Yasir Qadhi – The Life in The Barzakh – Episode 5

Yasir Qadhi
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Kwame Oh,

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Rahim al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa Salatu was Salam ala Sayidina Muhammad, wa ala alihi wa sahbihi Jemaine about. So today we're going to continue with the journey of the soul and the bodies off. And I'm going to jump in straight to our first issue.

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Where is the location of the soul in the barossa? Where is it located?

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And this question, to be honest, even though it is discussed in our classical some of our classical books, at the same time, Allah knows best, there seems to be a bit of a healthy skepticism that I think we should have. Because the whole notion of time and location and space for the bizarre is completely separate from our own world, we understand that time is different for the soul. And at some level, we also understand that the three dimensions is different for the soul. So this notion of trying to pinpoint where the soul is, from our dimension, on to their dimension, seems to be a theoretical question. And that is why there is no one opinion Actually, there are more than 10 opinions on this issue. And what difference does it make us even if we were to say the soul is located there? I mean, it's not as if we can go up to that location and have a conversation with the soul is there. So even as I mentioned these opinions, I must say I personally feel a type of healthy

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skepticism that what is the purpose of this discussion, there's no tangible benefit that comes from this one. Nonetheless, because it is mentioned in our classical books, I will mention some of these positions by first beginning to claim that modern Western culture says the souls wander in this earth, right? The ghosts of the people wander in this earth, that we can dismiss categorically, that is completely false. The living and the souls are not in the same dimension. Now, whether they can communicate or not, that's next week in sha Allah, but for sure, they are not wandering around in this dimension that we are in. And anybody who claims to see a soul claims to see a ghost quote unquote, either this is imagination, or they are lying and that is a logical possibility, or they have seen a jinn in this in the shape of a soul. It is not the actual soul of the person that is deceased. We do not see the soul of the deceased in a wakeful state, whether we see them in a dream

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we'll talk about next week in sha Allah, but we do not see the soul in the wakeful state, why, because the soul is no longer occupying this dunya. So when we are awake, there is no question we have no contact with the soul directly. And anybody who claims otherwise we say now you have gone against the drama of the Muslim ummah.

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Now, where is the soul located? I will mention some opinions and then I'll conclude and then move on to the next topic. I have two topics today, if we're able to finish them.

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The reason why there's a controversy where the soul is located is that there appears to be a number of reports that seemed to have different categories for different souls. So for example, let's begin our profits a little long while you said it. When he's passing away. He's on the he should have the loved one has holding him and his head is on her chest and he's breathing his last. Who can tell me, oh, students of this era? What was the last words that he uttered in this life?

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federal rafiqul Allah agreed everybody, right? What does that mean?

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What is it a physical Allah mean?

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The highest companions? Who are they?

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the Prophet system is asking to be with abubaker that doesn't make sense.

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A lot and the angels for rafiqul either the highest angels are a fifth is the contingent or fifth as a group as the highest group, the kurama and ketamine suffered caramel Bharara, the angels that are however you want to call it the ones that are the highest level they I want to be with, which indicates where is his role, Sal, Allahu Allah who was setting them

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up there with Allah

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And with the physical either the holy angels Okay, now the famous had either all of you know so hibel hottie sign Muslim all of you know this that the rule of the Shaheed is where?

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Before that, inside the bodies of green birds wandering around in Jannah looking at Jenna in one version eating of the hanging fruits of Jenna and perching on the chandelier is of Jenna, but they're not actually in Jenna as a body. They're in Jenna, in ambience wandering around up there. They're not living in Geneva, they're flying in gender difference between the two. Okay? They're flying means they enjoy the ambience of Jenna, but they're not in their palaces yet. They're not occupying their tents yet. They're not with their companions yet. They're not eating the food of the people of Jenna. In one version, they're eating of the grapes of their but not the food that is going to be presented in the platters as Allah says either sort of them with a carbon in they're not there yet. So where is the soul of the shade?

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And the green birds in the upper echelons of agenda, okay, okay. Now, the fact that the Shaheed soul is in Jenna automatically implies that other than the Shaheed

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is not going to be there, because if they were there then

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what is the purpose of the Shaheed being told he will be in genda? So you find here the Prophet system refusal Allah, the Shaheed in Jenna, how about the rest of the believers? So here we get to, as we said, the number a number of controversies. The first opinion is that and I'm just going to go over them quickly because in the end of the day, as I don't find much significance in these different opinions, the first opinion all of the souls of the believers, all of them are in genda. And the souls of the conference are in Johanna. So they basically made playoffs upon the Shaheed and they said, if the Shaheed has the green birds, maybe the other believers have something else, okay? The fact that the Shahid has the highest level and flying around indicates from this group of scholars they said that maybe the other righteous believers are also in genda. And to prove this point, they also bring a hadith that is another version of this Hadith of the Shaheed because the

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head of the Shahid says that even Massoud was asked the famous

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Sambo howdy howdy, Eben Massoud was asked, What is the meaning of the verse do not consider those that have been killed in the way of a law to be dead. Rather, they are alive with a law being sustained by a lot. Even Mr. Wood said, I asked the prophets as we asked the prophets about this. And he said, their rule is in the bodies of green birds, and they have chandelier ears that are coming down from the throne of a law. And they fly around agenda wherever they go. And they then go and rest on those chandeliers. Now, this version says the role of the Shahid and is very explicit because the ayah begins, what are the seven delino coochie, roofie, sybilla and water now, other versions of this Hadeeth reported an outside of the six books of them as inhibin. They say the rule of the min.

