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The importance of showing love for the Prophet's property is crucial for achieving success in the church. The importance of bringing the god's name and respect for his homeland is crucial for achieving success in the church. The importance of learning the Prophet's teachings and taking action to bring the love of the Prophet into one's life is emphasized.

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Mr. Lowe had more him

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didn't have the learning that he had and he had

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a law

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first of all, a lot of articles

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in the G word for word anime about

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gene Bistrita Mata Rahim la the guy that can feel Asuna who's watching has an Lehmann Kalyan to vulnerable young worker Allah de la. With all of the Isla de Muhammad Al harpy through the Toba will in Canada have ever been more than ever when when was working on why she logical one one Lipitor after

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induction like Asada well my second third oh now I have been able in our volume but also to hear what you had in visa vie for the robbers who had died I feel well we have the evil awful moment possibly so that along with our link will also was at a Walmart he was set up for the Hadith one that in fcbd There you

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go gonna have but you name him enough see or body or whatever the witness ah, marine, Olga always was a little Omani was

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respected brothers sisters, and a

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few months ago, we came across an attack that was made on purpose a lot of warning was

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and you all know bring you all are very well aware of the cartoons that were made. I guess it was a long one he was he's come forward. He's on board.

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In defense of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. There were many people who stood out. And they spoke on behalf of the Muslims. There are people who led voices and they spoke on behalf of the Muslims, people who do not have voices, they did express that they were very much hurt by the people disrespecting the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. And and I saved you that may Allah subhanaw taala reward us for that. And may Allah subhanaw taala continue to protect the dignity and the status of a cell a lot even send them but being really honest, Allah subhanho wa Taala he has already taken a promise. And he has confirmed this with the Prophet sallallahu it was sending them

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that we're gonna look at the Quran, there we will elevate your status. Regardless of what happens, there may be few who may disrespect you. But overall, if you look at the number of those people who believe in the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and those who have respect for the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, they are far more greater than those who are the enemies of the purpose of our lives.

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And we see this as Subhan Allah, you know the name of the Prophet. So why the setup is so amazing in the sense that imagine that imagine that every single other any adult cannot be complete without seeing a shadow under Muhammad Rasul Allah. And imagine that every single place around the entire world, there is some place, some country or some city in some places, city, suburbs, small towns, small village, where the data is gene called up for a salon and the name of the homes or something has been mentioned in that, which means is that throughout the 24 hours, the name of Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wasallam, has been called out some plays on the face of this earth. House.

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However, the same time the reason I'm bringing all this out, because I want to take the opportunity to talk about the love of the promise of audio seminar. See, what happens is that when people they come in and they deliberately, they attack, the Prophet alayhi salam and the muscle a lot easier on him, we get, we get worked out, and we get upset, and that is good, to show up to show other people that we get upset. That is good. But when we take long action that is not good. Like you see some things that they go and they burning houses and cars in different places. That's something that we don't sell. But nonetheless, just to show that we are upset. That's a sign of our iman, however

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respected brothers and sisters. This is not only the level of the promise of love on English.

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This is not only what the love the Prophet is, when we analyze and when we study the lions and the Syrah of the Sahaba of Johann we really understand that what does it mean?

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To have the love of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, first of all is that why do we have to love the property? And when I say we love the Prophet alayhi salam, I'm not just talking about we love Him for who He was, what he did for all of us, and what he will do a Shala for us on the Day of Judgment. And may Allah Muhammad Allah make almost makes us make us amongst those who receive the Shiva in the intercession from South Sudan. But at the same time, keeping in mind is that when we talk about the love of the Prophet peace upon him, we're talking about giving preference to Harmon. So while I was selling even over us, even over us, because the love to know the ins and outs is a

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different kind of love. To learn the Prophet SAW Selim means to come closer to Allah subhanho wa taala. Because when we say that and that in the law, Mohammed rasool Allah, when we are saying to Allah subhana wa Tada is that there is nothing worthy of worship, that everything happens for the will of Allah. And success lies only

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in the way and the path of the prophets of Allah.

