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Everyone asking about taraweeh and whether I can follow the Imam via TV or Internet. I pray this brings clarity to the issue. Enjoy.

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So Mr. Lee Kumar to let your better care to everyone Mr. Lowe hamdu Lillah, WA Salatu, salam, ala rasulillah. Lots of things happening around the world but to add to this pandemic, now, the deadliest mass shooting in Canada in Nova Scotia, taking the lives of 18 to 19 people and apparently there are even more victims, a loved one will Stein Allah help us, you would think for a moment that because we're in such a state, the entire world is on lockdown. And, you know, this pandemic continues to spread and take the lives of hundreds and 1000s of people. And you know, what's really, really interesting and even more frightening is that now the cases are coming closer to home. Maybe

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most of you and I'm using my words very carefully, maybe most of you who are listening to this, either know, somebody personally that has the Coronavirus that had it, or they had passed away from it. And they could be literally like a close friend, a colleague, or maybe even somebody in your family. And that's where it's at. Now, you think that despite all of this, that we will all get that wake up call. And we would all really rethink and create this renewed sense of appreciation and gratitude for each other and for life. But within all of these beautiful people around the world, there's always that one evil shaytaan that one evil devil that goes above and beyond beyond to do

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the worst of the worst crimes and take the lives of these innocent people for nothing. And I just want to begin by saying they Allah subhanho wa Taala give patience and strength to the families of these victims. And in sha Allah hoteller I pray that Allah reunites you with your loved ones, in a place and in a time that is pleasing to Him alone. I mean, that's really the first thing the second thing is a lot of you asked me about Ramadan, and thought are we had so on. Look there, this is still a big debate to this is still a subject that scholars across the globe are talking about. For the most part, nobody has really issued an official fatwa from a large body or a council, whether

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you are allowed to follow the man on the screen and do your total work that way. Now with that being said, there are a couple of things that you should be aware of that you should keep in mind. Remember that put all we is not a follow to prayer, it is not a wish to have prayer, it's enough that meaning you can do it, you will get rewarded. You don't do it in sha Allah, there is no punishment for it. But with that being said, also keep in mind the Prophet alayhi salaatu wa Salaam did tell us that whoever stands up, amen and whacky seven, with faith and with optimism of ofuro, Allah who might have condemned them in them be then all of their sins will be forgiven for them. And

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put all we carries that blessing in that honor. Now, having said all of that, remember the total we have several names. It's called Total Li. It's also called to head Jude, it's also called pm late. So these are all the exact same thing. And what you can do this Ramadan where our focus and our attention should be, is trying to pray alone or as a family. You know, just yesterday, a couple of us we were talking and we were saying that, you know, over the years, the Tuttle we in particular, it's almost become like this ritual more so than anything else, that you get dressed, you go to the masjid. And a lot of people that I meet every single year are very proud and they Pat themselves on

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the back, that they have never missed a rock out of total week. They're not they're not shy, or afraid to admit that to anybody. And they still carry some of the worst characteristics in terms of, excuse me, the worst qualities in terms of mannerisms, terms of etiquettes it's like the puddle which was nothing more than just cardiovascular exercise for them, but they're really proud of that, you know, I get it. I'm not one to judge. No one can judge that. But I'm just saying that when you engrossed yourself in something, that kind of spiritual upliftment, that kind of exercise, and you do it every single day. Just think about it. You pray puddle we every day for 30 days or 29 days.

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And whether you pray eight or 20 little cards, more of that or less of that. You're talking about hundreds of little cards that are all no actually little cards, like they're just a voluntary prayers that you're submitting to a lot. You can go back and tweak it you can go back and change it or do anything to it. Okay, fine. So you submit that to Allah, but your character hasn't been refined your closeness and relationship with Allah

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hasn't gotten any stronger. Your knowledge of the deen your knowledge of who Allah is the one you've been bowing to, and prostrating to that many times in one month, you don't really know him any better than you did prior to Ramadan. When you look at all of those areas, and you factor those things in, you got to really understand just exactly what your focus is on here. Are you missing the relationship that you get from the actual total we experience? Or are you just missing the idea that the ritual of being able to leave the house, get dressed, go listen to pseudos, you don't know how to read, listen to the court, and you can't understand, make sure you get the numbers down and just

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go home? And it's Al Hamdulillah? Yeah, that was good. Let's do it again. So if you can bring some clarity to exactly where your concentration on, then guess what you'll know the answer to this question. What am I going to do with thought all week comes? Or I don't know much more, and I haven't memorized? How am I going to pretend there is no such thing as a sort of tahajjud. There's no one specific sorta there's no amount of suitors that had you is called the head Jude, which comes from Java or Java, which means something that's difficult. The hardship into Hadoop is not restricted to the amount of core n you recite. But the hedgehog is also when it print when you pray.