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So does this mean that one of the narrator's just made a mistake and reported by meaning, or that the Prophet system said the rule of the moment because if he said the rule of the moment, maybe we can broaden the Hadith. And Allah knows best it appears to be that this is from one of the second third generation narrators because the context of the Hadees doesn't make sense. It'll have the movement that had the begins without accidentally no Cogito feasibility and water. And even if the narrator says mortman, the eye indicates what is indicated by movement here is the highest level of movement and that is the Shahid Okay, so in reality there is no I would say explicit evidence that indicates the believers souls are in general you have these generic ones. The another group says that well, if the Prophet system is philosophical Allah, surely those who love them will be with him because those that love him are with him on model Mammon I have and so they said, the rule have the

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believers is forget Jenna will get a free upgrade there with Allah subhanho wa Taala even higher because the Prophet system is there. So we should all get a free upgrade if we love him. Mashallah very generous and we hope but again, Yanni. The third opinion is that the rule of the believers are in the plains outside of the gates of genda. So they are close they see the gates and they are just waiting for the door to open to enter and the cafe and we're not fair. They're out.

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Beside the plains of Johanna, and again, there's no actual evidence but it's just theories out there. The fourth opinion I really like this one, they said that they are in filma. Herbal Adam that the the quintessential no location, they are in no location whatsoever. Right? They aren't no dementia nothing. And that doesn't make any sense because they're somewhere even if it's adamant about what they are somewhere. The fifth look opinion in my Malik said, I have heard bananas Honey, I need some of the time you're only my Malik is one generation between him and the Sahaba. Right. Malik nafion. Omar, his teacher is the student of the Sahaba. So Monique is one generation away between him and the Sahaba is one intermediate generation. So Brenda honey and this is famous for in my mother's book there are many by now hot butter, honey, I heard and one of my medics said I heard it's not a trivial I heard because he's living in Medina and his teachers are the sons of the

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Sahaba. His teachers study with the Sahaba. So Mr. Malik's bundle honey occupy a status in the science of Hadith. So he said Bella Honey, I have heard that the souls of the believers are free to roam wherever they want. So they're in no one location, they are free to go into audible birds or however they want to go they want to go out but they want to go down there. They are free to go. The What number are we on now? sixth opinion is that even hasn't said.

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Even husband wrote that the souls of the dead were where they were before they were born in this world. In other words, from the time Allah created the soul, remember, we talked about this up until their birth? They were in some location where they were we have no idea. Then even has them says when we die, we will return to where we work come up with a Hulk norito. Right. So even hasm argues they're going to go back to where they originally were. However, firstly, there's no evidence for this. And secondly, the cumulative experience of men is that there seems to be some occasional connection with the Ottawa of the dead as we know and we're going to talk about next week, whereas there is no connection with the Ottawa have those that are not yet born.

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Right. So it does not seem to be a strong position that had been has him says but nonetheless that is his position in Abdel Bara, the famous under Lucien scholar and Abdullah Bara he said, he looked at these evidences and he said, the soul of the Shaheed is in Jenna and the soul of the Mothman is surrounding his cover.

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And this is I would say, a there is no one majority but a majority position lot of Roma held this one, right? Because that's maybe what it seems like because the Hadith about Robin aza, which we did multiple times, always brothers and sisters remember the Hadith about always had to do is the fundamental hadith of this whole science, right? The Prophet says that I'm said when the soul comes back down, it goes to it's just said it goes back to its body. So even uphill battle said, The Shaheed soul doesn't go back down, it stays up there in the green birds, and the bodies of the other believers, their soul comes and is in that vicinity. From our relative perspective, they're in that vicinity. So this is a bin Abdullah bar. And I would say it is a majority position, one can construct another position under this, the soles of the prophets are higher than gender, because there are 50, Allah, the souls of the Shahada, or in gender, and the souls of the righteous are,

