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Welcome to another episode of our to see page by page and inshallah to Allah today we are on page number 18 Towards the end of the first Jews of Surah Al Baqarah. In the previous episode, towards the end of the previous episode, we mentioned that Allah subhanaw taala spoke about the People of the Scripture, the nations who came before us, as Allah azza wa jal has done through much of the first use of this of the surah and the Quran, and that is because Allah subhanaw taala is telling us the mistakes that they fell into, and the problems that they had and how we should stay away from them. And there are many lessons in terms of the man that we should have the way that we should

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submit to Allah subhanaw taala and the way that we should behave as Muslims in terms of our religion and our faith and our acceptance of the laws and commands of Allah subhanaw taala many issues that they fell foul of, and so therefore, Allah azza wa jal is telling us, this is what they did. But that is not how it works. These are the mistakes that they made. So you be careful and beware of falling into those same issues from those issues, is what Allah azza wa jal mentioned in the previous verses that we mentioned in the last episode, and that is the claims that they would make claims that were false claims that had no basis basis in the in the evidence that Allah azza wa jal

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gave to us in Scripture. And in the Quran and the Sunnah of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, but rather they were merely wishful thoughts that they had from those claims, is that you can't enter into Jannah unless you are from the people out the scripture of the past the Jews or the Christians. And Allah subhanaw taala told us not the criteria is that you must be from the people of hate, and the people who do good deeds in order to enter into Jannah.

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At the beginning of page number 18, verse 113, Allah subhanaw taala on this page will mention a number of other assertions that they had, that they made a number of other beliefs that they also had, and Allah azza wa jal will refute them as well. Allah subhanaw taala says at the beginning of this page and on in verse 113, or older bIllahi min ash shaytani regime, or powerlet Ilya who lays it in nassarawa che you call it in Asad isa tinea who do either she will whom your throne and Kitab cada Lika con and then Allah Allah Munna mythopoeic only Him for allah who you go mobile you know whom Yeoman the Amity FEMA can Wolfie here any phone the juicy the questions have no ground

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whatsoever to stand on. And the Christian say the Jews have no ground whatsoever to stand on, though they both read the Scripture and those who have no knowledge, see the scene. Indeed Allah subhanaw taala will judge between the monument to Yama and the Day of Resurrection concerning the differences. In the previous verse in the previous episode, they said that no one will enter into Jannah except those who are either Jews or Christians, lenient CODEL Ginetta in lemon Kana who then owner Psara and Allah azza wa jal refuted their incentive. Kimani Yum, these are the wishful thoughts, but rather Allah azza wa jal said that the true criteria is the one who asked them which

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are who the law submits fully to Allah with the heat. Well, who were Merson, and he's a doer of good meaning he follows the Sunnah of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. Here Allah azza wa jal is saying that that issue there is against the Muslims, they said, You have to be from amongst us, meaning that if you're a follower of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, according to them, you will never enter into Jannah Allah subhanaw taala says, but even amongst themselves, they have differences. They don't agree. The Jews don't accept the Christian, the prophethood of reality is salatu salam, they don't accept the gospel of the NG love of a Saudi salatu salam. And likewise the

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Christians don't accept that the all of the teachings of Musa Islam of the Torah they believe that a number of them abrogated and changed when he studied salatu salam Qin. And so even amongst themselves, they have differences and issues. And that is why Allah azza wa jal tells us relaying those statements that they have or those beliefs that they have concerning one another. I mean, don't think that the United the Jews here can consent in the Christians, you have no grounds to stand up on meaning your religion also isn't correct. And the Christians say the same thing about the Jews, well, whom yet Ronal Kitab and all of them have Scripture. They all have the Torah and the

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Injeel and the Quran is personal amongst them. They can

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See what it is what it is, is that Allah azza wa jal wishes from his creation. They know that Allah subhanaw taala demands that they have the heat of him subhanaw taala and they know that Allah azza wa jal commends him to follow the true legislation that the prophets and messengers were sent to it. And they know that Allah azza wa jal told them that a prophet would come and that once he came, they must believe in Him, and that his Sharia would abrogate the Sharia will those that came before him, and that the revelation that he received the Quran would abrogate the revelations that came before him as well. But they simply refused to believe. And this is the statement of people who don't

