herself is doing it in order Other people may see them and say that here is a pious force.

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The most dangerous thing about this whole thing is that nobody knows this except Allah span.

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So if I'm standing like this in Salah, you don't know what is my heart.

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Right? You might say, Oh, it's one Oh, look at this, you know, he's praying so nicely, so beautifully. But actually, what I am committing issue because I'm doing it for you.

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I'm reciting Quran in salah and I'm maybe I'm reciting very nicely and you are affected by this and you like that presentation and the resolution helps you to connect with Allah subhanaw taala. So, for you Good things are happening, but for me, because my recitation I am doing it in order to show you I am doing this recitation. So that I will be known as a good recite or of Quran. So, my recitation is shared. So I am committing Schick for the summer in for the people who are listening whatever it is good and under no problem, but for the person who is leading the Salah for the man for the sorry, he is committing ship. That is how dangerous this Ria is aware May Allah protect us

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from that. And that's why it is very important to continuously keep on checking and seeing is my class still there or not?

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My brother's does

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in one Hadees Russell Russell Sallam said

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in Gabi Malaga Villa who reported from

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this entire movie,

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he said 200

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Wolf's sent in the middle of a flock of sheep

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are not more destructive to them than a man's greed for wealth and fame is to his deed.

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I'll repeat that carbon Marika vellano. He reported from aerosolised reseller, in a hadith which is in a theorem ad to hungry wolves, sent into the midst into the middle of a flock of sheep are no more destructive to them, than a man's greed for wealth and fame is Tuesday

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night. Now, think about this. Wolves in a flock of sheep.

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The thing about wolves is that a wolf does not in a flock of sheep, a wolf does not simply catch one sheep and eat it. The wolf will kill all the sheep.

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This is the nature of wolves, they just tear out the throats. They will kill the whole flock. They cannot eat the whole flock they will eat maybe you know one piece from one sheep, but they will kill everything. And this is the nature of of wolves. So two wolves in a flock of sheep meaning that that whole flock will be completely destroyed.

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That's another lesson of saying that this is less destructive. This is not more distinct. This is less destructive than the two wolves. What are the duels wealth, desire for wealth and desire for name and fame? Are these two things for the deen of a person is worse than a than two wolves in a flock of sheep?

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I think about that, that today we have reached a stage where people not only is their desire for wealth and fame, generally speaking, but there is regard for wealth and fame in people who are teaching Islam

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People who are teaching Islam there is desire for wealth and fame there is no competition between them. People will not give speeches unless they are paid money people will not you know they have all kinds of issues as far as

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okay are you know, whatever Facebook and this and that likes and whatever else, may Allah protect us from this, this is a very, very serious matter.

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Basically the matter, wanting to have name and fame, wanting to have big audiences otherwise you will not talk because only a few people or have these are signs of sickness of the heart.

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These are signs of sickness of the heart. The person who is teaching Islam must teach for the pleasure of Allah subhanho wa Taala it doesn't matter who is there who is not there. Whether there are two people or two for 2000 people makes no difference. You teach for the sake of Allah Subhana Allah to please Allah subhanho wa Taala for your own self correction, because the teacher is the most is the most in need of the teaching.

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With that intention, one must teach. And the best thing to do is to teach without taking any money for this, no money, no fame, no name, whatever is normal with regard to advertising for a program and so on and so forth. Angela, you have to inform people otherwise how would people know? That's okay. But other than that

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elaborate introductions, you know, people telling saying all kinds of,

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of superlative things about you. exaggeration, all of this is to be very, very strongly.

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Some strongly stopped and this is the responsibility of the person in himself, who's who should do this. We know the methodology of teaching

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of the abbiamo Salama lamotta mentioned this, in many places no foreign.

