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After praising Allah subhanaw taala and sending immense greetings and salutations upon the final prophet muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa early was seldom,

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we began a journey of warning mankind based upon Surah Noor whereby previously ALLAH SubhanA, Allah spoke about the various punishments that will befall the people or the calamities towards the end of times. And then Allah's plan the other sin, Bashar sent human beings or sin prophets, to become living examples to mankind how to live their life, because maybe a person may think that the verses of Quran are far away. So Allah is planning to other places human beings are places the best of human beings, these messengers of Allah Subhana Allah, to live as examples for us to follow inside our lives. Can a nurse or mutton Wahida for birth alone the beginning of a Shereena woman zerene

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Previously people one nation one people, prior to the people of New Haile Salam, then Allah began to send the messengers, Tatra and other places article on one after another continuously to remind people because people began to drift away from Tawheed people began to drift away from the Oneness of Allah Subhan Allah Allah. So Allah sent these messengers in our Sunday Lake and Wuhan, we said no honey Islam, in our comi to his people, and under toward his people. And as we find a way of the message is to warn the people, as I mentioned that the Quran was the care whom be a yarmulke, remind the people about the days of Allah subhanaw taala. So this way, the message inside of Quran of

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warning mankind that's the theme inside these following sewers is exactly the same theme of warning mankind warning people inside Surah to agenda warning is not just to the world of the human beings, but the world of the unseen as well. An unsorted museum as well speaks about warning mankind that we've sent in our Sunday La Cumbre Siouxland share hidden Alikum gamma arsena Illa Allah Rasool, we sent us a witness as a message just like we said previously, to fill out a messenger Musa was sent to him for answer for Rasulullah. But for all he disobeyed, the messenger came to him this is a common trait in society that they reject the messengers. They reject the Gambia and again inside we

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find inside Surah Al Modesitt are going to come here as well yeah, you will come for underwater burqa for Kabir what's the burqa here are one who's inside the government's comb, and their get up and wound the people as it is the Beshara that after learning what belief is, Islam doesn't tell you to sit still. To remain stagnant. You have to come out and warn the people tell the people remind them about the Oneness of Allah subhanaw taala because prior to that people may have been in that oneness but they began to drift away. Because in sun begins to forget, begins to slip shape on comes and begins to derail people away from a towhead as we find the essence of the human being a Muslim,

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or this nation was always more hidden. The beginning of the creation is everybody was upon Tawheed upon the Oneness of Allah and Allah is shaytaan. We mentioned that Surah Lu who came who began to lead people towards a shift as when people think that is it. shirk is a stepping stone or grave virtual dimension is a stepping stone towards * is not a stepping stone.

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It's not a stepping stone. It's a fine line, a hairline. That's what it is. That's what people say, No, it is bad. But it's not really that bad. It's a fine line that that slight slip of wordings, or actions, or thought or perception takes you from away from Eman into Cofer into disbelief. Not that we're applying it upon anybody who may come to a grave or a shrine. But we're trying to understand is a concept that because we become so lenient inside our society, that we begin to think it's something tolerant, if somebody does go to a shrine, or somebody does go and show their respect to a chef or an Imam, or religious cleric, or whatever it may be, that we should tolerate it. We don't

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tolerate that, because we can see what the impact of the is what people are doing at the shrines. That's why this hidden message is Sora that some people might be thinking that sort of God speaking about this identity of this unseen, if you really study the suit in great detail is nothing about speaking about Tawheed that's the real message, the surah that is speaking about the Oneness of Allah Ananda throughout the surah. And that's the core message of the Quran. Because of amatola the greatness of Allah subhanaw taala. That's what we need to instill inside our hearts and our mind is the greatness of Allah Subhana Allah that He is the one that deserves and has to be worshipped in

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the face of this earth. So the messengers they came to deliver the message, but this specific message of the Prophet lesson was something special that went beyond the parameters of the world that we see. That's what Allah meant, you will not have said Naka Illa Rahmatullah Allah mean, we don't send you except for as a mercy to all of the worlds This is the Quran begins at home

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delay Arabella Alameen wa salam I begin to discuss what is an amine? What is the words? What are these words that Allah is speaking about as these people spend billions to get to Mars or to get to space and have whatever they want to do out there in the world? They spent billions but they don't they fail to recognize what the world is who is honorable Allah mean who is the master node of the worlds because all of this should lead a person to what scenario him is Tina fill FFP and fusarium head yet but you know and not hack, that when a person traverses the horizons, goes beyond the hemisphere sees the heavens, the sky, the stars, the night everything, what is it? What should it

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lead to an intellect your person lead them to? That there is only one to serve? There is one supreme being one supreme creator that is Allah subhanaw taala. So the messenger was was sent, and he goes on to warn people will not send Naka Illa Kapha till Nursey Bashira wanna Zerah wala, Kenya kidnapper, NASA and the moon, we send you to warn people to give glad tidings. So some people they get upset that why is it some warning people is the Quranic language to warn people to give them glad tidings to remind people, what they're cared for in a Decra term, meaning remind indeed a reminder benefits to believers had the relevant logo to speak about and insert the meaning of insan

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come to witness see or to forget.

