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Muhammad Alshareef
AI: Summary © V Visionaryair reminded its customers of its 10-year program, which provides opportunities for individuals to develop dreaming projects through committed action. The program is designed to give people the opportunity to see their dream come to life and develop their life through visionary dashboards. The benefits of visionary dadage include a renewed focus on concentration, a higher level of concentration in visionary dadage, and the need to take advantage of " sighting your dream doors" and create a " sighting your dream doors" experience.
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Salam Alaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh, this Maha ministry, and let me introduce you to visionair Ramadan, we're going to be doing one of the most foundational glob programs you will ever experience. And that is called visionair Ramadan. Now let me just give you a little background about making dot and Ramadan. When I was a little kid, just 11 years old, I made dua to Allah Subhana Allah data to bless me to memorize the Quran in two years or less. That happened when I was 11 years old. And it fundamentally changed my life and how I look at Da so for the last 10 years, every time Ramadan comes along, I put aside some time to get clear and get focused on the dream drawers that I

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want to be making in this blessed month of Ramadan. Now this retreat that I'm talking about, it's an actual physical retreat that I actually do more than once a year. And in the past year, we've done it in places like Scotland, we've done it in Niagara Falls, we did it in Banff, we did it in our man, and we wanted to do it in Mecca and Medina. It's an actual physical retreat. But when we told everybody about the Mecca and Medina physical retreat, the hotel prices were crazy. The transportation prices were crazy. Everything was becoming so massive. And this isn't just a three day type of program in Makkah, we were planning to go there for the entire month. And it was

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becoming too impossible for too many people to make it happen. So I took a step back. And I said, How can we make this accessible to more people? How can more people benefit. And so I decided to launch visionair Ramadan online. Now there's a reason why I don't do visionair online or I used to not do visionair online, I believe that in order for your dream to us to work in order for this system to work. Step number one is that you need to go somewhere inspirational. But when I was faced with this Ramadan challenge that people couldn't come to Mecca to share with me in this visionary retreat, I asked myself, is there another way to get inspired other than going to a location? And I

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believe the answer to that question is yes, a person can get inspired, not necessarily by a location, but by a time of the year. And that time of the year is Ramadan. And that time is upon us. Some people have been taking visionair with me in all the locations that I've taught it, whether it's Scotland or BAM for an Ironman they've been going to all these programs. And they asked me this question, is it the same content? And the answer is, yes, it is the same content, because there's something fundamentally different about visionair Ramadan, that's different from the other programs that you've taken is that it's not about the content. It's about the experience. It's about the

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retreat, if you will, it's about the moment of you taking committed action to develop your doors to word your doors to decide what it is that you want to be making dua for there was a sister online, who asked me this question. She said, Doesn't anybody say anything negative about this program? And I thought she was a student and I felt bad. I'm like, what she thinks the program isn't that great or something like one student out of like hundreds and hundreds of students and I so I contacted her and I said, What's the deal? And so she told me that No, she isn't a student. She's just seen so many people speak so highly of this program, visionary Ramadan, she just couldn't imagine that there

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wasn't anybody negative out there. So I said you know what, registered for the program and you see how it goes this sister who goes by the name Julie bhiva, I was really keen to see at the end of visionary Ramadan last year, how things had turned out for her and as everybody started giving in their testimonials and how their life has changed, and how some of the drugs had already been answered. I was waiting to hear from Julie Viva And subhanAllah she sent a message in the testimonials that was right after the event. But few months later, she sent me a message that after visionair Ramadan she had gotten married and they now have a house and all these beautiful things

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Allah subhana Donna had opened the door for her as she made dua to Allah subhanaw taala and Allah answered those doors to now let me share with you the key things that you're going to experience with me in this upcoming visionair Ramadan number one visionair Ramadan will give you clarity in your life. Now when it comes to clarity it wasn't necessarily something that I was aiming for when I designed this visionary Ramadan program. But as I started hearing so many testimonials, person after person and brother after sister

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I would say that I now have clarity in my life. So I asked myself the question, Where does this clarity come from that you're learning. And I realized that when somebody gets clear about the concrete things that they want to make dua for their dream dries, then the necessity after that is that they have clarity in their life. So one of the most amazing things that you'll benefit from visionary Ramadan is having crystal clear clarity in your life. The next thing that you're going to experience in visionary Ramadan, is a renewed and a higher level of concentration, or who sure in Salah Now, where does this crucial come from? Remember back in our video series, I was saying how a

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person if they have an exam the next day, they make dua in such an intense way, right? They have for sure they have concentration in that prayer because they have an exam the next day. Well, what visionary Ramadan is giving you is the opportunity to find dogs that you care about as much as you care about that exam. So that same feeling of when you were younger in High School University, that feeling of intense concentration, and Huzoor and connection with Allah subhanaw taala. Now you have some more doors at that level of inspiration that you can now bring into your Salah. So you can spend more time in your search to spend more time in your Doha and take your door and push you to

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another level. The next thing that you're going to benefit from this amazing visionary Ramadan experience is your dream Diaz realized. Now here's the thing about da I tell people that as long as I make da I don't care about the DA being answered, like I said that you have certainty in your da it's not a problem whether dogs answered sooner or later that's in the hands of Allah subhanaw Donna, what's in my hands is that I do the best job I could possibly do in making the DUA. Now having said that, that leaving the answering of the dua to Allah Subhanallah Donna, imagine you're coming with six dream to us. You finish visionary Ramadan, you're making darts consistent. Even

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after Ramadan, you're continuing with these doors that you were inspired with in Ramadan time, and some of those doors are answered sooner, some might be answered later. But realize these are your dream doors. And if Allah subhanaw taala answers them, then you're living your dreams. Subhanallah compare that to somebody who hasn't really understood the power of DHA and really isn't taking advantage of the DHA. And when they look at their life and say, Hey, things aren't that great, dude, you need to go back to your dogs and fix them up and be part of an experience that real resurrects if you will, the power of your dog. And finally, we all know that Ramadan is a window of

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inspirational opportunity. Everybody gets recharged, everybody starts reading more Quran, everybody's going for Tuttle, we and everything's great, but in that window of opportunity, you need to take advantage to design your demise. Because after the inspirational moment is after, if you ask yourself, what do you want to make dua for you be like, I don't know, you know, for lunch or something like that, which is not a problem. But you're not going to come up with the dream doors. You got to be in the moment with people who are like you and they're committed and there's deadlines and they're coming forward to dream two hours. They've done it, they've gone to inspirational places

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in inspirational times during Ramadan, and you will too because when we're all committed in this visionary Ramadan, it's a group of people all committed to designing the most fantastic dream doors for themselves. Let me tell you that for myself. If I want this to be the best Ramadan ever, I need to make sure that I spend all my effort and focus on perfecting my dua to Allah subhanaw taala. And I do that by being inspired and inspired in different ways. Whether that's the location at the masjid, or if I can get to go to the Capitol, wherever inspirational place there is, being with inspirational people and online you're gonna have hundreds of brothers and sisters all coming

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together trying to perfect their da and you'll also be in an inspirational time, which is Ramadan, leading up to the last two nights of Ramadan. All of these things start building up the inspirational window that Ramadan comes along and then boom, we hit it with the visionary Ramadan, all of us enter into last nights of Ramadan raising our hands to Allah subhanaw taala with the best dua ever or dreamed eyes, making it the best Ramadan. This is Mohammed Al Sharif and I look forward to seeing you in this visionary Ramadan experience as salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.

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