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And his other path will lead a person to destruction and failure. The only path that leads us to gender is the path of the prophets of Allah audio center. So the robot ladies sit down he says that one time actually, I'm going to share with you the logline. He came one time to the property to sit up and he says the profit, oh profitable God, that you are more beloved to me than everything else, except for myself. I love you. I give you preference over everything in my life. That means I'm my spouse, my children, my family, my parents, anyone who has any kind of connection with me you supersede everyone however, I love myself more than I love you. What are the bumps are some say it

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goes on your mind is not complete. All your images are complete. So I'm gonna do a lot on came back after a while. And when did you say the OFA for profit, profitable law. Now you are more beloved to me than my own self. One of the properties and he said and you're on that now oh my god, man is complete. Now your iman is complete. What do we see in the Quran that all in Canada have whatever now we're wonderful. We have heard this I am before that anything that is associated with you, whether it's your family, your business, your your houses, your property, your wealth, if they were more beloved to you that Allah and the Prophet sal Allahu Allah, he was setting up that he says that

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for the wrong person.

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Then just wait until the decision of Allah comes upon you. So what we learned from this is that we are not saying that you cannot love your spouse. I'm not standing here and say you cannot love your parents. I'm not standing here and saying You cannot love your children. When when we say you love Allah and the love of the opposite set of supersedes all other things in this world. It means that you give more preference to the Sunnah of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam over anything else.

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We give preference to them to the lifestyle of Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wasallam over anything else, this is what that means. And that's why I also loved while he was selling he says that when the Nina cbsd nagging, you know, I had to come, that he swears upon the one who controls my life, that a person cannot become a complete believer. He cannot become a complete believer had that I have been laid until I did not become the most beloved, I have here in this hadith be is with the fleet, which means is it I am the most dearest, it was beloved to him more than why may not see him that his own self. Well, one woman in heaven is well what will it be he his family when Nutsedge

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marine and everyone else. So that's why when we look at a lot of the crops or salon, it is not just an option that we can or we can all love the box, our salah, this is what is required from us. And this shows our emot is not complete until we don't let the pathologist sit up. But then the question is, then how can we show our love for the prophets? Allah Artemisa How do we show our love if I understand now, that to another property is is a part of the modern faith. But then how do we express our love for the sinner? First of all, is that the rain the most important thing that we can do to show our love for the property and Sudan is to implement the Sunnah of the Prophet in our

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life. Respected brothers sisters, there are so many books of Hadith. There are so many books written Islamic

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History has never seen this many books written. Islamic history has never seen this many resources available online. There are so many resources available everywhere. So many books written on the Sunnah of the Prophet alayhi. Salam, how did the Prophet and what did he do when he entered into the Masjid? What did he do? What did he say? And with which would he leave when he left for the machine? How would he enter the restaurant? How he would leave the restaurant? What is he gonna do what he wouldn't begin to eat? What he would do after he received what he would do when he heard of bad news? What he would do when he heard a good news? What did he do when he wanted to praise Allah?

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When did he What did I use it on? Do when you want to say Allah Subhana? wa Tala? What do you say when someone sneezed? What do we teach our children? That if you see someone sneezed, what do you say Bless you. Bless your heart. Well, you wouldn't wish you would we teach our children that when you hear someone sneeze, you say you get a hammock Allah. Why? Because that's the Sunnah of the Prophet. So

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that is the Sunnah of the Prophet. And we need to really bring the Sunnah of the Prophet alayhi salam, it is time that we need this lip service that we have been doing for this much time. I love the Prophet, I love the Prophet, I love the Prophet. But Allah who do not I do not read, we're not in a position to point the finger at anyone else. We need to stand in front of the mirror and look at ourselves and ask this question to yourself. And we ask the question to ourselves, is that how much of my life doesn't resemble the vibe of the supervisor of our party? So that's a question we need to ask that person who gave his entire life for us. That person who was for so many sacrifices,

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that person in front of whom his two daughters were divorced, his two daughters were divorced. Why? Because he only said he got a new harness to lie low level, people say that it is the law and you will be successful just because of this. his two daughters were divorced in front of him. What are your sacrifices with a problem to solve always not go through the books have seen are full of it. And today, this is how we own this is how we give back to the public.