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Human beings they forget. So they continuously they need to be reminded, reminded about their journey. Remind about the intent remind about their purpose reminded about as you mentioned the last days all of us need to be reminded for the the Friday admonition and Mo is a is a reminder primarily about the law state and about our preparation towards Allah subhanaw taala. So we find the inside this the world of animal gene will ensue that we find the world of the jinn and the human beings. You know, when Allah mentions or the Quran says so to their yard, the 51st chapter verse number 56 will not sign up to Jinnah while in the elderly Abbadon we had an iron ishara even inside his eye it

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is this simple truth. That is an essence before the humic Allah said one Mahala to gin I did not create the gin Allah mentioned the gin cobbler insert before the human being to show as if the gin existed before as human being as human beings they existed before us and as a numerous Roma of the fasciola Roxy replica theory when he speaks about the beginning of subtle Bacara with cholera Buka in Niger anyone fill out the Khalifa. Can you attach Alfia may you've Sufi here? Well, yes we could. Dima,

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when Allah said to the angels, I'm going to place a viceroy a vice chairman, a representative who's going to be a Khalifa take over some urban legend take over the Earth carry on what existed on Earth before the angel said are you going to place upon this earth? Look at the traits that Allah mentioned about the human being or what the angels mentioned about the human beings who are going to spill blood and create fitna upon the land focus upon that carefully how the angels they describe the human being suffer to the IMA a general Sif of the human being, let us start there in just an hour, few 100 years or so that we find of what is the nature of human not going back at the

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beginning of time, what the nature of the human being was, as we mentioned to have been copied what took place, the first killing that took place based upon jealousy, the First World War 1914 to 1918 that we find 20 million people died 21 million people that they were civilians of hardship was caused to them or the state of injury in those four years. The Second World War that we find Psalm 1939 To 1938 to 1945 that we find, well defined, approximately 70 million people are killed. 70 million people are killed.

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And this this nature of the human continues the holocaust of 1941 to 45 6 million Jews are terminated, exterminated guest tortured, harmed. And not this longer. July the 11th 1995 imports to Bosnia what took place there, eight to 9000, the genocide that took place there only 27 years ago, they speak about humanity. They speak about humanity. They speak about Geneva Conventions and protects you the prisoners of war and sanctity of life and this that any other it's all rubbish. Because the Quran describes that their nature is to be full of pillage and carnage and harm to people harm to innocent people. And let's not speak about the other genocides read through the

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genocides, the Rwandan genocide that took place. The Cambodian genocide took place in 19 Center, our building suffered and were killed. This is the human being whether it be towards Muslims or non Muslims. This is the nature of the human being that the Quran describes. And it warns about that if the human being doesn't become one who serves Allah Subhana Allah will serve their own interest and a serving of their own interest. They will carnage they will pillage they will slay they will pull people, whatever they want to do read, read what happened 27 years ago, what they've done to

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Do people it's gruesome. It brings tears to person, heart and their mind that this is what they've done to innocent people, innocent children, innocent women. It's not too long ago, 27 years ago, read about apartheid moving to South Africa, how they dealt with people inside, they read about the Civil Rights Movement, how to deal with the black people there. These are the so called civilized states that we praise and we look upon that they're going to rectify our affair. They're going to take care of our society take care of our people, they've got blood on their hands, blood that's dripping from their hands that they tried to deny or try to push to other directions.

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So we should be wary about the nature of the human being. And that's why someone read them I said that actually the jinn could be far better than the human being.

