Mirza Yawar Baig – 2021 Challenges and Solutions #07

Mirza Yawar Baig
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hola rahim al hamdu lillahi rabbil alameen wa salatu was salam o allah shalom be able mousseline muhammad rasul allah is allah haile he was able to sell them this lemon because he ran cathedra from nevada my dear brothers and sisters are hungry today i got my first

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COVID shots the pfizer vaccine we ask allah subhanaw taala to free us from this

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baba free us from this pandemic and to make it safe once again for us to meet and greet and travel and

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do all the wonderful things that we used to do before with the additional benefit of having learnt to be grateful for them i think that is the biggest lesson that this pandemic has taught us or at least taught anyone who is thoughtful enough to anyone who has the capacity and the intention to think

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the importance of being thoughtful and

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subhanallah it's the human condition that we tend to miss things and we tend to be to suddenly become aware of them only when we lose them and hamdulillah allah subhanaw taala

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taught us this lesson we ask allah subhana allah for his mercy now

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more or different from his mercy to relieve us from this and relive the whole world from this inshallah

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in today's hotbar which is the second last of the series inshallah

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i want to talk to you about the challenges that face us and will face us going forward

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from 2021 onwards and

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the final challenge that all this will pose is for education especially islamic education to train graduates who can understand the world and interpret it in the light of the quran and sunnah

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the key to leadership is to differentiate because differentiation creates brand brand inspires loyalty loyalty enables influence to influence is to lead allah subhanaw taala centers to show the way

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a way that enables success in dunya and after success in this life and in the hereafter

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let me remind myself when you that you get even if you know the path you can stand and look at a path all day but at the end of the day you will still be in the same place to go anywhere it's not enough to know the right path we need to walk we need to progress islam is the path but we must work on it

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not just study it talk about it look at it but not walk on it

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that won't work

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not to try to change it or make our own path away from it islam is a tried and tested path to success chosen for all of mankind by our creator allah subhana danijela de lado who knows what and who he created and what is best for them that is our fundamental creed we believe that allah knows what is best

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and last ramadan reminded us and told us we're assa and takara huseyin wahoo hydro local vasa and hibou cheyenne whoa whoa shadow loco well la jolla alamo one dome ladder alamo instead of the bucket allah spirit allah said it is possible that you like something but there is harm in it for you and it is possible that you dislike something but there is benefit in it for you and allah knows and you do not know so we trust allah and if allah tells us that something is good we accept it even if we don't always understand how it is good

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and muslims believe this and we thank allah allah for showing us the way to connect ourselves to him gelatin allahu anhu is messenger muhammad rasul allah is allah allah haile he while he was over salah and this is especially critical given that even as we speak our youth globally are getting ever more disconnected from our ola and massagin they were always disconnected from the modalities except those who studied there and their families well the rest islamic education is a mystery which most are not even interested enough to solve most of us are donors to mothers in this country and other countries

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if i asked you to name three books that are taught in the curriculum in the mother so you do need to can you do it the three books if i ask you what the curriculum is designed to prepare the students for

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Can you tell me?

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I'm not criticizing modalities? I'm asking you as donors. Do you know what you are supporting? Are you satisfied with the results? Do you check the results? Please continue to support but don't do it passively. Ask questions, it is your money and you have a right to know what is happening to it.

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It is our current education system that separated Allah subhanho wa Taala from his creation and created the gulf between the and dunya. Forgetting or ignoring the deen is the name of the method of negotiating the dunya. The two are not only interlinked, but one has no meaning without the other. There is no Dean in the grave.

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And there is no dunya in the

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dunya is the canvas for us to write our destiny in the acara when Rasul Allah is or solamente primary Salam on the seventh heaven, during his ascension in his rival mirage. He privately said he told us sallallahu Sallam that the Bible is Salam said to him, tell you a follower Yama Hamas or Salam that the journal has beautiful, fertile land and good water. But it's a flat open plain. Tell them that they must plant the trees and gardens there. Every Subhan Allah is a tree. Every Alhamdulillah is a tree. Every Allahu Akbar is a tree.

