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moon and Venus,

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Salam Alaikum dear viewers from all around the world Welcome to our series nation of goodness if you just tuned in for the first time, this is the 10th episode of this series. So if you want to watch the first nine you don't want to miss them because they go consecutively they're all tied together so get on YouTube is slam way 71 that's the man crema Hussein's channel as well. I'll be one of the law and you can find all inshallah episodes there. Of course, I'm joined by Imam Kareem Abu Zaid, get online check out his latest thoughts and lectures www dot cream abuse a.com. You can check us check him out also guidance TV with his life with our show. Let's talk about the last nine episodes

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we're talking about why we are the nation of goodness, and how do we enjoy the good and forbid the evil in this episode, the Shaykh will tell us about the consequences of not doing so that's right the consequences of not doing so. So without any further ado, let us welcome the shake Assalamualaikum shaker in wailuku Salam warahmatullahi wabarakatuh Malik, this is a scary episode, I think shake. Consequences Shouldn't I think at the end of the day,

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people need to know where they stand on issues and the consequences.

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I think a couple of episodes back we talked about the virtues right? That's true, what you get your harvest a lot of free words, for enjoining good and forbidding evil, so efficient that you're following the footsteps of the messengers and prophets, sufficient that he belonged to the rank of believers and you stay away from the rank of hypocrites sufficient that

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whenever you direct somebody to do something, which is good, you get a reward similar to the rewards has to be balanced. So you end up sitting at home and somebody is doing the spear or praying or fasting and because of the fact by the virtue of the fact that you actually educated them. To do this you get rewarded. There are consequences and consequences. I think once it comes to enjoying good and forbidding evil Malik is devastating.

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Through strong worship, can I tell you why please

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there is a beautiful Hadith called Hadith and not many have never she's

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a memorable

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method recall me Allah who do delay he will work I will move there is a level of fear. I'm going to give the meaning here the likeness of those who enjoy and good and forbid evil and those who are not whether by doing the evil themselves or not doing the good themselves or whether they see people doing it and they do not speak about it they compromise with them right they do not enjoy it they do not forbid it. So the likeness of those are like those two groups, like a group of people cannot tell a common Easter harmala Safina

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they found a ship they went to go someplace.

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And to begin with they don't like one another it's obvious because the first group enjoins good forbids evil those what you call fanatics. Those are called extreme views labeled that Yeah, right. Whatever you want to call them, but the others are, you know, wishy washy, you know, right? Oh, hello, oh, go with the flow. And they have all these misconceptions about the method which we'll explain in the future. Okay, so they got an A ship, it happened that the ship has two decks dual of two levels. Okay. The lower one has no exit whatsoever to get. It's like one of this shutdown is like a basement like you're living in a basement, okay, without any exits, okay, that you cannot

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actually get water whatsoever. Okay, so for them to get water, what do they have to do? They have to climb up and go to the upper deck of the ship in order to bring the water and then they go down. So so the people in the upper level, they started being irritating.

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Guys, every time you're coming upstairs, what is this? Right? You're bothering us, right? Look at this. Now the people in the lower deck of the ship, the lower level of the ship. They thought about solutions. This Hadith is so beautiful. You know why? Because it really invites you to, to think that the people in the lower deck they didn't have a bad intention. Right? Just to let you know that some people they may do things out of good intention, right. What is still the only thing

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having the good intention, you know is not sufficient. Right?

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Whether the act is correct or not, this is what matters. So they said what you know what, let us dig a hole in the bottom of the ship and we're gonna get our water out.

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Now, if the people in the lower deck allow them to do this, what is going to happen? They're all gonna drowned. The whole point was

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this is why it's devastating, right? If you don't do it, it's gonna kill everybody will not enjoy and good and forbid evil in your community. It will spread and we learn from this. It hurts the people that are good. If you don't say that's the point one day Malik Rasul Allah wa salatu salam ala Buhari, he woke up from his sleep disturbed. So paronella why, you know, lalala Manchurian Dr. Rob, whoa to the Arabs and evil that broke an evil. And then he said footie. Hi Leo, Mommy, not me. Georgia, Georgia needed like this. Today, Google Magog, those two corrupting tribes who are behind a wall, they were able to dig a hole in the wall as big as this meaning that they are about to break

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through. Right, right.