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Honestly, ask yourselves, bring this environment establish the environment your owns, that when you see your children breaking the Sunnah of the Prophet to notice, let them go. Do not leave them off the hook, by hold them accountable for it, hold them accountable for it.

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So that's why when we look first of all is that the very first thing that we need to do in order to bring the sooner counsel a lot of us have in our life is we need to take the Sunnah of the law and the life of the prophet more serious in our life.

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And that means that when there's people in our family who abandon the Sunnah, when there are people in our family who are breaking the Sunnah, we hold them accountable right away, do not let them go. Because if you let them go, this is an indication to Allah subhanho wa Taala and to the Sunnah of the Prophet that you know what, you don't have so much regarding our values. So that's why if there's anything in fact, now, I was saying this, in order to bring the Sunnah in our family, there are small, small steps you can take, I'm not saying that you go home and you become the policeman and you start, you know, start going haywire at home. I'm not saying that. But then within your

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family bring the sooner profit slowly and gradually. But this is the intention that should be there that I want to bring the Sunnah of the Prophet within my own household. So first of all, is that when we come when it comes to a problem, we had to be very serious. What did you say about Allah? Subhana? Allah Subhan Allah in the Quran, what does he say? He says in Allah wa melodica who so Luna,

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Allah and the melodica they sent these advices in salaam such Muslim Allah, Allah of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, this is one way that we can earn the love of the Prophet alayhi salam, and we can earn these in the intercession of the Prophet on the day of judgment by saying more and more southwest set up other books that allow it was set up. And there is no better day than the day of Friday to do that. The day of Friday is a day where we should say in excess and we should send the rules and so on and so

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on the rocks Oh, honey was

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second thing that we didn't do that that that can slowly bring the love of the Prophet saw something in our life is that whenever we hear the name of Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam in his company compulsory upon us that we see so long it was not only that, but we should take the name of Muhammad. So while he was sitting with a very beautiful name, and so we see that in the Quran, Allah says that entitle dua SULI back home can't do it. Now the problem that many scholars they interpret and explain this verse by saying that the way you call each other out, do not do that. Do not do that. You know, I hate to say this, but I came up

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Ross and I was pretty much hurt. I know that the students who did this they may have some other intention, but really hurt me when I saw this. You know, there was an MSA that one time they wanted to show everyone that how much how amazing the public saw some is and they printed on shirts. They printed on shirts that said that Muhammad is my homie. Muhammad is my homeboy that's what that does for the shirt set.

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And what happened was that what I found out I you know, some people that came to ask me that you know, this shirt is right or wrong. This is the I read that I listened to I was only going to hire you.

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When you talk about the proper sell low volume and some did not refer to him like Muhammad is my homie. Muhammad is my homeboy do not talk about the profile as someone that when we talk about the Prophet Sal Lombardi was incapable to be full names for the properties on how to respect for the Prophet it is somebody else that we learned and something else that we learned this section what we learned from the the top of your eight please come forward is

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that Imam Malik

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he has so much love for the property he has so many calls. And actually the name of the family as many people they call him they call him the imam, imam who who have the Imam of the place where the authority is and he made hijra, anywhere Malik is when Moses and was most and majority of his life in Medina, he especially well for the property itself. It says that whenever he would sit down to began to read Hadith, just reading concentrate now on again the teaching, I want to get your teaching next. But it says that when he was sit down just to read Hadith, he would he would make a move, he would wear baggy clothes, he will apply for a few. He was said with so much respect, that

