Musleh Khan – Tafseer Sura Taha #05 Verses 41 – 54

Musleh Khan
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Salam alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh Alhamdulillah wa Salatu was Salam ala rasulillah were buried.

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Once again, we've got some just crazy stuff to talk about today today is going to be one of those verses in the Quran. And that is like one of those raise your eyebrows kind of versus when you hear it, you're just gonna be like, Oh, my goodness, this is actually in the Quran. I have to actually do that. I don't know how it's one of those verses that not only will it shock you, but you'll wonder to yourself at least a lot of Muslims, a lot of students do this, they wonder to themselves, if they will ever have the ability to be able to implement the teachings of that or verses like that. So I'm just gonna stop right there and begin inshallah. Okay, we are at verse number. Guys we are verse

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number 41 in shallow tie them so just those of you that are tuning in for the first time, please, please, please make sure because I got a lot of questions. from some of you that asked me about different things that happen that we've already discussed in previous episodes, you need to go back to episode one and work your way down in shout Allahu taala. So that you can piece all of these things together because every single episode is building from the previous one. So that's very important so you can capture the sword Oh, well. Now, previously, the last verse verse number 40 film, Tara lapidary Moosa, Allah subhanho wa Taala reminded me You said that you came at the perfect

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scheduled time everything in your life was supposed to lead you to this moment here where you meet me on in this valley. So Allah continues and reminds him while slow Naira to Kelly NFC. And I've chosen and selected you for myself.

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That verse, verse number 41. Can you imagine if Alice said that to you? While slowing down to cat, lean FC? I chose you. I particularly specially selected you. For me.

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You are like exactly what I expected. You're following exactly what I had hoped for. You turned out exactly what I wanted. Can you imagine Allah subhanho wa Taala telling us that that's the lesson I want you to capture from that a if you strive in your life, so that when we meet Allah subhana wa Taala he can see what stood out to kaeleen fc You know, I've created you on fashion you and put you on this earth gave you instructions, and you follow those instructions to the best of your ability. You're exactly what I wanted. My life so which will make us from them a love mommy is to have until a whole cubby area tea while at 10 efe Vickery you go musar la, Sam, you and your brother take my a

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yet and don't ever stop remembering me. What we're learning here is the next layer when you want to build trust with Allah through the difficult times. Remember, we talked about it in a previous video when you're about to take on a major task in your life, how you prep yourself for that, and the doors that you can recite and how you mentally and physically prepare. Here's another layer to add to that. Allah says And don't ever stop remembering me. The moment you stop remembering Allah, especially when you need him the most. When you're in a situation in a predicament in a problem that you know you can't solve yourself, but you're trying to Anyway, you need Allah subhanho wa Taala is

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help. The one of the ways to get and receive His help is don't forget him, keep remembering him say Alhamdulillah Subhana Mashallah, like any sort of remembrances that keep you connected to him. That's what you want. So that's the same reminder, this is one of the biggest tasks that musala semmens brother are going to take on they're going now to confront fit around so they need a loan now more than ever, so Allah reminds them Just don't forget me constantly make fun of me. If habit Illa theater owner even know who both are. The only difference now is it's in dual form. It habba both of you Moosa as well as your brother, both of you now go together. Some of the scholars of

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Tafseer said that verse number 43, is actually a response to verse number 29, which I lead with xeomin Lee. So when musala Islam asked Allah, that give me somebody that from my family that could support me, and obviously was referring to his brother. Well, how do we know some of the scholars said the way that Houghton supported his brother was that

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Tim is the habit he left around that he went along the journey side by side holding hands got your back, they did this together. So just the fact that so the response is Moosa was not just the leader, but how one is right there next to him and if he needs to speak he'll speak and if he needs to be quiet he'll be quiet if How do it needs to help his brother in anything they're in this battle together. So this was this is the response of how he played the role of was yield to his brother musante solemn. So it alette tells them both and he totally reminds us that fit around is a tyrant it no poka tyrant or Taha from tazi is like if you're boiling a pot and the water starts to boil,

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you boil water in a pot and it starts to boil and boil and boil and boil over and start spilling everywhere that's called bizarre. So

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fit around literally past and transgressed all limits. So that's why he's he's a tyrant. He did everything above and beyond what he was supposed to do or not do at all. The hula hoop Poland lady in Allah Allah who yet avec Cal OSHA. You guys ready for this? Here is the raise your eyebrows.

