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The speaker discusses the myth of multiple daughters and the importance of investing in one's spirituality and education to build one's spirituality. They also touch on the reputation of Islam as holy, holy, and holy, with a focus on investing in one's children' spirituality. The transcript describes a man who was exposed to the Muslim world and eventually moved from some icon to become advisor for his daughter's book, and describes a woman who lost everything and was trying to convince him to stay in her class.

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It was beautifully said that if use of had sisters among the boys, they would have embraced him and protected him and the young boy would have occupied the depths of their hearts not the depths of a well felt I'm gonna call it be in ni we're bound to have

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one law who are nm will be in I won't go on. While I said that Karen Kelly

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we're in need nice

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one in nee warrior who had the Kowa duty at Mina shape on your body.

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Mediums mother wanted a boy and when she gives birth she says love being the old lot to her own thigh gave birth to a girl and Allah knows best wish she had given birth to and the male is not like the female. You know, it's crazy that 2000 years later, people are still doing the sad thing about receiving the news of the Divine Gifts of daughters will fit their slaves the boy in so little calf. He mentioned that for another night you did a humara Buma Hale Amin who's Akata, Accra, Rama, we wanted that Allah Subhana Allah to Allah their Lord, replace that child with someone who will be hailed I mean, who is like God and someone who's more pure than him and closer to Mercy, and the

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Mova city and like somebody he mentions narrations that indicate that that boy was replaced with a girl. So the one who was pure and the one who was more closer to Mercy was a girl. And there are many narrations that speak to the virtue of having daughters in particular. And for the record, there are no narrations that talk about the virtue of having sons in particular like Achmed now, and he said, I heard the messenger salah, listen, him say that whoever has three daughters, and is patient with them, and feeds them, and gives them to drink, and close them from his wealth, they will be a shield for him from the fire on the Day of Resurrection. And daughters are a sweetness in

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this world. That's incomparable amount Muhammad, when he would hear that someone was gifted a girl, he would tell them the prophets were the fathers of daughters, I had a friend of mine who had his third, maybe he was his fourth daughter back to back no sons. And so I remember I remember sending him this message saying that you met Muhammad, when he would hear news of a person having a girl that he would tell them the prophets or the fathers of daughters, and he sent me back he was like, I'm so happy that you said to me that, you know, he was feeling some sort of way. And this extends beyond your own daughters, but as well to your sisters, the Promise of Allah Aeneas and then he

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says, that whoever has three daughters, or three sisters, or two daughters, or two sisters, and he keeps good company with them and fears Allah regarding them, then paradise is for him. So it's not just the father who's now has to look out for his daughters, but the brother as well. The brother who fears Allah subhanho data regarding his sister, and he keeps good company with his sisters than paradise and Charlotte that is for him. And the province of Allah I do send him showed us incredible love to his daughters. Like, you have to realize you have to appreciate the province I sent him is coming from that society where they're burying their daughters alive. It wasn't commonly practiced,

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not like every family, bury their daughter, but it was something that was known in Arabian society. And so the province the lysosome, is emerging from that society and what is he showing them he's showing them and Allah Subhana Allah recounts it by the way and sort of thing, this law by the way, which is known as the sword of blessings. And yet Allah and Allah Subhana Allah mentions the blessing of girls he says what either What should I do and Bill vonleh which rooms for demo accompanied by one of them is given the news the good news of a girl village homeless would then their faces darken your town I'm in a call me Minsu Mr. Bucha rubbish they hide from the people

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because of you know, the bad news that they've received. I am SQLite to hone in on me. I just saw the Torah. Do they? Do they hold her? Do they raise her in humiliation? Or do they hide her in this at at us at a maximum what an evil decision they make? And province level is enemies coming from that society. And what is he doing? He showcasing incredible love. So when fought the middle of the line, his daughter would come into a room he would stand and he would sit here where he was seated. He's the Prophet whose face lit up or he was the father whose face lit up when his daughter entered the room with Stan and cedar where he was seated. He was the husband who sent an army ahead so he