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where their bodies are. This is I think, Allah knows best is seems to be a reasonable position. There are other opinions as well. I'm Gavin Barr, he was the son of a rabbi and gobble bot if you know who he is very interesting character of early Islam. And he brings a lot of narrations from the Judeo Christian sources because he was a scholar was schooled in the other traditions when he converted to Islam, and he began becoming a scholar. So he has a lot of knowledge of the other scriptures as well and full color from his religion. And he would narrate a lot of things from there. And because he was so early, he was contemporary, Steven, I bust him and I bust and him were similar age. So he is of that generation, but he's not as a hobby. So because of that a lot of his narrations made their way into our tafsir literature. So cabela about said, the souls of the believers are in a lien and the souls of the kuffaar are in su Jean, but

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Allah knows best the verse in the Quran mentions that the abroad the righteous are up there and the evil are down there. And that's after pm, not before pm again, this is an opinion. And then there are many folklore, bizarre opinions that are found in some of the books these are these are fairy tales. These are myths For example, this the the souls of the believers are in the well of Zamzam. This is something mentioned in our classical books, right, which is actually a bit freaky. When

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Drink thumbs up, you don't want to hold the souls over there, right? But this is just any column this there are the souls of the believers are particular well in Damascus and the souls of the kuffaar or a particular well, and how the remote I mean, this is just any empty column, even taymiyah he tries to reconcile all of these things, and even Tamia has a position as well. And it is much more fatawa even Tamia of all your five page 144 He says, well, Anwar me Nina Phil agenda. So he follows the position, the righteous believers, they are all in Jenna, in the batasan. Before Yama, they are one of the believers are in Jenna, even though some amongst them are allowed to come back to this world and their body here. And they can go up and down as they please. Like when they were awake, and they go to sleep, their soul goes out and it comes back down. So to in the bodies off, they have that option as well. And this he said, he said is the position of him I met him to

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humble and many or whatever. And they have evidences for this and quote, so it became his position is interesting. And I'm sympathetic to it between him and Abdullah Ibn taymiyyah. This is my position and Allah knows best. And they're both similar except that even up the bar says each category will always be there. And they've been Tamia says it is possible for the soul to go in and out and move around, which is similar to in my mind, because well that the soul can go wherever it wants to go. In the end of the day, Allah knows best we are this is not something that we can categorically state any way. And there's no benefit for us to know this is just a hypothetical issue. And at the same time at the same time, and we're talking about this next week in Sharla. So all questions pertaining to communication or whatnot is going to be next week in Sharla. There does seem to be evidence and human experience that the grave the sight of the grave has something to do

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with the soul. Okay, so the cumulative experience of mankind, of visiting the site of the grave, and the soul being aware that the person has been visited or the body has been visited. So Allah knows best Does this mean that the soul is maybe up there, but it has some connection with the location of its body, the end of the day, it is honorable, bizarre, as I said in the beginning, so the whole notion that we can pinpoint, we can demarcate on a 3d chart right, as if there was a radar scanner, and we can follow the soul know, the soul cannot and does not have a location like our bodies do. So maybe the soul can be in different places at the same time. Einsteinian physics, if you understand what I'm talking about, it's not something that is impossible, even from our minds to understand. So Allah subhanho wa Taala knows best. So that is the first topic for today. And we this topic, we conclude as I said, I'm sympathetic to both Ibn Abdul Jabbar and have been timaeus positioned

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between these two and these are the majority So these two are the dominant positions of where the soul is the next topic now, the rest of today inshallah we'll try to finish even though I doubt we'll be able to but we'll try to finish that we now move on to the very important topic,

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which is what are the specific causes of avoidable cover that are mentioned in the Quran and Sunnah. This is a, as far as I can tell an exhaustive list and I always can be mistaken. And if you find other things, please tell me and I'll add them to the list, but I tried to make this an exhaustive list with the condition this is the condition I have Firstly, it is authentic. And secondly, it is explicitly linking this action with a double cover. Okay, because we begin by stating generically, every sin is potentially punished and a double cover. Right? generically, it is possible any sin can be punished in the cover, we're not talking about generic, we want to know what did a lot and His Messenger explicitly linked to a double cover from for us to be aware of. And so one of the reasons we should be aware of this is we need to be extra careful about these particular sins. And we'll begin by once again reminding ourselves I've done some of these evidences before but data but it is

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something that is well known, and there is a very terrifying Hadith in Sahih Muslim nsmt Malik said, unnecessarily Malik said, I heard the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam say, Lola and for no word not for the fact that you would stop burying your dead I would have made to our to Allah, that you hear the double cover that I'm able to hear.

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This is a terrifying Hadith because he we are being told if we could hear our double cover, we would stop burying our dead, Lola and Ted. Were it not for the fact you would stop doing different of one another? Then I would make I would have made two I didn't make that draw. But I would have made that draw to Allah

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That you hear the audible called loose Miracleman as applicable that what I am able to hear, and that is a very terrifying Hadeeth emammal code to be begins this chapter in his famous book. And as I said he has a three volume book about the cover and the motor and the buzzer, that he says that no, that the double cover is not only for the Kaffir nor is it restricted for the munafo. Rather, some of the believers will also be punished a category he says that have done misdeeds, and they have done sins that deserve this end quote. Now, let us begin our list.