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Insane. I've been to Jacksonville, North Carolina, she said jasola messenger of Allah and Aquafina salia

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Are we going to be destroyed when we have righteous people amongst us? They said yes. Why? cattle habit? When evil spirit

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Why? Why did those righteous people do something about this evil right? So when a collective punishment befalls the community, the righteous and those who did it are going to be punished, smiling. I have never

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reflected upon the fact why Abu Bakr De La Jolla, Juan decided to fight beside of course the legitimate evidence that he had because they fight to fight those who will tell there's a cat Yes, right. So panela I never thought about this from that angle. But he explained Okay, how do you feel no matter how normal or the alarm office is?

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Sooner imagine? Look at this. Hi, Lisa. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. One day he addressed the immigrants. And he said yeah, I'm actually Mahajan. Oh immigrants hunt. So his Harlan either to Lee to be him. What are all do biLlahi and to the raccoon. Five things that I am concerned that you may be inflected by them. And I seek refuge with Allah that you do not get there. And he mentioned one of them. One men are comun zakka am wyrley him El Nino illa omonia Katara Meena Sana Walla Walla, Alba, emo. And if a community the rich and the wealthy in that community, refrain from paying Zakah look at the collective punishment. Allah subhanho wa Taala will stop rain from coming

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down. And has it been for the animals because the animals they need water they need to eat grass vegetation, but within been for the animals, you would not receive these little raindrops, raindrops every now and then you see a lackluster deal for them because it will bring about what collective collective punishment to the whole community and this is why it's devastating. And you know,

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Malik the issue here that yes, you may be living in a corrupt society in a bad society. But you are doing the task of enjoying a good and forbidding evil, but yet you're not changing things right? It's a collective punishment comes down Allah who will save you nothing the sense of the duty, you may die with them. You may die with them, but you're gonna go to jail. Can you give us some exam example? How do you think Maddie Yeah, how do you feel Maddie? Larissa Bukhari halifa sallah hi Shamu. Salama Rasul Allah wa sallam says that when enamul MADI Mohammed Abdullah Al Hasani na casa de la Maddy according to the people of the sooner the tunnel for that sci fi stuff. Okay, alien,

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everybody would want to get there. But Illuminati when he's in Mecca, an army will come out of Iraq and the wording come out of Syria from the east to fight Elena, Maddie miraculously, her Subhan Allah earth will swallow this army, then I believe if I'm not mistaken, we'll say set to the Prophet sallallahu Sallam on messenger of Allah for sure around this army. There are people who do not even know what's going on innocent people, right? Innocent people, righteous people, they say they will die like them while you're doing it, yet.

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him and why you bartonella marry him, and they will be resurrected according to their intention. So they were not guilty of the Act, they did something about it, yet they were punished like them, but they will be resurrected in a different place than the disbelieving disbelief. So a shadow The important thing is if you do not enjoin good and forbid evil, collective punishment, but you know, add to the issue of collective punishment, that's another Hadith de familia man fee sooner remember Timothy Latimer, the Prophet salallahu alaihe salam actually took an oath, well let in fcba, but my soul is you better enjoy and good and forbid evil otherwise what is going to happen? Allah subhanho

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wa Taala will seize you with a collective punishment but here's the dangerous piece from una who fella use the Java code, then you will call upon Allah. Allah remove this inflection remove this calamity Europe Allah will not answer you.

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See the consequences here that you made your for Allah subhanaw taala to left this, but yet Allah Subhana Allah will not answer this. If we must adapt mentality of the olana mobila hoof one How are iluka kubla and Ted Oh fella use dejavu lakum enjoying what is good for bid what is evil before you make dua and then your da is not going to answer is not going to be answered. So we're talking about collective punishment. We're talking about collective corruption in the society we're talking about people could be dying. We're talking about a lot of problems in the oma and then we need an Allah Subhana Allah does not answer our doors. That is why we need to go back to our senses as an oma and

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we need to enjoin good and forbid and this is truly catastrophic in the next segment shake Can you give us some some stories about the civilizations before us who were destroyed for this reason? Absolutely. Okay. You guys stay tuned for more from me man. crema Hussain. We'll be right back.

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moon and Venus.

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Islamic jeopardy. Audience viewers, are you guys ready for another round of Islamic Jeopardy? All right, let's go ahead and begin. It's Islamic Jeopardy the spirit of contributions for the sake of a law exciting yet informative. It is Islamic jeopardy.

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Join us on Islamic jeopardy. The quiz show featuring trivia in aqeedah. History, poetry, riddles, science, Arabic and other topics.

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a lot of fun is finally here.