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They are far better than human being because they learn or they saw the mistakes that Some said it because he didn't die when he mentioned that the reason why even the cathedral you mentioned that the angels saw this so they recognized because they saw what the jinn were possibly doing on the face of this earth. How they began to behave on this earth, that the humans human beings get to follow suit. So Allah Spandana inside the surah that we find that Allah has come to highlight so the prophet Elijah some cuckoo here in a year and no summer and therefore Amina Ginnifer called who in us and submit an operand and algebra alongside the sort of 72nd sort of the Quran 28 verses just

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like the previous Surah Surah. Nor is this could be an issue or a reason that similar sort of similar pattern, similar words, similar themes exist inside there. And if I'm sad, he says his name is Oh here, Elijah, that he had been narrated to me there's like only five places inside the Quran Allah begins by the climax of the of the command, call the four calls and Catherine and his class and follow a nurse and sue to Jin Woo here Ilya and sue to gin the holy name in his Surah that begins with an identity which is unseen everything inside the Quran the names are known to us, whether it be an arm, the cattle, the spider, a normal, the ant that we find at Bacara or other

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things inside the Quran speaking about the law states all known as this the only place inside the Quran is called so to get the word of the unseen

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because there's those people who negate it is extremities between our belief that those who believe it is philosophy, there is no concept of the of the Jinn of a hidden world is viewed as passing through even some works of any modern writings that we find. They denied the concept of the unseen, as we say that the importance of believing in the unseen, deliberately displeased systemic thing because the writers they say there's no proof about the jinn it just a figment of the mind. Doesn't even when people go through through possession or go through hardship. What do these medical doctors say they just inject you they just jab you with will inject you because they don't want to believe

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in the unseen. They don't want to believe that this is an element of possession that could take place. And then we find the other extremity that that didn't have a superpower over over human beings. That's the other extremity amongst Muslims that fearful or the Malcolm concluded the jinn are more fearful of human beings. That's why they live in their own state. They live in a dissolute homes, desecrate homes, faraway places, in deserts, in caves and crevices and mountains in valleys. They live far away from us because they're scared of us. That's what really my right is they don't want to engage with us. There is a barrier between us and them that we find. So that the element of

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that we should be worried about them. They have their world that they reside in. And even the prophet has some he only met them on a few occasions that we find inside the surah three times it's at Mactan twice it's at Medina. But on these occasions he never actually physically met them. He only heard about them because Allah revealed him cool oh, Elijah is being revealed to you that a group of the gem that they heard the RE citation of the Quran, so this moment in time, he never saw them. It's just been revealed to him that there's some elements it's sort of a half way sort of Malaika now for a minute Jeanne yesterday Runa Quran Allah Maha de rue called who and Seto we find

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out when they didn't heard the reciting of the of the Quran said remain silent. Listen to it. So some remember they mentioned a profit somebody returning back from five and going to the souk of of Kurth and a time of Fajr came down at a place in Nakhla. He stopped and he began to read Fajr it was reading Fajr all in his own, or his reading with a group of companions, some said, possibly reading Surah Al Anam. The Sixth Chapter, the Quran full of Tawheed has one view that existed. And you find that once we do that, you find that the jinn came then and why did they come there? Because when the revelation of Allah subhanaw taala began, then God traveling up traversing to the heavens and

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snatching information was stopped from them. Does you find that soothsayers magicians that we find people who tell the future they say there's an element of truth that they snatch information from the heavens? They use the jinn to gain the information, but we find that when the revelation came down that was sealed

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If there was, there was meteorites thrown upon anybody tried to travel into the heavens, that was something given special to the Prophet alayhi salatu salam. So the jinn began to question why are we not able to extract information from the heavens listen to the angels talk and get this information so they could traverse upon the of gold ponder Something is causing this blockade. So they began to go east and west and travel until they came a group of the Jin Navarro Mina, Ginni and Nefer Amma focus on Ursa, a group of three or up to nine or 10 of them it came, they traveled and then they heard the preferred as I'm reading the Quran, went ahead and renew Quran said this is what has

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blocked the information from us. This Quran is prevented from us we can no longer reach the heavens and gain this information. We've been stopped when they heard this when they heard the Quran look at the impact of Quran inner summit now Quran and our agenda. We've heard something marvelous, unbelievable. These words that we've heard, that's what Redman said that that the penetration of the Quran upon these individual men these are these are hollowness individuals that you find because the meaning of jinn is something for nama Jana is a nail when Abraham has some speaks about his teachings people to heed notice some people think that he was a mistake and he went to to eat he

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knew to eat he was trying to give them this display. This theatrical display of what though he did he said when the stars came for Lamba generally when a night was covered, it was covered in darkness and the stars came cold cover the stars became apparent call ahead Robbie said this is my lord but they dispersed they went away but that caliber head Jana Jana means to cover to seal to consider for you find Janine you find that the mother's womb is something is hidden. Does you find that the gin is something which cannot be seen by the naked eye? There's another place called elementary well Jen Calacatta we created the Gen the poor of gin is Jan is the pro of the gym that we find we collect

