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hamdulillah no matter what so you know who was so filled? When are we gonna be learning min Sheree and fusina woman cntr Marina Miguel de la who philomel de La MaMa you please Hello Hi Deanna. Why should one La ilaha illAllah YW la sharika y shawanda Mohammed in Abu Dhabi Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa early he was Herbie a woman so are their energy. Well, Mr. Levy so Nettie de la Yomi de amor borrowed for topo, la

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Marana subhanho wa Taala feet and CD. Yeah, Johan lovina ermanno, tapa la helppo to quality while at the Mouton De La Hoya and to Muslim moon, America. My brothers and sisters, first and foremost, we ask Allah subhanho wa Taala to accept from us our righteous deeds. We ask Allah subhanho wa Taala to accept from us our fasting to accept from us our debt to accept from us our goodness, a lot. I mean, you will.

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We are in the last 10 nights of Ramadan. And I'm not going to speak to you about these last 10 nights and how blessed they are. Because they think for the most part, most of you if not all of you, you hear constant reminders about how important these last 10 nights are with respect to its blessings and its bottlecap so we also ask Allah Zilla Gil to increase our faith in our amen especially in these last 10 nights so that we reap the rewards and the bottom of these actual our for a lot of them I mean, my brothers and sisters, what I'd like to share with you today because they let me tada is what you see around you. Today's the day of the Juma This is a gathering where

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you don't need to announce you don't need to advertise. You don't need to put Facebook posts or pre fliers people will come and all the massages around the world they will get filled up with the practicing Muslim, even the Muslims who aren't that practicing the knowledgeable The one who isn't knowledgeable, the young, the old, you name it, everybody will come out to this gathering. And all of this is an illustration of something very important that many Muslims often lose sight of. What I'd like to do is I'd like to bring your attention to a chapter dedicated to this occasion to this day to this hour YOLO Juma and that is of course suited to Juma. But before we talk about the verse

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that I'd like to share with you today, something you should know about sort of Joomla sootel Joomla is not a sutra that talks just about Joomla even though the title of it is Joomla itself. The reason why suited to Joomla is given this title is out of all the subjects it's talking about the subject that Allah highlights for you of most importance in sudo Joomla is the topic of Joomla that's why the conclusion which is only about three or four verses of pseudo jawan that's when the conversation of this day begins. Before that a lot so a Joe was warning Benny is sort of ill, he was warning them take life seriously. He was warning them subhanho wa Taala you will have your book in front of you

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will have the Torah in front of you. You need to study this book or else you will lose sight of your purpose on Earth. These were some of the subjects that Aleister Michel was talking about prior to this conversation of Juma now after all is said and done, Susan dumon brings up this topic in a very strategic way. Listen to how the conversation begins.

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alive so it just says yeah, you Hello Lena and then

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either new DLS salviati me yo muleshoe Mara fossero either the karela weather will be the early calm hydro local in quantum darling. You know it, this is all that I can share with you today. Each verse in this conclusion deserves its its own discussion. Now listening to the verse, Allah so it just starts off talking about this gathering and tells us yeah, you will levena am and all people have amen Makana, you will live in a slum. It's not talking to people who simply accepted Islam who were quote unquote, just Muslim. These were people who took it another step further. They went above and beyond they became moltmann. Now there's a difference. If you are Muslim, that's everything on the

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outside. If you are Mormon, it's everything on the outside along with the men and faith that is embedded in your heart. Not everybody

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who claims that ilaha illAllah Muhammadan rasul Allah is going to get that message is going to understand the true meaning of what that message represents. So on the outside, they may look pious, they may look Muslim, but on the inside, they're not 100% committed. They're really not into it. They're not taking their religion that seriously. So this category Allah separates and says, look, for this conversation, we need people who have true Amen, even if it's just an atom's Wait, you just a little ounce one of the ways you can test yourself that you will have true amen is the fact that you're sitting here for your module mark. This alone is a sign that you have amen in you may have

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lost a lot of strength in our Amen lahoma I mean, yeah, you will Latina M and O people of E men so now we know who the audiences so now the conversation begins.

