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The conversation discusses the concept of hasn't been" and how it relates to "has been." It also touches on the "has been" concept, with a focus on the "has been" aspect. The conversation also touches on the " Easter" sentiment and its various interpretations, including "weird" for people who are "weird" for people who are "weird" for people who are "weird" for people who are "weird" for people who are "weird" for people who are "weird" for people who are "weird" for people who are "weird" for people who are "weird" for people who are "weird" for people who are "weird" for people who are "weird" for people who are "weird" for people who are "weird" for people who are "weird" for people who are "weird" for people who are "weird" for people

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Bismillah al Rahman al Rahim al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa Salatu was Salam ala VL mursaleen Nabina Muhammad Ali he of todos sada what I tell him with tasleem Amma Baron solimar la comarca to LA How about a cartoon? We are now at verse number 22. And today we'll head on to verse number 40 in sha Allah huhtala so let's get right into it. These are all personal gifts from Allah subhanho wa Taala to a huge agenda. And may Allah subhanho wa Taala make us from amongst them Allahumma and mean. So we've talked about in the previous episode, we concluded with meat and chicken and any you know, bird meat that you prefer that you enjoy. And I kind of phrased this as you know, chicken

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shawarma agenda, you know, you're famous chicken burgers and that sort of thing that you enjoy agenda, men may wish to home. And it's the kind of flavor that's customized for you. So you can customize your orders in general. So when young people ask, you know, can I have burgers? Can I have my favorite ice cream? Can I have my favorite candy in general? And the answer is yes, you can. Because Allah subhanho wa Taala says we may wish to hone it's exactly the way that you would want it. It's exactly the way that you would prefer. It's the taste, the texture, the look, the appearance, everything is going to be exactly the way that you want it. Well hold on him. And the

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women of jen narine who is it refers to the pupil rhymed when the pupil is fixated, and you're stuck at looking at something. And that's why the women of gender are called hold. It's because when he looks at her, and I mean he's lost and mesmerized by her beauty. Now keep in mind, our Prophet alayhi salatu wa sallam told us that the whole or the whole of the jedna one of their qualities is that you'll be able to see through their skin through their bones. And if you're thinking that in this worldly life, it's it's kind of creepy.

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That's because the reality of a hero is a completely different reality from worldly life. So if you try to compare the two, it's not gonna work. So Allah subhanho wa Taala by calling you know them who will lien immediately develops the sense that it's a completely different frame of mind life. interaction, everything about gender is completely different from worldly life. So what hildon aim their eyes are fixated in the beauty of the hood of Jenna

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I'm 30 look no ill maknoon there are like pearls in jewelry. So their appearance is extended. Even that when you look at it, it's just like how you're mesmerized by the sparkle and the beauty of jewelry. This is the same way in jedna as well just be met Ken we are metal and this is a reward for them for all that they have done. Last merona fee hella one well at Thema in gender you will never hear Lucha just smack garbage talk, useless talk. You know, some people will be like, Are you serious? Like I can finally just run my mouth say whatever I want. That can even happen even after I die after I leave. Come on. Allah says this is my own efia you'll never hear this. You know why?

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Because no one will be able to like the idea of talking garbage isn't going to be non existent. Nobody's going to even think about or even know what talking useless talk is all about. So Allah is saying lie your smartphone Fei Li Hua. You're never ever going to hear any sort of falsehood, you know, lower level is the kind of conversation where it has no benefit to you. You get nothing out of it is just talking and just words are just popping out of your mouth. Whether it's about people, whether it's about things whether it's you know, garbage talk, whether you're cursing your cues, it doesn't matter.

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The point is, is that the kind of conversation that makes absolutely no benefit, no difference, no point to anything or to anyone. That's called level? Well at Thema Thema is a really, really beautiful way to describe the etiquettes of the people of jedna. Allah subhanho wa Taala says Thema ism is sin theme is the thing that leads you to sin. So, in general, Allah is saying, you're not going to get yourself into anything that could ultimately lead you to making a mistake. You know, it's like, it's like maybe one of us that, you know, you watched a movie. And then this crazy scene came up, or you start hearing curse words, and you're just like, oh, man, why did I listen to that?

