Nadim Bashir – A Culture of Hypocrisy, World Cup Reflections

Nadim Bashir
AI: Summary © The World Cup is supposed to be a success, but many people have been upset about it. The segment discusses the controversy surrounding the use of hate towards disabled people in the Middle East, the ban of alcohol and the hesitation of media outlets to speak up about issues related to the pandemic, and the importance of acknowledging human rights and learning from past experiences. The segment also touches on the use of mental health as a reference to the rights of the LGBTQ community and the ban of alcohol in stadiums. The segment ends with a discussion of the importance of opening up the eyes and reflecting on the bigger picture.
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Mr Lai Rahman Rahim in 100 learners who want to start you know who wanna self you know when our older bIllahi min surely and phocoena I'm gonna say yeah Dr. Medina Miyagi Hello fellow medulla when when you're looking for their hair the Ella wanted to do Allah illallah wa ala shad eCola wanted to do and Mohammed Abdullah rasuluh I'm about forgot to call Allah Baraka with Donna maggio frequent Hamid brother, Michelle Tanaji Mr. Lai Rahmani Raheem? Yeah, you're not stuck Robert Kamala de Holika Komenda FC Wahida wahala comin Huzzah. Jaha Westerman. hamari, Jalan cathedra when he said What up la Hala Rita certainly you are harming Allah can article nativa we'll call it the Isla un

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arena. I'm an otaku haka Ducati, while at the Moto Illa Antimo. Simone lokala to Allah you Hill arena Amruta la Kulu golden Sarita yourself like en la comida fella comes through back home a minute or a la hora Sula, Africa the festivals and all the muscle Dhaka la Halim for in as Dr. Halevi Kitab Alajuela how do you how do you Mohammed and sallallahu alayhi wa sallam worship Marie Martha to her Wakulla

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Wakulla be the art in Bala Wakulla got Infinera My bad.

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I ask Allah subhana wa Taala that just as he has gathered us here today on this day of Juma May Allah subhanho wa Taala gather us with our families in Jordan for those who are Allah in the companionship of Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam I mean Yoruba aalameen. Today Inshallah, in this hot bump, I want to talk about, of course, something that we all have been connected with for the last one month. And though this campaign is coming now to an end on Sunday, is very important for us as Muslims that we reflect on our surrounding

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And we are connected with our surroundings, and we can learn from our surroundings. And I'm talking about exactly the World Cup and the World Cup campaign coming to an end, there are many things that we can learn from these games that have taken place. And today from strictly from an Islamic perspective, Inshallah, I want to provide some analysis, things that we can think about Inshallah, and perhaps we can teach our children about and talk to our children about, because at the end of the hotbar, I do want to talk about a certain issue that we have been seeing from these World Cup games, first of all, is that this in itself was a very big pride for the Muslims for Muslims all

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over the world, because Qatar was the very first Muslim, Arab, Middle Eastern nation, that was given the ability to host the World Cup. And given the fact that there are approximately 1.8 billion Muslims on the face of this earth, which account for 1/4 of total world's population, you would think and assume that many other Muslim countries will be will be able to host the World Cup. However, countries such as Turkey and Malaysia, though they have improved their infrastructure, they have prepared their country for the World Cup, and though they had off, they have put forward their bid to host the World Cup Qatar was, was accepted as being the host for for the 2022 World Cup. Not

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only that, but many people they objected simply because Qatar is without a doubt the smallest nation in the history of all the world cups that have hosted the World Cup, and many people actually felt that perhaps Qatar will not be able to come up to the standard and live up to the standard of the World Cup. But though they have actually really impressed many people, but though this is just really the small picture of the World Cup, I want to really point out at the bigger picture. And what we have learned from this World Cup is that when we focus on what is going on in Qatar, and the World Cup games, and especially the media, especially the media, and how they are trying to portray

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Qatar, and sometimes people are coming from a biased perspective, some people are coming from a neutral perspective, and some people are coming from a positive perspective. But nonetheless, we have learned that we live in a world of two parallels, we live in a world that where there is going to be you know, there's going to be false and there's going to be truth and there is going to be you know, people who are genuine and people who are, who are, who do not have genuine intentions and so forth. So we have seen that, you know, there's many things that have happened during this World Cup, and many other people, many specially made many media outlets, they have probably labeled this World

