Tafseer Surat Qaf – 14 Stubbornness – Ayat 23-24

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In a video, the speaker discusses the history behind the use of Islam in the US. The speaker explains that Islam is a way to achieve a better life, and that the ultimate reality is in front of them. The speaker also mentions that Islam is a way to achieve a better life and that the ultimate reality is in front of them.

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What color coding? Oh hazama dang Yachty

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nama cool Naka in arani need em judgment alized soldier will command the angel to give these people all of us here is a record of everything you have said and done in the dunya.

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So Allah azza wa jal will come in and angel to do this. And we mentioned in Seoul that have

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a large soldier tells us that way if a person receives this book in their right hand, it means that they have more good deeds than that of bad deeds. And if they receive this Book of Records in their left hand than it is the emphasis, it's the opposite. So more bad deeds than that of their good deeds. What is alarmed, so just save. Throw both of these people meaning allies so john now is talking to these two angels the set and the Shaheed commanding them throw this disbeliever into the fire, because of how stubborn they were. Hello cofilin Annie, who found in I need is a stubborn disbeliever. So this is a person you try to tell them the truth. You try to give them signed you do

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as much as you can they see it. They understand it in their heart in their heart, they might even accept it, but they will not to show it to you. They will not portray this acceptance, they won't make it clear and they will not accept the religion of a large soldier. So what does Allah subhanho wa Taala commend that this is a person who is I need stubborn, allow them to be entered into the fire.

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here by now, we should all have known, especially those of us who have been here from the very first as

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allies, so a gel has shown the disbelievers he has shown them that the Quran is El Majeed. It is glorious, it is a miracle. He has also shown the disbelievers that he has sent a messenger from among them and we mentioned the Hickman the wisdom why Allah azza wa jal chooses to send a messenger or profit from amongst those people. Then Allah subhanho wa Taala also spoke about some of his names and attributes, that he is the all see or the all here knows most powerful. Also Allah azza wa jal showed them about the many miracles that you see around them from the mountains, the trees, the rain that falls, the nourishment, the food, the fruits, the vegetable, the agriculture, everything that

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we have.

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Allah xojo continue to show them that he brings life to a ground that is dead meaning a place that was deserted a desert, all of a sudden now Allah azza wa jal causes that rainfalls in that area, and by the will of Him subhanho wa Taala you find that there is life, there is grass, there's trees, there's fruits growing in that area. Still, they denied still, they didn't accept. So what that allows us to do after that, then a little bit of history and told them about those who came before them. What happened to them with loot. Olli is set up with new highly he sent them and all the others, what happened to them how Allah has so much and punish them. Still, they disbelieved still,

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they were in the state of hoffler. Still, they were stubborn to the commands of Allah azza wa jal now, there's nothing else left. Now the ultimate reality is in front of them. So what happens they seen the reality in front of them for Jelena send us back. Do you see how ignorances This is how ignorance is how a person who is Jahan person who is ignorant to the commands of Allah azza wa jal, you know, there's a saying I'm not sure where the saying comes from, but there is a wisdom behind it is that you will never know how severe something is until you feel it. So you will never know the ultimate reality on to it. And so this is the lesson behind why Allah azza wa jal caused that after

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showing them the ultimate reality of Yeoman piano they still did disbelief so ordered that they be thrown into the fire.