Tafseer Suratul Fatiha – It’s Virtues

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In terms of the virtues of sorta tel Fatiha so we're gonna go now from the composition to the virtues of soldato Fatiha or the blessings of Surah Fatiha.

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There are a number of ahaadeeth that explained to us the great virtue of this particular chapter. In Sahih, Muslim the prophets Allah lahardee he was sending them one said

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that Allah subhanho wa Taala has said, I have divided the prayer between myself so this is a Hadeeth put, see that alarm? So it just says, I have divided the prayer between myself and my servant, equally my servant shall be granted what he asked for. Therefore, when the servant says al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil aalameen Allah azza wa jal says My servant has praised me this is a very famous Hadith that I'm sure many of us here have heard. Now listen to the first part of this hadith. When the person says al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil aalameen. Allah says, My servant has praised me. Now why does Allah azza wa jal do this? Now scholars believe it or not have even given us wisdoms as to why

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Allah responds to this idea, or the one who recites this idea in this manner. And they basically have mentioned that this is sort of a personal conversation, just that this is sort of a personal conversation between you and Allah. So again, this is why some of the scholars they say that, based on the Hadith of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam that the first matter a person is asked about on the Day of Judgment is their Salah. This Hadith here refers to you as an individual, that the Sala will always be for you. And it only has to do with you and nobody else is involved in it except you alone. And how this works is based on this particular Hadith and it goes back to solid

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Fatiha and how much we recite it in a Salah. So there's a personal connection. There's a personal communication with Allah subhanho wa Taala when you recite Surah Al Fatiha. Then when the person continues on Rockman Rahim Allah azza wa jal says My servant has extolled me. In other words, my servant has praised me once again my servant has realized my mercy, my forgiveness, my honor, my protection, all of the sea fat or the characteristics or attributes of Allah azza wa jal, my servant has seen in my servant has acknowledged them. When he says Maliki yo Medina, Allah azza wa jal returns and he says, My servant has glorified me. In other words, my servant has understood that I

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am the medic, I am the king or in another para many kiyomi de meaning that I am the king of the Day of Judgment. manly Chioma Deaton literally means I am the Master of the Day of Judgment. Either way, you look at it, the person has understood that they are a true slave to him Subhana who Ouattara them and when he continues, he can do what he can staring Allah azza wa jal returns and says, This is between me and my servant and my servant shall have what he requested. This is between me and my servant and my servant will have what he requested. He can do what he can assign. So you give Allah azzawajal something Allah gives you something in return. So you say he can our booth, I'm going to

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worship you what he can stand in and I'm going to seek help and protection from you. Allah azza wa jal in return says, Well, if you're going to do that with me, then this is what I'm going to do for you. Then Allah azza wa jal grants them whatever it is that they request sotiropoulos Dino Serato Mr. T sotiropoulos, Xena and non Terra Li him or yodel moto Brr Li him wild boar lean mean and this year this in a general sense a lot. So Adele says after all of these, yet, that this is for my service and my servant shall have whatever they asked for very similar to the previous am su Rafa Latina Anantara Li him isn't the most profound a insult at Al Fatiha when it comes to your

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relationship with Allah so agenda when it comes to the relationship establishing a relationship between you and Allah azza wa jal the most profound idea in sorbitol Fattah is serata Latina and naantali Him we will discuss this probably even maybe more than two sessions just this one alone when we once we get to it in sha Allah hotaru item.

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In another Hadith in a tutor meeting, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, All praise and thanks is due to Allah subhanho wa Taala meaning al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil aalameen is the mother of the poor and the mother of the book and the seven after repeated verses of the poor n which is

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ahead if that we've already discussed.

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In addition to that from the blessings of sorbitol Fatiha as we mentioned, it is also used to cure not only a physical cure but a spiritual cure physically cuts wounds spiritually when a person is possessed or a spell or blackmail magic and and things similar to that have all affected that individual

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number of four. The fourth blessing is the fact that this is the only source that Allah azza wa jal makes it a point to respond to. And that goes back to that first Hadeeth allies. So out of all the soldiers of the entire poor, no, it's only this particular surah Allah makes it very personal. This is the one every single verse I'm going to respond to. So it's not even just reciting the whole sutra, but every single ag Allah has a personal response to it.

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In addition to that,

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from the blessings of soda, Telfair to him, is that without it, a person can never perfect the recitation of the Quran. without salt Al Fatiha. No one can perfect the recitation of the Quran. No one can perfect their prayers. Nobody can perfect their worship to Allah azza wa jal unless they have so little Fatiha when it comes to the ruling of reciting Al Fatiha in prayer now, these are just a couple of side tangents that we want to discuss because they're important and they're very common when it comes to us and our acts of worship. So let's look at that the ruling of reciting Al Fatiha when it comes to the prayer.

