Ahmad Saleem – Ramadan Prep Week – Day 2

Ahmad Saleem
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wrong, this is the fast stuff and average person, average layman, you know, all they do is fast, and they protect their stomach and they protect their

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private parts from shouts and desires. That's all they do, then there are some ill huesos, the sum of the VIPs, or the fast of the VIPs. And that is the fast of an individual, that all his limbs, all the seven limbs that the Hadees talks about all of those limbs and everything is fasting. So you prevent it from any major sins that you commit through them. Then you have sold wholesale houses, the VVIP, fasts, and we said this is the fast of the MDR. This is the fast of even like not only the limbs, but there is also fasting. So they only allow Allah to exist in their hearts throughout the state of fast. And if they are going to break their fourth the spiritual fast, then anything else

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other than Allah is only your will.

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So there's only 201 for those individuals. It says Allah in my heart. And when I break my fast, my spiritual breaking of the heart will also be allowed to have the flicker of Akira. And that goes with things. Then we talked about the soman hustles, the author, he says, that's the fasting of the Gambia and that's a very difficult state to reach. So we are in the state of VIP fasting. And yesterday which, which, what was the first key we talked about?

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Lowering the gaze as Abdul Basa will quickly read through it. I'm not going to do the shalhevet for those of you that are how many of you are here for the first time raise your hands. You were not here yesterday. Show of hands, show them like no half show them. Okay, you won't get married if you show them Hi. Okay, raise your hands higher. Let's keep them up. Keep them up. Okay, a few of them. So okay, good. So we will go through them in sha Allah.

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Just as a recap, I'm not going to go into like a tough sale shark of it. So he says I was the first one is going to learn from the gays walk up through an elite desire if you never eat acqualina You then know and to prevent your own aside from everything that is blame the crew, what

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to conduct when you hear in victory law and to prevent and to prevent our hearts with that which will occupy or distract our hearts from Allah and His remembrance.

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Then we mentioned the Hadith that Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam he says and never to someone must want lumens Rehan Iblees. When we look at a glance when we glance at something that is haram,

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even if it's one glance, promises instead it's like an arrow of the bliss that is poisonous to your eyes.

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And whosoever leaves these one glances, whosoever turns away from these one glances, then Allah subhanaw taala will grant that person eemaan such as that you shall taste the sweetness of that Iman. May Allah grant us that

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When Elijah unnecessarily Allahu Allah rasool Allah Who sallallahu alayhi wa sallam and the whole call from Sunni if you're the runner saw in five things break the fast off the one who fast this is the spiritual breaking, not the technical breaking, we talked about it.

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Lying, backbiting

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Mima surely are gossip? Well, yeah, I mean, I'll try them false testimonies. Were never the shower to look at something while your heart was filled with filled with desires.

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Now, number two, key number two, so you can enter the state of the IP fasting. You can enter the state of VIP fasting only through six keys that he says number one was Rob Goldwasser. Number two is heavily San protect protecting your tongue. Now this is a big one. He says heavily sunny I nearly had one we can

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protect your tongues from any deviant talk

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Havana's anything that turns oh it turns you away like anything that's not good to speak about Well Kevin, and to protect your tongue from Kevin from lying

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today it's a very normal thing you know, we may be talking about something and we will add a little bit of masala

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not harmful masala just enough.

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Write any add on to what you heard and what you relay. All of that is written as

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The the true definition of COVID in Angular Allameh according to the scholars is

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Qalamoun You hardly fool there, it's speech that contradicts the reality.

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So when we relay an event a reality or scene or incidents are something that happens, right? A couple of days ago, three days ago there was like, you know, a couple of brothers they got really riled up in sports, right playing table tennis and this they raise their voices and stuff. So there were multiple events that event was one but multiple narrations reached me.

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Right then each narration was different from the event was one right? But there was a lot of you know, insinuation, I may add that masala because I signed with this brother in law, he didn't start he starred in all of that, right? We have to be very careful with that.

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Right especially within a masjid environment.

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Because Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam he said Al majali. So Bill Amana that when two people talk when two people talk when we talk, that conversation of ours is an Amana

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when you and I spoke about something, and then now I hear a third person saying that whatever you and I spoke about, you're growing the trust of that brother.

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Okay, and that's usually the first step of Kevin.