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Verse or at least one of them when you meet fit around,

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say to him holan, Lina words or word called Willa, it's in singular, every single word you speak, Mussa. And how everything that you guys say to fit around, make sure that it is what Holland lejana Arabic students lejana is not the same as just llegan lean mean, soft and gentle Lena? It's in the accusative form. So it has the 210 wings amongst sube. That means every single word you say to fit around has to be soft and gentle. And let me see, let me let me explain to you how this looks in today's terms. If you're if you're going to confront somebody, you know, that conversation could potentially get out of hand, but you try to keep your cool. So you say Salaam Alaikum, you know, I

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need to talk to you, you know about our problems or our differences, whatever. And the person you're talking to starts to become argumentative. And so the conversation escalates, what typically happens to both parties in this situation, you'll start to escalate as well. There's only so much cool and patience you have. And before you know it, you're jumping into the battle and then it just turns into one big confrontation right? At least most of the times. That's what could potentially happen. What Allah is telling us here is with Finn around he every single word you say, has to be gentle. You can't just start off the conversation arguing and calm down later, or vice versa. Everything

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from the beginning to end keep your cool Moosa Riley has set up.

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Can you imagine fit around, fit on one of the worst, if not the worst human being to have ever touched the ground in the history of mankind, a man that killed and slaughtered women and babies and tortured and killed men and slaves and did everything, everything every worst crime you can possibly imagine. And in addition to that, claim, divinity

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and this men, now you have been selected to confront this man. And what's your instruction? Oh, be nice to him. You see, the reason why Allah subhanaw taala tells us to do this is you always have to be open to the possibility that whoever despite how bad and you know corrupt they may be. They might actually listen to you.

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I'm not rhodiola one, try to assassinate the Prophet alayhi salatu salam in Mecca before he became Muslim. Where is Omar buried today?

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Right next to the man who tried to assassinate the Prophet Ali slept with Salaam once told her Omar if there was a prophet after me, it would be You the man who tried to assassinate him. So you have to be open to the idea that something you might say or do could actually crack that individual like he can actually penetrate their heart in the right way. Even if that person is the likes of fit around. Now, probably some of you might thinking that although we may not have a an actual fit our own per se, in this day and age. We have many fit rounds everywhere. Some of you probably have a mini fit around in your home, somebody that's just they are the tyrant of the house. No matter what

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you say or do. You just can't win and no matter how much you try, it seems to

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To get nowhere, this is to help you and I to deal with the mini fit our owns of our lives. Here's the next point. This is how we have to behave, if fit around was alive today. And that's where I got the title of this video from us from this. If it was alive today, this is how we are commanded or at least taught in the Quran to treat someone like that, at least at the end of the day, keep yourself civilized as much as you can. So if that's how we have to act with fit our own,

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how do we then what does that mean, in terms of how we act with people in our community? You know, unfortunately, I mean, I'm not an Imam, officially, but I perform the duties of any man. But as a daddy, I confront the complete opposite of this area. Every single day. Every time I mingle, and I interact with Muslims. For some reason, at the end of the day, generally speaking, as a culture, we're really good at doing the complete opposite. When we have to talk bad about somebody, we talk bad about them, we bury them to the ground. And if we don't do that in front of their faces, we'll do that in every private conversation. Yeah, that person, yeah, that share that image, you hear