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Number one, which is the most obvious one the caffeine and asked for the caffeine, and category two, which is the one I feel so one and two confident when I feel these are the only two that are mentioned in the Koran, I double colon. These are the only two categories that are mentioned in the Koran. There is no reference whatsoever of the Bible cover for the believer in the Quran. We only learned this from the Sunnah. Okay, so the Koran indicates a double covered for two categories. And I went over many of these verses in my I think first less than or second list and go back to that. And I'll just quickly go over one or two, for the caffeine. Well, we have the hadith of Bara, because the prophets have said and began the Hadith with the Muslim and then he said the cafard. As for the gaffer, he sees the angels that are terrifying. And then he is hit and then this and then that. So the app is right there we see it in the editor. As for the Quran, Allah says in the Quran,

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regarding the family affair I own and now you're all doing it. How who do one why she Yeah, well, Yama takamasa to do alafair own a shed that I that the fire of * will be shown to them morning and evening. Then when judgment is called it will be said to them enter the worst punishment. Again, think of the verse understand the verse, the fire of * will be shown to them morning and evening. Then when judgment is called. So what is the fire of * being shown to them? Before judgment, what is before judgment. Right. And now you're all doing AI they have, they are smelling jahannam they're feeling jahannam but they're not yet in janome. And that is a torture. And now you are all doing it has been shown to them. Who do want to book your morning and evening while yo mata homosassa. Then when judgment is called, it will be said enter the family of your own father and son, the worst of punishment. Also, Allah says in the Koran. What in the Nevada mo either been doonas adic. Allah

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says, After mentioning Johanna then Allah says and indeed those that have done shilka vellamo here shake those that have done shidduch will also suffer a punishment lesser than that, but most of them don't understand what I can tell them they Island, they don't know that. Now, what is the punishment lesser than Johanna? Right doonas adic they have something that is lesser than Johanna. So even our boss said dunas alikat is

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the adverb of the cover. Okay, so we have evidences in the Koran that the coffered has a double power G. Category two we said was what he was following. By the way, I noticed many of you don't take notes. I'm wondering.

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There's this this isn't shallow, useful. I'm just saying for your sake, this is useful. This is what my material it is not one book, I compile it and it is something that is shallow will be useful. Those of you that are because I know that none of you can memorize no matter how young you are. You haven't memorized everything, just listening to a lecture and our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said Hadeeth isn't horrible, but that is a book about knowledge. You don't trap knowledge. They said how can we trap it the other sort of law, he said by writing it down. So this authentic idea that he commanded us to write knowledge down and it is beneficial. Also, when you write down you will understand better also when you write down you memorize also when you write down you pay attention. So just as a generic advice, and there is no exam I'm not going to quiz you but just a generic advice that it's useful for you to have your own personal notes anyway. So what was I

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The second category is NIF UK, and that is hypocrisy. We said the Quran mentions a double cupboard for the Mona Lisa. And again there are a number of verses and of them is Surah Toba Allah says in the Quran one min min hola como Mina Arabi Manasa Puna woman in Medina tomorrow do either the Falconer at Alamo, Alamo home, the people around you some of them are Mona on these out all the veterans that are up there aren't enough if you don't know them, I know them. Then Allah says center ivyrevel home murrah teeny Thumma you're doing either either.

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We're gonna punish them twice, then they will be given to the worst punishment which is Janna. Notice we will punish them twice. If an Ibis said they will be punished in this world by being exposed and humiliated them

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They will be punished in the cover and either will cover then they're going to be taken to Jana.

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Right center or they will home How many times? Mara Cheney, Samira Dona, then they're going to go to Jana. So the second model attain here. So model and Jen Mara in this world, the second time will be in the cover. So this is also an indirect reference to our double cover for the model. Now, before we move on to the next list, the fact that the Quran only mentions a double cover for the carpet and Mona Phil, and it is the Hadith that mentions a double cover for some of the sinful just from this insha Allah we can derive the data that will cover for the believer is not to the level, not to the severity of the Bible cover for the cover and the moon.

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Because that is the the major as I will cover that is the the severe double cover, as well. The same thing applies to jahannam, which inshallah, when we get to the topic of Johanna will also mention this that a lot of people don't know this, but it's a very not that it should consoled us because we don't want to go there. But the jahannam that is prepared for the Kaffir is a special category of Johanna anyone who worshiped a lot and powered down to Allah And this says that to Allah and said La ilaha illa Allah, they will never end they died in that state, they will never ever enter that level of Jannah that is meant for the cafe. That is a separate category for the believer. And we'll talk about that when we talk about that. So again, the point being, when Allah azza wa jal only mentions the carfit and the munaf in either of the hover so we extract from this their level of AI that is totally different. And the believer no matter what the level of itab is, it's not to that level that

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is for the caffeine and the mono ffj. Now we get to and we're not going to finish because it's a long list so we said number one and two is confident enough number three,

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the number one issue mentioned for the believer number three in our list, but the number one for the believer, and you all know this is what

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what is the most adaptable cover possible for the believer the number one category for the believer for what scent? If it's shared then he's not even a believer.

