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Salam Alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh Al Hamdulillah salat wa salam ala rasulillah Well, bad. Boy, do we have an episode for you today I'm jumping right into this. So we are on verse number 29 verse number 29 of pseudo faha now musala he said I'm continuing continues his dorm, and the previous episode it was the famous Dora. It'll be shortly suddenly a silly Emory. And we pause that Dora where were we mentioned Yahoo Poli. So that the other person who I'm talking to can understand and obviously it's referring to fit our own and his supporting cast, his followers and so on and so forth. So musalla his slim just wants to make sure that he can do his job right but he's not done

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his door I yet. So verse 29, he continues, well, john Lee was 11 min early, and give me a with zero from my family was he of here is somebody that can support me, somebody that can look out for me, somebody that can encourage me, because you can imagine now if you're talking to somebody, like fit our own, okay, this is a man who killed children who killed babies who slaughtered women. he tortured slaves, he did it all. And on top of all of that, in addition to everything he claimed to divinity, you know, if you stand in some in front of someone like that, your fist will start to, you know, get tight. And you're like, he's right there. He's right in front of me. So for musalla, he

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sent him to just relax. He wants somebody to be there to support him. To tell him, dude, just chill, relax, don't worry or let it go. Because remember, all of what that our own has done also affects musalla has set them right. Remember, he took the life of someone by accident. So there's this massive campaign all throughout Egypt, looking for Mousavi Salaam. They want him all the soldiers all the security, all the entrances, everybody knows. Watch out for this man Moosa. If you find him He is the most wanted man in Egypt. But he knows that he didn't really do anything wrong. And he shouldn't have been or at least suffer at the hands of fit around. So fit around when he's going to

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stand in front of this men. Lots of emotions, lots of things are going to start running through his mind. He wants somebody there. So what does he escort? Minelli from my family? How do we know?

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How long my brother You know what we're learning here? The fact that musala Islam says my brother, he gives you a little bit of extra when you don't ask for a lot already knows that. That's his brother. So why does he say just like how Allah knows what your staff is going to be used for? Well, my team can be me, Nick. Yeah, Moosa. Allah could have just jumped to the verse LP aim was to just drop it to the ground, but instead of lusk's and what's there in on the right side of you? Yeah Moosa? Why did Allah subhana wa Taala do that? what you're learning here brothers, brothers and sisters, is that we all know somebody that if you just tweak them, or get them started into a

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conversation, so for example, you ask them like, So? What do you do for fun? And they say to you,

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I play video games. Tetris. That's my favorite game. It's my all time favorite game. You didn't ask for any of that. You just ask what do you do for fun, they say video games, the sentence stops there. But then they tell you what game and they tell you why they like it. And then they'll tell you how often they play it. And they'll just kind of give you more and more and more and you sit there and you listen to it. That's what's happening to mozzarella cheese that I'm so you're tapping into a little bit of his personality. He's so innocent, he's such an innocent man. So if you ask him a simple question, like okay, he says, I want a wizard I want somebody to support me when he could

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have just stopped there, which it was zero min. And he held on, you know, give me somebody to support me from my family housing, period. The second thing is,

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this is an A A by itself throughout the entire course. And every time an area is by itself, it's a point of reflection. So we take a moment now to reflect that Allah made it an entire area by itself, how Woon my brother,

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tells you a little bit about siblings tells you a little bit about family. Family is our rock. That's how it's supposed to be. That's how that relationship should manifest is that you find the most support and source of encouragement, strength. You find all of that from family first. Sure you find it from other people as well. But those are just variables. Those are like a little bit here a little bit here. But the heartbeat is the family and what keeps the blood flowing.

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Your friends and relatives and everybody else, but your family is always going to be the source of that support. The second thing is, is

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the relationship between the siblings, you know how Boone and Musa alayhis salaam, they have a great relationship. Now, the thing is that we don't know what exactly how loon is going to do. And that's what's all part of season one in the life of Musa alayhis. Salaam is that you're giving generic details, or you're giving generic points of this entire episode, but we don't know the details. But what I'm going to do is I'm going to cheat a little bit, I'm going to show you a little of what Howard own is going to do, why his role is so important in this task that musala slim is about to embark on in pseudo costs, which is Season Two of the life of Musa alayhis salaam. Allah azza wa jal

