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Muiz Bukhary
AI: Summary © The transcript describes a series of popular culture events, including a national holiday, a garden party, a Christmas party, and a weekend party. The speakers discuss various topics such as the origin of certain culture, the origin of certain names, and the use of certain foods. They also mention the importance of reading the culture's origin and using it in a appropriate way.
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My dua book presented by Sakina Institute

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Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa Salatu was Salam ala nabina Muhammad wa ala alihi wa sahbihi wa sallam Duma number one when waking up

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Alhamdulillah he levy a bad tener la initial da number two when entering the toilet Bismillah he Allahumma in the outro do becoming a hobo see while haba is da number three when leaving the toilet, or Thrawn

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number four when wearing clothes Alhamdulillah hilarie cassani has sober What does he mean avoid it How will a mini while a coup d'etat number five when wearing new clothes lahoma local Hampton and tech so Tony as a locum in Haiti he will hoytema Sunni Allah, what are you becoming shad v Rashad Rima Sunni Allah de la number six when entering home

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Allahumma inni Luca hiral mobolaji were higher on Maharaja Bismillah AR legend Bismillah hora Jinnah while ally here rabina What can I do and number seven when leaving home

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Bismillah he tawakkol to Allah la la lala la quwata illa Billah da number eight when entering the masjid

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Allahumma salli Abu ametek Du Bois number nine when leaving the masjid Allahumma inni s lucam in folder liqu da number 10 before eating

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Bismillah do and number 11 if you forget to say Bismillah before eating

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Bismillah he Avila who zero to a number 12 after eating Alhamdulillah he leji to Imani had to Allah wa quani meanwhile at Holy mini voila gua da number 13 when you sneeze

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Alhamdulillah door number 14 when you hear someone sneeze

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yamaka la de la number 15 when you sneeze and someone says your hammock along you respond with yeah de como la who are useless let them do our number 16 when you become angry arrows will be left him in a shade upon your regime. Dullahan number 17 when it thunders

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Suba Han and the you said be Hurrah to be humbling well, mela iica two minutes effetti duanne number 18 when it rains

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Allah lahoma so yibin

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do our number 19 when the wind blows hard

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Allahumma inni us ello cahaya raha What are all that will be coming shed rehab. Do I number 20 when breaking fast

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the hub of Zama will be too late in a row with saboten eduroam insha Allah de la number 21 before sleeping

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this make Allahumma mo to

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do on number 22 when traveling

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Suba Han and Lady Sahar Alana has had warmer couldn't let her mockery Nene. We're in rabina lemon Cali Boone Allahumma in Lucca phe zeferino albir Robert Aqua wamena Lima Lima, tadoba Allahumma hobin Eileen Safar Ana Heather, what will be on border Allahumma anta Sahib, Rufus Safar well hollyford to fill

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a lot

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In the

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meanwhile, is Safar work Bertil Manuel was so ill Moncler bayfield Murli will

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do our number 23 if you see a nightmare are all do Billahi min ash shaytani r Rajim Doha number 24. When invited by someone for a meal, you pray for the host by reading Allahumma barik ala home FEMA Zapata home, welfare law home Wareham home there are number 25 when entering marketplaces

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La ilaha illa Allah Who are the hula Cherie cola la Holy Moly cola hola Hamed. You hear where you meet? What we're hi Yun Leah mood beer the hill higher wahoo eila Cooley Shea in Cadiz, Doha number 26 when a new month or a new year begins at the siting of the new mon Allahumma the Hill who Island Bill amny Well, a man was salamati when Islam would you worry Mina shade on worried one Amina Rahman, Doha number 27 when visiting the sake, lab, Sato who insha Allah de la number 28 when visiting the sick to pray for their recovery, as Allah allowed him, Rob balharshah nauseam and yes, fiac do and number 29 when you see someone afflicted with an affliction or a calamity please note

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that extreme care must be taken when reading this,

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that it be read in a manner that does not hurt the feelings of the one affected Alhamdulillah he Lady afeni Mbit Allah Kirby bowfell balani eyelash chassidim and halaqaat of de la de la number 30 when visiting the graveyard assalamu Aleikum Allah de la mina Mina well Muslim in what in in sha Allah who become la headcorn masala la Helena with a qumola Thea

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