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Not cleaning after using the restroom.

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Not cleaning after using the restroom. And there are many a hadith about this. of them is the very very famous Hadith that our Prophet sallallahu Sallam passed by Hadith is Bukhari Muslim wotofo Kalia bowrider and others narrated our Prophet system passed by two coppers over there two coppers next to him, and he said, in Houma, you either burn warmer You are the bonafide Kabir Birla in Humala, Kabir, these two are being punished, but they're not being punished for big things. Then he said, No, they are big things.

00:27:57 --> 00:28:23

As for one of them, to Homer, for Candela yesterday, row, Min boly, he, he would not protect himself from his own bowl from his own urine. And the other virgin says Canada is taboo, I mean, boldly, he he would not allow his urine to basically finish and so it will drop out and would leave Naja over there now. And our Prophet has also said let me finish some a hadith and then we'll clarify

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in Sudan is a very interesting narration authentic narration that once our Prophet sallallahu alayhi Salaam needed to relieve himself. So he walked away at the went away and he went behind a bush or something. And he sat down to relieve himself and one of them went off your horn made fun of this and he said, Look, he is urinating like a lady. Now pause we understand what is the mockery men, you know in this culture, right? This is what is being made fun of by this munafo, okay? Even in their culture, men would stand up. And our Prophet system sat down. So one of them went to Africa with the villa with the villa and he just this is the Menaka What do you expect me? He said, Look, he is urinating like a lady. This is not the way that a man should urinate. So when the process came back, he was informed of this. And he said, Do you not know what happened to the bunny isn't it? They used their were commanded by a lot they used to cut off any cloth that splashed that urine had splashed

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on it. Then one of them stood up and said don't do this anymore. Keep that cloth on, don't worry about it. And he said, a lot of xojo punished that man in his grave for stopping this practice of the bunny is wrong. So the reason why our processing would sit down was because obviously when you stand the chances of the urine coming back on you are more now

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This is an Advanced Filter issue is it allowed to urinate while standing large controversy, but in a nutshell, if you can somehow make sure it doesn't splash back, and also somehow cleanse yourself when you go to these restrooms in the public facilities, both of these are not usually possible okay. But if these two conditions are met, then it is permissible because the reason why you should not urinate standing is mentioned in this hadith very explicitly, and that is that it will splash back on a mat. So, the point being that our Prophet system explained that we don't want the urine to splash back on us. The third Hadith will mention today, a Buddha narrated that the Prophet sallallahu Sallam said, Be cautious and be aware of your urine. The unknown matter either but probably the metadata will probably mineral bowl because the majority of our double public will be because of urine to say this hadith isn't that our coatney and in the most other covered hacking,

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our prophet SAW said him said act thorough Isaiah will probably mineral bowl, the majority of either we'll cover comes from urine. Now, let's explain.

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Why is this such a big deal?

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It is a big deal as your mama no way and curcumin other said, because it indicates a complete and utter carelessness about the holla and taharah is the key to salah and Salah is the pillar and the crux and the backbone of all good deeds. So when a person becomes lacs about bahara This is a frame of mind that he's lacks about sada and when you're lacs about Salah, then even if you pray, if you pray and you're not avoided normal saline alladhina masala Team sanghoon. Right, even the one who's praying but he's not praying the way that you're supposed to pray. So the one who is not concerned with bone, we're not concerned with urine bone is urine in Arabic, the one who is not concerned with urine and he doesn't care where it splatters doesn't care, his clothes get dirty. This indicates and betrays the level of carelessness with the Shetty out of a law that are with a Billa would you expect that. So we are told to be cautious, very careful of being taking reasonable protection that

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again, this is not the topic here. But in every book of fear and every book of other we also hear the exact opposite. And that is the worst worst of shape on when it comes to the horror. We should be between the two extremes, right? We should not go too extreme about this as well. Take reasonable precautions. And as long as you are fairly certain that your clothes are clean, no problem. Don't let shaytaan go and start driving crazy. Maybe there's a molecular thing that's flashback. No, we're not having to deal with the molecular thing. Don't worry about that. You took reasonable precautions and you leave the rest. You know Don't let shaytaan destroy your active worship. The point being that our Prophet system said now back to the Hadees they are being punished for something that is not big. No, they are big. How do we understand this Hadith, right? He said it no matter what now you are divine. If you could be a burner in the home, Allah Kabir. Is this a contradiction? No. Our

00:33:23 --> 00:33:24

scholars have said

00:33:25 --> 00:33:35

theoretically, technically, these are not major sins. They are not major sins in and of themselves. But they lead to major sins.