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could foot race his wife and laugh charmingly. When defeated. He was the prophet who told us that paradise lies at the feet of our mother and to love for ourselves. We would love for each other. The promise not to lie to us and not just his daughters, but the daughter of his daughters or his daughter twice, he would come and he would lead the Salah, carrying Oh mama Binti, Xena, and he would put her on the ground when he would go into salute. Do you know how sometimes when we put our kids on the ground for zoos, we're like as long as they don't stop crying, then we're good to go. But the problem is

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Melania send it up, he would not discontinue that love. And so he would pick her back up when he would come up for his second look, ah, some a lot of us ended up continuing to example that love, one of the most important things to recognize as a father or a brother, or a mother or a sister, is that this daughter, or this sister, or this wife, or whoever it is, they are not yours, they belong to Allah subhanaw taala. What I mean by that is that you should look at it as if as a as a as a relationship of relations, but not as a relationship of ownership. And sometimes we do that parents, especially with regards to their children, they feel like they can do whatever they want to their

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child, they can say whatever they want to the child, they can insult them, they can harm them, they can do all of these things. But in reality, every single person walking on this earth has a dignity that is independent of their relationship with anybody. You know, even sometimes, guys, when they're talking to the girls will be like, chill, bro, that's somebody's sister, somebody's daughter. But in reality, she has a dignity that is due to her that is independent of her relationship to any guy, even if he's nobody's sister.

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Even if she's nobody's mom. She has a dignity that is given to her by Allah subhanho data. And so the province little lady has said to them, what does he say? He says, Kulu Muslim Island Muslim, hello. Every Muslim is inviolable to every other Muslim. And every aspect of them is inviolable, their blood and their wealth, and their honor.

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them who are not who are able to he says, so even their honor, no, you can't attack their honor. You can't harm you can't harm them, you can't harm them. So there's a lot to be said, with regards to investing in our daughters. But investing in them is so important, investing their spirituality, investing in their education, you know, as far as investing in their spirituality a couple of years ago, on social media, supermodel hijabi. She decided to stop super modeling and go back to to practicing hijab the way that she she knows how to you know, she hit us with the boss slogan, Dean over dunya. And she and she quits. And I remember this started a conversation, a huge conversation.

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And I asked the question, and I said, sisters, let me ask you all this. How can we as guys support y'all and wearing hijab? Like, instead of the idea of just hijab is obligatory? Everybody knows that. But how do we support like, how can men support and Hamdulillah you get got lots of lots of different answers. But one of the things that was really telling to me was the sister said, Hey, invest in our spirituality beyond the hijab, meaning that in some families, you might

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find that they round up the boys to pray, you know, there's a there's a Dawa. There's a family function, there's lots of people there, all of the guys get up and pray. And nobody's rounding up the sisters, nobody, nobody cares, really, whether they prayed or not to kind of just leave them to their own devices. And imagine a lifetime of that going on. She's like, so people care about what we wear, but they don't care about all of the spirituality that's supposed to Angkor Wat we were people care about what we were but nobody is caring about. Am I even learning Quran? Am I even learning the faith that I'm supposed to carry while wearing this? am I investing in their education? And so

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investing in in the education the spirituality of our daughters is so incredibly important. And I'll really briefly mention two of my favorite examples with regards to you know, this investment in education number one is Fatima sama Candia Hanafi jurist par excellence, okay? She's the daughter of Muhammad, Muhammad this summer Fundy. She's from Santa Monica, which is, you know, Uzbekistan, and she's during the time of Notre Dame zenki. So I want a Notre Dame Zeke is the predecessor of Salahuddin Ella up so I want you to think crusades I want you to think you know that time period, and her father has a book called after folk Aha. He's a master Hanafi jurists and She memorized the