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this, you hear that, and just beat them and bury their character, everything to the ground. But when it comes time to say nice things about that individual, it's almost unheard of. It's almost unheard of, it's rare. It's so seldom, where somebody can actually come up to you and give you words of encouragement, tell you something to make you feel good about yourself, or at least acknowledge that you've done said something great. I don't know why this happens. You know, we're supposed to be the leaders when it comes to encouraging each other. But for whatever reason, it's the complete opposite. A lot of you listen to this, you probably have tons of stories like this, of your

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interaction with Muslim communities. Generally speaking, I'm not saying that we're all the same. I'm just simply saying that as a culture, it's so difficult to find that even when we need to disagree that we can do that in a civilized way. Like we can still get along if we have a disagreement. Well, not so much I'll help us guys is this a really speaks to us as much as anyone else loud and clear. Then I'll look continues lalla, who yet avocado yaksha, perhaps maybe insha Allah, he might actually think and reflect and develop some sense of fear. So you don't know. We don't know at the end of the day if that island is actually going to be inclined to some of the things that Moosa and his brother

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are going to say to him. So you have to keep an open mind. Call our banner in half of both of them. They say Oh, our master Oh Allah, we are afraid and your photo bar Elena Oh, a altova. The word f photo from Fatah, it means one of two things. It could mean, we are afraid that if we stand in front of fit around, he'll literally order his soldiers and his security to kill us. And it's done. Or it can be the complete opposite. We're fit around, doesn't budge. He'll just sit there and look at us, okay, get out of here and then murder us. Like so we're afraid that it's not going to get anywhere. That's what Fatah means. It can either go completely terrible, or it would manifest into nothing.

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Or Yato. Or he would just become as we've already discussed about the health of a tyrant so he'll transgress he'll torture us he'll go above and beyond Look what Allah subhanaw taala is called the latter half of both of you. Don't be scared.

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Did we hear a verse similar to this? Already in the sorta Yeah. A lot so a Jill already told Musashi Salaam when he was told to drop his staff and it turned into a snake. What did Alessi call it a hold the hair while at a half? Take it Don't be afraid pick it up. Now alesse says this in both of you don't be afraid. What are we learning about the personality of mozzarella Sam?

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He gets scared quickly.

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He's a sensitive soul. It's very very difficult for him to understand and accept this role. But the thing the the flip side of that he's brave enough to confront these fears. He's not letting down he's not saying Oh Allah Why me? Oh Allah, please like Could you be somebody else? None of that. He He's honest. He's saying look, I'm scared What will allow like what if he does this? What if he does that? What if this happens? What if that happens? What then what do I do? Such an innocent soul so panela and then Allah tells them in any miracle man, I am with the both of us no matter what. I'm listening and I'm watching So Allah is monitoring Tia who go to him, fell Pula and say to him, both

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of you in now to Surah big that are we are messengers

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Have all your master Allah sometimes does sois confronting fit out we are messengers of your master because why why is this so important that he says a lot of big because that's what Federation was claiming that he was he was the master of everyone else so the first thing is now they're at the same level with fit around but they're saying to him we are actually sent to the real master that is above you as well.

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For autoseal Mariner Benny is right so give us and send with us the children children of his sorta ELO children of Israel. Well that's why they bomb and stop torturing them. But did you know it can be a Tim Miller update we have come to you with a yet from your master. Did you see what they did again, your master your master was set Marla medic Deb alhuda and peace and safety be amongst those who seek guidance from Allah. Or it could also mean Islam submission to those who wish to seek guidance from Allah. So it could mean peace and security as well as spiritual submission like coming back to the oneness of Allah. So both of those things they're telling fit around in Peru here, Elena

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and Eliza barilla, men cadabra whatever Allah, it has been inspired upon all upon us, that the punishment is going to be reserved for the one who lies and turns away from the commands of Allah. So now fit around speaks that around is going to speak for the first time in the Soto. So what does he say? karna famara buko Maria Moosa, they said.

