Gossip and Backbiting

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Excerpt from the lecture entitled “What Ruins Marriage”

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Number two for women. One another thing that a woman or a wife does, that causes her to ruin her marriage

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is that she will tell her friends, whether they are near or they are far about his family, about his problems. So she will go to her friends or to her siblings. And she will say, you know, my husband has so and so and so on. So his family, his mom, I can't stand her. But then at the end, she will tell the sister tell that person

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keep this to yourself, don't say nothing, I'm just going to tell you because I can't stand this problem. So just keep that to yourself. Okay, I'll give you an update next time we meet piab salary.

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This is what the problem is. So what has she done here, not only has she began to speak about her husband, which some of the others have categorized, that this is one of the highest status of LIBOR.

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LIBOR has stages. And from the highest stage, the most severe stage is when a wafer makes the lever to her husband.

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And the same is vice versa. If a husband makes lever to his wife, this is why their king is specific Howdy, the prophet SAW a long while it was seldom mentioned that you keep your affairs between yourselves between domestic affairs must be kept secret. And believe me, you and I know that when you keep things amongst yourself as husband and wife, wife, when you keep things between each other problems, and you try to solve them between each other, how much you want to even want to see that 85 to 90% of the time that problem will be solved.

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Simply because two people decided to sit with each other and work out an issue without a third party. You know, they say that the less people the better. This is exactly what it is, the less involvement you have from others, the easier it is to solve a problem. And so the sister she comes.

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And I hear this all the time, almost every mustard I go to I hear this all the time, when the lecture is going on.

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On the sisters and there is gossip, there is talk there is chatter there is laughter. What is happening during that time, and hearing the other end, people are listening. So you're assuming Well, everybody in the message is listening. And then my wife would come to me or my mother would come to me or sister will come to me and say brother Muslim, please, you got to do something about this. We didn't hear a single word you said.

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This is not the place. This is not the gossip or chatter, especially when it has to do with your marriage life because it will cause problems and it will cause the marriage to be ruined. A sister or a wife who does this, who talks about her husband and his affairs in secret without him knowing there's a good chance that sister will end up alone.