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he would take the book of Hadith and he will read the book of Hadith. You know, help me read the book, Hadith when we're lying on the bed and take the iPad scrolling on this idea that hotties were lying down here we leave on one hand that's the way people haven't notice the Hadith the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, what do you remember the amount of money that when you read the Hadith if you want to read any other book, that's fine when it comes to the book of Allah, and when it comes to some of the Bible and the Hadith and any book of Hadith, which is set up and really with the utmost respect, and I hate it also, you know, some people may disagree but even when I see

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people putting the book of Hadith on the floor, the Quran on the floor Eretz why? Because you know some people they say that what is wrong if you put a book of Hadith or Quran on the for the pose or something you cannot guess there is no Hadith about someone who said you cannot. However, this is the book of Allah. This is the book of Allah, this deserves the highest and elevated place in the room. So when I read it, what am I we should try to make it happen that we don't put something that is so precious and so valuable. Something that is replaceable, we should not put that on the floor, because it shows that you're disrespecting you people walk on the floor we believe somebody that

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wants to leave $100 bill on the floor doesn't have to be there. Once just do that we have so much value for $100 or forgetting dollars by dollars nowadays because the economy the fight on the foreign just walk away. It's not easy. So please when it comes to the Sunnah drops Allah it was salah, whatever you want to study the CEDAW study this the Hadith of the Prophet Allah as I read the Quran, we should set up the Quran. Now let me tell you want to be bombarded with whatever they teach you having. He has so much respect for the promises and I'm just teaching Hadith

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Tobiah today he says that one time I was sitting in the gathering he was he said I was actually sitting and receiving a dose on Hadith from Imam Malik. And

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he says a while I was while I was there studying for Imam Malik in the Waianae he said that I noticed that the color of his face had changed 16 times. It'd be heavy to read. And then he was normal. And then again, they became red. And then he was again he became red and then it was normal like that 16 times. So the students are American. They went to Malaga and he said that, you know, Teacher, we noticed something that we have never ever seen you doing. So he said that your color the face of approaching 716 times. So he says that, you know, lunch would come around and he was lifted off my shirt. He was left on my shirt. When his shirt was uplifted. There was a scorpion that was

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stuck in the shirt.

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Today who had stung Mr. Mulligan 16 different places on his back.

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So the students they said that you know Malik or teacher, you can stop that there's a few guys stop the thirst and you know the class

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And we will take this Scorpion out. You know, whenever I mentioned this will Allah He is I say to Allah and I pray to Allah that Allah gives us this much respect for that for the prophets Allah. Imam Malik, you know, he said, it's amazing. He said that how can I forsake the darkness and teaching the Hadith of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, from my own convenience.

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That is who we need to become. That is who we need to become. That's the one that we need to bring within our children. That's the one of the problem that we are doing within our own household.

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We spend two brothers sisters, we got to get serious about this.

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When we see the way the Sooners and Robinson are being a bat in our home, it should bring tears to our eyes. When we see that being in the public eye some being forsaken after wasn't focused on Sunday went through it should not you know, a lot of times will become desensitized. Oh there you know this is what's going on the man who cares? Oh, no, it should have hurt us how people are when far away from from the Dean of the province all of a sudden, the amount of how much he gave

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up. So hang in there

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was a person who was in negotiator on behalf of the Grinch and the title for Davia. He went to go talk to the prom, Solanas and negotiate with the Pavarotti.

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When he came back to the place, he talks about how much respect how much love the Sahaba they have.

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He says to the place that I have visited many different places. I have visited the Roman Empire. I have been to the Joshy I have been to the kingdom I've seen. Yeah, I've been to and I have visited the chords and the castles of so many kings and so many rulers, because Wallahi I have not seen anyone who is more loyal, more respectful, more loving, to their master and to their leader more than the Sahaba Viola

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I have not seen anyone else who loves their leader board that is the hub of the Allah one Hamas, the end of the Prophet Allah He is

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respected brothers sisters, you know that there comes a time that we can go through these stories and we can hear this over and over again. But we have to be the very first one to take that step. We haven't be the very first one we take that step may Allah subhanaw gave all of us the ability to act on was percent hurt by to go alone and I want to come through when I find out what he can do with it. How can I still feel Allah honey whenever my son was seen if I still feel in

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hungry and humble enough to say you don't want to stop no one else knew that you

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were going to live for the rest of our lives. I have no idea who actually wants to and I'm humbled and I'll do what I'm all about about what God Africa has been brought out the membership ology Mr. Heyman in the law of Lagos, so no, not me. Yeah, you know, so you are able to?

