Tafseer Surat Qaf – 13 Ghafla – Heedlessness – Ayat 21-22

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Alonzo Adele tells us in a number 21 of soda cough

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that with every person that comes on the Day of Judgment there will be two angels accompanying that person. One of them is called a sap. And the other one is called a Shahid. What is the meaning of the word setup the word set it means the one who guides who gives direction to a person. This is why in Arabic, you call the person who drives a car, we call them a setup is the name because the purse the purpose of a driver is to direct you and get you from one place to another. And so each person will be designated as Sadie of judgment. And the purpose of this is that this person is going to be guided by the setup to the gathering place, the place where we will all be gathered question and

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then directed to our ultimate destination. As well as there is a showerhead. And a showerhead here is a person or is an angel that witnesses either for that slave or against that slave. So that person, the showerhead and the setup, these two angels are designated for these particular job. One of them is to direct the other one is to testify, either for that slave or against that slave

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in the 22nd

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allonzo agenda tells us that indeed La Quinta de hoffler indeed mankind has been in a state of heedlessness where their hearts their actions have been hard and cold. Whenever minded whenever reminders I had the guidance came to them. It came as though their hearts were sealed. Their eyes were blind, their ears were sealed, everything was blind to them. And so this is a state of love for Allah. And Allah azza wa jal says in a number 22, that indeed mankind was in a state of love for Allah. And now we have removed a covering, in other words, now allies so again, even though that person is in this state, now on the Day of Judgment allies, so which will expose that person, no

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hiding anymore, so whatever, whatever they felt inside of them, even if they wanted to portray the opposite, now on the Day of Judgment, Allah azzawajal revealed that covering from them, and your eyesight will be sharp on that day FACA. Chef Narayan Calcio partnered for baso, local Yamaha Dean. So on that day, I feel Rahim Allah tells us that the sight of each and every person will be made clear to them. And the reason for this is that Allah azza wa jal is going to allow every single person to be able to see what is happening around them from the chaos and the confusion, and the fright and the fear that everyone will have on that day. Allies which are ones especially those who

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disbelieve to see it. So if they were blind in the state of hoffler, they were heedless to the commands of Allah azza wa jal in the dunya. This will not happen in the effort of whatever realities they were trying to run away from, it will be brought in front of them. And if you want to know more

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about what this term this principle, Allah hoffler, his heedlessness towards the commands of Allah azza wa jal, I think about two years ago, I did a lecture here in this semester, and it is entitled Allah hoffler. And in it I've discussed different types of people. How do you know if you're in the state? How do you come out of the state and the various evidences from the poor end and so none I believe that perhaps it might still be available here in the bookstore. And I encourage you all to to have this CD with you. It is an important important part of our lives, that we understand what is

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the problem with this particular state is that people are in it and don't know that they're in it. I'll give you an example.

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A person might be given

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In so much wealth, so much honor position, family, the fanciest cars, the biggest homes everything and they themselves will say that Allah azza wa jal loves me This is why I have all of this and what happens as a result, they end up becoming blind to their own mistakes. So, this person because so blind by all the near term and wealth around him, he will go to a lecture, we will go to a hotbed join a class, whatever the case is, he will be hearing Pinilla what Carlota saw constantly all the time, yet it will not affect him, yet that person will still backbite that person will not lower his gaze, that person will speak about people spread mich mischief and facade into the community. But at

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the end of the day, he is too blind to see that mistake. Because why he's living the good life. He has a beautiful home, he has beautiful children, he has his wife or whatever the case is, she has her husband, and they're just living a wonderful life, traveling the world etc, etc. etc. This is a person who has fallen in the state of lefleur yet they are blind to their own state. And the dilemma to Long Island teach us that this is a shadow hopper. This is the most dangerous test of Allah azza wa jal when Allah subhanho wa Taala tests us something good rather than something bad. We ask a laws surgeon to save us from being in the state of Laughlin. Furthermore, in this particular is a number

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allies soldier makes it clear to us that we will have good sight and it is also mentioned in another sort of sort of sajida or banner above pseudo now what semirara nafld reagieren and narrow mon Sol, inner multinode we have now seen the disbelievers will say this on yomo piano we have now seen we have now heard so give us a chance let us go back. Now we seen that the reality is in front of us. We're seeing the confusion. We're seeing that now. This is the day everyone is who fat and rotten Mandala. They are naked by themselves. And they standing in front of Allah azza wa jal. Now we know and we understand that this was a ultimate reality. And they will beg for Jenna normal solid, have

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us returned back to the dunya in order that we can do righteous deeds, because now we know for sure where we're going. And a large soldier tells us that no matter how many times we were to be sent back, those people were to be sent back into the dounia. No matter how many times you send them back, they will still fall into the exact same state.

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And so this is going to be the state of those especially who have disbelieved in a large region.