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I mentioned only one place is dragula Nam. And last round Denis la Cala de da de la la la la la Vina de la Fabio de humo de de la la la agilon. in WA L, the Corolla alameen la semana de said there are those meaning the umbilical Salama, those whom Allah Subhana Allah has guided so follow their guidance and they say no reward I ask of you for this meaning the hora meaning the deen of Allah which they are teaching, no reward, I asked you for this. It is only a reminder for the element which is the interval gene. Now this is the standard that has been

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stated for us to understand and to follow and this is the standard of the mbna musella we do not ask for adjure we do not ask for a reward from you. We teach for the sake of Allah subhanaw taala. Now people say how, how if I do that, how should I eat? How you should eat is by having a different source of income for yourself. This is what the MBA mussalam did. This is what our salasar him did. This is what all our moms did.

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Nobody charged a fee to the student to teach them right including me, it was a that was a lesson I'm used to make chainmail armor and used to do the work of the

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and so also all the mbna masala so also all the Salah, Salah hain all the scholars of the,

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of the classical scholars of our religion. People didn't take money from students to teach them.

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Either they were paid by the state, which is fine. Or they had their own incomes. They had their own businesses. My wife, Angela Lee was a trader, he had a textile business. Right? Different people have different businesses, you have Dr. Gina nottoli had, he was a trader also used to trade used to have ships going up and now he's very wealthy. Mashallah.

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And then he was a great muhaddith he was a he was a full time teacher of Islam,

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one of the greatest scholars of our of our religion

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and so also with

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everybody else.

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So very important for us to maintain our class as far as

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teaching and reading of Islam is concerned, another one another, this is an original form of form, man been about us, or vellano. He said the last instruction of Rasulullah sallallahu Sallam which he gave to me was, I should not appoint him one who takes payment for the other.

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And this is an easy evening.

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He says do not appoint a mother, who takes payment for the event. It is narrated from, again from Fannie Mae, we asked for Delano he said, I said, I asked all messenger of Allah, your Yasser Allah make me the Imam of my people.

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What used to happen is people would come from far off tribes, and they would learn the tribe leaders would come they would learn Islam from Raisa Salah, and then he would appoint them as the man for their tribe and they will go back and they would lead salah and they would teach them. So when will I be asked? I will ask of Ilana. He said yes, Allah, I please make me the Imam of my people. Now be sure as Adam said, You are the man. So consider the weakest among them. He said take care of the weakest among them.

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And he said choose a model who does not accept any payment for either. And this is in sunan. And I say

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it's very important for us to continuously

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monitor our class, monitor the sincerity of our

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The there are three IDs,

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each of which is considered to be the lab said that this is equal to one third of the entire

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treasure of Hades. The first one is in Albania. They have this one near the second one is called the palace. And the third one is how did you break? Now how do you so Salah again relates also to the issue of the class, where Rasulullah Salim said, the first person to be

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brought up before Allah subhanho wa Taala on the day of judgment will be a scholar will be an ally, who studied the religion and he taught the religion all his life.

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So he would have made you would have memorized the Quran you would have studied Islam, and this person would have done that all his life and he taught Islam, he will be brought before Allah Subhana Allah and Allah subhanaw taala will ask him, for whom did you do this? And the man will say I did this for your pleasure, it will be said to him, You are lying.

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You did this in order to please the people and to get fame and this was done.

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So in the world, you are known as a great scholar and so on and so forth. Here there is nothing for you and that person will be thrown into their mind.

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The second person will be brought before Allah subhanho wa Taala will

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Be a philanthropist will be a charitable person who spent a lot of money, doing welfare work, doing all kinds of good things, all kinds of charitable things, this person will be brought before Allah subhanaw taala he will be asked what do you do? And he will say Allah, I did all of this for you for your pleasure, and it will be said to him, You are lying. You did this so that you will be known as a charitable person and this habit, this was done

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and this person and here there is nothing for you and this person will be thrown into the Hellfire, the third person to be brought before Allah subhanaw taala will be a person who fought in the bath of Allah subhanho wa Taala and died as a apparently as a shade piece of Videla. He will be asked what did you do the man will say I fought in your path I struggled in your path and I was killed in the process. I will Shaheed it will be said to him. This is a lie You fought because you wanted to be known as a

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great warrior. And you wanted fame as a warrior this happened here there is nothing for you and you will be thrown into the fire. All of these three

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people that we learn from his hobbies, what was their issue? Was it last

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was it last was insecurity which means insecurity only to be the last man or

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whatever they did, action itself is good, but it was done for the pleasure of people for name and fame and not for the pleasure of Allah subhanaw taala therefore it is not acceptable before.