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I'm about

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respecting brothers and sisters, now that we have understood how important why is important to love the Prophet. I've shared with you some stories and some incidents from the lives of the Sahaba from the cavalry, that how did they love the Prophet? How do they express their love for the Prophet alayhi salam? Now the question is that what can we do to love the properties. And I will just want to give you just two action items today, just two action items. And the reason I'm giving these action items is so that we can go home and we take something back home with us and we start doing this, the very first thing is that in order to read and have value, for the purpose of something in

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our life in our heart, the very first thing that we need to do is that we need to study the Sierra Club. So

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you know, the Sierra, there are so many books of Sierra. And what happens is that if you and we are so when it comes we are so ignorant when it comes to the Ceylon

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and when it comes to our own self, when it comes to our own children, ask your own children, anything if there is a movie star that they love, or a sports you know, if they're if they you know, did those sports and the follow up particular team, ask him all the players on our team and they will tell you everyone, they know everything. But how much do we do our kids? How much do they know about the Bible, the opposite of love why you

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ask them? And if you feel like that, I may be wrong. Sit down with him tonight and ask them, talk to them by the seat of Congress. Also, what do you know? Tell him just talk to me for 15 minutes regardless of volumes, and you'll find out how many

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You know, you'll find out how much your family members know about the Sierra and about that life goal of that person who we say that we love you so much. If you truly know that nobody can sit on that I'm not saying that there's, you know, I'm not saying that we need to get scholar tomorrow, when we need to stay the life and the seat of the family history, because there's so many things that we learn from the Sierra. And we learned that what an amazing personality the pups overall it was seven boys. Number two is that the second thing that we can do in order to bring the love of the Prophet within our bison within our children, is that every single day, sit down with her family.

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Take a book of Hadith, or a book that teaches add up in the Sooners. Sit down with your family and just read that for 10 minutes. That's it. Sit down with your family, your spouse, your kids, and just read the Sunnah of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam in and to make things easier for you. The you know, Jeremy, you get the two books. Have you ever saw the pain? The second volume or the other solid? Eight is all other is all etiquettes? How do they arise and even how they conduct himself in his life talks about everything, the whole nine months. And so what happens is that sit down with your kids and just read one Hadith a day. And as your kids and as we espouse that what did

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we learn from this hadith? We don't need to get it into the shirt or the Hadith. We want to remind saying that and you know talking about the explanation, that hadith, what did we hear from the Hadith? First of all, is that probably some of you will always leave with his right hand. Whenever it is someone he would begin to eat, he will always leave from what's what's in front of the product. It is someone he wouldn't eat, what do I were hearing when the product is on he would finish what we're hearing just basics from us. But what will happen is that as time goes on and we are consistent in this eventually you will see that there are the sooner power some will be we will

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be practice within our own Pharma. So that's why we are just two action items and given all of you today is that began to stay the seed out of the box. So love it was the love. And number two is that just take our 10 minutes a day. Sit down with your family, get a book of Hadith, study the study, take one Hadith and try to study it and see what sunnah can we take from that hadith May Allah Subhana Allah give all of us the ability to act what has been said and heard, may Allah subhanaw taala give us the true love of the Prophet salallahu alayhi wa sallam May Allah subhanho wa Taala May Allah Subhana Allah make us give us Jana and give us the company of the promises Salam in Jana

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May Allah Subhan Allah give us the and grant us the intercession of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam on the day