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So he looks at Moosa and he says, formoterol buku. Mel Who is this master of yours, so he's talking to both Moosa as well as how to own but look how the Aya ends? Yeah Moosa, he did say yeah, Moosa always held on.

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He ignores how to you know, why, how one is from the slave caste of Egypt. So he doesn't even want to acknowledge how don't, he doesn't want to even mention his name, because how could he he's fed out, he claims divinity, and mozzarella, he is from the household of fitout. So he's like, I'm gonna talk to you, because I know you, you know, you've grown up here, so I know who you are. But this slave, get him out of here. So he's a real filthy mind fit around real filthy. You know what's scary about that verse. I think we all know somebody in our lives, or we've met people that have that, for whatever reason, you might not be as popular as the others, you might have to be as recognized as

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the others. You're just some normal layman, average dude, person, whoever. So you get talked to or addressed at the bottom of the list. But the important figures, you're concentrating on just them them them. You know, when it comes to strategy if you're trying to achieve certain things fine. But we're just talking about having a simple conversation. This a is teaching us that when you categorize conversations according to people status. So if the higher status and power you have, the more concentration and time I'll give you, but if you're not that important, you take the bottom of the list, or I won't even acknowledge you at all, that's actually a what I call a filter, I will

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need quality. So panela that's a filter only quality metallized. So to protect us from that Carlota born and Lizzie alpha Kula Shea in hulka, who had a quick Musa alayhis, salaam, Nestle musallam takes over the conversation. Why? Because he's basically saying to his brother, okay, he wants to talk to me. So just don't say anything. So he speaks to fit on August 5, and said yeah, musasa he wants to hear from I want to hear from you Moosa so Moosa la slim talks now, he says our master is the one that gave us everything, every creation somehow had and he guided us. So in other words, Allah subhanho wa Taala everything that he creates is he also guides that he creates a cow but he

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guides the cow what to eat cows don't eat cats and dogs, guys them exactly what to do. You know, later on inshallah, I promised you in the previous previous previous sort of sorta knackered when we did that, to see that I would take down the wasp, or the beehive and cut it open and take a look inside. Can't do that yet, because they're still in there. So I don't want to disrupt any of them. The point is, is that Allah guided the bees to build their hives this way, and how to profit and what they should eat and how they should go through that entire process. So everything Allah creates, he gives them a set of guidance as well. Call it from above battery, Coronel oola. Look at

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the evil mindset of fit around. He's he's he's actually smart in a pretty evil satanic way. Look what he does.

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Next, conifer my bag and polonium oola. He's so what about all of our previous generations in bed? means? It's not just asking. So what are you trying to say about our other religions and gods and our forefathers? Bad means? Are you saying that our previous generations and our other religions and idols, they're destroyed? They're going to the Hellfire, they're going to be punished. They're garbage? Is that what you're saying? You know what this is why this a is so important. Because lots of non Muslims who want to debate will ask you. So what are you saying? You're saying My mom is going to * because she died as a Christian or a Jew or as a hidden door this or that? Is that

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what you're saying? And they'll put you on the spot. All the colleagues are there, all your classmates are there? And they're like, Yeah, what are you saying? Is that what you're saying? So you're saying that I'm going to go to * say that to my face that I'm going to * just because I don't want to practice Islam, and I don't want to be Muslim. They'll say this to you. So this question, fit around is using it. And it's coming from him. So he's, he's think he's thought this through. So he's like, he puts musala his slam on the spot in front of everybody. Are you saying all my security, my entourage all these people were all going to burn in the fire? Is that what you're

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saying? Who said now you do see why it was so important for Musashi Sam to take over this conversation. Can you imagine if How do I was saying this. His words because of his class or status that fit or I would put him in would not have the weight that Moosa has when he'll respond, but put that aside for a second. Listen to how mozzarella his solemn response. Pilar mohair? endora be? fee keytab. that knowledge is with Allah in his book. Did you see how so if you think that fit our own is smart, watch how much smarter how more intelligent, more wise musar the syllabus, he says, oh, that knowledge, the ending, then asleep the final ending? Or that's with Allah. He's he'll decide

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that that's his territory. I'm not going to tell you if you're going to *. I'm not gonna tell you you're gonna get punished No. Muslims. Does this sound familiar? Because we do this a lot. The koufonisia this far that the godfather of this The Godfather.

