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Studying to argue


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The speakers discuss the use of harangue language in the Quran and how it can be used to extract benefits from the book of Allah. They stress that individuals should not seek knowledge to gain power or fame, but rather learn to showcase their best. The importance of finding the right people to support one's beliefs and achieving their goals is emphasized. The segment also touches on the concept of "fit and not fit" in relation to personal experiences and behaviors, and the importance of learning from past experiences to improve one's behavior.

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After praising Allah subhanaw taala and, and sending him in screeching and salutations upon the final prophet muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa early was seldom continuing our journey looking at unfortunately, hypocritical practices. And maybe for some of us, it may sound strange to be discussing elements of defalco hypocrisy. But maybe this might be the ideal opportunity in this placid month of Ramadan to cleanse ourselves and to cleanse our hearts. And as we mentioned many times, as the Quran begins by speaking about suffer to munaf pain, the characteristics of the hypocritical individuals, less we don't fall into following those individuals, so that this becomes

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an ideal opportunity in solitude to reflect upon our lives, to reflect upon the actions that we carry out and the intent of our actions. And thus, now we can begin to understand how some of the works of the pious predecessors have mentioned how many of them spent 3040 years 50 years, not thinking of any action, except for reflecting and pondering over it. What was the intent of carrying out this action, so amongst unfortunately, to use such harsh words, hypocritical actions that we find, as mentioned, in explicit Hadith of the Prophet sallallahu sallam, as we stopped upon practicing, not practicing what we preach, we mentioned that the example given towards the end of

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sutler off of this individual know how an individual last panda describes his individual as being like a dog, which is derogatory to describe a human being in such a manner. But this individual, because of prestige and honor that was given to this individual did not fulfill that. As we mentioned, McCarthy mentioned who this individual was where he's from the people of Moosa, but putting that all aside, the main theme or the main understanding from these are yet is that this person was not practicing what they were preaching, they don't live true to the message or the knowledge or laws pandadoc bestowed upon this individual and knowledge can be cannot be quantified

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knowledge can be small amount, a large amounts, all of us can fall prey to that, that is more knowledge that we have, we don't implement that so it becomes an evidence against us. And then it concluded by mentioning Fox sociol Casa de la lomita Corona right to them the stories that they may begin to ponder and to reflect. And this is possibly something that we as Muslims, especially living inside the West, we don't understand the Quran. We don't live the Quran we can't seem to delve into deeper understanding of the Quran is just a glossary reading a tertiary reading of the Quran, we're not able to delve deep. And to extract the for why the Quran as I mentioned will tell hickmott

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avocado to hiren kathira Amaya Dr. Al Bab whoever is given wisdom has been given immense goodness, wisdom is extraction from the Quran, understanding the Quran able to be applied to Quran and the life in the world that we live in many of us we can read many of us we can study and there's been many who've done that. But to be able to extract the benefits of the Quran the impact of Quran not many are able to achieve that. We ask a lot of it we pray We ask Allah to make us amongst those individuals who are able to extract benefits from the book of Allah subhanaw taala. So as we mentioned, some of us we seek knowledge, this glorious knowledge of Allah subhanaw taala because we

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know that knowledge is something from Allah subhanaw taala when you rely upon DRC attributed to him I'm sure very when you mentioned lines of poetry about a man walking or a man walking aerated is mentioned that the Nomura philosopher in light of Allah Subhana Allah is not given to a person who disobeys Allah subhanaw taala. And disobedience is many forms amongst disobedience that we find is the person seeks knowledge to show off to argue, which it sounds maybe strange for some of us, but it's a fact that an environment that we live in that people seek knowledge for other intent, they may have begun with a good intent but that intent begins to go away fade away, and it becomes

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something else in society as we begin to visualize. Knowledge is something which beneficial to oneself beneficial to other individuals. Knowledge whereby a person isn't wasting their time, isn't studying or looking at things that have no impact upon their life, or it doesn't concern them at that moment in time, or delve deep into topics that that doesn't really affect the society around them or doesn't concern the people around them. That we find that our rasuna fellow people are deeply grounded inside, not inside their knowledge and their understanding. They know what knowledge to extract what to benefit their lives and how to benefit other individuals. Does we find this