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Right Kapha Bill Murray. It's enough for a man to be known as a liar if he is known.

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If the normative behavior of that person is a thief will con.

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Okay. He says the snake a house ninja, isn't it God's neighbor? He said he said who are called Aloha Paulo, who here call it all of this.

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Then he says, well, Reba, mashallah, this is like, you know, our Iftar gatherings are filled with that. You added to Mojo data last year if Tarkovsky he didn't give a good to samosa trust, right. And, like, we're eating that person's Iftar or sometimes it happens even in the masjid, right. You're hearing the machine you're having the Iftar and you're doing the Rebbe of the brothers, whoever is the star. So yeah, he you know, Masjid Faruqi started shooting birds ucot You these conversations are riba

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right, he's gonna go into detail of Riba and the next key but backbiting

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this is absolutely a menace in our it's as bad

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rebar in terms of sin is equal to Zina.

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The effect of it in our hearts

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drinking because it's from the cover.

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Anything that is covered anything that is from the major sins requires special Toba from ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada. You can't automatically get forgiven from it, you must ask Allah to forgive you for that.

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Right? So on this blessed night in the blessed month of Shabbat, we asked Allah subhana wa Tada, you know, if any one of us knowingly or unknowingly has indulged in riba that Allah forgives us, right? And Allah also puts in the hearts of those that we have done riba against that he they forgive us on that day insha Allah.

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Well, Reba, one Mima minima is something even more it's basically gossiping but you're also adding masala to that so ribeye may be true events of that brother that you're talking behind his back. Now me my becomes when you add masala to it. So he never done it. But you said he did it behind his back.

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Right? That is even like and each one of these have very severe. Aha, this is behind our purposes to go through the entire book and just allude to a few things. Next part. Well, fresh. Well, Jeff, ah, the hash rate for hashey

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in vain talk, especially the younger boys and girls that are here that are listening to this right, how do we talk about to others gender?

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Right? objectifying them sexualizing them during fasting you are in environments where people talk like that.

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Right? All these fancy terms that are being used on Instagram.

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All of that can fall under for harsh. The other part of the hush is is

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Right cursing at someone using bad words foul language. When a person is fasting, you're protecting your tongue from any form of foul language, any form of things that could displease a lot or displeased a person

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One of the brothers he said oh that means I can go into in the jungle ins

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galley full on that no that doesn't mean that like you can go into jungle and I'm not I'm not hurting anybody so I can swear all I want right you're on Amazon that if you say that foul language evolves onto your ears and it has an effect on

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the next well soma and sorry Well Jeff ah this is a nice one right in the beginning of Ramadan mashallah we're all like excited you know and very excited we have a nice if so whenever we get up in the morning everyone is super excited we fast and then around four o'clock the caffeine kicks in right away by tightening up

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by four o'clock bath and Karen was still great. Nobody talks to him

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you get him so upset and by five o'clock it gets worse six o'clock we become very rude right the hunger is kicking in the withdrawals of carbs are kicking in the withdrawals of coffee are kicking in all of these things are kicking in and we're becoming very grumpy. Right we can't be dry the word GFI means that your emotion and the way you talk to people just it's it's bland it's got no no no emotions in it you've completely stripped it off and you're rude to another person

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well so so much

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and to fight with one another right mashallah Ramadan begins with Moon fighting.

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Right? We all know that it begins hamdulillah and this mercy this it's most of the new round massages have figured this out like you know, we can't be doing this right. So but even still within households are being split. Like I know and household is like you know, no, I'm Moon setting I am calculation I am worried that in mattala when the same house three three Ramadan starts

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right? Even if you choose to you have the opinion and you have the freedom to choose, but that should not lead us to fight on that issue.

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So if your dad chooses an opinion that is alternate to what you believe in as a young person,

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or if your son chooses that opinion, that is alternate to what you were brought up on

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then let's not fight over that.

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Especially in the month of Ramadan.

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While we are the kind of fasting mashallah you're fasting, you know, there's a, there's a there's a joke that is written in the books of Zohar and in the books of Teskey. They mentioned that there was a person who was you know, fasting so so he was praying in the masjid. And it was a time that usually people want pray that masjid so the person that came in to the person was praying to people walked in and they were like, mashallah, mashallah, what a brother he's praying at this time nobody prays at this time Subhan Allah what a pious brother and they were amazed at his Roku and his sige da and like he's such a he's so long in the second record that he overheard them right? So and he

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was praying he turns to I was like, you know, I'm fasting also.