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Cup as the worst World Cup in the history of mankind, and in the history of all the hit of the World Cup. And to be honest, their analysis is filled their analysis and the critique is filled with Islamophobic rhetoric and conda and condescending remarks and statements. There is no doubt in that fact. But however, what can we learn from these World Cup games? The very first thing that we see is that from the minute the Qatar was given this honor that they would host a World Cup, there are many people who began to attack Qatar, and many controversies began to surface. And one thing that we have learned in our deen is that when haters there, there will always be haters, there's always

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going to be people who will go against what is right, that is the world that we live in, no matter how much we may think that what is right is right. And though it may be right, but you're gonna have people who will hate for no reason. And likewise, in the potter situation, there were many people who came forward as haters. And they were just filling up, you know, columns on on the internet. They were writing against this, they were just spreading this rhetoric around this negative rhetoric and what their cutter do in response to all this hate hate haters. And what did they do to in response to all this negative remarks and rhetoric, they actually showed they combatted all the hate

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with action, as we all know that actions speak louder than words. And what they did was that they let her actions do the loudest talking, and that is why they truly put on such a World Cup that was not only safe, but it was well organized and welcoming to everyone. In fact, many people who have gone there prior to them going there, they were warned that you're going to a place where perhaps you may not even come back from alive. And if you go there, there is no guarantee that you will You'll be safe there and yet the same people have gone there and they have made videos and they have actually said that how you know the hospitality that they face, the hospitality they were shown the

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treatment they were shown and just the

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You know, the the nice and the warm nature, the welcoming nature of the people of that nation, they were actually saying that what we have been what we have heard throughout our entire life, about what the Middle East is. And though there are places where, of course, it may not be safe. And that's not only the Middle Easterners everywhere around the world, there's places where they're not safe. But the overall rhetoric was that if you go there, you will not come back alive. And these people are saying, that is not simply the truth. If you come here, you see something entirely different. So what the countries did was, they have really exhibited a very strong Islamic teaching

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here, and that is that when people hate, you always return the hate with action, you show who you are as a person. And that's exactly what Rasulullah sallallahu Sallam he would do. During his time, when there was so much hate. That was Fred, what would Roswell, some do, he brought people close to Islam, he brought people close to Allah subhanho wa taala, through his clock and through his actions. So this is why no matter this is, this has happened over there. But nonetheless, it may even happen over here. But as Muslims, we have to understand that sometimes we may not be able to use that hate, there is no point of combating fire with fire, the companies could have done that.

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But what the nation did was they focus on overcoming that fire with a clock in and so forth. And because of this, they have really captured the hearts of so many 1000s of people over there. And now so many 1000s of people who have gone over there, as spectators as as fans. And as supporters, they come back with a different mindset that what these are what these countries are all about. The second thing that we have truly learned from these from these games, and from this World Cup is that how the how the how the nation of Qatar and the building infrastructure, how they were championing the, the rights of those who are disabled in the community, they really structured their their

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stadiums in such a way that they were disabled friendly towards everyone. And that means that Subhanallah when you look at even the introduction night, the opening ceremony was involved a very prominent influencer, who suffers from a rare genetic condition. But nonetheless, they brought him on the stage for the opening ceremony. Usually you don't find nations that they bring someone who has disabilities as an opening ceremony. But yet what they did was truly remarkable when you have him and you have Morgan Freeman coming on the stage and the reciting. Yeah, you had NASA inner halacha comienza, clean water Allah commercial Obon Wakaba Elita RFO one amazing idea to choose for

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that particular moment. But they truly showed what is the meaning of this of inclusivity towards the disabled community. Not only that, but supporters in wheelchairs were accompanied by the teams before the kickoff, and especially there was, you know, there was commentary, football commentary, or soccer commentary made available for those who were blind. So nonetheless, the point is that when it came to the cutter, when it came to utter, and how they were really inclusive towards people who have disabilities, it's a lesson for all of us, that disabled people in our community belong in our community. They are a part of our community. And I'll be honest, when I say this, that many of our