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As soon as someone told us in the famous Hadees in Missouri Dr. Muhammad, that if he decides or the last 10 times Allah subhanho wa Taala will build as a palace in general. He said if you recite sort of the last 10 times Allah will build you one palace engine if you decided 20 times you will build your two palaces john, if you resided 30 times he will build you three palaces, john says in our

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era, then we will build many palaces also observed Allah subhanho wa Taala. His generosity and his treasures are more than that

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are unlimited. You can recite as much as you want.

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In another heavy snow globe said the dunya is the tillage of the adonia. Well, Missouri will welcome our panelists.

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But tell me Is this a message that you received through your childhood and youth, from whoever taught you Quran, or in the Hadith that you listen to? In Juma in your massages?

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Even those who did? Who even those who did tell you this, did that translate effort that builds the Astra has anything other than a weather?

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anyone tell you that if you become if you became a scientist or physician or surgeon, or created a global business or became a pilot or astronaut, that could be an equally valid route to Jannah as someone who became a special becomes a specialist in Islamic sciences? If not, ask why not?

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If the if this division was true, between the dunya and the acara.

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Between Deen and dunya if there were two different things, then how do you explain and what lesson we learn from the lives of Sahaba who were promised Jana in this life itself, so we know that they were successful. So Sahaba like Abrahamic

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and Osman Mina phenomenon, people who are big businessmen, in today's terms, they were the equal equalent or more than the big names that we take today as billionaires. The short answer is that what matters is not what you do. But whether you will do it according to the orders of Allah Subhana Allah and the Sunnah of Rasulullah sallallahu sallam. Islam does not close our options to participate in the world, but gives us the criteria on which to base our decisions. The reality is that only those who know both worlds can bridge the gap. That is what we need today to interpret Islam in the light of modern reality. Allah data centers to show the world the way to live in this

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life, not to reject the world and leave the leadership to those who don't know Islam. That's how we lost the plot. It's not the fault of the teachers, or at least not entirely, they can only teach what they were taught. Therein lies the story of our slavery from the time Andalusia, fell in the 13th century. Today we are in the 21st century.

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We divorced our religion from the world and the world forgot about us. We created a priestly class, in a religion that has no clergy and no church. And thereby, we gave the average Muslim

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an excuse for not learning his religion, even though to learn was fourth obligatory on them the basics. I'm not talking about becoming movies, the basics. Let us ask ourselves how many of our children know a gamble, Jenna is the rules for preparing a body for burial? How many of our children know how to give us awesome, and to put the cover and to read salado gerasa and to put us in our grips,

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and then ask why not?

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The best person to do our last rites is our own child. Because the daughter of the bereaved is something that allows for her that accepts, but instead, strangers prepare the body. And we ask any mom to do the janazah for our father or mother. Not because we believe the others are more pious, because big but because we don't know what to do.

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Let me ask you another question. How many of your children can do

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can conduct a job and I'm not talking about making big speeches I'm talking about the rise of Juma

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how many of your children can lead Salah?

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Do they know the Messiah of Salah? Do they know enough Quran to be able to do

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and then forgive my impertinence? How many of you know all these things? Like I will July's Juma Salah How many times have I seen people grown people who pray regularly in the masjid, you ask them to call the other and they do it wrong. You ask them to call the karma they do it wrong.

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How many of us and our children know how to recite the Quran correctly. I'm not saying you have to be an expert in 30 days Okay, so you make some mistakes, okay, because of your your nationality. And you're some other language that you are used to some of the letters you mispronounce but do even know that you're making a mistake

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whose responsibility is run these things?

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We cannot blame the Allah for this.

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Do we go to them? Do we ask them

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which was which was the prerogative of the ruler became restricted to to rock out of Salah. Tragically, the educational regime that produces such graduates is highly truncated, restricted to the mother of the mother's authorities and the equalent at most of a secondary school qualification, yet, the graduates are called Ali mowlana chef,

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having spent their formative years in this regime they emerge with attitudes which are detrimental to future learning. And since they do not have the basics to enter the world of so called secular education, they can't earn a university degree. It's a very raw deal for these poor students, as well as for the society we are meant to serve.