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And so Tirana saw him colored

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the eradication and we careful like I'm not just one like double to two birds with one stone right Mira right that in your your honor fasting to show off your Reba that to show off your radar that you you know, as soon as you're sitting there you remember to do thicker as soon as somebody walk in you're like, Oh man, let me present this for you. Let's take it out. Like we need to do something

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you show it off right and get off all of these things. Okay, and mirror over here not to actions but welcome with your tongue. Right so Dr. Metadata dude.

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I pray so much to her dude, I'm tired. They don't normals very normal from

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all of these things are not recommended during because it's an regarder for Allah. Not for you to tell the world neither valid, or did you do

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then Karaca because sorry, Jason, we can't do anything now.

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Everything is blocked. So he says what

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that person should make last him on himself mandatory on himself. I still could show

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how mushy

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the month of Ramadan is the month of being quiet.

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That's it. self reflection. There's a friend of mine who was not very practicing

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before. So he told me a story.

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He said that, you know he was going through a lot of mental health challenges spiritually

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Anxiety and so many things he was going through. So he decided that he's going to go to these Buddhist camps. The Buddhists have these special camps that are called silence camps.

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Right? You anybody can participate in them. It doesn't matter what religion you're in. Okay? You get a room. But you're there for three days and you can't talk.

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Huh? This one right here? No, I know about this. I've heard my uncle, I think you did it. You also did it to mashallah that you don't look anywhere you stay in one room, there's no one around nobody around you and you have to come on for breakfast. And whenever you come on for breakfast, you don't talk to anyone you don't like nobody says not even like,

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like no sign language. You look down, complete Sharia law.

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Don't talk to anyone, just as a reflection. He said, I stayed there for three days.

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And I became a practicing Muslim

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from a Buddhist temple, because it allowed me to think what I was doing in my life.

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He said the first day, I became boggle, like, I was like, what's going on? I couldn't sleep because all these times I wanted to speak to somebody but it is I can't speak to anyone. We're not allowed to speak to anyone. The bright second day, my my anxiety starts coming down. I started having clarity, all of the running thoughts that I had the life slowed down, everything became better. By third day I had clarity.

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So now, he goes there for 15 days, even though he's practicing. He intentionally goes there for 15 days because they're gonna lock him up in a room. And he allows himself to be in that environment. So he can calm down the storm. Right? Those of you that are Arabs, there is a book written by an author called Amadeus Szigeti. He wrote a book called A rubber on the 14th. This author in from Serbia, he actually went to an island. And he stayed there for 40 days with just Quran. And he stayed there with 30 books that he took with him that he wanted to read. Nobody was allowed to contact him. He had just one book a shaft that small, you know, phones that you find in India and

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Pakistan that in Nokia phone, he just had that phone. That's it. And he said when on the third day or the fourth day, I start seeing these things, what are called color key are all the guns conjured up stuff that is inside of you all the the diseases of the heart, they start manifesting.

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Right. So, so called, is the key that allows us to be reflective. Yeah. So he had a lot of books by

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him to finish it, a book, a book a day or something like that.

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You need to speed up on your reading.

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Next, now he says,

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Oh, sure, hello.

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If you're going to say something, be Vickery law. All you're going to do is remember you're going to activate your tongue and busy your tongue with only one thing which is the vicar of Allah azza wa jal, what allow Atilla Quran and the recitation of the Quran. These are the only two things that you want to create abundance of while you are in the state of fasting with your tongue. That would be that fast of your tongue. So quote, but if you're going to quiet but if you're going to say something, then in that moment, that moment, you only are occupying it with vicar of Allah, and you're occupying it with the tiller of Quran. Perhaps someone will listen. This is the first thing

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off the tongue.