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Welcome back to episode number 10 of our series your series nature of goodness we're talking about consequences and even crime you really lay down some catastrophic, truly catastrophic consequences to not enjoying the good and forbid the evil has this happened to civilizations before? Absolutely. That's how they went down the drain. They went down the drain How? Why did Allah subhanaw taala destroy the people of Sodom and Gomorrah?

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homosexuality, right Allah destroyed openly. Right finally destroyed them destroyed them. Listen, Rasul sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said in a clear

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statement. If you do not stop the evil, you see if the evil is done inside the home, for example, hulless there is nothing we can do about it's not your work to spy on him. No, it is not your job. But the moment that you disclose this evil, and the people are standing, not doing anything about it. And I know we're gonna go into some misconceptions regarding people refraining from changing that evil one of them is that Horatio See I think that yes or no freedom, right? Listen, what do you mean by personal freedom? Listen, in the West, for example now, even so they know that the Roman Empire was taken down the drain.

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One of the most mighty empires ever on the face of Earth. Yeah, that existed right? A room Allah Spano Dada holy battle room Vietnam, it was revealed of about them. One of the things that took them down was that moral degradation Yeah, which we see today man which we see which we see where we're talking about now people are homosexual trying to get married. Yeah. And the people are not doing anything about it. There is sexual education in the sense of adultery is okay condoning these things and then the society and then the community. Listen If she was also lasala no magic that I just quoted earlier.

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The hadith of Norma which is the five things or immigrants if you see one of them, look at this woman Valhalla to Asia to be a comb and your Alina will be here. And if it will, Fantasia, in fact, Shahid means adultery.

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In particular, homosexuality in particular, emerges in a community and they disclose it

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Illa or the Tella, Houma, La Jolla thought Oh, and he will let the lambda configure as Laffy malerkotla unless Allah subhanaw taala would inflict them with diseases or epidemics, which their ancestors never experienced. We are experiencing now see they Oh, come on. Oh, yo, HIV.

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Don't proceed out Rasul Allah, Allah says that when you have Fantasia and you disclose it, forget it in the story, HIV, STDs and all thigh map disease, Cow Disease, all type of things. What Why are we hearing about these things? Because what we see, especially Reba and Xena, those two are actually there is a hadith for Muslims about Riba, usury and about adultery. In particular, those two sins, if they are openly being committed, then you're really exposing the whole community at large to this, and that is why the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam says, letter ko na Allah, Allah make sure that you stop the oppressor. You stop that person from doing this, because it will get to you

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sooner or later. Right, poison another thing Malik if it's not collective punishment, if it is not, that you make to add that Allah subhanaw taala is not going to answer your da da boo.

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Meaning that your heart becomes contaminated that because you're so getting used to see that evil Yeah, like your heart doesn't see it evil anymore. In my humble opinion, this is this is the greatest punishment that you see somebody sends in front of you and you're gonna, you're lost, you're dead, you're dead, you're dead. Yeah. In my opinion, not we'll call it that is why you're not supposed to stay in the vicinity of a sin. This is the wisdom. This is the wisdom why because the more you see it, the more you get used to it, it becomes part of your fabric, you let down your guard now as they say, I was

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telling a story with my community about this matter that she was happy when he told us this story. He said that when he went to Europe

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in salani sphere, he went to Europe when he went to Europe to to deliver some talks there. So the brothers from the community they backed him up at the airport and they are taking him from the airport to the place where he was supposed to be staying so they needed gas on the way so they stopped by a gasoline station. So you know they went inside to pay that she thought about coming out of the car you know just stretch his legs a little bit and smell some air and from a distance he saw a boy and a girl kissing

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Of course for us here and in the Muslim world we don't see that we do not see that somebody you know hugging and kissing and they are you don't do that over this Elisa their problems over there as well. So right away the sheets, he said my face turned red. And I you know I started really reacting in a very, because that's for evil. Yeah, I mean evil. You don't do this even husband and wife you should not do this for us. Because nobody knows, you know, what is this and you shouldn't do this is personal go inside and so forth. So the brothers who are picking him up at the airport, they were inside the store and they saw that the action of the ship and they looked at one another and they

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And then he spotted them.

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The ship spotted them smiling. So later on when he went to the place where they are supposed to be staying.