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Muslim countries today, many of our Muslim countries today, they view disability, or anyone who has a disability as well one, a punishment from Allah subhanho wa taala. And they view disabilities and mental health as a person who has been possessed by the jinn, many of our Muslim countries have not come to the realization that there is something called mental health, there is something called disabilities. And it's not necessarily a sign that this is this is a person who has come under the Wrath of Allah subhanho wa taala. So our Muslim countries and many other societies can take a lesson from this, that they really taught us what does inclusivity mean when it comes to the disabled

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community. And once again, the fact that Allah subhanho wa Taala mentioned Arbor Southwater wala, and Jonah Hill Arma talking about Abdullah Al Maktoum of the Allah one coming to those who also Allahu alayhi wa sallam, the fact that this reference is in the Quran, and we read this till today, and we will read this till today a judgment really shows that when we have disabled people in our community, we have to bring them and we have to make sure that they always feel part of our community. We had people who were blind in the time of the Prophet salallahu Salam, there were people who could not hear they had other kinds of disabilities and Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa

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sallam made them always feel that they were part of the community. So this is one thing that amazing that we learned from these World Cup games that they did and hopefully inshallah as a must

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OMA, we can continue to do that. Now, the next thing that also that we have learned is, and once again, this is a very touchy and very sensitive topic and subject. But nonetheless, it has to be mentioned. And that is, we saw a clear hypocrisy of the West, especially of the West and other, you know, Western countries when it came to reporting about Qatar, when it came to covering the sport in Qatar. And I will say that when before even the kickoff even took place, even the very first game, before it took place, on the night before the first game, there was a, there was a an event that not event, but there was a report that took place. And there was an interview that took place where the

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FIFA president himself where he came, and the indie controversies, I would say, surrounding these games were three in particular, they were, first of all the controversies that were coming and swirling around the World Cup was number one, the rights of the LGBTQ community and other number two is the human rights and especially, you know, human rights connected to the migrant workers, the laborers there, and how brutally they were treated during this entire process of creating these stadiums, because once again, Qatar pumped in almost $200 billion to build all these stadiums and so forth. So number one, this was another point of contention. And the third thing was the ban of

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alcohol. These were three important topics that the night before when there was a you know, when all the media came together to interview the FIFA president, these things were brought up and SubhanAllah. What's interesting to note is that, you know, there's a say in English, that look in the mirror before you judge others, while the West was simply just attacking Qatar, for all their decisions. What we don't realize is that these things they take place over here. And the reason why I'm mentioning this is because many times as Muslims, we feel that our Muslim nations are not up to par, whereas when you when the smoke has cleared up, and when you take a step back, and you look at

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the bigger picture, see, what happens is that there is a huge picture, when you go close to a picture and you try to look at a picture like this, you don't see the whole picture, sometimes you have to take a step back, you know, when you look when you want to look at a very beautiful, tall structure. If you stand so close that structure, you cannot admire the beauty of that structure. But when you take a step back, perhaps you go a quarter of a mile away half a mile away, and then you look at it, you marvel at that structure. Likewise, sometimes we cannot understand the bigger picture when we are ascending so close. But when you take a step back, then you began to learn that

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there was so much hypocrisy involved over here. And that is why the FIFA president he called out that hypocrisy. And he basically and he made it very clear. He says that I think that I think for what we Europeans have been doing in the last 3000 years around the world, we should be apologizing for the next 3000 years before we start to give more lessons to people. And so the holid the minute he said that so many people were offended, so many media outlets were offended, but props to him for speaking out loud and speaking the truth because what he said on that night is the Absolute Truth. While there is so much pushback from the media, and so much pushback from other people who came from

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different nations, this person he came up and he said the truth that needs to be said. And what's interesting about all this is when you talk about these three topics, the LGBTQ rights, the human rights and the situation of the migrant workers and the ban of alcohol Subhanallah how many times we've seen a Olympic Games this is you see the hypocrisy here, you see the Olympic games taking place in all these countries that champion about that they speak very Bhosle about human rights, they talk about freedom and so forth. Whereas those same countries have so many issues internally, that when the Olympic Games took place there, whether it was in Russia, whether it was in China,

