Ahmed Hamed – Allah Loves Those Who Repent, Believe And Do Good – Recite & Reflect #10

Ahmed Hamed
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the importance of forgiveness in a situation where the person is facing a failure to do something. They suggest focusing on taking actions that will keep them from going on to do something again. The speaker emphasizes the need to continue believing in Allah's teachings and doing what makes you happy.
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when we reflect on this IR Subhan Allah we get to know that Allah subhanaw taala guarantees forgiveness. If we do three things, number one, repentance, number two, believing in Allah subhanaw taala and number three righteous deeds and then be on it. So how beautiful it is to gain the forgiveness of Allah we need to keep on repenting. We need to keep on believing in Allah subhanaw taala until we die, and we need to keep on doing that which is good insha Allah is an Allah He to Allah

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