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Okay guys, sorry about that what's up Mr alikum warahmatu Allahi wa barakato I believe everybody should be able to hear me now. So, that was take one here is take two. inshallah, so let's get right into it. We are at verse number 44 and today in sha Allah Butera, we will get up to verse number 55 B is Neela. And this is part of our journey to finish off the soda in sha Allah with Iota. I know that I haven't been on the last few days just because of work, so I apologize for that. So verse number 44, Yelp una baina ouabain A Hemi min. en. So we are just finishing up the conversation about the jahannam. So Allah subhanho wa Taala says how the heat Gen number leather you can do a letter

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you can they will be held muddiman. So this was the jahannam that those criminals they used to deny or lie about your tofu Nabina how ouabain Hanuman en yoto foon from the word po off, so you have to full power, meaning that they circle the flames of the fire circled or engulf them baina how what being a Hemi min en and in between it, it would spark it you know how mean is also a word that's used to describe a pot that's boiling. And you know, when you keep a pot on the stove, and it's boiling for some time, the water becomes very aggressive and it starts to pitch out, that's Hemi min n. So this fire, as well as everything within this fire that composes this fire is starting to

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become very aggressive and very angry, and it starts to react just like a pot that has water and it's about to boil over. And the boiling itself becomes aggressive and angry. So Allah says that this fire in circles those criminals from a Europe Bhiku meant to get the ban. Now we're going to shift turn our attention to the complete opposite. And you know what's beautiful about this, this sort of, you know, for the most part, the section that we've just completed about the description of the fire, it's pretty frightening. When you listen to some of these verses, it's scary. So after Allah has scared us, now Allah shifts our attention. So here's the first lesson behind that the

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pattern in the soda, the fact that we went through a description of the jahannam. Now we are going to shift our attention of the description of paradise. If those verses that we just completed, moved you or did something to you in your heart that created some sense of consciousness and fear of Allah, then it worked. Now you're ready for the next set of verses. So this is a legit way of teaching us in the end, that when these verses actually scare and frighten you, and they instill that sense of fear that should transpire into consciousness with a lump. Now you're set. Now you're ready for the next conversation. So that's the first lesson. And the second lesson is always

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remember 99.9% of the time, throughout the poor and every time a lot talks to us about the fire, what immediately happens afterwards is going to be something positive, or something that connects you to reward blessing and hope. A lead never leaves us hanging the poor and never leaves us hanging. So Allah says and he continues, we'll even call from a Pomona B he Jenna 10 and s were the one who had fear that they will be standing our position will not be in front of their master agenda 10 and two gardens. So now, this person, this believer is about to enter agenda. And the first thing that they see in their welcomed is two gardens. Now what are these two gardens referring to the

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scholars of Tafseer different arm this tremendously. I'm going to share with you what the majority mentioned genda 10, one garden attend means to garden, so one garden for all the deeds that you've performed, the good deeds that you performed. So all that effort that you strived and you dealt with and all the hardship that came along with trying to do the right thing. You know, doing righteous deeds is not easy. No matter what anyone tells you, it's not easy, because you have to battle not only child theme, but you have to battle temptation, desire, you know, you have to battle that everywhere you look in turn, you're surrounded with all forms of temptation, temptation, and that's

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really difficult, that you have to say, No, no, no, no, all day, every day of your life. But this believer did that. And they did that and they develop this sense of fear. They develop this sense of consciousness that no I'm not going to do that. I'm going to wait. Allah has a reward for me. I will

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Long agenda I want paradise. And I'm not saying that any of this is easy. This takes a lot of time takes a lot of spiritual training and journey for that believer. And it's something that you have to battle with almost your entire life You never are in cruise control when it comes to good deeds, you constantly have to battle through your life in order to do and achieve the best that you can. So Allah says we'll even have a Komodo be he genda 10. So the first genda or the first garden is given to them for the good deeds that they strived and worked hard for and the second garden is for all of the bad deeds that they abstained from that were right in front of them, they could have fallen into

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it, but they didn't. So two gardens are given to them. Sunday night, you're going to get the ban, though. None massive. So now the believer enters paradise, what's the first thing that they see, they enter Paradise and they see these massive, massive trees. Though our F nine f nine refers to branches that are intertwined and tangled with each other. Now just imagine, you know, you're passing by a massive hole, you see these big huge trees in front of the driveway. And for the most part, these trees are planted, they're not just you know, for scenery, you know, that just sort of it looks nice, but actually it's hiding something very beautiful. That's behind these trees that's