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whether it was here in the United States, and so forth, you cannot tell me that these countries are flawless. These countries have flaws, in turn have flaws. But the media decided that instead of focusing on the flaws, let's just focus on the Olympic Games, and what is taking place over there and all the other sports that are taking place. But you see the hypocrisy, that when it came to a Muslim nation, instead of focusing on the games, instead of focusing on the countries and their lineups and order in the roster and so forth, and who can probably win and so forth. Their focus was on all the negativity, perhaps they saw as negativity and the rules and the standards that were that

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were put together by the party government. So this is once again, a you see this blatant and there's very clear hypocrisy. Not only that, but the very first thing is the alcohol ban. The alcohol ban the Western media said that the attorneys are not given

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The World This country is giving people the freedom to drink as they wish. And that is not true. Though alcohol is sold in throughout the entire country. It was banned inside the stadiums, it was banned only inside the stadiums. But you see, once again the lies of the media, that alcohol is banned from the country. It was banned from the country, it was banned only in the stadiums. And the reason why is banned in the stadiums is because if you have been to any soccer match, if you've been to any football game, you know, you know that people who drink they go crazy during a game. Not everyone is civil when they go to a game. There's many fights that break out in the game and so

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forth. So that's why in order to keep the civil T amongst the spectators amongst the supporters amongst the fans, they said they said that alcohol is banned in the stadiums, and SubhanAllah. By the way, once again, the media want to cover this. And this is not the first time there are many places around the world and first world countries that they tried to ban alcohol in their stadiums. Did you know that they tried to ban alcohol in their stadiums? Because they saw the effects of alcohol on the supporters and the fans. But the media never covers that. Why? Because they're not a Muslim nation. Yes, when a Muslim nation says it, they will cover that. But when a normal some

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nation says it, they will not cover that. And not only that, but at the same time we've seen also reports that women who have gone to these matches, they said that the fact that no alcohol was being served in the stadiums, they fill actually safe in these kinds of places. These are women who have said these are women who have given their reports that they have been to other matches, they've been to other places where alcohol was served versus not going to a place where alcohol is not served. And they have said that it is a much more peaceful environment compared to the place where alcohol is served yet the media will never cover that. Why? Because there's hypocrisy in the media here. The

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next thing that we also see is that when we talk about the LGBTQ rights and so forth, you have a person the secretary of state of this country, he came out and when Qatar banned the armbands, every single Captain wears an armband of course you know this, that when they were they had created their own armbands with a with rainbow colors. putter, the government said that no that people will not be able to the captains will not be able to wear a colorful armband and so forth. Many countries that came forward in fact, even Germany before they when they were taking their national photo right for the game started with their with their starting lineup, their cover their mouths, why? Because they

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were saying that we have not been able to express our freedom. We want to wear those armbands. But think about this for a moment, those same countries that talk about LGBTQ rights and so forth, you see that in those same countries, people who belong to that community, and I've never been a support of this mindset. This is a mindset that is haram, according to Allah subhanho wa taala. And I stand firmly against it. The point I'm trying to make is the West comes and says that we these kind of people need to be given freedom. You get in there in those same countries in their own countries, you see what's happening to those kinds of people. And yet there's never an investigation. There's

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never, there's never, you know, things that happen afterwards. There's been cases here in this country where people nightclubs have been shut up. Why? Because people of that community belong there. They went over there yet it was it was it was covered for a bit, and then it was put to rest very quickly. So you see the hypocrisy, you see people talking about their rights. But whereas if you look at their own countries, their own countries don't have respect for those same people. So you cannot go to another nation and tell them how to treat these kinds of people. Finally, when you also see the Human Rights LNB let me very be very honest, when I say this,

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when you talk about human abuse, when you talk about migrant workers, they apply everywhere. I tell you, honestly, you think that slavery has been abolished, slavery takes place till today, there is slavery till today, you just don't see it on the media, because the media chooses to cover it up. But the reality is that we find this problem. And we found this problem with Qatar. And once again, this is not right. If you're going to bring someone or Dean has taught us that if you have an employee, you treat that employee with dignity and respect, you give them a good living condition and so forth. The story of Musa alayhis salam is very evident of the fact that he wanted to marry