00:33:36 --> 00:34:34

Okay, in and of themselves, if you're careless with urine, in and of itself is not a major sin. But if you become careless with Salah that is a major sin, another interpretation. And they're all valid interpretations disregard, they're being punished for things that are not trivial. Sorry, they're not big, rather, they are big, meaning they're being punished for things that if they just took a little bit of precaution, they could have avoided them, but they didn't avoid them. So they're not big in terms of protecting yourself, but they are big in terms of sin. So this is another interpretation. And both of these are valid. The point being that we should all remember this headache, especially brothers, because generally speaking, we are the ones who are more careless in this regard, that we need to be cautious about our urine. And by the way, if it so happens that some splashes back then all you need to do is wash it with hamdulillah we don't have the shedding of the

00:34:34 --> 00:34:59

bunnies, right in that we have to cut it off and get rid of that, you know, is just washing it properly and then it is any thought so that's not an issue as well. By the way if it's I'm just saying this even though there's a fifth issue, but still just because we're on the topic if it so happens that you are forced to use the restroom in a public area and you're not able to purify yourself in the proper manner. In this case, do not end make sure that you're able to get home and change your clothes.

00:35:00 --> 00:35:37

wash yourself before Salah. So to be in a state of a little bit of notice on your clothing temporarily, that is not going to cause you any sin, the sin is to pray in that state, you see the difference between the two, right? So if it so happens that you are driving between two cities, and you are not able to get a restroom that is clean, and you just have to urinate in Ghana, you're not certain that you know you were able to protect yourself from what not, and you have an hour left to get home but not for example. So you could quickly go home and you just you know, wash yourself and change clothes and you are not sinful. The sin is not in having a bit of nitrous on you for a period of time the sun is

00:35:38 --> 00:36:38

praying while the ninja says yeah, I'm just saying this membered fire so that we benefit from this. Okay, so this is point number three. Cool for sure. And then number three is urine number four, and then we'll see if we can get number five and then we'll open up for a good number for the same Hadith of the two that he passed by two people in the grave. They're being punished for some things that are not big, rather they are big. As for one of them. He was he would not protect himself from the bone. As for the other fatahna Yum, she been me now. He would be walking between people with an amoeba. Now, in both of these cases, these two people were habitual in what they did. It wasn't a one off at some level. May Allah forgive us. We all sometimes fall into this occasionally. And sometimes we cannot be careful and maybe some Neches falls May Allah forgive sometimes a little bit of Lima Namibia takes Alaska less forgiveness. The double cover is not for the one off from the

00:36:38 --> 00:37:24

Hadith. As for the other for Canada, yes. She been Mima he made it his lifestyle. He was known to be tattletale and what is the Mima? The Mima is to hear something that is said about someone in one gathering and then to go tell him with the intention of making problems causing issues between him and the other person. Okay. So now Mima number means to convey in Arabic means to convey so now Mima you convey something but there's a technical definition, you convey what was said about the person to the person so you're in one gathering, and something was said that should not have been said and that's basically FIBA

00:37:26 --> 00:37:34

J. The labor is bad, it's how long enough but if the labor remains in that room, the damages internal

00:37:35 --> 00:37:46

when the LIBOR is taken back to the person this is called an amoeba. And the Mima is worse than Riba because no Mima is what ends up

00:37:47 --> 00:38:17

doing the damage. No Mima is what actually causes the damage. As for Riba in and of itself, that is how long and you know what Allah says about in the Koran, and the sin is between the person and Allah. But if that Heba remains in that room, then it's not going to destroy the bonds. The Mima is tattletaling, the Rebbe back to that person. Right? And this is obviously how long our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said Hadith is assigned Muslim. Last year, the whole Gen netta num.

00:38:18 --> 00:39:18

The one who does NEMA all the time shall not enter gender and our Profit System Another handy fellow for genetic attacks the one who breaks the ties between people shall not enter agenda. So the one who makes it his habit that he wants to cause fitna or facade or she wants to be the gossiper always tattletaling and talking about other people what not, and this is a problem between men and women are with a bill that both parties are guilty of this and it is not befitting the dignity of a Muslim to talk about the other people if firstly in their absence, and secondly, to then go back and tell them in any case, the Hadith says, As for the other than he would walk around with NEMA. Now, if you look at this, the first guy was careless in the rituals, the bowl, the second guy was careless in personal o'clock. And our scholars say this indicates overall that sins may be punished in a double cover. The first person was careless in rituals about that. The second was careless in mama that's

00:39:19 --> 00:39:43

breaking the ties of kinship. So this hadith indicates that the one who makes a lifestyle of being careless because again, this is a lifestyle. This is a person who was always he didn't care about both had no concept of of the horror, and the other one always kind of been NEMA. So this is number four. Number five, in one version of the Hadeeth, or a similar headache, or a different one, we're not sure exactly.