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really have knowledge, who don't really base it upon evidences Allah azza wa jal said, and as we mentioned in the previous episode, Allah subhanaw taala said to them, how to Bucha and bring your proof and your evidence if indeed you are truthful. Here Allah azza wa jal says Kedah dika, Allah livina Leia, Anna Munna, methacholine likewise, those who have no knowledge say the same as they do. They make the same assertion that they make why because it's not based upon revelation. It's not based upon true revelation that comes from Allah subhanaw taala. So Allah azza wa jal says that he will be the one to judge between them for Hola Hola, como, bainham Yama, Yama, on the Day of

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Judgment, Allah subhanaw taala will judge between them, and everyone will know what it is that they worship as the prophet allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam there on Yeoman piano, every group of people or every nation will be told to follow what it is that they worship. So the people that worship the sun will follow the sun the people that wish the moon will follow the moon, the people that worshipped idols will follow the idols the people that worship other humans, like prophets or whoever they were, they will follow those prophets until none will remain standing, except the people of this ummah, those who worship Allah subhanaw taala alone. And that is the reality that

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those people who have no knowledge they will do or they say similar to this statement, Allah azza wa jal will judge all of them on the Day of Judgment, based on their differences or concerning the differences that they had. When they said that this religion is better than that one or this, this prophet was greater than that one, Allah subhanaw taala will jump between them on these issues on your own piano.

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Allah subhanaw taala then continues in verse 114, telling us also concerning that which they did, from the ways that they come back to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam have tried to prevent people from worshipping Allah subhanaw taala. They see in verse 114, woman of Allah Moulmein Manorama Surjeet Allah He ain't got off he has more Sanofi Robbia Allah Kanaka nella whom a Dooku.

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In the home feed dunya is you want to home Phil Filati, either when or when, who could be more oppressive, more wicked than those who prohibit the mention of Allah's name in his places of worship in his massages, and they strive to have them deserted, and they strive to have them deserted.

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Such people Allah says shall not enter them without fear there is disgrace for them in this world, and the painful punishment for them in the hereafter.

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Allah subhanaw taala says that from the tweets of those people, who are constantly disputing constantly turning away from Allah Azza, which is religion, is that they also try to stop others from worshipping Allah subhanaw taala. Allah azza wa jal says, Who is more oppressive, more wicked than those who prevent people from using the houses of Allah, the places of worship that are meant for Allah alone, they prevent people from using them in that very, for that very objective, they stop the names of Allah being raised and mentioned in the houses of Allah subhanaw taala. Rather, what they do is they try to keep them deserted or corrupt can also mean they try to take them back

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into disrepair, or destroy them, or to, in some way, make them defunct of the purpose for which they were built in the first place. And this applies not only to the people of the Scripture that came before, it applies to as we know, the Arabs, the Qureshi. And even before the Quraysh other people who tried to destroy the houses of Allah subhanaw taala, in whatever way, shape or form, for example, the army of the elephant's Abraha, during just before the birth of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, when he came to this army of his vast army from from Yemen and within the Army, there were there was at least one elephant if not a group of elephants, and they came to attempt to

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destroy the Kaaba. That is someone who wants to prevent people from worshipping in the house of Allah subhanaw taala. And what they want to do instead is that they want to destroy the cabinet or they want to, at least at the very least, make it and replace all desertion. Because we know in the story of Abraham, he builds a similar structure, if not bigger, like the Kaaba in Yemen, because he wanted the Arabs to come there instead of going to Mecca. That's where the story begins. And likewise, we have examples of this of the of the people of Kurdish when they would stop the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam from praying by the cabinet stop the Muslims from performing the walk by

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the Kaaba, stop the Muslims from worshiping Allah azza wa jal

