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So which father will be just talking about Adam? Who will he be compared to? Yes, Adam will be compared to Bani Israel how? Check it out. Adam Alayhis Salam is being sent as a Khalifa you remember that? The only prophet that Allah describes as Khalifa in the Quran is from Bani Israel Jada who in Niger? Unaka Khalifa 10.

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Allah says the angel said about Adam Alayhis Salam what the Bible due to complaints that they made you remember? What did they say?

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You are you putting someone on the earth who will do what?

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cause corruption number one what was number two? Spilled Blood? What does Allah say about Bunny's law in law to say don't fill out the Martini, you will cause great corruption in the land.

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Adam was told the other angel said human beings will make corruption who proved them correct? Bani Israel the second complaint of the angels was he will spill blood Yes. Now listen, what if I have not Meetha Kokkola to speak una de ma come same Surah when we took a contract from you Israelites that you will not spill your own blood. Thelma Huntoon ha hola ETUC to Luna infosol Calm you were the very same people who kept killing your own people. Angel said how are you putting a Khalifa on the earth he will spill blood Israelites directly cause corruption and what else? Spilled Blood? Okay, let's go further. Under his Salam when he made his epic mistake with his with our mother, what

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was he told come down it'd be to minha Yes, come down from where Jana? And it will I already explained this to you. Why was he told to come down because of what one cardinal sin? Greed? Yes, greed. Now study the story of the Israelites in Surah Al Baqarah you will find that they were in the middle of a desert and they should have died of starvation. But what did Allah decide to do instead? He put a cloud over them and he gave them my nine Salwa Yes. And that should have been enough for them to survive. But they said that is not good enough. We need chard masala we need some Brioni we need some Lugo's tahona Jae min come in Berkeley HA HA HA HA for me haha other see however Surya

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Yes. So what they were given was not good enough they wanted something else. This is greed is it not? If it is greed What is Allah say to them in the to miss salon? That's not an accident go down into the land. The same exact word if it was used for who are the man a Salam in the same surah Now it's being used for Bani Israel when they want more than they have then are the Malays Salam was told go into Jana and eat from where anywhere minha Hazel shaitan toma and the Israelites, they were told to go into the land with colored who had the hill Korea for consuming Hazel jatim Rather than go into the city, you can eat whatever you want in that city. Allah told exactly that to the

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Israelites. Do you see a comparison between Adam and the Israelites yet? The connection keeps getting deeper and deeper. He says Allah said What did Allah give to them when he came on the earth? What was the gift that Allah gave them? Are they someone who came on the earth?

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Words? Yeah, so he could make Toba. He made and what were those words supposed to be? We take it no, I take acknowledgement for what I did wrong personal responsibility. When they were entering the city, the Israelites. Allah said to them hit Thorton Why don't you ask for forgiveness? Is that similar to other my Nissan? Yes, but instead of asking for forgiveness, what did they do for But Donna Lavina colon played under the Killa home under the Nevada mukaan and right under the feet under home, the ones who did wrong they replaced the word HIPAA with hindpaw. They made fun of it. We don't want forgiveness, we need more bread.

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They started making joke out of it.

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Are them Allah His salon was given words and he repented the Israelites were given just one word, not even words. It's not even that hard. Just hit thought they couldn't handle that.

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Then you have, oh my god. When the angels said He will spill blood, he will cause corruption. Allah says I know what you don't know.

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And you find in Surah Al Baqarah. When Allah is talking to the Israelites, he says Unto Allah, Allah do you think you know more than Allah?

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You think you know more than Allah, angels acknowledge that they don't know anything. And the Israelites talk like no more than Allah.

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You find. Allah said to the angels, I know what you're hiding and what you show remember that i No matter

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what you show

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In what you've been hiding, and what do you find about the Israelites? They hid the revelation in the Latina yak to Munna Anza nominal the unit. I'll make my point in a second. I just want to establish this connection. What did Adam What did the police refuse to do?

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He refused to do such that forget such that by nuestra el wouldn't even do the cooler workout Oh, my rakia in such that is a bigger accomplishment. They wouldn't even be willing to do the cooler. Why did I share this comparison with you? I'm trying to compare Adam with who

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Benissa in why, though? What's the point? The point is, angels made a complaint. Human beings are not up for this task. They're not good enough. You're Allah. And Allah said, I know something you don't know. Then Allah gave us long ayat about Bani Israel. And when you study the long I asked about Bani Israel, who were supposed to be the chosen nation, the nation the Allah gave more profits than anybody else, more chances than anybody else. Oh my goodness, so many chances. Yet. Seems to me when I read the sutra, they prove the angels, right?

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They were making an ephah on the earth, yes or no more than anybody else. But he was like he was when he found the earth. And did they do exactly what the angels were afraid of? Yes. But Allah says he's right. And the angels are wrong. I don't see it yet.

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And at the end of that entire story, he takes us back to another father, who is that

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Ibrahim alayhis salam who was also tested. By the way, them under his Salam was tested, and he failed temporarily. And he came back to Allah. The Israelites were tested, and they failed and they continue to fail.

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Then Ibrahim alayhis salam was tested, Father, nation, Father nation, what is the thing that connects all of them together? Test, test, test, test.

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Ibrahim, are they he said on his tested? Is he tested with small things or big things? He's tested with colossal things? And does he pass all of them? For uttama Hoonah. He completed all of the tests, all of them.

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Subhanallah we are called the name the religion of who? Ibrahim Minetta of equal Ibrahim. Now now we have three situations. We have the situation of Adam and salaam who failed a test and then recovered, we have the situation of the Israelites who continuously failed the test. And then you have the situation of Ibrahim alayhi salam who passed all the tests who's next?

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Us and he says now I will test you with all kinds of things. One another new one Norcombe che in and I will teach test you with fear and hunger when oximeter lawani will enforce Eva Thammarat whereby she didn't solve it in your turn. You're up for bed next.

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And that's you. That's me.

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That's what's happening in the Quran.

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The story of Adam Alayhis Salam created a question in the minds of the angels. And their question is not answered

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by the Israelites. Because they are a disappointment to the legacy of their father Ibrahim, they were supposed to uphold the legacy of their father Ibrahim, they failed.

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But Ibrahim alayhi salam is legacy should be upheld. Because he voted by the way Ibraheem Alehissalaam built on top of the foundations of the Kaaba, did you know that he did not build the Kaaba yellow Pharaoh Ibrahim will color a diamond el beit foundations were already there. He was building on top of them. My question to you is where did the foundations come from?

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Adam Alayhis Salam, the first father started the project. The second father did what finished the project and the niche. He had two kinds of children, Israelites on this side and the Muslims on that side, and the Israelites failed in doing justice to that house, and now it's the Muslims turn.

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Let's see what kind of big hotels they build.

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To do justice to the house of Ibraheem Alehissalaam

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I'm telling you all of this, because we the Ummah of Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, the final Ummah to walk this earth, we are supposed to be the answer to the angels from Allah. I know what you don't I know the Muslims I know the Ummah of Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, they will show you what a Halifa can do. They will show you what a caretaker of the Earth can do. They will show you what kind of people will rise to the occasion when they are given the choice. They will show you how a human being can rise to the level

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Have a human being and not reduce himself to an animal guys, we have a huge responsibility on our shoulders. Hey everyone, that was a small glimpse from story night. I want you to catch the entire story night and there's a bunch more story nights out there on being a Go sign up for being a go under Quran courses and you will find story nights a number of them that you can enjoy with your family.