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When you hear the call for prayer, either new deal is sada when you hear the call for prayer, meaning the call for prayer for the prayer of jumar

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second thing that you learn immediately about how significant this day is, is that Allah azza wa jal says, When you hear the call, from the day of jumaane, Mineo mill Juma min for Arabic students, min atop a Li refers to a portion of something so you don't have to give up your entire Friday. For Juma. Allah says just a small portion of your day I need you to devote to this. So you can start your day with work or school, pause and then go back to your lifestyle. Again, you don't need to give up the entire day, like other religions will do with their weekends. Some religions will give up their entire Saturday their entire Sunday, unless that you people have email you don't need to do

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all of that. Here's the second thing I love called the day of Joomla Joomla. Joomla comes from the word gemera which means to gather. And what's interesting is that in the Quran, Allah also calls the Day of Judgment. Yo Mila, Gemma, The Day of Gathering. This tells you why we're really here.

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If you're here for Friday, sada for Friday, tomorrow if you're here, because it's the routine, because you don't want a stamp on your heart like our messenger RNA is Salatu was Salam told us you miss X amount of Juma Allah stems the Baraka, the newer of a man in your art, you want to avoid all of that. So you come here, some Muslim as they come to Juma because it's an opportunity to meet other Muslims. Unfortunately, even there's a group of Muslims that come for Juma and they get the best sleep of their life. If you come to Juma for all of these reasons, you've missed the whole point. Listen to what Allah azza wa jal tells you. The whole purpose of this is simply by title by

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name, a lot called this day, The Day of Gathering why.

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And it's the same word used to describe the Day of Judgment, put it together. You see what we're doing here right now. We're actually rehearsing for the Day of Judgment.

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every single week, this is a rehearsal.

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The thing that's supposed to be on your mind right now is that one day, all of us, all of mankind will be standing very similar to how we're sitting here.

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A greater reminder that we have is on top of that, in addition to this day, we are in the month of Ramadan. The massages are filled for slaughter, for ispod 4pm. And if you notice something 99% of everything that we do in Ramadan, we do it as a gemera. Because that's the reminder you're supposed to get when you're talking about Ramadan. It's a greater reminder a greater rehearsal period for the Day of Judgment. The greatest rehearsal period or reminder of the day of judgment that we have is in a couple of months when you see all of our fellow brothers and sisters make the pilgrimage of Hajj that's the greatest reminder that the Day of Judgment is real. So now that's all said and done. Now

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the verse is going to get very personal a lot so it just says to me Yomi Juma when you hear this call for this day of jumar you do two things number one best out in a victory lap number two whether we'll be here first thing Allah says is run hurry rush towards a less remember it's malerkotla fests our ila msgid Katha walk Heather malerkotla msgid metacoda, our ila katiba in Kedah Waka malerkotla first our Illa mo Doreen katha Walker, Allah azza wa jal didn't say

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I want you to rush to so and so msgid because there's a lot of people there. A lot didn't say go to so and so Institute our message, because there's a guest that's coming there and he's going to talk about a Y and Zed. Allah says, Put aside all of that. It doesn't matter who's standing here. It doesn't matter where you go. The thing that should be priority for you is fests out in a victory lap, going be reminded of a lot.

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A London se Fest, our Isla karela.

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And cow is plural for the curriculum. You know what the killer is?

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The killer is one miniscule remembrance.

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The Quran is another type of remembrance, but it's the kind of remembrance that lasts a lifetime. Then there are several words in Arabic that kind of mean the same thing or very similar to wherever, Look, man it is Salaam, when he was advising his son, what's the term that allow us or who is our elbow, and he was giving his son reminders that the son could implement, take on for the rest of his life and also pass on to his children or the next generation.