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You know, we might have certain ahaadeeth to tell us certain things. But the step the final call and result that's alleged job just, that's a conversation don't get into because why? Almost every companion we've ever studied was a caffeine. At some point in their life. They weren't Muslim. And now they become the greatest examples. You know, for us until the day of judgment. You just don't know what someone's tomorrow is. So cool. Allahu Allah, Allah, you know, I asked you job is to be gentle kind and be civilized loom yetta Corona, are we OSHA, perhaps that maybe all of them, they would be reminded or at least reflect on some of the things that we say it would just be like, you

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know, Islam is the way jednym is the other way. Blah, blah. No, no, no. That's what we're getting from this. But look at the response of musar Lee said a lie you'll do Laura B will is Allah doesn't get confused and he doesn't forget anything. And that's all he says. That's all Mu psilocybe says so he's done with that question because why? That's a setup question from fit around. But at the same time musala already knows. I don't make that call. I don't make that judgment where you're gonna go. That's a less job. He has that knowledge done with Alessi Geron and akumal Auto Donna had he Allah is the one that created this earth as a cradle manda as a place for you to get comfortable and

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relax. Well, silica comfy has sabula and he gave you different pathways and he stretched out those pathways. So in other words, he multiplied one road into many roads. What ends Zen Amina summit he met and he also sent rain from the sky for Ragini be here as well jam in Tibet in shatta. And he also from the sky, he created everything in pairs, all these plants, fruits and vegetations. He created all of them all these seeds into different pairs, cooler water I can eat and also take care of and nurture your cattle enough

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to literally know how indeed all of these are yet for those who are literally new hair new hair

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is when you're able to it's a level of intelligence where you're able to arrive at the conclusion

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Have something let me give you an example. We know that plants grow because what they get energy from the sun, and they get nurtured from with water that falls from the sky, right? So we know Sun is part of that we know water is, but who feeds the sun?

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Who allows the water to fall? Does somebody turn that on? Is there something that we do or don't do that allows the clouds to come together and just give us some rain? How does that happen? That's know where you're able to go back and back and back and back. And ultimately, you end up where it's got to be Allah. Allah doesn't.

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You know, I can see and I can hear and I can use my senses to interact. But how are these senses working? Okay, they're connected to nerves are connected to your brain, lots of things happen. So how does this stuff function? Like, how does this engine run? Right? You know, it's run the way that it's programmed to how do you get it to perform the way that it should perform. So all the pieces and parts are together? Now you hit the start button, it's supposed to start up so how do you get that ignition to go and you just keep going back and back in back. You don't always always lead you back to a lot. That's the point. That's where we're going to pause and charlo Tyler

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around doesn't give up guys that he's just getting warmed up. But this this conversation is gonna get more and more intense. I hope you can appreciate because I'm what I'm trying to do here is I'm trying to present it as though you're watching like a Netflix episode of the biography of mozzarella. And now we're at that episode of the meeting with Finn around and how this is all gonna play out. So that's where we're at in shot low Tara, male line so a god bless you all and reward all of you for taking this journey alongside with me. And just really really capturing as much as we can of the sorta that is just so full of lessons and benefits is that really truly at the end of the day

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can transform our lives always and forever for the better in shallow teralyst so large xojo bless all of you and reward all of you and accept all of you Aloma me so tomorrow in sha Allah hotel we resume with verse number 55 onwards Okay guys, just below Hayden take care Have a wonderful day was Salam alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh

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