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when he came to Medina and he was told that you marry one of my daughters, and you will live over here he was given a place of dignity and respect and he was made part of the family. This is how you treat employees and so forth. So I'm not saying that how they did and what they did was the best and neither am I saying that Qatar is a an example a primary example of democracy. But it's once again, when you talk about human treatment, we talked about human treatment. This

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same country that goes around to around the nation talking about human treatment. I mean, you look at the history of this country, that the wars that it has started around the world, not only that, for the last 3000 years, we hear the history, we study our history, the fact that so many Native Americans were killed, so many people were enslaved, we see the enslaving and the mistreatment and the disparity against the black community and so forth, and other against other minorities. Not only that the fact that this country and many other countries were the architect to create a capitalist system, a capitalist system goes against human rights, yet they have created this system. And not

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only that, but you see all the mass shootings that took that take place. You saw what happened Uvalde, Texas here in the same state that the police officers are standing outside, on a waiting for what and while the kids are inside their life has been threatened and so many children lost their lives. Yet you see certain political parties never talking about gun control, yet they want to talk about human rights, yet they want to talk about life. That is absolutely I mean, there's the arguments are completely baseless. The arguments are completely baseless. When they talk about human rights. You talk about this country, and there is no human rights. When you go to certain places

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I've been to certain places here in this country, for for humanitarian services and so forth, and wallah, you go to some places here in Dallas to and Dallas to, and you will think that you're not even in America, you will think that you're probably in some other country, but you are in America, when you see the separation in the societies and so forth, based on race, and all these separations are taking place, you cannot go around the world, giving people a lecture about what human rights are. That is pure hypocrisy. That is pure hypocrisy. So we see these kinds of things. And the reason why I say this once again, is that we need to sometimes open our eyes and look at the bigger

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picture. And we see that there's so much hypocrisy when it comes to the west and how they try to dictate to other people and how to live specially when we see the how many people did complain that if you're living in America, you have to abide by the laws of America, you have to abide by the democracy of America and so forth. Yet they go to another country, and they're trying to enforce their ideas upon the country once again, where is that principle that you teach everyone that when you are in this country, you have to abide by the laws of this country, get you feel that whenever you want to go to any other country, you can abide by your own laws, it does not work both ways.

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When you have your own principle, you better stick to your own principle. That is what the hypocrisy that we saw from these World Cup games. I ask Allah subhana wa to protect us. We ask Allah subhana wa Taala to keep us safe in sha Allah, I ask Allah subhana wa to give us the ability to look at things from bigger picture and to learn from them and to make our life better I mean noble Allah mean

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medical law now when it comes to the Quran only want to find out what you will either kill Hakeem and stuff from Allah howdy welcome. What is it most of you know first off you know in the whole afford Rahim.

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Missoula and Rahim Allah hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen wa Salatu was Salam ala Rasulillah Muhammad wa ala alihi wa sahbihi Jemaine la last thing I want to mention, of course, time is of the essence we're running out of time. But if you ever get a chance, look at what the word imperialism means. Imperialism, what does it mean? Especially when you talk about people going to other nations, and telling them how to live their life, and Subhanallah you know, all these Western countries, when they go to these kinds of countries that they feel like that they need their support. They need to learn from their democracy when America goes to other places and says, you know, you need to apply

00:28:49 --> 00:29:28

our democracy, although their democracy is complete shambles and so forth. It's the point is that when you look at the ayat of the Quran, the ayat of the Quran, the highlight is the hypocrisy. And so the Bacara Allah subhanaw taala begins with the people of Iman and their characteristics, ALLAH SubhanA wa then mentions the kuffaar and their characteristics and then Allah subhanaw taala. in great detail, he talks about the characteristics of the hypocrites, and often when we recite that passage, we only think about the hypocrites in the munafo at the time of the Prophet SAW Selim. But no, that's not true. These trays that are mentioned in this passage is regarding hypocrisy in

00:29:28 --> 00:29:59

general, is regarding hypocrisy in general. In these ayat Allah subhanho wa taala. What does he say pay close attention. He says what either Ilana whom to see to fill out when these people are told, who champion people's rights, women's rights and so forth and democracy and so forth, and advancement of life. When these people who talk about it who talk about a big game, when they go to other lands, to spread their ideas. They're told Lotto Soudal failed did not go on the earth spreading corruption.