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hadith today, let alone a tuber who've been around aroma. don't study knowledge that you may begin to compete with the cinema with the scholars while at little movie sofa. And likewise, don't study knowledge to to argue with the ignorant and foolish individuals, or even here meaning those who don't know who don't seem to understand what are the hydro bill majorities. I don't seek knowledge that people may give you prestige and honor when you enter into into a gathering. That is more street that people recognize your pure person. So I will no more

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A person who should be given due reverence should be given to you from under from unfair for Allah delic for narrow enough. So whoever wants to achieve that inside their life then the fire the fire for such an individual. Once again such harsh words of the Prophet alayhi salatu salam ala had eaten certain of even magic even though some are llama make some minor critique of this was other element checked all these ahaadeeth and said it becomes acceptable and authentic narration that you find similar to this and Rb hurayrah. Are they allowed to call called Rasulullah sallallahu Sallam unternehmen mimma Utica b1 from LA whoever seeks knowledge which is to be sought seeking the face of

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Allah Subhana Allah laietana Moon in Leo Shree Bobby arada mina dunya, but they seek this knowledge for the intent of some prestige of this world. Some benefit of the world, maybe praise of the people a position or rank, a status a title is given to us individually. lamjao, erfolgen, naty Yama, Yama, bjarni, area three,

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this person won't even smell that they gained paradise the fragrance of paradise. We know that fragrance of Paradise can be smelled from many, many miles away. This fragrance of Paradise had Nathan's in a sort of a bedeviled animal, Timothy, the Hoover doesn't seek to rectify the intention. They're going to be far away from Paradise, beginning may or may have been that they're trying to enter into paradise. But Allah, Allah, may Allah forbid, drift his individual away from the path of Allah Subhana Allah does we find that the the benefits of seeking knowledge whoever made Celica, sorry, conferred Elmo cannot call whoever follows ultimus abhi Inman, whoever follows the path of

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knowledge, you find that even the heater and even the fish inside the ocean, make the alpha individual everything makes the alpha individual who's out in the way of seeking knowledge in the path of Allah Subhana Allah, knowledge has been described by by many things. Inside prophetic traditions the Prophet alayhi salatu salam, many parables are given pick up any book on Hadith cutable that you find new and many parables inside they have knowledge. And they find the famous hadith of knowledge being been example of a land of fertile soil and rain comes down, and you find that vegetation and pasture begins to come out crop out. So the land benefits and likewise the

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people benefit. Another type of land that you find slightly not so soft, but water comes in some pasture comes out. Then third, you find a barren land and empty land, rain comes upon it, nothing grows. And this is a parable of knowledge. beneficial is one that benefits the person benefits the soil and begins to benefit other individuals and a barren land barren knowledge. Empty knowledge is one that rain falls upon and knowledge falls upon it doesn't benefit the individual doesn't benefit other individuals. Likewise, inside prophetic ahaadeeth depiction imagery is given of knowledge in the head either abubaker we find that knowledge is like milk flowing out of his fingertips, that

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knowledge will be flowing excessive knowledge you will give it to him. Likewise, when the pooling of the wealth of Abu Bakar and Roman one interpretation is that the the trials and tribulations that Omar will face and the other meaning is that this pulling of the wealth, out of the bucket out of the wealth is a sign of strength and knowledge. So the strength and the knowledge of our broker is superior than the knowledge of oma and the rest of the companions and that's the prophet Isaiah he praised abubaker many times. And as we speak about the training of the government in socketable remember hard if I'm not mistaken. Here the training the government government isn't a evidence that

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we can keep our lower government below the ankle because the worlds of of dreams of ashram is different from a cam on this dunya you can apply what you see in the dream onto the rulings on this world. rocketfuel Shiraz explained this flowing of the government is a sign of knowledge of excessive knowledge will be given to Oba Casa de so this is the beneficial knowledge that we should be searching for inside our lives trying to gain this knowledge. And as we find we should study at double the etiquettes of seeking knowledge and gaining knowledge Jeremy are beyond your enemy when we find we're friendly he Jeremy beyond your enemies or further up the bar and Manichaean and the

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lusail code Toby. Look at last pound that takes certain earlier man who died in the year 1000 or 30. For the Christian era that we find local andaluza land which is far away from the Arab lands. Look how many Allah Allah Jalla mufa siru mahad deseen fuqaha who come out of the land of Andalus Arabic is not their language is not the community. But when Islam enter the code to be famous Mufasa the Quran that we find Mr. Michel to be

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alum, Phil karate, of of inheritance of of Lord I find Kitab with a psalm two volumes speak about sadhana and innovation that we find numerous element but it hasn't andalusi so many different Polymer. We exist inside that blesseth land. This is Delica formula yo te Manisha that is a virtue for last Pankaj gives to maybe he wants to show the world that will follow

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The path of knowledge illustrated will expand the chest, expand the mind that people without an IRA would begin to look up to them begin to look at their works and hinders. Well that we find so misura hadn't been merged or be doubled that we find even Timothy olema. The Arabic is far away from them, but it would have entered into Islam that last panel began to give them that understanding of understanding the Quran and the Sunnah. And that's what we should be praying for understanding the Quran and Sunnah to be close to those individuals that we find handed to Parliament. Due to find the etiquettes of knowledge that we find ectoderm ilmi will have him call people buckle Daddy, who wrote

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numerous volumes and numerous works about etiquettes of knowledge and seeking knowledge that we find there needs to be an over focus on sincerity class. If you read all these words, you find nothing but again and again the focus of his sincerity, with or towards Allah. subhanaw taala alma mater, he mentioned says to his father, oh, my father, I see that when you preach to people, people begin to weep, they begin to repent, they begin to turn back to lots of panatela how's it when other people they speak and they deliver maybe the same knowledge, people know the impact is not there. He said that he answered in the one the woman who's bereaved who's lost, her child has lost her husband lost

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a family member. The weeping that she does is different from the weeping of a woman who's been hired to weep. Because we have the culture of people to hire people to weep when a person would die. So that person weeping as they say, a crocodile tears, there is no impact. The lesson is one of the most sincere the individual is, the more that you find is there's coolness. mean collusion. When there's more than more authenticity, most insert inside the heart, the more acceptance is for the people to accept that message that they're delivering to people. And that's we find that focusing on controversial issues in order to achieve fame, which exists inside a society beating the drums of

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the mistakes of the trilemma take expanding them. Yes, people are human beings. olema are fallible as well, they make mistakes as well. But sometimes that people want to overstretch democ the mistakes of people and make them a point in case and only speak about that. Speaking about issues which are not once expertise, we find out common inside a society as well. People people speak about things they don't have an expertise inside it. But khulumani Baba by any individual can speak about anything, and deliver it to the masses around them. speaking ill about classical grammar, that we find a speaking ill of LML some earlier mentioned that the flesh of the llama is not just a normal

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flesh, did we not find that backbiting a person is like eating the dead flesh of an individual. But the flesh is poisoned meanings even more severe that those people who passed away, they may have had mistakes, we don't speak ill of them. You praise them where they praise you and you highlight this, this is a mistake that they may have made. As we speak ill of them use derogatory words is not a sign of a person seeking knowledge of indulging in philosophical matters that we find mantich and logic, the final debates of the of the people around us and they concept understanding knowledge that we find can lead a person away from the knowledge of Allah Subhana to an argumentative speech.