00:39:45 --> 00:39:48

Our Prophet solo seller mentioned that he passed by two graves.

00:39:51 --> 00:39:59

And he said As for the other one, he was somebody who would do Heba and Libra and the Mima are two circles that

00:40:00 --> 00:41:04

Overlap every NEMA has to have a river right so there are two circles that are similar and in that Hadith he put two branches in the graves and he said and he said as long as these branches are moist there are there will be lifted up for them and this is an evidence we're going to come to this next week that the idea of the Hubble for the believer can vary can stop and can start the public for the believer is not like for that of the coffin. The other book cover for the believer can be temporary it can also stop maybe even after a while and in this How did it start for these two one other I think will mention and then we will pause and continue back next week inshallah the six point kibin or arrogance and pride kibber or arrogance and pride. And we know that a hadith about arrogance, we know our Prophet system said the one who has a myth all udara and atoms weight of Cuba shall not enter agenda and so many ideas about Cuba. We also have a double covered link to kibber Hadith in

00:41:04 --> 00:42:09

Sahih Muslim our prophet SAW Selim said there was one set man who was walking in a cloak of finery and a coke that he is boastful and arrogant about impressed with himself, having combed his hair, finally walking about yet about 30 and he means he has kibble in him like you know he has he thinks he is it right? And as he's walking around with that sense of pride, and Allah says in the Quran, well, Adam shifted the model. Don't walk around with that sense of pride and remember our own and his story, right? Same thing over here. Our Prophet system said as he was walking around with that bottle, would that keep it in his heart? Allah cause the earth to open up and swallow him. And he will continue to be swallowed, and descending until kiama until kmm is one is he being punished whereas they've been punished? In the cover? This is a punishment of the Hubbard. Okay, so the one who had Kibet in his heart, I would have been the one who had arrogance, this person is well he has

00:42:09 --> 00:42:33

the potential to be subjugated to Isobel. And I wanted to finish but we have too many we have three, four or five other points. So we don't have time Michelle load the other. So any quick questions about what has proceeded if you have questions about what's going to come, which is obviously the relationship of the living to the dead and the solid throw up to the dead, all of this is going to come in sha Allah in the next weeks, but anything that is preceded let's talk about this in shall any questions Bismillah.

00:42:39 --> 00:42:53

So, our brother says that, is it possible that the either will be lifted from the one in the upper because of a drop of the living? And we will talk about this next week, but in a nutshell, yes. And shall he has good?

00:43:05 --> 00:44:06

If you cannot make it to your home, what is the ruling? So if you are musafir you are allowed to make German. So as long as it is from the first timing of the first prayer to the second timing of the second prayer, so go ahead and answer becomes one timezone. macgibbon Asia becomes one timezone. So if you are traveling, and you are able to pray within those time zones of those two satellites, then you are fine. But if you're going to pass over one timezone to the other, and this would happen, for example, but also vs monemvasia. So mug up today is what 637 637 right? So suppose you are driving back, and it is 4pm you haven't prayed the head and also, right, you need to figure out if you're going to get home by around 615 or so you are safe inshallah, that's the presumption because you basically share your on presumption. But if you're not going to get home by that timeframe, you need to make sure that you're in a position to pray, which means you monitor yourself

00:44:06 --> 00:44:11

on your Shahada and your body. Okay, sisters, any questions from the sisters? Yes, go ahead.

00:44:28 --> 00:44:41

Our sister is asking what is the Islamic definition of death, especially when we have to talk about organ donation and when we can, quote unquote, pulled the plug, etc. The response to this

00:44:42 --> 00:44:59

as somebody who is a member of the Council of North America, we have been discussing this topic for the last two years. There is no clear cut Islamic and equivocal position because all people have faith and even people of no faith. They are just discussing this issue. What

00:45:00 --> 00:45:58

Is the person technically dead? There are certain things that are clearly pretty much considered to be dead when there's absolutely no brain activity, no vital signs. And there are certain things that are clearly not death and there is a gray area in the middle. We are still in the process of releasing a fatwa about this, but in the interim, we are saying that if a group of doctors have decided that he is beyond saving, and this is typically a combination of brain death with one or two other things, that if a group of doctors say that this is now unfeasible, it is not typical for this person to come back. As for a miracle, we do not base our Shetty on miracles right. We do not base halal and haram on miracles if a large ga wields a miracle, then he can bring the dead back to life. But we do not base rulings on miracles. So generally speaking, generally speaking, when the vital organs cannot organs cannot function on their own or when brain death has occurred. Generally

00:45:58 --> 00:46:05

speaking, the fact is that it is permissible to withdraw life support at that stage and a lot of Zoo aged knows best. Yes.

00:46:21 --> 00:46:22

How can the Quran What?