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Even after the migration of Medina, there were a number of years when the Muslims were able to go to Mecca and to worship Allah subhanaw taala. Despite the Quraysh as the the tribe that was the custodians of the Kaaba, they were in the position of looking after the Kaaba and the city of Mecca and so on. It was their policy, that the Arabs irrespective of what the issues that were going on amongst them, because Arabs often had civil war and strife between them, the various tribes of Arabia, but when it came to pilgrimage, when it came to Mecca and the Kaaba, when it came to coming from Rome for Hajj, they wouldn't protect anyone. But with the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam

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and his companions and followers. They prevented them for a number of years. In fact, even in the trade treaty of her labia, we know that the Prophet SAW Selim set out with approximately 1400 companions in order to come to Mecca to perform Umrah and he was prevented from Dussel from doing so, who is more oppressive than those who prevent others from coming to the houses of Allah azza wa jal for worship. And likewise, you see something similar amongst the people of the Scripture who came before that they would stop people from going to be to knock this off from other places, houses of Allah azza wa jal to be the in which Allah subhanaw taala should be worshipped jellyfish, Allah

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alone, Allah subhanaw taala says concerning those people, they are the ones who should not enter those places without fear. They should be fearful of Allah's wrath, fearful of Allah's Anger, fearful of Allah subhanaw taala as punishment and that is what then says, Let him feed dunya Kizzy they will have in this life disgrace, and Allah azza wa jal disgraces them. Because Allah subhanaw taala will eventually overpower others give power to others over them, whether it's the army of Abraham, and how they will destroy it as Allah azza wa jal mentions in Surah, to feel whether it's the Quraysh and how they were overpowered and conquered by the Muslims or others, that Allah

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subhanaw taala gives them humiliation in this life, one will accurate or that when when one of them feel I feel better than when I leave. And in the next life, they will have the painful punishment of Allah subhana wa Tada.

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And therefore, from the traits of the people of Eman and the people of Islam, is that they are people who venerate and honor the houses of Allah subhanaw taala, the misogyny, the places of worship, they honor them, they respect them, they revere them, they give the wealth for the upkeep, they build them wherever they are, and so on and so forth. And from the beauty of what we see across the Muslim across the Muslim world, and beyond, even in many of the non Muslim countries of the world, is the establishment of massage and often people who would go as migrants to those far off lands, for example, here in the UK, when the first group of Muslims came in, they settled, and they

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were people who were, generally speaking people have very little means, didn't have a great deal of wealth. Many of them came without their families. And they came for economic purposes for the vast majority of them. And they came in, they sought to come to these countries in order to build a better life for themselves and to bring money back for their family and for the children and so on. But despite them having great jobs or a great deal of wealth or having other pressures upon them, one of the things that they all strive towards, was establishing houses of worship for Allah subhanaw taala, building massage and building Islamic centers for themselves for their families for

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the future generations that would come. And that is the way of the people of Eman and then not only building those massages, but maintaining them paying for the upkeep. Make sure making sure that there are places of learning places where people can come and have a Salah and will learn Quran and people will places where people can come and learn their religion. And at the very greatest these places are the hubs of the Muslim community. This is the place where the Muslims gather men and women, young and old, all of them gathered to learn about the religion, Muslim and often non Muslims as well in order to benefit from the services that are being offered. And that is how the Muslims

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are when it comes to the houses of Allah azza wa jal, places of worship, in which Allah's name is always remembered, in which his words are always recited, in which people always worship him. subhanho wa Taala alone. But if they prevent you, if they stop you from doing so, on Messenger of Allah, they don't allow you to go and perform Umrah in Mecca, or they stop you from going to one house of worship to another as has happened over the ages that Allah azza wa jal tells us to remember as he says in verse 115, what Allah HiLine missionary who will Maghreb for a number two will know for them marriage will Allah in hola Hawa, Syrian ally, Allah subhanaw taala says

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Remember, that the east and the west belong to Allah azza wa jal, meaning that wherever you may be, and whichever direction you pray, Allah subhanaw taala is there. And even though we know that today as Muslims, we must pray towards the camera, because that is the qibla in the direction of prayer. But before the carrabba The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam commanded them to pray towards Jerusalem, and so on.