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Allah said, Come to this gathering for at least just one remembrance. You don't if you learn one sentence today, you've answered the call of this, if you don't, if you come here, and you're not busy with your cell phone, you put all of that stuff away. You're not sitting at the back and you're just talking. While the hottest speaking, you're trying your very best to listen to what he's got to say. Even if it's totally irrelevant to you, even if you've heard this hold by 100 times. But you come with the heart. And now heart says to you, you know what, I want to hear something about color law or color or pseudo Salalah where it was said that that's the thing that's on your mind. Never

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will you attend to a hotbed, except Allah will give you that reminder and more you'll walk out of this message and any message you go to, and no matter what the topic is, you're going to walk out and you're going to think to yourself, man, that's a perspective I've never thought about. That's something different. You soften your heart, you open your mind, you're here for one purpose is you want to be reminded. This is why some of the element they say that this spot here this position of being a hogtied, it should only be a position where the one who preaches should talk about at least two things, things that surround the heart and things that surround Amen. Politics and problems and

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things like that. They have another stage for that they have other places you can talk about those issues. But on this platform, encourage the people to just stop for a minute and reflect on their faith, their amen with Allah subhanho wa Taala Fest in a victory lap. Here's the next thing about why this is so beautiful. When Allah singles out just one victory.

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it's applicable to every member of the audience. It doesn't matter what your background is, it doesn't matter if this is your first jumar or this is the 10,000th jomar that you've attended. It doesn't matter if you are a scholar, if you're a child, if you're new to Islam, it doesn't matter. The word the killer is applicable to every single Muslim, even a non Muslim who might be sitting and listening to this reminder. Vicar is also for them. Because they might be given a perspective about some part of their life that they haven't thought about.

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This is why this is so crucial when you come to a gathering like this. Now I'm going to pause for a minute and some of you might be wondering, well why why this topic on these blessitt knights of human tomorrow. My brothers and sisters, this is what I'm going to conclude with in the second part of the hopa allies so we'll put barkhane our time. May Allah azzawajal put Baraka in our lives. Yeah, it'll be we asked you to accept from us our cm except from us our pm except from us our do our Allahumma amin Apolo method snom was stopped little lady welcome. When you say it, I'm assuming I mean, clearly them first off hudl in the hall of a formal writing

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Bismillah Alhamdulillah wa Salatu was Salam ala rasulillah word early, he was heavy he woman was buried. So the first purpose is, you come here for the remembrance of Allah. The second etiquette that you really have to take serious listen to the language of this verse

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Fest, our Isla de karela and then weather will be your one thorough weather

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Who Weatherall doesn't mean to just leave off business leave off transaction, be your own literally means transaction. Listen to how this versus speaking to us now, a customer is in your store in your business and he or she is right in front of you. They're about to give you cash, they're about to give you the debit card, just for you to complete that transaction. This area is telling you drop the transaction and run to a lesser remembrance of heinola. This a is saying to you, and the reason why that's so important. That's the most difficult thing to do. You have customers in your store. Allah says, drop all of that, and fess out. first cell is also a verb that's used it if you have

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something in your hand, drop it and run. There's a sense of urgency in this area, you're in transaction, drop it and run to a less remembrance, hasten, hurry up. Don't call all your family members and your friends. Don't try to arrange carpool rides, get there, take the bus, take the subway, figure it out. But just get there and get there as quickly as you can, to the best of your ability daily compiled all upcoming content. That's so much better for you. If you only know, you know what I love about the conclusion of that verse. Allah doesn't tell you how it's better for you. He just says so kind of who what Allah, it's better for you how Leave that to me, I'll deal with

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that. All I need you to do is just make the effort and get here. So my brothers and sisters, the reason why I have chosen this mold or this hot topic for all of us here in these blessed days of these blessing nights of Chabot, Ramadan,

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is that sometimes?

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Actually not sometimes more often than not?

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Muslims Get lost.