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I shouldn't have listened to that. Because why? It's one step closer, even though you might not do it. The point is, it brought you one step closer to the action now, because you heard it, or you looked at it, or just kind of slipped out of your tongue, you said the word. So that's Thema. Allah saying that people have genda they won't even have Thema there won't even come close to anything that could potentially lead them to doing something wrong, because it doesn't exist anymore. So panela illa illa cleeland Salomon Salama except that everybody will just be saying to each other, it's just going to be said all throughout Genesis lm and Salama. Salomon is saying set Mr. Equal

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selam men is when you're in when you're coming. And you're preserving peace in a community in a conversation in a place. So when you come in peace, that selama and Salamone is when you extend the greetings of peace, so you see the difference. So Allah is saying

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that in gender, nobody's going to have any sort of hatred or animosity, or they're going to harbor anything in their hearts for anyone. Because everybody will be amongst each other seldom and selama. Just in peace, everybody's just peaceful. There's no grudges, there's no arguments, nobody's gonna. Why should Why is he here? Why is she here? Everybody can visit each other. Salaam and selama. You know, they're usually like small communities around the world, where you could drive down the streets, you can drive through villages, and you can say hello to anybody. And you could even drop into anybody's home at any time, offer you a drink or something. Or you could just have a

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conversation. You're just sitting there and you're just, Hey, how's it going? Yeah, I'm your neighbor, just lift couple houses down. I mean, where we live, we can't do that. But smaller villages and communities. You just know, everybody, everyone knows everyone. And everybody gets along with everyone. Everybody is can visit anyone at any time. That's kind of like a sample of what is to come in genda, salaam and selama.

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This is just we come in peace anywhere at any time. There's no reservation whatsoever.

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We'll also heavily I mean, the amount of tabouli I mean, and the people of the right. What is like the people of the right.

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So we already learned about may minute. So may minute came on, came up earlier in the surah. And may manner was the special elite group of people that was far away. Yeah, mean is more broad, it's more generic. So Allah now is extending may minute to mean so that will include Okay, at least he or she tried that people that are just at least trying, they never got to a minute. But they're there, they're pushing themselves. And again, those of you that don't know Arabic, and you're reading the Quran, but you're at a stage in your life, where you it's impossible for you to grasp the language, but you're trying you're just reading and you're trying you are us heavily I mean now so when we

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talk about the incentive of learning the horror and but the Arabic is a barrier between you and that

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Alesis What else have we I mean email us How will you what is like the people that are that are of the right. You mean? So this is such an incredible incentive for all of us. Now you can connect to the poor and it doesn't matter what language it's in. You don't have any excuses now you all you got to do is just try just make an effort doesn't matter how young or how old you are. Just try because what is a let's say, your us hubballi amino. Now you just try to practice your religion. Yeah, for sure. You can't get up for Federer on time. Okay, fine. But at least you're praying it

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Every day that's a start it's a 10am

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but it's a start. Good You got to improve so just keep trying, but you've never missed the fabric and then you might never miss praying the ledger you just miss praying it on time is two different things. So I'll happily I mean, what is the last panel Tyler now say of them. He said that he Maha booed

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they will be amongst trimmed Lotus trees. You know, Lotus trees often have spikes and thorns attached to them.