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Then he says, call a sallallahu alayhi wa sallam in nama. So Medina, the famous Hadith most of these Hadees are known I'm going to skip on them quite quickly not read the entire thing, that fasting is a shield. And if any one of you is fasting, and somebody comes and starts fighting with you say what Allah who in numeral onslaught and I am a person who is fasting, I am a person who is fasting. I'm a person who fasting so Allah says 10am said cannula whom are rotini of Salah, I mean, say hey, I'm fasting one time two time three times so that his this person stick. That's the message that you're not interested in a conversation about that on site that Jack will cover there's a there's a hadith

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that two women came to Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam and they looked at 12 o'clock for Eid, Hadar who will draw attention it was very difficult for them to fast and they were hungry and they were thirsty. So they came to Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam and they said give us permission to break our fasciatus will Allah we are not able to bear this fast. The Earth yeah because a bucket was brought in front of them or upon

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I was brought in front of them

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let him out. I said tell the two of them to vomit

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one of them she she vomited Miss for more than half of that woman was just blood

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well Lachman very one and fresh meat that was beginning to stale.

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The second one also vomited the exact same thing. But adjuvant nassm indolic People like you can what is this? Guy joven Nasmyth the color sallallahu alayhi wa sallam so Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam he said her attorney samatha I'm Hal Allah. They fasted from things you only fast you leave the things that are allowed for you. So the Salah is saying they took they fasted from that which was halal.

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What a start up ah ha Rama wha hoo I Lima, but they both they're fast by Riba, which is haram. And that was the consequence for them. Right? May Allah protect us from them?

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The third key this is a more difficult one. Well cut for some May and to protect our ears and it's the law ie to listen to anything. Isla Kalima, crew him anything that is haram and mcru you don't want to listen to it.

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Anything, right? We're not even going to get into this debate. Is is music halal and haram? Right? That's the first question I got asked. I came here. What's your opinion on that? Right. So whoever asked me my response to them was what does it do to your heart? Even if you say it's halal? Sure, no problem. You feel very connected to Allah after listening to it.

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And nobody's gonna say that. Especially today's hip hop music, you're gonna listen to all of those artists and and verbal * and you're gonna say mashallah, I feel so levitated and connected to Allah. Right? That's not the case.

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So the answer to many things are inevitable. We don't need to ask these questions, and you don't feel that connection. So over here, he's saying stay away from everything that is McCool, Liana Coloma.

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However, not

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everything that is held on to say

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that vulgar music is haram for us to say that well, the music that verbal * is haram

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revolve around Mima around from Kevin around out Alma is La La it's also haram to listen to it.

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Right? Then he says, so how does that happen? That happens when you are sitting. You know, this is really interesting, right? So you just heard this libre talk, you're gonna go home pain again, somewhere in your circle, somebody is going to begin to Riba and you're going to be consciously aware of that. And you're not doing Ziva the other person is and you're gonna say the human any scenario but I don't want to have Reba What do they say? A blueberry is just an idea maybe burrito? Bowl parsehub unreal. Right? Maybe right my turn you become

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there now you're gonna listen to it. I am going to show listen to the entire thing because last night you did this right? So anything that is haram for us to listen

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so haram for us to speak it's also haram for us to listen to it

00:23:37 --> 00:23:39

especially Reba especially if

00:23:41 --> 00:23:51

we need to end this we cannot be chit chatting moving things and conversations from one end to another can't happen.

00:23:52 --> 00:23:54

And it begins with us in the community

00:23:55 --> 00:24:03

you are the fort you if people are the fourth that are going to be that dam that is going to prevent that flood

00:24:04 --> 00:24:39

when you hear somebody say that learning yeah it's okay let's let's talk something else. Be wise about it you know be preempt Don't be rude about it. That's another part right? The dean practice can we become so rude about it? It's like It's like writing bad news. We know it's like yeah devil cafe that I told me that will quickly come with our apple to everybody wants to talk about cricket trends. That's fine. You all rebuff cricket you want right? No soaking it's like magic and stuff like that. All of those little things are politicians right? Talking was near a house near all of that is Reba

00:24:40 --> 00:25:00

it's like most of the if you ever listened to any Pakistani news it's all fever. Like if you really think about it, like they're talking about somebody behind their back and insinuating whether it's a no snake AHA isn't the carpet and all these panels that are developed? Like if you really think about it, I'm gonna get Hello Skyrim recently Takahata Coachella. Like what do you guys do?

00:25:00 --> 00:25:01

Like it's full on Reba,

00:25:04 --> 00:25:22

would anybody like to be talked about an open air with seven people, you know, putting over that person's one statement? Nobody would like that, right or wrong, there's a separate thing and, uh, do it in the quarters that matter, right? If it's happening in a court, if it is happening somewhere, that's fine, you are allowed to speak.

