Musleh Khan – Tafseer Surat Qaf – 06 The tests of Previous Nations – Ayat 11-13

Musleh Khan
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the actions of Allah Aziza wa taala, who is refuting his belief that he could never bring to life the income of his existence. He also talks about how he is showing people his actions in front of them, and how he is showing them his the story of his actions in front of them. The speaker also mentions how he is showing people his actions in front of them, and how he is showing them his actions in front of them.
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Responding Merida

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be here that

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Canada honey can

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all of these things, these fruits, these vegetables these day trees, they are a provision for Allah subhanho wa Taala servants his creation, and he has caused life to the lands that were dead. He has caused life he has brought to life the lens that we're dead. What does this mean land that is barren that is dry. Never thought anything would grow in these places alive. So Joel has caused these lands to be alive, how? Look at what the rain does when it falls on dry sand. What does it cause causes the ground to be soft and also causes the ground to have cracks in it?

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It causes it to have cracks what are the purpose of these cracks? This is how Allah azza wa jal is now feeding the earth. And so the water seeps within these cracks down into the earth. And suddenly, out of nowhere, suddenly you find that there is greenery flowers fruits starting to grow. This is how allies origin causes life to land that is dead.

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Furthermore, allies So Jen mentions that this here, this action of bringing down rain and bringing life to this also one of his signs one of the signs of a loss miracles of his existence, the existence of a large soldier, because in another ayah, Allah subhanho wa Taala says woman, T and NACA total all of the harsh attend for the Ensign la helma Desert water but

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so Allah subhanho wa Taala tells us that from His Signs of existence, that he is there that he is present even though you don't see him, his presence is there is that he has us he tells us see look at the earth that is the desert, it is dry. And Allah azza wa jal has caused the rain to be sent down and stirred life and growth into it. And Allah subhanho wa Taala gives life to that which is dead. So Allah azza wa jal is refuting this belief of those who believe that Allah subhanho wa Taala could never bring to life again. This is what Allah azza wa jal is showing these people that listen even though you denied resurrection, look around you, I'm doing it in front of you. Allah azza wa

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jal is doing this resurrection in front of you, and using the examples of the trees lands that are dry and dead.

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Furthermore, we continue of how Allah subhanho wa Taala deals with the moose raccoon and the disbelievers. And in a number 12 Allah subhanho wa Taala says

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kill them and poverty. Oh no.

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And so

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cuz that popular homeowner,

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they have denied the truth before them, meaning that people have know

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who the Prophet North was sent to. They did the exact same thing. They denied that the truth was in front of them, as well as the people of our rasuwa thermowood. And these people, these groups, these stories, you will get this full understanding of who these people are and their stories background with Chef side, who will be discussing with you the stories of the poor end.

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As far as the warning to the disbelievers. This is a warning now, Allah azza wa jal has said listen,

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even though you all have denied these things about me, and I have shown you that I have miracles all around you.

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Now look and see that if you still disbelief, look back in your history. And see, how did Allah azza wa jal cause punishment to the poor? Who did the exact same thing? We all know the story of new highly his solemn what Allah azza wa jal did, cause the floods so high that mountains were sunk into the flood and a way to destroy and punish those who did the exact same

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Furthermore, the people of outer us in our best sort of viola, one woman narrates that this is a group of people that were from the villages of during the time of mood. They are called out Ross because

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during that time there was a well,

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and the people of Russell, when a prophet was sent to them, they took that Prophet and killed it and put him in this well.

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It puts him in this well and this well was called out Ruslan was named after the people who killed the prophet and threw them in there. And like I said, the details of the story in sha Allah you will get with a shift sorry.

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What are you doing what theater owner what one will lose? Even the same thing that people have odd that people have fear around, and that people have loot?

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Even these people allies or whatever has caused them to be punished? As far as the people of loot, the prophet loot IE Sallam he was sent to a group of people that were involved in a sin never seen before. What is the lies so I just say in sorted out of we're Luton is caudalie pomi here at toon alpha he shettima cybercom behind me I hadn't met them in Milan I mean, in acuminata tuna regenda Waterman doing this balentien poem mostly phone. This is what the prophet lute it is seldom said to his people, say all my people,

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you all are involved in a sin

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that was never seen in the history of mankind. And we all know this. This is what Allah azza wa jal tells us. In Nakula, tuna rajala shower, you have taken people of the same gender as desire. So this is what we call homosexuality, lesbianism, masculine lism. So the men and men they took each other as husbands and wives, women and women, they wind up having relationship, something that was never seen in the history of mankind, but unto pole almost before you have gone extravagant, you have gone into extreme measures.

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And so here, what Allah azza wa jal caused, that these people were doing something that not even animals do. Do you know that animals don't even do this, no animal in the world will have this thing would have this behavior will actually take a mate of the same gender. And so what it allows us to do, Allah subhanho wa Taala tells us in the same sort of suit out of what I'm putting into it, he mafara that he has sent down a ring. Now we all know when we hear the word muffler, we're talking about punishment here in the poor and so allies so we just sent down a motto, what was the punishment from the sky? It was balls of fire.

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And it came down and destroyed the people who did not believe or follow Luth alayhis salam

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and so Allah azza wa jal in solid path now is showing these people look what I've done to the people before you aren't you afraid? Aren't you afraid of the same thing is gonna happen to you? If I've done it to the all these people, all these groups of people What makes you think that I wouldn't do the same thing to you allies soldier is directly talking to the disbelievers

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