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And lots of anatella mentioned this in the Quran as well unless it for a lil mousseline and levena human salata himself for a living on your own,

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Allah said, war to the people who pray,

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war to the people who

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who delay their prayer and who pray to show people

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who pray to show off who to British ob. So, here again, we are talking about people doing good work, I mean, what is better than nothing better than Salah. So, here is somebody who was doing Salah, who should actually get praise, but instead of that Allah subhanaw taala is criticizing them and I say to them, what what bad people deserve that they are praying to show off.

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So, I remind myself when you let us

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be very clear in our minds,

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let's be very clear.

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Let us not let us make sure that we do not

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allow our intentions to be corrupted by shatta.

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wale very very important for us. Now if you look at it

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another thing which happens is rasuna Salim said do not praise a person to his face.

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Now praise does not mean expect mean that it doesn't mean expressing appreciation for what they did doesn't mean don't think thanking is a different thing. Showing genuine appreciation for what somebody did hamdullah there's no problem no visa doesn't have did that himself for those who have I did for seven hours and fathers

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my praises meant flattering you know sometimes you find in functions and so on and so forth somebody introduces a person and they say all kinds of exaggerated things about this person oh this person is you know, so learned and so, this so that that is something which is right we did in this lab and we are told do not do that. Speak only the truth don't go and you know, add things in

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and exaggerate things and flatter people, because flattery is like basically it is really like you are the person is not like that you know that the person knows that. Still you are saying that? Because you think it will please that person. So if somebody is doing that, immediately stop them. Please excuse me, please don't do that. I'm not like

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to stop them. Do it politely. But do not stop them do not do not accept that praise, because that praises false siesta parallelism. Even when you hear that phrase make Mr. Faraj just apology and the ally and free from this. I didn't ask this person to say this. This person is saying it on their own, please forgive me and forgive that person. It's very important for us to make sure that our classes

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intact. One final thing we will do today,

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you know in Islam series.

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The purpose is I always say before every session the purpose of this is to do Islam. That's why this is called leaving Islam. The purpose of this is for us to practice what we are learning, for me to practice and for you to practice. So always keep monitoring that

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in your life. Right. If you those of you who have the

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who have the book also this is the page in the book

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Which is the applications page and if you look at it it says enablers inhibitors and it has solutions. So, we are looking at whatever it is that we are learning what are the enablers? What will enable me to practice this? So, for example, now, we talked about the class, we talked about charity, what will enable me to be sincere right, then what are the inhibitors what what are the things which can prevent me from being sincere, what are the things that can be pitfalls that I might fall into temptation and so on and so, right, so, write that write down enablers, then write down inhibitors, and then solutions would therefore what should I do

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to sit down with the, with the notebook and if you in the living Islam book, this page is there, at the end of each section, there is a page which is called the application of learning page. So, you take that and you can take you know your sheets of paper and write it down do that systematically write it down, because that will help you to also monitor how we are how we are progressing. The purpose of these classes is not simply for us to sit down and talk and you know, get some information and go no that's not the purpose is to bring in bring this into our life. So how did my life change? What is it that I am doing differently now thanks to whatever I learned from the class,

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I think that is a very important

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thing to for us to monitor and and to follow. So please do that.

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inshallah We ask Allah subhanaw taala to give you success in that

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as well as Mandela, Drax, accept your coming and to enable us to learn and to learn in a way which we practice and then to make it easy for us to practice that and we ask Allah subhanaw taala to reward you in keeping with his majesty and grace was Allah Allah will carry while he was good to go.