00:46:24 --> 00:46:26

How can the Quran

00:46:28 --> 00:47:04

How can the foreign help us in the buzzer so the Quran can help us in the birth because the Quran is shaffir the Quran intercedes. The Quran is the ultimate shofar and the Hadith are provinces and set apart Corrado shaft your own Moshe, the Quran does Shiva, Shiva and it Shiva is accepted by Allah subhanho wa Taala. The shefa of the Koran is in this dunya it is in the barossa it is on karma. So this is how the Quran helps us as well. It is said that the Quran will bring new in the cover, even though it's not explicit, but the concept is there to bring Newland. Okay, yeah, so remember the good.

00:47:16 --> 00:47:27

So our brother says that when he's in school, and he doesn't have a water to use, is it permissible to use only toilet paper? Of course the issue and of course, we should all know this.

00:47:28 --> 00:48:34

by unanimous consensus of all the scholars of Islam, there is no controversy at all. Can you believe this is something that is cultural in our minds, but none of the scholars of Islam ever said that it is obligatory to use water after urine or even after dedication and bolus Ninja, and Mr. Jamal because most of the Sahaba did not have access to that much water that they're always using water, the Shetty I did not put a burden, it is permissible to use dry material until no trace is left. Okay, so we may wipe ourselves until no trace is left. And in this case, you don't have to do bahara that is the harder right there. We are talking about bolts flashing back on you. That's what we're talking about. Right. As for not using water, you are thought ahead. You're pure, as long as you wipe yourself such that there are no traces left. Okay. Now another thing that is practical advice, how, if you haven't been taught this, let me teach you this and no problem. And there's no

00:48:34 --> 00:49:09

embarrassment in the shed. Yeah, we should learn this stuff. You can also take some tissues and make them wet under the under the faucet and sink and then use that as a little bit of water to wipe yourself with. Okay, so this is also something that you can use, but it is not obligatory to do that. And in case you cannot go outside and come back again and again. Like there's a long line and you have to take your turn, for example. So you cannot go outside and come back in with the toilet paper whatnot. No problem. As long as it is wiped and there's no traces left. You are pure in that statement. Shallow dalla sisters is good. You already asked but go ahead. No problems. Nobody else so the sisters is asking.

00:49:28 --> 00:49:59

So our sister is saying what do we make of those stories that the body has not decomposed. And it is still in its original state. And the response is, this is something that is mutawa. Every single person who deals with burials every single person has seen and witnessed and knows this firsthand. And this is something that we authentically know from our own siara with the feet of none other than overdub, no habla de la huhtala and

00:50:00 --> 00:50:37

The famous incident that is authentically reported and one of the most famous incidents of our history that the wall of OSHA or the law one ha collapsed in the 90s of the hedgerow the wall collapsed, because the wall of our issue as a human structure is not something that is meant to be built forever. And allowed noise was heard outside of the power of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and it was just a collapse that happened there. And so they had to come in, and they had to rebuild. And when the persons came, the when the people came in, to rebuild the wall, they were shocked to see two feet

00:50:38 --> 00:51:29

original, like no co decomposition of fresh feed there. And the people almost had a heart attack because they were worried this might be the Prophet sallallahu sallam, and that is such an embarrassment and such an issue. But then they calculated and said, No, no, this is the third cover. It is the feet of over the top. So 100 years or technically, what? 80 years. 80 years, right? Yeah, 80 years roughly, after the death of Bob. multiple people saw the actual feet of removable hardtop still completely there. And that's when the structure was fortified. And no one has really entered that chamber, except for a mom of seven hoody in the eighth century, which where we talk about the seahorse in my co lectures actually there, but so this is well known. It is true, and it is in Sharla with the other positive side. Okay, Yes, go ahead.

00:51:42 --> 00:52:15

So, this is Lou do the final question, shall this our brothers saying these punishments do they indicate that they will never enter agenda? And their responses? No. Every believer, everyone who says La ilaha illAllah will enter agenda, right? Everyone who enters a dialogue with hold with a man with a class will enter agenda. These are punishments that insha Allah hota Allah will take away from the punishment of the hereafter. So as for this person who was careless with bone, in the end of the day, he prayed.

00:52:16 --> 00:52:58

And his prayer is a good deed and is lacking of the hora is a bad deed. Right? So his prayer is a massive good deed, even if he didn't do it properly. He deserves some punishment, but maybe he doesn't deserve him. So he is going to be punished in a way that is not exactly Jana. So it is not as bad as Johanna it is not there but insha Allah the golden is he will get rid of his sin so that on Judgement Day insha Allah he'll be able to gender enter gender directly some group amongst them will also enter jahannam but then they will be forgiven and then enter inshallah. Jen now Shall I apologize. Time has finished in Sharla. You can ask me privately Shall we will continue next week. As I said I'm not going to labor.

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The Location of The Souls of The Barzakh

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