Tafseer Of Surah Al-Baqarah 05

Zoubir Bouchikhi


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Sheikh Zoubir cover some more of the first verses of Surah Al-Baqarah

May 2009

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And then Allah, Allah also said,

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we'll be back if you need more than minimum. It is he who has sent to the illiterate people, a profit from them. They know him very well. The Prophet

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was not a man who was coming from Persia or Rome or avicennia to the Arabs. He was an Arab with the new very well Who was he?

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They never experienced him to lie

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or to even say something wrong.

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But he came to teach them what? Look what

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if you don't need a minimum, you have to add a first he resigns.

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We have forgotten the importance of resizing or add for one another, to arrange it is

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when you set him when you are unable to tap on hikma if you resize them, and he teach them the book and the Wisdom it is that

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the source of knowledge is this book.

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The moment the Muslims migrated this book, I've turned to dictionaries and Britannica. And lexicons they have lost everything.

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What made the companies companies

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they have Britannica. Encyclopedia Britannica.

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They have any other books.

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They have iPods, laptops,

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what did they have?

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That's why they weren't the greatest. They didn't waste time in any other thing. That doesn't mean we don't turn into other books. No. But

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everything should be based on this book.

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Honestly, brothers, do it. Try it. All your financial problems, start coming to an end. All your marital problems. all y'all have even had while you might be sick, you read the feds have the intention of your unit your

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your children are giving you a hard time, God in solid jezina Allah, please guide them.

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They've been obedient somehow, because of an issue that limited solo. Unless you know enough for any membership that you have a problem

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with the intention of healing, Allah either will heal you, you will take away he was sacked from you that the stress, the stress, the problems, the alimony, your wife is not listening to you, she's giving you trouble. She's contemplating divorce, your brother is giving you this somebody is taking something from you, it will get back to you because of the back of the plan.

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Okay, now, we continue with the concept of you following the brothers what I'm saying when it comes to knowledge is 30 in the other man autonomy is 31 one the other

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is 32.

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So Haddock leg Mallanna.

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Indeed, not only you have knowledge, but wisdom. So the work of any prophet is to teach his people

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is to teach his people, there is nothing wrong with teaching others, actually the first people in society that deserve our respect of the teachers.

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Honestly, other teachers

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and teachers should be highly highly respected. I should be recognized more than anybody in society. Can you have doctors without teachers? Can you? What's the way to be a doctor

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was the way to be a scholar

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of religion. You have to be thought you have to sit down with a teacher. What's the way to be an engineer, you have to sit down and learn engineering. So an Allah subhanaw taala has prepared great rewards for them. And that is a lot easier said than said the best among you are those who learn and teach the best among the Muslims. Those who learn the deen and teaching pass it on. Because they are doing what the jobs of prophets May Allah make us all like that. And you don't have to be shaved. With a turban. You don't have to have subtitle you can be whatever Allah made you and you pass an apology Sharla at least to your kids, at least to your children, wife and kids.

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All right. And then he's the

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only asked Matt he

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said oh Adam, tell them the names.

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Tell me the names.

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I don't even know your name. I just I just got created.

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I'm still coming out from the creation of Allah Subhana Allah process. I'm going to tell you who you are.

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You are who you are.

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You are if you are the Angel of Death you are having

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You are here, you are not here.

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That fast. Yes, one through Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah who teaches.

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Later on in the story of Adam and his setup and his children,

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who's going to teach him how to bury his brother habit after killing him.

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Crow, crow is going to teach him a crow is going to teach him. So you see how much pantalla can teach us even through animals.

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The point that I'm making feathers, knowledge is everything. Not only is the article article, even in the stories of the poor, and the first story is the story about knowledge, because the story of Adam is the story of knowledge.

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And that's why brothers unless an anti muslim start really giving importance to knowledge.

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Islamic schools have to be priority

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has to be priority.

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Teachers have to be welding administrators were respected.

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Because that's the way to civilization again.

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That's the way back to civilization is by paying attention to knowledge, by respect and by spending also, by spending the money should go part of our spending should go to go to education.

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But we don't look at the Muslim world.

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The bulk of the budget of one country is Ministry of Defense,

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not Minister of Education.

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So that they stay in the

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Masha Allah,

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on the chairs, until they go to their lives. When I met him, when he told them the names are at an upper level ini.

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when Allah, Allah told Adam, tell them the names, and Adam and he said, I've told you that your names are decent isn't isn't the end the names of other stuff, and other a lot? A lot turns into the evidence and Didn't I tell you that I know.

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when you go home, Shama, highlight the word day, whatever it is work in finance to do not highlighted. And you see the beauty of that, that story of creation of Adam, and knowledge, knowledge, Adam and Eve are

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And this is why brothers, look, you might not have gone to school yourself, but please make sure your children go to school.

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The professor is right, he was illiterate, and we should be proud of his religious

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issues. No, our Prophet had two PhDs, not mine. He has never gone to school. And that's the greatness of him is that he wasn't me. And navient for me, that means you don't have to be

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the illiterate prophet that they find him they find everything about him written in that book, Allah says

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everything about him is written in the Torah.

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And he said that maybe and

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why it's so important to emphasize on the illiteracy of Prophet Moussa.

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Why, who can tell me why we have to keep saying all

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sorts of excellent that's the proof that Paradis mahoma

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has gone to school.

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Anybody can say wait a minute, I have doubt that this one was written by him.

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Because he is educated, he went to school. No, he was not

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going to school. He never even knew how to write his name, that alone anything like that. So in the animal it was

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why don't know

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why he said,

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What is like unseen, of heavens on earth?

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Indeed, I know the unseen of the heavens and the earth. And then he said, What are you meant to do?

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on our control?

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And I know not only what you can reveal, but also what we have been hiding.

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Anything we hide one knows about you, okay, what's the importance of this area, in the animal labor center what you love

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for you as a believer.

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What's so important to tell a child