00:25:23 --> 00:25:39

But don't allow the process and the act of LIBOR to be rampant within our community. Right. And that's one thing we need to work on. Right, I've already pushed back on a few of the brothers, they've come and said, Let me tell you about that person, or this person, push back, I'm not interested, I will listen to them. If you bring that other person there.

00:25:41 --> 00:25:52

I don't want to listen to the other person, because I will build my own impression. I don't want anybody to help me build impressions. Right? So likewise, it is your job as a community that you stop that

00:25:54 --> 00:26:06

I was in a hotel once in Jasper in Canada, and they had this very nice plaque, it said, if you're unhappy with our service, right? Then tell the world about it.

00:26:07 --> 00:26:39

But if you're unhappy with our service, then talk to us. Right? So similarly, if we're unhappy with the brother going and telling the world about it doesn't solve the problem. The problem exists with between you and him go and address it face to face. It's not If not take a third person. So yeah, the CO hamara Beechman Coach, can you come and help a neutralize that situation? But let's not cause this, you know, gossip culture and all of that you need to end this within our communities in general.

00:26:40 --> 00:26:51

That he says, Well, he died because he was Where did he go? as well? Who Okay, let me Danica. So Allah azza wa jal bettinelli Mustermann or at least

00:26:52 --> 00:27:18

prophets, Allah, Allah subhanaw taala. In the Quran, he said, he equalized between so what and the one who listened some owner little Trevett the ones who listen to Kozub right, that listen to somebody or attentively abundantly listen to them, right? Allah says he has made them equal to those that are equal to eating the Haram ml of someone

00:27:19 --> 00:27:32

that's equal. You listening to somebody lying knowing that he's lying, or you steal somebody's other people's money and eat that equal in the aisle, and the next hour Allah subhanaw taala says, Larry, Larry, and Harville Rabbani

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Allah is asking this question, why is it not that the Jews and their own ban their Rabbani urine pastors and rabbis Well

00:27:46 --> 00:27:55

then how am prevented them and continually human isn't isn't what didn't prevent them from saying things that are not okay.

00:27:57 --> 00:28:10

Over here, they're Allah they said, that's so cool too. I will read that reberty being quiet when Reba is taking place in front of you and you're just quiet and listening to it that silence is haram

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so when you're a state of fasting, you remind the other brother but stop we can't have this happening the way you're gonna say I'm fasting and I'm not gonna fight. Last few lines and we'll end with this inshallah.

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Fella Anna. Another Allah subhanaw taala. Says Vallarta Kuru the man whom had who hold up Hadith in Hungary. Do not sit with those individuals who are involved in any of these haram conversations.

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Do not sit for them until they get distracted with another type of conversation in that right either Miss Miss Miss lumen, if you decide to sit with them and say it's okay. I don't want to create you know, that must be I don't want to create you know,

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we sometimes we sit in a particular setting modulus whatever some right or domain it's a very nice advance with the word but like you just sitting there because you want to be cordial in that environment. You don't want to be rude to anybody. Like I got invited to this Iftar at somebody's house. Oh, it's okay if they're doing all the buses, okay? You have to put that boundary down.

00:29:18 --> 00:29:39

This is boundaries of Allah and we have to be be tactful about it. Not rude about it. But politely say this is something that displeases Allah we have fasted the whole day to please Allah. Why is it going we cannot Can we do something else? Like you know, let's talk about something else. Right change the topic, but it's our job to do that.

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In the last Hadees of this, he says Elmo taboo almost me Oh, Sherry Kearney, Phil, if

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two people are doing Riba and you know, they're doing Riba and you're sitting here listening to the Riba you're part of that sin to this in the Hadees. Okay, in heylia, he mentions a boomerang

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He says Alamo tab while Mr. Mayor

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Sherry Kearney Phil if you're both equal in sin

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so we have to be careful about this insha Allah may Allah grant us you know the ability to protect our ears from that which is all you know which is haram and only allow that which is halal to enter our ears and also protect our tongues from that which is which is haram.

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Aquila already had our stuff for Allah Hollywood accompanies it must mean for stuff who are in who who will for Rahim Barak la vie

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