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islamically speaking we ended up with two factions, those who have little or no idea of how the world runs, and out of the anxiety that produces they reject the world to varying degrees.

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bravado, disguises fear. So these people disparage science and treat scientific and other civil education with disdain. A little do they consider that they do not even understand what they are discarding.

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They create a set of blind followers who believe them irrespective of whatever evidence is produced before them.

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The reluctance in Muslim countries for example, to vaccinate against illness is a case in point. in several countries, Muslims refuse to vaccinate their children against polio and condemned them to live with deformed limbs, lifelong polio has been eradicated except in Muslim lands. Today we are seeing the same resistance to the COVID vaccine

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for them, for such people,

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this blind followers, what their chosen religious leader says has more weight than the Quran, or Sona or science says people have great difficulty relating to the world and its emerging realities and challenges. The other group on the other hand, are those who want to change Islam and make it more user friendly. There are those who consider themselves on par with if not superior to the classical scholars, including the Sahaba for Salah who learned Islam directly from him.

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These people seem to believe that Islam and its theology is so simple, that it needs no preparation to understand and that anyone without even the basic knowledge of Arabic as a language, which is the language of the Quran and Sunnah can understand and interpret both freely. You will recognize such people by the preamble to almost everything

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They say which is in my opinion,

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is that is a religion which is based on the book of Allah, as communicated and interpreted by His messenger Muhammad Rasulullah sallallahu it was,

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which was done according to the other revelation which he received, which is called what he heard about law, the heydays of resources. That is the only opinion which counts in Islam. I say that with full knowledge of both edema and chaos, because both are bound by the Quran and Sunnah.

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They operate within the boundaries of the book of Allah. And the teachings of Russell realized

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anyone's personal opinion has no standing in Islam, if it is not supported by the Quran, and Sunnah.

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Both of these positions, the ones who reject science, and the ones who want to change Islam, both these positions are wrong. Both positions are an indication of a lack of understanding of what Islam is, and is meant to be. Both ignore the fact that Islam is the deen that Allah subhanaw taala chose for us and Allah knows everything until the end of time. So something that he chose cannot become outdated or need changing. We cannot create change from positions of fearfulness and apology. We need confidence, which can only come with knowledge, real knowledge, rooted in experience and a personal connection with Allah subhanho wa Taala.

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As I quoted in last Juma, the enemy of knowledge is not ignorance, but the illusion of knowledge. We need change, not incremental gradual change, but total fundamental transformation will change, not in Islam, but in our approach to it, in how we teach us

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what we teach, and those who teach it. We need this urgently. What remains unchanged is the book of Allah subhanho wa Taala. And the teachings of his messenger Muhammad Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi salam do Hadees also Salah what must change is how we teach, and learn these in ways that open the doors of our minds and hearts and show us how to leverage our heavenly assets to show the world the way into a future that is free from injustice and greed and misery and suffering. That is the best

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one that you can see an experience. This is a desperate need without which we will continue to produce RMR who find it increasingly difficult to influence others or to bring about change in our society that needs changing very badly. Even more alarmingly, the gulf between the oil ama and our youth and others will continue to widen until bridging it will become impossible, and the religion will get totally divorced from the reality of life. History is witness. I don't want I don't want to strike a negative note. Let me assure you that the future is as bright or can be as bright as we want to make it.

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We need our scholars. We need them to be able to relate to us and to our children. But how all change begins with the acceptance of the need to change, not with denial.

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In my next talk by Joel I will speak to you about what needs to be done. We can choose to remain as we are consumers, victims, and pawns in someone else's chess game. Or we can choose to change and once again become contributors to the world. It's our life. We must make the choices. The destiny that opens for us will depend on which door we choose to open and that is what we will be questioned about when we meet Allah subhanho wa Jalla Jalla Jalla

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Ravana boquillas Ruben our coffee rasa Yachty aloevera atina dounia Hassan Otto Villa

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was Allah Allah Allah Allah will Karim Allah Allah He was average made. Ramadan rahimian was Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.

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