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Quran young, and she memorized the Hanafi madhhab. And she is trained by her father. And he also sends her to to or he has her learn with other scholars as well. She's literally making fun to us. And her father thought so highly of her knowledge that he would, you know, write his name, and he would write or she would write her name under his name when they were signing off to us. So people are asking for her hand left and right. He's like no, no until he finally he marries her to one of his students, Dina husaini and Cassani. The mod that he offered was an eight volume explanation of her father's book and she

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would eventually they would move from some icon, they would move to Aleppo, and she would become the advisor for Notre Dame zenki. So you're literally talking about a woman who is not giving footwear, like on a local level, but she is being exposed to all of the issues of the Muslim world under one of the great leaders of the Muslim world. And that comes as a result of her father's investments in her. And then we have, you know, centuries before that, say he didn't say say he didn't say, is one of the master scholars of the tablet, and for four years, they didn't see him anywhere outside of it said that he was never in the second row of the Salah for 40 years, this guy is always in addition

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to the number we are on the line, or he is in

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his house. That's pretty much the two places that he's at now. He's got one of his students in Abuja, and in Abuja is gone from his circle for however long he has gone for it. And when he comes back, save them and save asked him, he says, Where, where have you been? And he said, you know, my wife passed away. And they come from a culture, where if a person I mean, once a person has gotten married, there's they're never a bachelor again, even Subhanallah the women she know from this time of the Sahaba, that if her husband died immediately this haba would, you know, they would get remarried. So for them, marriage was a very natural, very easy, very, very open thing. And so said,

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eight says to him, he says, Well, have you gotten remarried? And he says, No, I don't have any money, who's going to marry me to to their daughter and said, he said, I'm married to my daughter. So eight had a daughter, who, literally princes were trying to marry because they the most famous, famous, he's one of the greatest scholars of the tablet, eight. And so he was refusing. And now he's got a, you know, a student of his, who doesn't have any money. But he's, he's, he's a great character. And so he says, I'll marry you to my daughter, they do the contract, obviously, say, news knew that his daughter would be okay with it, and so marries him to his daughter. And then he, you

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know, even goes back home, and he's got nothing. He's fasting that day, which is what you do when you have nothing. And he's breaking his fast with bread, and with oil, indicating he has nothing. And so it's a knock on the door, and it's set eight goes, I thought of every set eat in Medina, except for say, the museum.

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I opened the door. And it's say the museum because that even say, for 40 years, he's never been seen upside of missing the Naboo. Or his house. And obviously, if I say he had made him save his chef in front of his door, and he says, you know, rough being alone, and what have you, so I didn't want to delay bringing you your wife. Behind him. He's got his daughter, he kind of just gently pushes her in, as her daddy kind of just pushes her in. And then he leaves and he walks out. Now this girl must have been like, terrified. She's all of a sudden, with this guy, who's her husband, no wedding, no. And she faints. And now even if you've got a fainted bride, he's he doesn't know he'd actually hid

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the water in the in the in the oil, because he didn't want them to see that. This was when he was breaking his fastball, and now he's got so he's, you know, revives her, but at the same time, he literally climbs his roof, I want you to imagine that, like their houses were just a room. It's just like a room made out of clay bricks. And so he claims his roof and he's kind of throwing his rocks to, to get his neighbor's attention. They're like, what's going on? It's like, I just got married. So his, his mother finds out and his mother comes over and she's like, listen, there is no way you are coming anywhere near her. Until you give me three days. I gotta get her ready. I gotta get her

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done. I gotta get her Did I gotta get her. So then you've been everyone die. He says. I found her to be the most amazing.

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Incredible character, incredible knowledge of the Quran and Sunnah. In fact, after they spent however long they spent together, one of the days you got to get back to normalcy, right? You can't have the honeymoon phase forever. He's going into his class, he's going to his shifts aids class, her dance class. So she says to him, Where are you going? He says, I'm going to set its class. She says Sit down. I'm gonna teach you the knowledge of said.

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She's like whatever my dad knows. I know two classes in session. We learned from the story of media to invest in our daughters.