00:30:00 --> 00:30:37

What do these people they say Allah subhanaw taala says follow in Amanda Hannah, mostly when we scrubs, you know, we're coming here to give you freedom. We're here to bring suit to you in mostly home and we're here to give you good. We you are deprived from all the good of life. We are here to come and give you all that good. What does Allah subhanaw taala say in return to their claim that they're coming to spread? Good, Allah subhanho wa Taala says, Allah in the home whom will not see Duna will Akela Yes. In fact, these are the people who are spreading corruption. And most people are not even aware of it. Most people are not aware of it. Why? Because they don't they don't look at

00:30:37 --> 00:31:09

the bigger picture. This is why this is something that's been mentioned. So the Bacara. And when you look at when you reflect on the entire world, and everything that happens in the entire world, when people say I'm here to do good for you, but their intention is never good, because they want to see the collapse of a system. This is what they say. So this is why it's very important that we understand these kinds of things, and we open up our eyes. will I tell you honestly, many times we are so naive about the reality. Of course we don't know the reality. We don't know the whole bigger picture a lot of times, but at the same time, it's very important for us to open up our eyes and

00:31:09 --> 00:31:26

look at the bigger picture and reflect on this. I ask Allah subhanho wa Taala once again to protect us. May Allah subhanaw taala give us the ability to think and reflect Amira will Allah mean Allah who must who is someone who Sameen Allah Who monster is someone with significantly McCann Allahumma sunnah Allah mahalo Vanna White for Billa dinner what

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was remarkable now often with the learner, what Hamilton our ad Nyla Cooney Hi, while some naming coalition waffles naming colada Allahumma personal lamina Cushitic Amanda how to be being Obinim also think I mean politicking about the Bolivian ABBYY Genetec I mean, you're teaching them how to how we will be Aina Messiah but dunya on Matera Nabi s Marina Weber sarin Alico Latina Amma hate and I would

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start on our element valonna One sooner Allah and Ida Anna. Well, let's see, but then I've been dealing with dunya Guerra Hamina Walla Walla in Nanaimo Sirona where the Select Alena Malaya Homina Allahumma Inanna silica Alma Nafisa. Well, I'm an emoticon Bella what is going on? Where's your I was, I'm in Canada. Allahu manana will be coming in Milan. I'm gonna call Bella Yaksha. I mean of Silla Tasha Baumann dua Illa used to jab me Roble Alameen in Allah Hi hon Adela what you're sending what eat either way and alpha Shaman COVID Bobby karoun first colonial screw commercial rewetted Funaki masala

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all Hey Jana seletti hate

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to comment this Allah, Allah Akbar Allahu Akbar.

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Allahu Akbar

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Al Hamdulillah Euro Bella Mia and a Rahmani Rahi Maliki yo WOMAD D and E can Abdullah II can isteri and insert Otto Mustafi Siddhartha levy Anna Anna I'm Tyler You him are you didn't them I will do via either you Mala ball the

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alum turkey for father a book of yours Hi Bill feel and I'm here to allocate the home fee totally. Well Salah Allah you him for Iran. Maybe the Romi him behavior or theme Musa G Fajr Allah whom chaos fi makhoul law who

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sent me Allah when he might have Hamidah

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along like boom

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Allahu Akbar

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Allahu Akbar.

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Allahu Akbar

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Al Hamdulillah Mirabella mi n R Rahman Al Rahim, Maliki a woman D and E canal Buddha what kind of story and he did a sit on Mustafi Soraka Ludhiana and I'm taller you him or you didn't matter to him what a ball Lee in

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the ILA figuration II fee him letter sheet it was sleeve failure boo Rob bye bye bait a lady up our IMR home Ming Zhu Min Min how long what will

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70 hours Allahu Eman Hamidah

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all who had bone

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Allah who liked bone

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a wall what will

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a wall who liked bomb

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said Mr equal Marama to law a Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah on.

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We also have

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