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Mahal lewd all of that's removed. Everything is just beautified. So we're now learning that there are well we know there are trees in general. Now we're learning another step. Another quality of these trees is that they will be trimmed beautifully and perfectly. So if you touch them, nothing's going to prick your fingers. None of that they're going to get any thorns here and there. None of that it's muddled it's been shaved and smoothed and it's perfectly trimmed. Just try your enjoyment. If you want to take a nice shade you want to meet some friends Hey, let's go hang out under that tree over there. Or this tree over here. Or this tree or my favorite tree? No he's gonna be like God

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no, no, no, no, don't go near that tree cuz you know, there's some thorns or fruit might fall on you coming to that in a minute. So that's the city Mohamoud while Paul mount dude. And these trees will be fun. You know, some of the scholars at sea have said the ballet is referring to banana trees. Right? The banana trees are just full and luscious from top to bottom, just bananas everywhere, right. And it's comes from another verse in sorbitol incense. Anyhow, we'll call him Mahmoud Mahmoud is these fruits are going to grow literally from the top of the tree all the way to the bottom, it's going to be filled to capacity. It's going to be luscious, and filled with not just greenery, but

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it's going to be filled with fruits from all over. You know, I have a cherry tree in my backyard. Every summer, when this cherry tree is starting to sprout and the cherries are growing, we go crazy, we literally just sit there and we just picking cherries and just eating, eating, eating. But you know where the best ones are.

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They're all the way at the top where no one can reach except if you have wings, you get to the top. And we have to get like ladders to climb up top of the roof of our house just to pick one.

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Tall him on board. You don't have to do none of that. They're all perfectly ripe. And even the tree the fruits that are at the top of the tree, they will recline themselves to you so you can pick those those fruits. And the fact that you're picking those fruits is part of the enjoyment because why? You're not going to get it more fresh than when you pick it with your bare hands right off the tree itself even in this world, because look what Allah says next. Well then the mumbled

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is that Allah subhanho wa Taala says that these trees will have a shade that will spread and it will be so vast and so massive. Our profits are the subtle celeb described to us that a horse will run around the shade of one tree and it will take that horse 500 years to make one lap.

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That's your fruit tree.

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That's your fruit tree Suppan Allah.

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Then Allah continues a woman, Ms. Scoob. Miss Scoob is water and springs that are gushing and flowing rapidly all around you. I want you to just I want you to just sit and relax and just imagine what this is looking like. This is why our Prophet early subtle Salaam told us that engender fear mela in an aura in it. There are things your eyes will never have never seen. Never seen. You know there. There's people there where you can see through their skin. You know it sounds creepy now to us. But it's a completely different reality then. And it's going to be part of beauty. Now you have trees that are so massive. Thank you 500 years to make one lap around the shade of one tree.

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And that's a horse running around sprinting around this one shade to make one lap and then around it Matt Scoob there's just water and springs a fresh water. Water you can literally just go up to and drink that are just gushing all around you.

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Well, if I keep hitting kathira here's that word again. faqir shows up a few times in this

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Sora showed up a few times in pseudo Rockman faqir fruits that are in abundance, and the kinds of fruits that when you bite into it, it just brings joy and happiness, happiness upon happiness upon happiness, joy, joy, joy, joy, joy. lamma patu it was more. So we talked about the the trees are filled from top to bottom with the freshest of fruits, you don't have to worry about any of those fruits falling to the ground and like, Oh, well, it just fell. So who cares? I'll just eat it. You don't have to do that. You know why? Because Allah talks about that as well. Allah says lamma Kaltura. None of these fruits are separated while manure and none of them are forbidden. So none of

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them are separated from the tree, meaning you're going to experience every single one of these fruits by picking it yourself. You're not going to find a single drop of these fruits on the floor, just like what we see here. You know, we go nice fruit tree and you see a bunch of apples all on the floor bunch of cherries everywhere. And you're like, Okay, we can't touch those. You want the freshest. So you pick it yourself? Well, lamb? It's right there. It's right there.

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and none of these fruits are forbidden. What does that mean? fruits that are forbidden. Remember the story of Adam already slim? That's over.

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Because in his story, there was a tree that was forbidden for him.