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curriculum from what from the smokeless fire, that they can change shapes change identities that could enter easily hollow and entity human beings enter into animals enter into anywhere that Allah has given the ability that's why salamander so we had control as Allah mentioned that you've given the control of the jinn. When the har*a Do you know do when a genie will ins when the dude is G his armies troops came, he had the troops of the jinn. That didn't work for him, the humans worked for him. He had that that control over them. That was given to Solomon Ali Salaam. And he made this dua give me only this control. That's why the Prophet said he could have gained that control. But he

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refused to take it because of this door of Solomon and Islam. But inside that story of Solomon that we find color every two minute gin, what a fried is a powerful gin. He said, I'm going to bring the throne of Belize before you stand up. Before even stand up. I'll bring this great big throne of her from Yemen from Sheba I'll bring it I'll bring it right or bring it in right before you stand up before you could stand up. About one day said who had been given the knowledge of the book was more powerful. He said I'll bring it to you before even blink.

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Before you even blink, I will be there in front of it. Then it was placed in front him Karla them in front the rugby. This is the virtue of blessing of Allah Allah has given to me he's given me so this 10 People say that we can control the Jin Lai of Jews, Sharon, even Allah that we find who begin to call about following the Quran and Sunnah say yes, there is no harm in controlling the jinn to get the jinn to do something for you. That majority of you is not allowed. You expel the gene, you release them, you don't control them, they don't become slaves and sevens towards you, as even Amer Josie highlighted those people who do work with the jinn, they think they've got control over them,

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that gene is snickering at them laughing at them. Because the human perception thinks that they've got control over them, but the gene is controlling them because the gene tells them to do certain things, and tells you to alter the shift key or alter the shape things it tells a person to do. And then when it leaves your body.

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This is a trial from Allah when he leaves the body. They say that so and so person was able to extract the jinn. But What words did you say? What words did you use? What actions did you do? Because you've moved away from just from possession, you move into ship belay, Subhana, Allah, because buruma When a person is sick, they're in dire need. So to alleviate them so they will say whatever you tell them to say. They will sacrifice whatever you tell them to sacrifice. They will use whoever's name you tell them to use. But that's what when Eman comes into play.

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That your belief is strictly with Allah subhanaw taala that these entities whether it be a parent or hidden, nothing can harm me. Nothing can harm me inside my life, unless Allah's product allows it to take place when a person begins to weaken and think that maybe because of this, maybe because of that,

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that's the way the creative a believer should be this pure to him.

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Inside the surah that's why they did when they heard this Quran and another lesson relevant mentioned what does the Quran do? Don't just marvel at the Quran. People today marvel at the words of the Quran mother and recited the Quran. As Imam Shafi writes in some of these works, that's not the real intent.

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That's not the intent of the Quran that many of us have forgotten that yes, awakening yourself with beautiful reciting the Quran is something good you find many a hadith should be doubled millimeters and double Quran fillet Samina with a dozen recite the Quran and if you use the word linguistically in a musical tone, in a nice tone is not from monks, as he mentioned about one of the companions who has been given his murdered mean Ali Dawood, who's drinking from monk is one of the flutes of that with a beautiful voice. It does help. But what's the real intent? As a mom shall eat dementia when the Quran is powerful upon you? What does it do to the individual? Does it just come home and say,

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you know, that was a beautiful citation or a click or a light or thumbs up?

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What is it? I want to change? That's the real impact of Quran that's enough of my life. That's enough of disobedience. That's enough of being a straight that's enough of being lost. That's enough of this life. That's what the impact of Quran is. That's what the human who heard the Quran what happened to them that they submitted. No stamina for managing difficult inner summit and of Quran and algebra. Yeah de la Rusev be what a new Sri Kabira Bina a hada simple words straight away to her the Quran straight impact

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the head to Quran yesterday in a rush the Quran guide you towards what rushed towards guidance do the right thing if I told him I said lemma taka Al Quran don't read the Quran to finish the Jews. Don't read the Quran to finish the surah Takara hidayah read the Quran for guidance. That's how you poach the Quran. Read the Quran to guide you to guide me. Yeah, Dina rusty in the huddle Quran. Yeah, the lady here aquarium, elementary Surah this Quran guide to that which is which is strong, which is powerful. That's what the Quran does. That's what Luca raises people define people is the impact of Quran inside Allah and the more impact of Quran the more it changes, and then look at the

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belief. What a Gnostic Kabira Bina ohana, we're not going to commit any ship with our Lord with Allah subhanaw taala heard the Quran, immediate impact upon them walk away from sheer stone from any element of shame