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When they're talking about Ramadan, they're talking about all the food elements of Ramadan, of reflecting and thinking about the poor, the needy, giving up there's a cat donating to the massage doing all of these wonderful, great acts of charity. Looking at how I can still balance a healthy diet and fast at the same time. These are all healthy and good topics all of us should be aware of. But don't forget the priority. The priority of aroma bond is to remember that your life is running out. A lie Zilla Gil said what allows sort of Allah swore by time you know what the answer is in the Quran. Aside from the word I'll see you what, which means freshly squeezed juice. In other words,

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your life is being squeezed one drop at a time. The next time you see an orange or a grapefruit or lemon being squeezed in front of you. And you look at all of the juice coming out. You look at that stuff. Guess what happens? Now the lemon starts becoming a hopa to you, it starts talking to you. Because you see your whole life falling apart. You see your whole life dripping one drop at a time you see an orange being squeezed in front of you look at the orange and next thing in the orange becomes a thicket of Allah subhana wa Tada. That's my life. And that's your life. All the young people here, my shell, lots of watercolor, the last thing that I want to say and I'm done.

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Stop thinking if you're one of those young people that thinks that they have their whole life ahead of them, stop doing that. Stop thinking that you can always change later on. You know what you need to do. If you think that way about your life, like every Friday, your your mind goes into TGI f thank god, it's Friday, you're thinking about what you want to do later on this evening, what kind of games you want to play, how you want to chill with your friends, where restaurants you want to go to, etc, etc. If that's the thing that you're thinking about every Friday? Well, here's the problem with that. And parents try to consider doing this. Take your kids to a cemetery. If you happen to be

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passing by a cemetery, just drop in.

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You don't have to go to the Muslim section or anything. The first grave You see, park your car there, get your kids out and start walking around and look at the dates of when this person was alive when they were born and when they died. And look for the graves that have the latest date of death. In other words, somebody was born 2015 and died 2016

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that is the reminder that especially young people need even some adults are guilty of this. But young people need that as well and show them look. This person only lived on earth for one year. You don't have time in your life to mess around and to just chill every single chance you get. Take your life seriously give up the nightlife if you're one of those individuals that a normal time you're still in Netflix sing every night. You need to delete those apps. If you're one of those that even in the Juma you're still going through your pictures and your gallery and you're showing the buddy beside you. You got to get your life

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Seriously, or else this whole normal dawn and this Jumeirah and everything else becomes a waste of time. May Allah azza wa jal put Baraka in our time. May Allah azza wa jal continue to increase our faith in our Amen. And my brothers and sisters, I can conclude and I say May Allah azza wa jal continue to accept from us our doors, male allies will forgive us of our mistakes and our shortcomings. Yoda be we ask you in this blessed month of these blessed days, to cause us to be amongst those that will see and recognize and take advantage of Laila to harder May Allah azza wa jal causes of people that we stand and we pray and we cry, and we supplicate to him on the days of

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later to Qatar, whatever they may be, may Allah so he will put bottlecap in our time yeah don't be put Baraka in our time when there is but okay in our time, there is but okay in our lives, may Allah azza wa jal bless us and except from us, I love them and we send peace and blessings to our source on our tour Obi wasallam ya can Marana subhanho wa Taala Phaeton z in aloha omega he can use alone Island Navy. Yeah, he Latina and it was Sunday early he was suddenly more Taslima Allahumma salli. ala Mohammed while early Mohammed can also lead our labor our hemo either early Ibrahima in the middle Majeed, a lot muffet and Muslim. Meanwhile, Muslim men when Moby Nina will move minute Allah

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here even home while Mr. inika kariba semi or Mooji Buddha our Allahumma in ananas local Jenna or montcada Robert E. Lee Herman polad Ahmed on the becoming a narrow marketer Robert E. Lee Herman kolding. Oh, I'm an author of banner ad Tina Fey Jr. has an awful lot. He has an joaquina either, but now soprano Baker obey Larissa Tiana, your seafood our Solomon Island Marina Welcome to Linda European Dr. Levine. Welcome, sir.

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