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the opinion of the majority of scholars This is number one, my Maliki mama chef theory and Imam Ahmed the three mother hub a share fearing Imam Malik and Imam Ahmed or of metal la Hara Lee. They are all of the opinion that it is why jib to recite sorta Telfair to her in order to have a valid prayer. So in other words, there's no Fatiha there is no Sala your prayer is completely invalid, and the fact sorry, the prayer needs to be repeated. So for these three Meza had the look at sorta tel Fatiha is actually a rokan, a pillar of the Salah.

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And we all know that a pillar of the sada without it, the entire act of worship is nullified. So a pillar of will do would be to perform the will do in order. So you can start with your you know, your feet first and then go to your head and then go to your arms, and has to be in a particular order based on the ayatollah will do or the verse of the will do and so that element and that's how Allah azza wa jal sent it so that becomes a pillar of it. So meaning if you don't perform will do in order the entire world is nullified even if you've watched all of the limbs appropriately. So the same idea according to these three mazahub and the evidence that the US is a Hadeeth on authentic

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Hadith of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam This is a hadith that is generally narrated in all the Hadith books, or a literally every one of them. So both of the sides, and all of the sudden books and even some of the other rare sewn in books sold on eBay have paid more than others. They've all stated this one Hadith that there is no prayer for the one who does not recite the opening of the book, there is no prayer for the one who does not recite the opening of the book.

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Now, here's where things get a bit interesting. So that takes care of the three schools of thoughts or the three myths. In America. I'm Sheffield magnet. Now we come to Imam Abu hanifa. And this is very normal if you'd like that the majority of scholars or mazahub would all agree on one particular opinion. But Imam Abu hanifa will do something completely different. And this is very, very normal when it comes to studying the method of Imam Abu hanifa Rahim Allah and this all goes back. It's not because Imam Abu hanifa was more dive more strict in his wording more strict in his conditions. No Is it goes back to the conditions that he was dealing with when he was in Basra when he was in Iraq.

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Now just remember during that time, Iraq was flourishing with people who wanted to lie against the Rasul sallallahu alayhi wa sallam constant, a hadith that were fabricated against him. So he Imam Abu hanifa had to be very keen and very, very careful on who he would take from and he had very, very strict conditions that were even more strict than EMA medic more strict and Buhari himself. Buhari has certain conditions that how he looks at when it comes

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To authenticating a Hadith, Imams, Abu hanifa conditions are even more strict than him. So this is why you find that a lot of time his opinions are always always seem to be separated from the rest of them. So listen to what Imam Abu hanifa Rahim Allah now says that when it comes to the fact that

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he says that and this is also his students elos authority and others is that it's not obligatory. It's not why jab for fat had to be recited in order for you to have a valid prayer and listen to his evidence. Now this is what makes him so strong. His evidence is based on the soda soda tiller Muzammil of funds, Eva sorbitan Muslim men were Allah azza wa jal says falcoda Ooh, Mateus Sara Mira Al Quran, recite whatever is easy from the Quran Subhana Allah. So when he brought this verse, he says, Look, this is a general verse. And this is a verse that aligns so as you'll put in the Koran and so, therefore, you can use it and when you stand for the TextView to recite whatever it is that

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comes easy to you. So on top of this, I Shafi and a group of other students of Imam was sharing still upheld the opinion now a mammoth chef is secluded now from the rest of them, because he mentioned some additional points to this. And he mentions that it is obligatory to recite Al Fatiha in every rock era for prayer. And this is the Sunnah of the Prophet and the practice of the Prophet sallallahu arley he was sending them and the evidence that he uses is he uses the evidence of the verse of the will do in Surah telma either the verse of the will do in Surah telma ADA

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and the reason why he uses this one particular verse is that Allah subhanho wa Taala basically explains that for a valid prayer, you need to have certain conditions. So the fact that a prophet Allah azza wa jal explains what you need first for further Salah is that you need a valid bajada or cleanliness or will do. The same principle can be applied when it comes to fat. When you use this verse that Allah azza wa jal says that you can recite anything that is easy for you. It's been explained through this one handy that there is no fat to have a sorry there is no solid except with

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sorbitol Fatiha that Hadith explains this verse and explains how to use this verse. So when you put both of these opinions together now this is how you come out of the cellar. This is how you understand it, that you can recite anything that is easy for you once you have perfected sorbitol Fatiha and that's how you put both of these ahaadeeth together. And this is the opinion of mmm a chef in any mammoth chef he had many, many of the other scholars also supported this logic that he came up with.

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The point here is the reason why I've given you this mess lm is not to discuss filk The reason why is I just want you to see how important SoTL Fatiha is even when you derive phip rulings. This is the whole point of why we discuss this is to show you how profound this one sorter is it's not only about al Qaeda, it's not only about the belief of Allah azza wa jal, but in addition to that, even you can derive physical rulings from it. We can also find out who is going to agenda and who is not going to Agenda from soda to fat as well. And I'll show you that when I get to a particular verse and I'm not telling that right now. Okay, you save the good stuff for later, right? So in sha Allah,

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there's a very strong strong verse in Surah Al Fatiha that determines that for us and Allah so he explains it and another pseudo so when we come to it inshallah, we will discuss it