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and the impact, you could lecture in order even non Muslim, study how the impact of the Quran is upon them inside their lives. When they just hit hit the Quran here the reciting of Quran here that melodious tone to hear the words they know straight away, impacts their soul impacts their mind impacts their heart. We were Muslims

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were Muslims and where's the impact on us they they must be issues inside our hearts. That the Quran is no longer being receptive is Sturmer is tomorrow that we find don't pay close attention to the Quran. That's why even some animals they just paid the Quran on your own. If you can't recite play it just listen to it carefully. Be attentive to the words of ALLAH, even may sound spiritual even when you go to sleep, display the Quran, let it play in your mind. They play inside your heart, your mind because at least it's the words of ALLAH around you that you're surrounded by nice people today they play songs and music around them and chimes around them to put them to sleep.

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If you want to do so, just play the correlative play the Quran, the Quran, it assumes that if only certain places in the Quran when a person listens to certain suitors inside the Quran, you find the refreshment of of Eman Surah Yusuf surah Taha, so the Ambia and me noon and an arm certain Suzie to conduct the powerful not to say that the whole Quran is powerful, but in certain places or the Quran when a person listen I'm sure lot of

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person just gets used to listen to the Quran, wherever you're going with this modern technology that you find a person can finish listen to Quran in a single month. Every day just listen to a dude by the end of the month you've listened to the Quran. If you can't read the Quran in a month for two months or three months, at least you listen to the Quran, the impact on the Quran inside the lives that we find. So here we find our inner summit inner Quran I had you ever And the strange thing is that Allah has pointed out inside the surah mentioned so many times about a concept about the Quran some six occasions inside the same surah Allah mentioned in the summit now Quran algerbra The first

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thing a strange a marvelous Quran that's been sent down upon the Prophet alayhi salatu salam yesterday in Arusha de secondly a guide towards guidance, the right impact the right things inside life what is Quran does 30 In the same sort of manner be we believed in it, to believe in the Quran when a person believes that this is the book of Allah is currently I believe deeply incited? The world becomes crystal clear around them for free. Allah meant you analemma summit and then who the when we heard who the who that is min Ismail Quran, who there is amongst the names of the Quran.

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Have you read and decreed a B with a turned away from the vicar of his Lord? What is the vicar of Our Lord of Allah is the Quran whoever turns away from it then again Allah mentioned another one no llama comma Abdullah yet the rule when I seven should have began to call him, somebody must have began to recite the Quran. So here's six inferences inside the same Surah speaking about the Quran, speaking about the impact of the Quran, and as we mentioned that the Prophet alayhi salatu salam that he engaged, as various narration by the Imam basically delighted Naboo and the Mustafa Imam Hakim the if I'd even Abbas said that the prophet is I've never saw the jinn. But would you say that

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we concluded maybe because those verses were said when they were just hearing the Quran, but other occasions, there's a hadith whereby the prophets he entered into the world, he said to combine, who wants to come with me to enter into the world of the jinn. Nobody got up till aventure, Abdullah Massoud, he stood up and he went with a Prophet alayhi salatu salam, and he drew a line he said, Don't cross this line or Don't cross this circle. And as he went forward, you find a black cloudiness began to appear and began to come around the prophet Elijah. And as he moved into that cloud, he disappeared. He disappeared with him and another blackness of cloud, he went towards a

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different direction. And he said, I remained it until the morning I want you to step forward but I refuse to go for it because the professor told me to stay there. And in the morning, professor, he came, he merged back.

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And any any any reveal to mentioning he'd enter into the world. And then he told and he said that every sing every bone, every bone that you say Bismillah point that we eat, when we say Bismillah then that somehow transforms become food for the jinn. And the dung of our of our animals becomes a food for their animals. So they are a world of entity that live in their own world. They have their own world. They have their own procreation referendum, I have concluded that they they will go there will be judged. One nominal Muslim una Wamena Saleh rune there's going to be Muslim mountain Righteous Among there's going to be paradise for them doesn't suit to ramen. If you study and make

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inferences inside there, that gender is going to be for the human beings and for the jinn is going to be given to them as well. They are they are also trialed and tested. We are tried and tested upon the face of that we find what a new sheikhupura bina, as we mentioned, the impact of beneath the impact of the heat inside the sutra how many inferences one notarial agenda Robina Metaxa saw Hey button Walla Walla, the glorified is our Lord Allah Allah has taken no no no partner, no Sahiba no comrade and no son because this the common belief even today, what do they attribute to Allah Cantana so amongst the word agenda had wrong beliefs, they had incorrect beliefs. So they said

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Glorified is Allah kind of what this belief that we existed before inside of our lives, one no county Hakuna Safina and Allah Shut up. And the foolish ones amongst whether it be a bliss or whoever followed that creed. We used to say Joe and we say even bad things about Allah Hunter what we used to attribute to Allah Subhana Allah look at quickly Iman entered into their hearts into their mind hearing the Quran straight away dismantle all the previous beliefs

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the beliefs what these people that they had, and they say that when people used to enter into the valley, they should seek refuge with the with the jinn for their doom Raha increased me in pride, arrogance and sin that look they're looking for us for protection. So let us exploit them let us exploit the human being they come to us for protection let us exploit them so as we've mentioned that the gym they like to play with the mind and the life of the human beings that we find. And then we find more beliefs inside the surah whereby lament you under misogyny lay fella Tirumala he had the Seder the houses of Allah's contact they belong only to Allah's cramped Anna don't employ call

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upon no one except for Allah's parameter Anna so Allah mentioned other places in the Quran know who that were to the Huck

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inside so to rod in the context is Jakob This is speaking about application so remember I said there's two meanings now who data to the heck to Allah belongs the correct code, the correct code oh well and as I mentioned it the cool of Allah what is a cool of Allah Abbas he mentioned the cool of Allah No, that was good Huck. That was gonna have to go to La Ilaha illa Allah just that will help. And the second million down to the hawk in this context is unnecessary delay for the family I had, when you call you make dua, you only ask Allah Subhana Allah, why the CELTA first and Allah when he stands the first time builder if you ask only ask Allah Subhana Allah you seek aid and assistance

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only seeking from Allah subhanaw taala. So this is the impact of Eman that we find the massage is not a place of people just to be enjoying themselves a massage as well is not there to certain symbols that this is a certain type of machine or certain following of a machine or certain understanding of machine one then massage the delay further.

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This is sectarianism. This divided us is the house of Allah is not supposed to be a specific concept or concept for a masjid. That's what everywhere we go people

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First question, what type of machine is it? What do you mean what type of machine is it?

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One that misogyny life I'll tell you my life I had the, the misogyny or the houses of Allah, cool upon only Allah. Praise Allah remember Allah glorify Allah. That's what the houses have been established upon the face of this earth is to remember Allah, not to remember people that we need to place impressed into the hearts and minds because we're so influenced by people more and more.

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It's the greatness of Allah grant you of Allah, and that should be influencing our heart and our mind and our thought do people are given the due respect and his limitations and the respect that you give? Where's our respect to Allah? Subhana Allah? Where do we feel that feeling inside our hearts? What have I done for the sake of Allah? Not that Allah needs our sake needs our help? What have I done inside my life? What am I done to say that I believe in Allah? Dare I say I believe in Allah, how many masses of people do they say they believe in Allah? what do what do we do? To show a belief to the Lord, and what's our obedience, our thought towards Allah subhanaw taala could indeed

00:31:03--> 00:31:44

Maduro be Well, I wish it could be a Honda Accord upon only Allah pantalla associate no partners with him, as we began with life of the believers, pure Tauheed pure belief, pure inside their heart, nothing but calling upon Allah subhanaw taala I'm Nicola come, Darren Waller, Anna Farah, even a Prophet alayhi salam, there is no benefit, I can give you no harm or no benefit. Even the prophet or some kind of benefit or do anything for any individual, if he's saying that whilst he's living. So how people saying once he's dead, he's left this dunya that he can somehow benefit us. That's even more strange. Because he's was he was living, he said, I can't benefit or do anything for you. He

00:31:44--> 00:32:22

said his own daughter Fatima asked me now in this world, ask me whatever you want, and I'll try my best for you. For as well as there are there's not much that I can do. You can only ask Allah Subhana Allah to rescue so and so to help so and so but even then a Shiva and Cobra, the real Shiva the real intercession, the real cause of being allowed is from whom is from Allah Subhana Allah. Allah will say to the Prophet alayhi wa sallam, he would go down in state of Sudan. And certain inspiration and words of supplication, we give it to him. And then we said to him, raise your head is going to be granted says no concert, what we believe at total open intercession to the Prophet

00:32:22--> 00:33:02

has just come under their judgment and intercede for us before being Muslim. No, he will ask Allah, He will go into a state of subdued and supplication, then Allah will say to him, when he's shown his submission, his devotion, Allah will say to now ask, and then Allah will allow, who asks, or who is intercession is granted for why we mentioned because as we began with this cultural concept of muscles that we live in, as we become a cultural Muslim, by default, I'm a Muslim. So by default, I should go to paradise. I don't really need to do anything inside my life. When I commit shift, when I commit my I'll see what I can become the norm. When I do this, what I do that because I'm a

00:33:02--> 00:33:41

Muslim, I'll go to product, there is no difference between you and a Christian today. It sounds harsh. That's what Christian theology believes is that Jesus Christ died for my sins for our sins. So do whatever you want on the face of the earth. And Jesus died on the cross for your sins. And he's already interceded, his blood has been spilled for you. So you may as well do whatever you want to do. What's the difference today, then? What's the difference in that concept that if Muslims believe that, and we shouldn't say that this is not what Muslims believe, but this is the core element of belief, that I believe is so weakened, that we become reliant upon people, relying upon

00:33:41--> 00:33:46

other people to do actions for us to get us get us to Paradise,

00:33:47--> 00:34:21

which is something shallow, and hollow that in our daily life, we strive ourselves to get worn to gain to but when he gets to Paradise, we want to pass the buck to somebody else, pass it to my father, pass it to the EMA, pass it to the sheriff, pass it to the Prophet, pass it to the Prophet, pass it to the companion, pass it to somebody else. Why? There may be some element of truth that some enters in decisions allowed to be mentioned. But why is this our creed? Why is this CO creed in our lives it's become. And then the other core element, a freelance life that we find that God is all forgiving,

00:34:22--> 00:34:55

is merciful, then do whatever you want to do. That's what put me through saying today. And later on, I'll repent in my life, God will forgive me. God will only judge me God knows what's inside my heart. God knows what's inside your heart while you're coming. zinna God knows the inside of your heart, you're taking drugs and fornication, adultery, and say God knows what's inside my heart. God knows that inside your head is nothing but for him disbelief and mousy. God knows at a moment in time, that you tried to play with the words of God and you tried to play with God, that God knows what I'm doing inside my life. So that's what they said that the genuine more powerful when they had

00:34:55--> 00:34:59

the Quran and moved them swiftly to become obedient towards Allah Subhana Allah cool indeed.

00:35:00--> 00:35:05

then your god mean Allah, Ya know, no one can rescue me from Allah subhanaw taala well and he doesn't do anymore

00:35:06--> 00:35:44

and no one can save me or help me except for Allah Subhana Allah, Allah may Allah be further you will be ahead believe no one knows about the unseen, and no one is told about the ins and see, except for that which alert discloses to His messengers. So because he decided to seed he begins to discuss, because maybe people may not fluster around our word, but people praise Him because He did it because he decided to see the highlights clearly, that the Prophet alayhi salam cannot do anything for anyone in Saudi tafsir it's there black and white, highlights it based upon this verse, that no one knows the Unseen, he doesn't know the unseen he only knows those segments of the unseen

00:35:44--> 00:36:30

that Allah disclosed to him told him he does not know the total unseen so for you to rely upon the Prophet and some is is a fallacy is a false belief is a series highlighting inside itself see, clearly black and white that don't even rely upon the Prophet alayhi salatu salam and the benefits of this belief yeah de la Rusev am a newbie Quran doesn't leave us as we began with just warning us gives us these Bushra Basha it gives a glad tidings the Quran yeah de la Rushdie person follows the Quran it leads a person towards towards guidance. That's the first benefit from a human being to be follow your heart who backs on what Raha who believes his or his Lord that it doesn't say diminish

00:36:30--> 00:37:08

any reward. If you can see he mentioned for like a half hour and young postman has sanity while I am Allah Allah He said he hurried. It isn't fair that he's, he's good deeds are going to be made deficient or the sins of other people going to be put upon him. Then he mentioned verse from surah Taha, follow your call for Gouldman wala Habima the human being in Sun doesn't face any no oppression. Now taking wave of your rewards if you did what you believed in Allah Subhana Allah, Allah doesn't oppress His servants. Those who believe those who carry out the task he tells us to do, he will reward them accordingly. Oneness will allow us to calm auditory copy, that's kind of a

00:37:08--> 00:37:39

harder car. If they came upon the straight path, would it be speaking about the genome of the rest of humanity? That's kind of mountain Nakada with any send up immense water will gushed out from the heavens, paste upon the meaning bucket. Another patient on the menu. Hello Anna Anna pura Manu, what taco la Ferdinand in Barra katomina Semi incredible the people a village that they believed if you really believed that for Tana Allen baraka to minister mango would open a rip open the heavens in the earth and blessings to the people.

00:37:41--> 00:37:54

But they denied their reject. That's why some domains that you studied those countries or locations where there's drought, there is oppression, there is hardship, not that we're blaming these people but we study in great detail, you find a great element of ship belay Subhana Allah,

00:37:55--> 00:38:32

a great element of them employ recording when other than Allah's pantalla of idolatry of voodoo of magic of ship belay, Sapan, Adana, all types of relics and beliefs that we find has led those states in those people to fall into that state that they're in because this is the Promise of Allah subhanaw taala that those who believe and have the right but he they will be Bearcat from the heavens and earth, bestowed upon those individuals. As we began with the the surah. Or the whole discussion speak about the world of the unseen Surah Surah begins to close about the world of the unseen to highlight to us the oldest journey of the unseen in this sort of the previous sutras,

00:38:32--> 00:39:06

whether it be the concept of punishment inside the grave or the destruction of people that existed before the stories about people existed before and likewise identity as a gender we find three, according to a doula, a doula be a mother said his punishment is a close by, or is it going to be a mother mother tongue taweelah is going to be something delayed by Allah subhanaw taala that is punishment or those credits only known that when he will throw down his punishment upon these people upon any people he wants to place upon. And if you mentioned that this concept of believing that people hold the knowledge of the Unseen or people claim or somebody may come they know that

00:39:06--> 00:39:31

knowledge of when the final hour will be read the end of Sorrell, Lachman, the five concepts, the unseen, that none of them knows the concept of the unseen except for Allah's Cantana no one knows when the hour is going to be what the mother is going to give delivery to and what the, what the rains are going to sit down, or madrina Sumedha taxi, bukata Amata Greenough soon be intermode in Allah Quran,

00:39:32--> 00:40:00

Allah Subhan Allah is One Who knows, and even Kabir say Allah mentioned that no one knows which so where they're going to die, where they're going to live, what they're going to end tomorrow in Allah and dou l Musa to Allah is trying to belong to knowledge of the Unseen the hour. No one knows the knowledge of the Hour, except for those glimpses that Allah told us about abundant bless a tongue of the prophet Elijah, who told us for what purpose? For what purpose just to to marvel at it that way

00:40:00--> 00:40:34

supposed to do what to prepare to prepare for the last hour, there was he said that if some of you have some seeds inside your hand, and a trumpet is blown up the last hour, don't throw those seeds away in the sky, in the air, throw them put them in the ground and cover them up. Still working. While listening in certainly in the Messer man will only have whatever he strives for continuously striving as you find the aroma they said Lara Halal movement, there is never No rest for believer. There is never no rest. Until when, when they hit the grave.

00:40:35--> 00:41:14

When they touch the grave, that's when the raw begins to exist for the believer. That's when you find that life has gone into the bursa into an interspace. That's what the whole is journey, the more they attain inside the Astra. The more the striving, the more the struggling, the more that moving away from attachment from people from society, from loved ones, for family members, from parents, from children, wherever wealth property inside your heart, maybe you don't need to display it, and we shouldn't display but inside your heart, there's a movement inside your heart that are moving in this journey. This is a real journey. I have to leave them behind, leave everything

00:41:14--> 00:41:51

behind. But when a person makes that transition, that inside their heart and their body and the soul is to meet Allah Subhana Allah, then it becomes a smooth transition. It becomes a smooth transition for those individuals who just made a journey one stop to another stop that's all it is for them. One bus stop to another stop one train stop to another stop. One hiking from one location. Now look at this all it is a simple movement for the people of Allah subhanaw taala who have that belief, and that's inside this conclusion if I know nobody knows, animal Hey, be follow up to Allah Hey, I heard that no one knows the knowledge of the Unseen except for Allah subhanaw taala. And no, no individual

00:41:51--> 00:42:03

knows the ending of any individual. That's why we should be very careful about people who leave this dunya to speak about them. Because unfortunate side of society find it's common to speak about the living and the dead.

00:42:04--> 00:42:39

And for the dead is even more sinful to speak about them. We shouldn't speak about them about what they've done inside love what took place outside remain silent about it that Allah had to deal with those individuals. So they ended this so they speak about a concept. No one knows about the unseen even the messenger la salatu salam. And as we find him I'm sad inside his See, he lists many for it. Some seven, eight different benefits of the surah inside our daily lives understanding where we can learn from it and a key lesson, as you mentioned, is one of Tawheed one of oneness that we need to instill inside our lives. May Allah grant us all the Tofik and ability to be able to decipher and to

00:42:39--> 00:42:53

understand and to read the Quran, implement the Quran. If that's not possible, live at least estimate and Quran be able to listen to the Quran that begins to have some trickling effect inside their lives to lead us towards the obedience of Allah Subhana Allah in