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One Tree don't go near it. One Tree. All of that is gone. So in case somebody's wondering, okay, when we get to agenda in sha Allah, we've got to watch out for this tree. Hopefully it's marked off somewhere or something. Because that's the tree that Adam and his wife were told don't touch. So we can go near that tree? No, no, no, unless well am nuwara

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that same tree and trees, like,

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all of that's lifted. Now. You can enjoy all of the trees everywhere, all throughout gender. It's so beautiful. Like the detail. It's so beautiful. Well photoshoot model for and you will have

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floors, and beds and carpets that are raised there. In other words, you know, when you get a good quality carpet or rug, when you step on it, your feet and your toes kind of sink into it. And you're like, Oh my god, I wish it could just stay like this forever. But after some time, it starts to flatten out. alesse says that the carpets, the rugs, the beds, everything that you'll sit on or rest on or walk on in general will always stay luscious, fluffy metaphor.

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You know, it's like this surah is is is tackling things that you and I either one of two things, either we won't think about it, or we get accustomed to it. So okay, you know, fruits fall off of trees. I just don't touch those who cares, whatever. There's a bunch of fruits there. You never think to yourself, God. I wish never I wished not one cherry would fall on the ground.

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Look at most charities go towards Yeah, we might think of it that way. But you're just like, it happened. It happened, whatever. It's just the way trees are. All of that gets thrown out. Because those little things that we may not see as a big deal. We just adjust to it and get used to it. All of that's highlighted in welfare. So it's like welfare, concentrates on the things that you and I normally don't concentrate on. We don't dwell on it as much. That's what social welfare I will do when it describes Jenna to us. It's so beautiful in that sense, because all of the finer details now of Jenna and the luxuries and the gifts and the pleasures of gender are all being highlighted as

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part of the gifts that Allah will gift us in the light era

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in schatten, in shut now.

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This is how in their unique form we have given raised and created them talking about the Hudler in talking about the wives of Jenna, this is how we bless them. We've honored them, we've created them for you in shed is also a word that is used to describe that every time they meet you. They meet you as though they're meeting you for the first time, isn't it?

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Oh, you're back. Okay, whatever. No, all of that each and every time. It will. It will be as though you're meeting for the first time. Fetch are now hoonah avocado and we have made them for you.

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unmarried or Oodle Behm at all. And they will always do or say the things that are pleasing to you. You know, if you're a person that enjoys, you know, when your wife smiles at you, okay? She's going to smile at you. But it's going to be the kind of smile that you'll never get tired of. And if smiling is not your thing, then avocado means that, okay? They're not going to smile at you that way. So whatever it is that you look for, or you prefer, that's what you get. That's a rule Ben, at total Alba, Laos, herbally, amin,

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Sula, two minute welline was solar two minute theory. This is all for the people of the right, solar two minutes away lean. There's a group of them that came from the past with solar to Middle Earth hearing. And there's a group of them that will come at last at the end. So in the beginning of Islam, and now towards the end of Islam, there will be groups of people. And we've talked about what 30 Let is, through legates, to include our generation, so that we don't move on with life and thinking, Oh, it's only the sahabas that will have this. It's only the greatest scholars and the colors and so on. It's only them that will have this that will have these blessing rewards, no.

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The fact that Allah now says filetto Now Allah spells it out to us, a welline and F healing. So past generations and later generations, there will always be this elite group, this group that excels or have sadly me, they're just trying, they're just trying, they're just pushing themselves and they're doing their best for them. They will have all of this little hyperbole I mean, this is for all of them. So planula May Allah subhanho wa Taala count us from amongst them, Allah, him and me now tomorrow, tomorrow in sha Allah

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was Habu Chemin de mal Sabu Shimon now we're going to go to the left is now the conversation will completely switch towards the description of the people of the Hellfire we'll be learning a lot from protects us from that. That's what we're going to go into next. And we're going to look at unbelievable detail of the jahannam itself. Okay, so that's where we will leave it at Bismillah hytera Allah and I will check in with you guys in sha Allah huhtala tomorrow may align so which will bless you all. Thank you, all of you, dozens and dozens of you that are joining in and supporting this every single day. May Allah subhanho wa Taala reward you and honor you and bless you alone and

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mean, such as Akuma level Hydra or Samar Alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh