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by tomorrow evening after Sultan Maghrib, I will be having an official initial youth meet and greets in the multi purpose Hall. This is going to be to help lay out my vision of where I want to take the youth here at Epic. The programs that I am planning to initiate some announcements I have for them some very exciting announcements I have for them, as well as some very important details to share with the youth. So please make sure all of the youth that are involved here at Epic please come tomorrow after a lot of love in the multipurpose room. And on Sunday, Sunday, I want to meet with the parents and the parents of youth here at Epic. I want to meet with you after so little Maghrib

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on Sunday so that we become on the same page because we are in this as a team in Shama Jota Anna, so Sunday I want to get together with the parents of all of the youth here to epic in the multipurpose room where we could discuss the same things I want to hear your concerns I want to hear your interest what you want to see out of these programs, so that we become one one synonymous effort inshallah huzzah Anna so that will be Sunday after slaughter Maghrib in the multi purpose room BarakAllahu Feeco. Jimmy I was said Mr. Ajay Kumar amatola here but again