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Larusso just commanded the Muslims that at first it should pray towards Jerusalem. When the Qibla change as we will mention inshallah Tala in the forthcoming episode towards the beginning of the second Jews, Allah azza wa jal will speak in detail concerning the command to change the Qibla direction from Jerusalem to Mecca. But one of the things that will then said by the people of the Scripture and others was what kind of religion is this one day they're facing this direction, that they're either facing another direction, they can't make their mind up? What type of religion is this, that doesn't even know which way it's meant to face? And Allah subhanaw taala says, even if

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they were to do that, doesn't Allah azza wa jal control everything? Doesn't Allah control the East and the West? And that is why in our religion even till now, if a person for example is playing the NFL player, they're traveling, they're playing an optional player was traveling as the prophets of Allah where it will set them off and do he will be riding on his camo. And he would pray is never praised wherever whichever direction is going, even if he's not facing the paper. Why? Because all of these directions belong to Allah subhanaw taala. Yes, when you're praying your fourth prayer, or your resident, or you have the ability to face the qibla, then you do so. But if you're unable to on

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one occasion, or the someone's at hospital, and they are bed bound, they're unable to get up and the way that the bed is facing isn't towards the Qibla. Do we say to that person now you can't pray? Or do they pray to the best of their ability in the direction that they're facing? So if they're praying towards that direction, on the still praying towards Allah subhanaw taala Allah azza wa jal says all of the directions belong to Allah azza wa jal, and Allah subhanaw taala some of the scholars of Tafseer said, he highlighted the east and the west, because this is where you see the signs of Allah azza wa jal most, you see the setting of the sun and the rising of the sun in the

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east and the west. And so Allah azza wa jal highlights this doesn't mean that everything only the east and the west know Allah azza wa jal says as he then continues for a number two Hello, wherever you turn, for some knowledge Allah, you will turn towards the face of Allah subhanaw taala meaning you will always be towards Allah azza wa jal and so Allah subhanaw taala tells the people that they should face Allah azza wa jal and when doing so they will turn towards the feast of ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada. And this is one of the verses that therefore shows to us that from the attributes of Allah azza wa jal, that he confirms and affirms for himself subhanaw taala in a manner which is befitting

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to His Majesty is that Allah azza wa jal possesses a face and Allah Subhana Allah says elsewhere in the Quran, will you ever college whare Bica Lord Jeddah they will come and the Face of your Lord will remain full of nobility and honor. And so Allah subhanaw taala affirms for himself a face as he affirms for himself attributes in the Quran like hands as we will come across inshallah Tiana in a forthcoming surah and just of the Quran in Allah was on Aleem for indeed Allah subhanaw taala is all pervading and all knowing Allah azza wa jal says that he has the greatest of knowledge and the greatest of wisdom subhanaw taala. And so therefore, when he commands something, it is something

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which Allah azza wa jal does so with the utmost knowledge and the utmost wisdom. Allah subhanaw taala then invest 116 He goes on to another session that is made by the people of the Scripture and that is a call to Takada Allahu Allah that that they have a search it also from the recession's is that Allah has a child, the word wanted. Even though in modern day Arabic was often used to denote the male child a son. In classical Arabic It can refer to either male or female. Lacan would talk about Allah Who whenever they say that Allah azza wa jal has a child, primarily speaking about the Jews and the Christians because the Christians have said that Jesus is the Son of God. And there are

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amongst the Jews, certain groups that also used to hold the belief that resile was the son of God, as Allah azza wa jal will mention in Surah Tober. And so this is a claim that they need, but the Arabs amongst the Arabs, they were tribes that believed that Allah subhanaw taala had daughters, and they would say that the angels are the daughters of Allah azza wa jal. And so Allah subhanaw taala says that there are from amongst them, primarily the Jews and the Christians because we are speaking about them. The context is speaking about them. But the verse is more generic, because amongst the Arabs also, just as Allah azza wa jal mentions, generically concerning those who prevent people from

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worshipping the houses of Allah, yes, it's to do with the people of Scripture, but there are others as well. Then likewise here, you have people who said that Allah has a son, but you also have people that said that Allah azza wa jal has daughters may Allah subhanaw taala on Allah azza wa jal is far exalted from that, and that is why he says subhanaw taala. So the HANA May he be exalted, may he be exalted from this glorified following above this from that which they attribute to Him, because a child is needed to show a child is needed as a sign of wikiHow of weakness? It is we long for children because we know that we will grow old and there will be someone who will look after us

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Someone who will continue our legacy, I will name will live on Allah subhanaw taala is no need of a partner or a child, Allah azza wa jal has no need for that type of comfort, or that type of assurance or that type of company, Allah subhanaw taala is perfect in every regard. And then by definition, that child would also be a God, a God that has a child would be a god as well. And that would mean then there are multiple gods within the mean that there would be conflict between them and so on and so forth. Rather Allah azza wa jal, it says below who manifest what you want out, hula hoop on each one, rather everything in the heavens and the earth belongs to him. Indeed, everything

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devoutly obey Allah subhanaw taala rather than Allah azza wa jal controls everything in the heavens and the earth, everything is obedient to Allah subhanaw taala obedient in two ways, number one, the general obedience, which is the meanings of all of the creation, the universal laws that Allah has set up, no one can go beyond the Muslim or non Muslim, everyone submits to those universal laws, for example, that every living thing shall die. You can't say, or a non Muslim can't say that I don't believe in Islam, I don't believe in Allah. So therefore I don't accept that rule. I don't accept that law. And I will die doesn't look like that. Death has been written for every living thing. And

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so therefore everyone will die irrespective of your beliefs. But there is a second type of submission and devout obedience and that is the one that is specific to the Muslims and to the believers and Allah azza wa jal, because they don't only accept the universal laws have Allah, but they also accept the laws of Sharia. So they have gone a step further and that is what makes them the people that Allah has over the lives of the people that Allah subhanaw taala has blessed investments and routine Allah azza wa jal says subhanaw taala. But he was somewhat he went out of his originate of the heavens and the earth, and the originator the word Budhia means the one who

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creates with utmost perfection, the one who creates with perfection in such a way that has not been done before. So he originates and he creates an his creation is perfect, the creation of humans, the creation of the heavens and the earth, the creation of everything that we find in this universe. It is amazing, because Allah subhanaw taala is the creator, and that creation, all of everything that we see in the universe, the billions of people, all of the angels, all of the jinn, the heavens and the heavens and and the stars and the moon and the sun and Paradise, everything that Allah azza wa jal has created. Allah subhanaw taala says concerning it, or either a moron what either called for

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in Malibu level conveyor cone, Allah azza wa jal says that when He decrees something, he only has to say to it be, can be, and it has meaning he gives a command, be meaning come into existence, and it will come into existence. Allah subhanaw taala doesn't need a group of people to work to build, it doesn't take him years or decades in order to construct rather Allah azza wa jal simply has to give a command simply you will to come into existence and it exists because that is the power of Allah subhanho wa Taala Allah azza wa jal in verse number 118. He continues and he mentions another of the sessions of the people who disobey Him subhanaw taala and that is that they say Makana Levine and I

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are under Munna Lola you can Lehmann Allahu Elta Tina.

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Those who have no knowledge also save only Allah would speak to us directly, or if a miraculous sign would come to us, they say the people have no knowledge, because they have no knowledge of how the shells are works, they have no knowledge of the names and attributes of Allah subhanaw taala. So they make demands that they have no right to to make, and that is that they save only Allah would speak to us directly. As some of the people of the past said to the prophets are in Allah Jarrah. Let us see Allah azza wa jal before us, there is see Allah subhanaw taala so that we could worship Him before us and Allah azza wa jal dismissed a claim this claim of this Oh, Tina IRA, or let us see

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a sign of Allah azza wa jal, and some of them would say, if we know Why did Allah azza wa jal sent to us as Allah Azza dimensions sortal Furqan Why is the lesson two as a human? Why does Allah azza wa jal send to us an angel is a sign so we can see this angel and he can tell us yes he has come from Allah and so on and so forth. That would be a greater sign, or as they demanded, as Allah azza wa jal mentions in Surah Surah that number of demands from the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, we want you to have palaces of rubies and gems, we want you to have Gardens and Rivers, we want you to fly in the sky. We want you to go and bring down the physical book that we can see all of these