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And he called upon come here. Why were you smiling when you saw me? Looking funny or looking

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can be an angry angry right when I saw that scene which you spotted as well, because they said you know what shave because we set to one another. I think after a month, the shake stays here. He's not gonna react this way anymore because you become the two

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brothers and sisters in Islam. Why do we read this hadith that I disclaim a person who stays amongst the Muslims? Yes this is only men jacobina harana kuffaar Mashallah keen, I'm sorry, the Hadith. Why even through the Hadith there is a centrality issue but there are others who supported us over because when the fire of a believer in a fire for machinery cannot be seen by one meaning what total separation why the viewers Why? Because when you live in the area of sherek when you live in the vicinity of shake, what you see becomes no mo becomes then your heart becomes what corrupts Your heart will not see it evil anymore. Listen, brothers and sisters in Islam, the reaction of the

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universe. When you hear when they hear somebody says a lot he gets us on Wakarusa rock Manuela de la Khadija Tom Cheyenne ADA, indeed, they say the Most Merciful bigots a son, you are saying something that is awful to send out to your perfect turn I mean, who the heavens are about to split asunder because of this what unshackled an Earth is about to split open, what the third rule Jeeva, who had the undermountain about to fall down? Why? Look at the reaction of the universe, and Tao because they heard those people saying Allah biggest lesson, I want to tell you how many Muslim brothers and sisters in America, in the West, they hear a Christian in front of them, say Jesus, the son of

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Allah. And they don't react. Because it became what normal normal. One of the one of the that is why why we talk about education that you must have Islam when we talk about building a better future. If you recall that series, why we said you must remove your children out of that area. One of the fathers approached me the other day, my son, the other day, I was sitting with us and he got upset. And you know what he said, Jesus, this he called upon Jesus, his son, because he's heard this so much.

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Now you repeat what you hear he heard it, why are you Muslims now say what the Gosh, what? Gosh, gosh, gosh, they say gosh, why they say Jeez, right? Even so they don't want to say Jesus, they want to say La cheese. They want to say Why? Because they are used to they became familiar with the sin, in my opinion. If if you if we're not going to consider the serious consequence, which is the collective punishment, the collective corruption in the society, that the society will become corrupt, will become spoiled for you to live in. Add to this you call upon Allah Subhana Allah and Allah does not answer your door. In my humble opinion, the most devastating impact, serious

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consequence if you see evil and you do not change it, the hand the tongue or the heart, you retreat, that your heart will become corrupt. You're not going to see the evil evil anymore. You're not going to know this is good or this evil, you become confused. And a Muslim should not be like that shake we're living in this time of serious corruption we are living in these times, which you have described now and many Muslims have abandoned enjoying the good and forbidding evil How can we get back to a better time by by implementing this practice? I think I think the next episode we want to talk about

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the type of Muslims once it comes to that command okay. We proven we already mentioned Malik that it's mandatory. you've cleared we have text we have h map is myeloma. In census we say consensus is manoppello Lima Muslim fish

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lemon no official say Muslim okay me now he combined h mal oma the consensus of the Jewish of the oma regarding enjoining good and forbidding evil at least with the hot okay h ma la mama just sauce Illuminati dilemma of Mohammed Mohammed bin has all of those, they combined they mentioned that there is a consensus amongst the jurists regarding it is mandatory upon Muslims to enjoin good and forbid evil, at least with the heart with the hand, the time based on their ability and the assessing of good and bad consequences and the basically the impact of police act upon them. We find the Muslims into two or three

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groups, group number one Alhamdulillah. They are doing it very small group, but the minority group, right, and the evidence is what?

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Yeah, too much evil. That means not enough people are enjoying good and forbidding evil. Right there is another group, which is the overwhelming majority of the Muslim, the overwhelming majority of the Muslims, they have abandoned, they have abandoned enjoining good and forbidding evil. But we want to give them the benefit of the doubt they have misconceptions. They have a lot of excuses and misconceptions. We want to address those those were not addressed to us the next episode, and then we have the group which is Mashallah they are doing it but we need to tweak it, we need to show them the doing the wrong thing. Hopefully they watch the last three or four episodes, we're going to give

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them some helpful hints and Sharla and how to go about it. So this way, if we can mobilize more Muslims to do this job, I think we're going to be in a better hand. inshallah. Thank you for your time today, Kareem. You guys are on Don't miss the next episode, nation, your goodness shake. Kareem is taking us to some interesting places. He's going to tell us about the three groups of people, Muslim people regarding this enjoying the good and forbidding the evil. So you want to know where you fall in and if you're in the right group. So until next time, I leave you in the care of a loss.

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