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behind these boundaries. So when the believer walks into gender, and inshallah that you and I, it's the first thing that they see. See massive trees, branches that are intertwined with one another for maybe a year that you're a bit cooler to Kathy by now you were learning but the same idea that's being repeated, is that now it's shifting its attention to the believers. You know which of the favors of your master Are you going to continue to deny that you're going to continue to doubt you the believer? You know, you worked so hard to do all of this righteousness, but you didn't always see the results. You didn't always see the fruits of that righteousness in front of you. Now it's

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here. Do you deny now? Are you in doubt now? Look, you've made it it's done. hamdulillah it's yours. Fie him out in any tragedy and when you see trees what's the thing that you you know, well before we get to that, so you see trees and in the center somewhere there are these two massive waterfalls you know there's beautiful waterfalls tragedy Yeah, is that these what the waterfall is literally flowing. So it's a beautiful, perfect scenery for the Arabic woman to get the band fee Ma'am, including the phadke hatin So Jen, when you see trees that you look up at the top of these trees and you see these amazing fruits. Allah says yes, there are going to be all kinds of faqir forget,

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remember we said is one of the names for fruit. And it's the kind of fruit that when you bite into it, you find joy and happiness eating this fruit. So Jen and there are pairs of these fruits everywhere l kinds that you've ever thought of, or could think of febi

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ever be coming to Kathy Van muteki in our photo session than almost a panel with Tyler continues and he tells us

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mock ticket in my ticket in this is my ticket and what I'm doing right now, when you're just leaning back, you're relaxed with ticket in either foolish, large luscious carpets and sofas and cushions.

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Let me ask you would you put that in a park?

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Because you worry about the dust you worry about bugs. You know the seagulls might come by you worry about so many different things, not an agenda. You don't have none of these annoyances you have none of these problems. So amongst all of these massive and beautiful trees, you have beautiful cushions that you can recline on both by ido and inside of these cushions minista rock there is thick silk. Two types of silk thin and thick. You have this thick luscious, high quality silk with gentle gentle teeny Dan.

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And when you look up at these trees and you're sitting down on this beautiful couch, luscious, beautiful pink pillows. The stuffing of these pillows are thick silk. Now you look at these fruits and you're like you want one. Now you have to get up off of this couch. No you don't. Unless says what Jenna Jenna Taney, Dan Dan, the fruit all you have to do is just look at it and it slowly reclines itself to you. And you can pick that fruit and unless it says quarter lowfat IKEA right? Every

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Single fruit brings happiness to you. So you could have like the same mango or the same, you know, apple, and you bite into this apple and you're like, Oh my God, this apple is incredible. I want another one. But here's the thing in general, the next Apple that you eat, although it's the exact same thing, it's just better, it tastes different. So you bite into the second Apple, you're like, oh, my goodness, this is even better than the first one. Let me try another one. And it just continues to increase and it becomes more delicious, more sweet, more beautiful, only engender, I'm going to pause there and shut loving Tyler. Because I want to be able to really spend some time on

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the verses of genda because this is what is going to carry us on now to the end of the surah. So brothers and sisters, as we journey through here, towards the end of the sorta it's as if the believer is standing in the doors of Jenna and they walk right through what are some of the things that you are immediately welcomed by? There's so many so much detail I left out. But I'll save that for tomorrow's session in sha Allah. And just because this is the first session coming back after three or four days. So I want to make sure that all of you are there that all of the interaction is there. And you know, this is the first video, I think in the last 200 plus videos that not a single

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common showed up on the screen as I'm speaking. So it's kind of strange. I want to know where you guys are. So I'm going to pause there and make this one a little short. And hopefully those of you who will get to see this a little later. You can send your setup and comment in the comment section in sha Allah Butera and we'll get the routine back up and running in sha Allah today as well as tomorrow and all of the other days Bismillahi Tada. So that's a short session, just sort of a taste or a sample of what is to come as we go through sort of the right man and we're coming towards the end of the sorta insha Allah hotel Allah. May Allah Subhana Allah Allah bless you all. Just second

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level he was sent out more and ecomark into local market.