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How many of us that we have to become argumentative? We don't agree with somebody we don't agree with something. There's many are out here. There's many Islamic rulings that exist junctions that exist inside the Sharia. But we see as one way, and we will carry on arguing and arguing and arguing, just to make the point. Because sometimes, in essence, it's killed at will in a lack of knowledge. You don't understand that for centuries, there may have been a view accepted by many who accepted a view who took that view. And we just want to dismantle it, and just say, just be argumentative to whoever we meet. Even it's been for Ramadan, to leave that for speech and depth of

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course that we find. Look at the prayer of the Prophet alayhi salatu salam Allahumma inni our ob coming in Midlothian for Allah seek refuge from knowledge that doesn't benefit woman called Bella Tasha and a heart that doesn't say Allah. If knowledge doesn't lead you to fail Allah Subhana Allah, they have knowledge is against you. Quran mentions in the Maya Mohammed badie, Allah, Allah Allah, those people who really say Allah Subhana Allah, Allah, people have knowledge of people treading the path of knowledge. People have a perception or knowledge, people trying to gain knowledge and wisdom to fail Allah Subhana Allah, WOMAN OF SIN Natasha back and a soul which is never content.

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The greed is always there. Whether it be the the lustful greed or the greed of the dunya that we find, or the greed of food and materialism that we find is never content. Amin Dara tiene la historia Buddha and from a drug which is not responded by Allah Subhana Allah, Hadith inside Sahih Muslim

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Aloma in the URL to becoming a million far knowledge there's a benefit in any manner is this application of the Prophet alayhi salatu salam, our concept of knowledge and practice has been

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Unfortunately, arrogance, this is all that we can conclude is lead us to arrogance. If we contemplate upon the advice of lachemann that we find you look at the 31st chapter on the whole Surah Surah Lockman that we find read the advice that lokman gives to his son, beginning with the Sun Yat buena Yella to shrink builder. In Ashika, Navin oma Sandow commission with Allah Subhana Allah, indeed associate partners with Allah Subhana Allah is the most grievous of sins, and then other advice that gives you to be good to one's parents established a sutra to what concerns us. One or two Sahaja cleaners will attend item shifted up demora in Nevada bucola motel info. Oh, you've

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worked with FEMA. She works at the machico work in Salt Lake in Ankara, Swati assaulted me and ended that page that we find the advisor look man to his son. First he says to him, highlights to him whether to cut the colonists and set out that we find it early my blog I've described Is it is it is a disease that enters into the neck of the camera of a beast. So it keeps his neck up is not able to move his neck down. It raises its neck Kenya and we'll keep it

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we'll have to say that when you speak to people don't don't look up meaning Don't look down upon people think that there's some privilege has given to you don't become such an individual. One item she will be Mara don't walk on the earth in a state of arrogance.

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You know some people sometimes people have knowledge a walk on state of arrogance.

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To show that we're knowledgeable people, to people to look at them. This is wrong and leads a person to toward to humbleness to humility to kindness to reflection. In Allah les hibou de matar info doesn't like Allah doesn't like any boasting boastful individual.

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This is a moment lm is not isn't a moment of boasting to people or boasting society. Then Allah mentions or the advisor document works at V machico. Walk easily upon the earth walk would be insulted. Lower your voice when you speak. There's moments a person needs to raise their voice in danger in the hotel in the wild in the dirt, or some work or whatever it may be. But in general Muslim isn't abusive. Is it loud isn't shouting, while good would be insulted? No your voice humble your voice. Then look at a look at the mentioned once again parable of an animal for what reason to awakeness in Ankara, Swati the So to me, the most evil of species or the most evil of voices, or

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sounds is the sound of the donkey. The brain of the donkey, the sound of the donkey said once again Allah describes the person the shouting and screaming. So we go against all this advice. Many of us go against this advice. And as we mentioned, we have a problem inside our society. We have a problem inside a society we should we shouldn't shy away from it. Because the Quran if you began with teaches a people to teach people believe and to teach them about their problems and to resolve their problems. If those of us who are following the Quran, we should be sorted are off at the moment.

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What is the Quran mentioned? Allah talks about all the prophets about the prophets that they were sent with a certain message unable to learn Allah Camila in

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addition to his people who it was sent to the people ad Samudra, people assigned it to people of thermo

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EV the prophets, these stories, and then it mentioned about belief, and it mentioned about devices, their sins, what loot Li some of these people were doing, what the people of solace were doing, what the people should aid we're doing, why, for what reason, it doesn't just stop as what many of us thing to speak about tawheed oneness of Allah Subhana Allah. That's a large portion of belief. But it spills over to the vices inside society, how to tackle the vices, how to tackle the problems that we face. And we have a problem amongst our youth. We have a problem amongst the reversing amongst us and even practicing Muslims. There are many good individuals around us, don't get me wrong. But

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these are problems that we're facing inside our society of the perception of knowledge. See the blogs, see the channels, see the comments, see the articles, you find young boys, who've just found that they've discovered their faith. A few years of study, champion themselves as a learner champion themselves as people are well versed knowledge. Yes, there could be some young individuals who accelerate Emma we don't doubt that that's happened in history. But remember, that's very rare. That's very rare that you find that minus subjects have Excel. When they did Excel, you read about their life. Mmm, Chef. Mm hmm. They excelled after their teachers. After the death of the teachers,

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they began to excel that more knowledge was given to them. But at the same time, there was always limitations. As a young person believes that they study the knowledge of Allah Subhana Allah, all those feed people that you defame you look down upon you find them trivial

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Do you think they stopped studying in their lives? Do you think they stopped reading? Do you think they stopped studying inside their lives, the gap is still there. There's many years of gap just because you've expert become an expert in minor elements, doesn't take away to make the bigger picture. Because Allah has given certain people a virtue of 30 years, 40 years, 50 years, 60 years of remaining in studying the book of Allah Subhana Allah. And many of us don't even equate even to the dust of the amount of dust that comes out of the shoes.

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We claim to have studied many years of our lives of many years, whatever it may be, it's nothing to cling to a dusty rip comes out from these old man agenda and a tourist and a heritage that they leave behind. And like what you find that reverts many of them are good Muslims, good brothers good sisters that we find. But we have a culture the audacity to break and dismantle Islam, to dismantle years of heritage to say that just openly said this is something which is unacceptable. This goes against the innocence of Quran and Sunnah. How much of the Quran and Sunnah. Do you understand how much of the language the Quran and Sunnah? Do you understand? How much the Quran have you learned?

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Do you deeply understand to make blo, blanket statements, that these are people who don't understand or tarnish other individuals,

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a doctor when you visit a doctor,

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if you don't agree with a doctor, when you walk out of the surgery, the title of a doctor probably still given that individual. You don't agree with a doctor. You can't say no to a doctor, this person is not a doctor. He has no right to be a doctor, you can say I don't agree with him. I don't agree with a certain vaccine. I don't agree with what he's prescribed. But as we titled, and he's heritage, and he studies and he certification is still entitles him to be called a doctor until the medical board dismantles him that is put doctors of practice Oh, he's not qualified to be a doctor anymore. But he remains a doctor,

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an alum, a scholar remains his corner. He may have flaws, he may have mistakes, he may have wrong views. He may have said something incorrect, but the title belongs to him. So some of us become derogatory don't even want to use the title and use other words, or the name to the person which shows a lack of understanding. And personally, I believe is the sources and perception understanding of knowledge is us to blame. we as teachers and practitioners are to blame for what we teach people. What we encourage people, we're teaching people that everything everybody is wrong.

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Everybody else is wrong, that I am the only right identity and the only right individual. I'm the only right person understands Islam, everybody else doesn't understand. And whatever their views are. They're not just they're not even mistaken. They're wrong. They're misguided. They're far away, they're lost, they are stray, they will never come back to the right part were to blame.

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Because our maybe our own little perception of knowledge that we haven't really began with understood what hikma is, what to teach, the people may have lost contact give us all a topic and ability to have the correct perception understanding of knowledge, that it benefits us and benefits other individuals. If we go back to somebody who works of the classical LML speak with some of the contemporary speak about metal, I will summarize the fruits of knowledge are the power of a double lm that we find inside some of the works of suffer to suffer even a Josie that we find is a great heirloom in terms of Ischia that we find even as a famous tafsir that may not many people read or

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study or look into this to see it but even to Josie sahiwal Toby's beliefs that we find, has a famous to see as well that he wrote explaining the Quran, and has many works of spirituality that he writes. And he speaks about purification of the heart. And indeed, he mentioned a preacher does doesn't apply his knowledge, his exhortation or his Merida just becomes like, once again, like water that comes upon a rock just washes away, just washes away for the individual flow of the hearts, just like water flows off the surface of the rock. So person who doesn't penetrate knowledge, it doesn't benefit them, it doesn't benefit other individuals does even the impact of knowledge that we