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demands that they made of the prophets of Allah, why do you send them this is the list of miracles that we want? If you complete and tick off all of them, okay, then we'll believe and Allah subhanaw taala says, what type of Audacity is this? Who are they to meet those claims and demands from Allah azza wa jal, Allah subhanaw taala has given them enough in terms of speaking

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unto them, Allah azza wa jal has given them His words and speech in the Quran. And in terms of the signs, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam gave them many miracles during his lifetime, but also signs that Allah azza wa jal has shown to us in His creation. Cada Nikka Khan and levena mean commonly he means luckily him so Allah says people before them said the same things. This isn't just the coloration of the time of the Prophet SAW Allah What are you sending? The people of Musa said the same thing that people have not said the same thing that people don't Rahim, all of the prophets of Allah, people made similar commands and demands of them. The Shabbat had all boom. And that is

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when Allah azza wa jal says their hearts are similar and unlike the disbelievers of all of those prophets, and messengers, even though the time and the place and the generations differ, they are similar in their rejection of Eman that demands from their prophets, the argumentative nature, and that is why these are traits that that unite them all. All of their disbelief is found within these traits. And just as their hearts are similar, then likewise the hearts of the believers are also similar. We are similar and every time and in every place, they are similar, whether it's the believers in the time of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam, or the faithful believers I will

00:26:14--> 00:26:53

find in the time of all of the prophets who came before Allah azza wa jal concludes this verse by saying, but the young teenage homie, you know being on we indeed have made our science clear enough to those who have emailed and those who have true faith. And that is because Allah subhanaw taala has given to a science in the Quran, in the Sunnah in the coming of the Prophet salAllahu alayhi wasallam. And that is why in the final verse on this page in verse 119, Allah subhanaw taala stresses the signs and he says, in order to be happy, but she wrote one of the era we have sent you in the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam with the truth, bearing good news and warning, Allah azza

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wa jal center profit center with truth meaning in his very coming, there are signs, signs of the truthfulness of his message and signs that point to Allah subhanaw taala. And there are three signs of truth. Just in the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, the first of those signs is in the very coming of the prophets of Allah while he was sending and he's been anointed a messenger of Allah azza wa jal. It shows that Allah subhanaw taala knows that the people live in times or there are times that come upon them, when they are misguided when they are in darkness in terms of the spiritual life, when they don't know about the heathens and so Allah Azza Johnston's prophets and

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messengers to poor people back to Allah subhanaw taala that is a sign of truth, that Allah azza wa jal doesn't just leave people without any guidance without any type of teaching. But Allah azza wa jal sends to them revelation and prophets and messengers that showed them the path to Allah subhanaw taala number two the second of those ways that is the truth or that within him there is a sign of truth is his very example and life sign Allahu Allah wa salam, his sera to read his life to study his Ciroc to learn about his character. These are signs that this is a man that Allah azza wa jal chose, and favored and gave him the most amazing characteristics and traits because he is the

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messenger of allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and the third sign is then what he is left behind in terms of all of his teachings, whether in the Quran, or whether in the Sunnah of the Prophet sallallahu Allah he will send him the signs, the stories, the miracles, all of these things that we have within the Quran, and the Sunnah, all of this points to the truth, but the role of the Prophet of Allah azza wa jal is that he is simply Bishi Ramana Vera, he gives glad tidings for the people who will believe and accept and he is a winner of the punishment of Allah subhanho wa Taala concerning those people who reject and turn away and that is why Allah azza wa jal concludes this

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verse by saying what to do and as hybrid Jehane you will not be responsible or question regarding the inhabitants of the Blaze, meaning those people who turn away will reject to don't accept the signs, which turn away from Allah from the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, you won't be questioned concerning them your job is simply to convey the message that I'm accepting or accepting that accounting is with Allah subhanaw taala he will question them you will not be held responsible for them. And so with that, we come to the end of page number 18 of the first Jews Surah to Bukhara bark Allahu Allah and to get the Muhammad Ali he was running Santa Monica, but Allah he

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