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And the amount of raw cards are infinite, they're endless, you can make it as much or as little as you want, that's hard to do. When you're doing it in the middle of the night, that's hard to do. And then if you when it comes to the actual recitation, that are that are unanimously,

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they have unanimously agreed for ages, that you can recite any sort of sorta that you want. It's soon now it's recommended that if you know some of the longer solos, that you're recite some of the longer students because that's more of what the prophet i think is selected was to them in his companions that but he himself Salalah Harada, who was selling them also educated us and told us that not everybody is going to know the poor and not everybody is going to be a scholar of this Deen. But we are all students of knowledge when it comes to this religion. And so with that being said, whatever core and you know, just recite it, even if you have to recite poldhu, a low ad, every

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single worker, then you're standing might be a little shorter. But guess what, make your real core longer, make your sujood longer, make your doors longer. And so you can at least compensate from what you're losing in the recitation in other places that bring you close to Allah anyway. And remember, the close knit the closest position that we are in when it comes to being close to Allah subhanho wa Taala? In the prayers, of course, the sujood what they were reciting sujood, is there any poor and Institute No, and Allah says you're closest to me there. So I think it's this about about really shifting our concentration, our priorities where they need to be. And you'll find that

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when you do that, the whole experience of what I'm all done, won't be the same. It'll be 100 times better in sha Allah hotelera. So what I tell Muslims and I tell my students is stop focusing on issues that you and I, as average layman people can't resolve. These are oma wide issues when it comes to the jomar and virtual Juma experience when it comes to the total weekend the same, just leave that for now the scholars that are talking about it, I can assure you, I am part of councils, I am part of massive WhatsApp groups that involves shooting an amendment and specialists from across the world. And I can tell you, these subjects are the priority, they are talking about it literally

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every single day. So having said that, whatever they issue in terms of an official efectiva you'll start to see that when large bodies do that other large councils and bodies and massage it will follow along. But in the meantime, stop worrying about this stuff, man. Just focus on your relationship with Allah. And you as an individual. Pretend that you're standing in front of Allah, you can call a no counsel, you can call him this factor or that it's just you and Allah just focus on that. That's the first and most difficult lesson that all of us have to grapple with. So in order that we can get back to where we should be which is just concentrate on the fast concentrate on

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Ramadan on the prayer and do it to the best of your ability in shallow Tara like promised you guys. The lady Tyler you will not regret it. I personally believe that the essence the sweetness, okay. The sweetness.

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of worship is when it's done individually. That's where the real blessing that's where the tears come out. That's where the concentration is at its fullest. You don't have to worry about somebody shoving you, somebody who smells somebody who's taking too long. What's wrong with the man? Why is his rocker so long? When is he going to go that you don't have to worry about none of those things anymore. You can just pray, take your time, after Takara to get a little tired, go get something to eat, go get something to drink, take your time, you can make that resting period as long as you want, and you get right back into it. And if you're somebody like me what I like to do, and I'm

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going to admit this, I mean, you know, it's unprecedented time. So we should probably share a little bit of some of our secrets to encourage each other. When it comes to me. And how I pray my thought all we heard might I had children, things like that is I will recite a certain amount, I'm not going to tell you how much I do. I'm going to recite a certain amount every tool at all costs, like I will have mentally where I want to stop and where I want to continue. But then sometimes when I get to a suta, that's tricky for me, I will split that up and review the pages that I want to restate in those two cards. And I'll try to recite them. And then I'll go back before I do the other two way

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before I continue with that. I will review those two, three or 910 pages, whatever I want to recite, I'll review at once, close the port and and get back into the next one I've had so it's fresh in my memory. And that's how I keep myself going. I know what probably some of you might be thinking, can I hold the poor and then and recite from it as I'm reading? 200 100%? Yes, you can recite the old poor and in tune records if you want whatever you want to do. But absolutely remember, when it comes to nefyn prayers, the rules are a little bit different. They're a little bit loosened in terms of some of the things that you're allowed to do in knuffle prayers that you wouldn't be allowed to do

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in father prayers. Okay, guys, so just keep that in mind. Make this religion easy for yourself men and keep the experience individually as strong as possible. For every individual that increases and uplifts themselves. We become stronger as a gemera as a community and when the community is strong, the entire owner is strong. So we're in a golden opportunity in sha Allah to work on ourselves and our families so that our communities in our own world will become that much better and Shalom. I think that's all that I want to say for now. Hello, hi and thank you all for listening. And I guess I will talk to you again. So I'm running kombucha Tula heat water kettle