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find free from the traits of that we mentioned in the headache, of seeking it to argue with people to to show off in front of them or to argue with people don't have knowledge to be seen in a gathering to seek for the sake of Allah subhanaw taala knowledge leads a person to Good luck, good character, good, good behavior. Many of the young individuals, this is what they always say, doesn't make a difference with my etiquettes. And my behavior is as long as as long as my belief is correct. I don't have the right belief it doesn't make a difference how I behave towards people. That's incorrect. So I will tell me so I have a

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pursuit of knowledge a person of character, and life isn't just counted as one person says I behave well. But I don't need to pay attention to knowledge that both things whereas in cameras and law illegal not show goodness to a person

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Look that person is show goodness to people around them like or define a cheerful face a good character good behavior towards the people around us. person shouldn't be wretched person shouldn't be upset person should be looking down upon people person shouldn't find people trivial

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read through many of the early modern era that we find katiba Baghdadi speak about Rama that we find Ecuador el mujer ama that we find, even read the life of a woman has a avahi and andalusi. We mentioned this great jurist read his journey of knowledge that we find he walked into the mission. And the person said to him, pray to Russia.

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Why don't you pray to Russia? He came another time and he started praying to Russia, of title machine. plasticity. Why are you praying? His walk told man he is forbidden time

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is not a time to pray now. So this confused him. He thought What is this? One person tells me to pray one person tells me not to pray. And this led him to the path of seeking knowledge. This led him to the path of seeking knowledge. Amen Malik person came from Iraq or symptom 3637 odd questions. What remember Malik St. Landry? Hello, Anna, my Indian Muslim, Doris Burundian demandcenter Emmanuel Medina. mm Darrell hegira. You're the Imam of of Medina, who you never left Medina in your life except for for

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the most closest to the son of the prophet Elijah Shambo, should I say to the people, he said, Go and tell the people that Mr. Merrick doesn't know if you don't know, you don't know. And these are things that we've lost inside our lives of looking at Goodwill of these people. Amongst the contemporaries that we find

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that one share what they mean rock metal and I was sitting there in a gathering. And he asked him a question about mafraq, moto suite about photography, etc, that we find the answer he doesn't concern as we look at the etickets.

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They asked him that question and he and he said that last night, the Mufti should have been better at Metallica, Bella Hadid and I had a swell. He said yesterday, as far as I'm aware, she remembers he responded to this. He responded to this, by the chair was saying that we want to know what would you say about this? Because people here today never attended yesterday. Do you think he began to enter into his own view in highlight? He said go back. Now no surgeon ajua go back maybes recording go and listen to the answer. showing his etiquettes that he's he shaved that was his shift that was his teacher. mm Sadie was his teacher. It was only to the mom sadly passed away that they appointed

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him to become the amount of RNA that Amanda copybook the machine. When he passed away, he said, and I'm certainly famous Mufasa is the seed they find to this day. These are etiquettes and many of us fail to understand the comprehend inside our lives, greeting people of all categories, young, old, whoever it may be whatever type of person they may be a person mixes and greets these people expressing forbearance and toward humility, kindness, goodness, hating, haughtiness, showing off boastfulness, mela COVID, we can see this in our language, we can see it in our bodily structure, we can see the etiquettes OLED displays that has led us to be boastful to be arrogant. lm should lead

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us to be firstly recognizing Madiba to lie Subhana Allah. Secondly, atacado is Allah closest to Allah Subhana Allah and a bear that he lays to penalty Allah, may Allah grant and his blessing month of Ramadan give us any hollers, shout down upon a sincerity, the focus of the understanding of Elm and to begin to apply that inside our lives in the state of solitude, in a state of lockdown and privacy, that the impact of knowledge begins to enter into our hearts into our body and our soul, and make us come closer and closer to Las panatela. And if a love bestowed upon us to enter into society then to go and help and benefit the society