Two Reasons Why Forgiving Others Is Good For You

Musleh Khan


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The speaker discusses the healing process of forgiveing one's actions and the importance of finding one's reward in one's heart. They also mention the reward of fasting and the importance of finding one's own reward in one's heart.

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When you forgive, there's an internal healing that takes place. You know how we say you can you bury the hatchet. You know, even experts, when they sit and they listen to our problems is one of the first things they say to you let it go, you'll feel better. And it's actually quite true even from an Islamic point of view, when you can let things go, it helps you to heal inside the anxiety, the discomfort slowly starts to go away. And finally, brothers and sisters, our scholars tell us that one of the greatest reasons why you should always do your best to forgive is that remember the area the reward is with Allah. Can you imagine that?

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We know the rewards, or at least some of them for the basic deeds we do day to day. We know some of the rewards for fasting, we know some of the rewards for Salah and all of the other EBA done, but the thing that we interact with every single day if you find it deep in your heart, to just always and forever get along with one another. Allah says Men Subhanallah Your reward is with me. That's personal. There's only one act of worship that Allah subhanho wa Taala said the same thing about which was the Ramadan fast. For interval li what Ana edisi be the Prophet alayhi salat wa salam say your Ramadan fast. Oh, that's for me and I will reward you with that.