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explains exactly what how rune is going to do for Musashi Salaam. When he plays this role of a wizard as a supportive cast. Again, in that sort of what he how rune, Allah musala, his son says the exact same thing again, he says, My brother had one, he doesn't just he doesn't just say how long. I mean, it's a deeper, you know, later part of the story of moosari Islam, everybody knows that this is his brother, but he still emphasizes, it's my brother Hold on. And then he explains how upstyle Mini he's more eloquent than me. upcycle from the word force, ha, he can speak clearly, he can present himself, he's a bit more eloquent, he can express himself better than I can. So I need him

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there. So if I stutter, if I hesitate, if I get nervous, we already saw that Moosa gets nervous. We already know that sometimes he stutters, we already know that he's such an innocent soul. Sometimes he might find himself that he says more than he needs to say. And that's why you need somebody there, to kind of like, nudge you, okay, just chill enough. And if Mussolini's stuff starts to lose it and he gets angry because of what he might be saying or doing, his brother Houghton is there to just okay, just chill, let it go. Don't worry about it. Let it go. focus on the task. So it's absolutely beautiful, how the story is starting to manifest how it's starting to come in and become

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sweeter and brighter in this beautiful surah Let's continue. Who should do the who it should be he Ezzati. So he asked a lot and so a gel as well to give him the strength to tighten his asmodee so tighten his Garmin to give him the strength now that he prepares himself on this task. Why should he Kofi MD.

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So also, that my tasks maybe you can like and some of the load on me and give it to how to win as well. So how one can also some of the scholars of Tafseer also say that we should do to be he acity is the strength from how thrown upon me he'll, he'll support me, he'll strengthen me. And at the same time, some of my responsibilities I can give to him as well. So we could share some of these responsibility. I'll be the captain, but I want him to be my teammate.

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Kane who said Baca kathira. So here is the main reason why musala hustler wants a little bit of help. Here's the main reason why kainuu sub B hacker kathira. So that we can make to speak of you all the time.

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It is remarkable how many how many of us think that way, when we are about to embark on a major task or responsibility in our life, especially when it involves other people. Marriage, want to get married, I want to get married for all the reasons that people get married. But my number one primary reason is I want to find someone that can help me worship Allah better, more fluently, more consistently strengthen my bond with my Creator. How many people think like that? I'm sure there are people out there that think that way. The question is, are we from them? Are we amongst them? Are we those kinds of people. You see, the ultimate goal of why you get married is not just to have a

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family, but it's actually to contribute to the owner. So when you have a family, you want to raise the next generation that can continue worshiping Allah subhanho wa Taala. In in every way that we know. So you want to instill those values and those teachings so that that legacy continues. That's the ultimate goal of what marriage should be. And yes, all of the fruits of marriage come along, you know your best friend, somebody to be there somebody to be intimate with somebody to have and companionship etc.

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etc, all of those wonderful things are just as important. But the primary reason that we get from this a is that at the end of the day, these major tasks of our lives, so that we can continue to be obedient as best as we can with Allah Subhana. Without, we don't want to lose obedience. You know, another example, if we put aside marriage for a second, as the last example, we'll move on another example of this, analyze that, when you're traveling, you know, when I have to go to like countries far away the other side of the planet, like if I have to go to Australia, or I go to Malaysia, or some country, I know it's one of those long haul flights. The first thing that I have to remind

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myself is I want the setup. Or I want that travel to be a travel that is pleasing to Allah. Because what often happens to people who travel especially when they travel alone, it's easy to pretty much do whatever you want. You could be a sinful as you want. You know, when you transit somewhere, you could look around, nobody, your family's not around, nobody that knows you is around, you can look at anything you want. You can engage in anything you want. And when you arrive at your country, you just It feels like you have this free car to just do an experience and be involved in whatever you want. And then you fly back home and you leave all of that baggage behind.

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So Kane, who said be hecka kathira. And this is why we say in the door of travel, travel. What until Sahib has suffered you Oh Allah, you're the companion of when I travel so that you can keep an eye on me and keep me under control. Subhana Allah, unbelievable. Also, this is one of the reasons wisdoms why when you travel is accepted, because Allah once you can't, you know, sub be haqiqa Theater, you keep making to speak even especially when you're alone, and you're going on this major task in your life. Male, so which will give us strength alone, that means

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when that's quarter kathira and it doesn't stop there. So he wants to make a speech. And he also wants to remember Allah a plentiful, what's the difference between the two very quickly. Test B is when you're praising and you're raising the authority and status of Allah subhanho wa Taala, so to speak is like Subhana Allah, either Illa enter subharmonic in the quintilian of volley mean, La, La La La quwata illa Billah those are all forms of tests be you're raising the authority, power and status of a lot in your life. Vic, here is all of tests B and some of the things that you asked for a stuff Allah, Allah Subhana Allah, Allah Illallah Muhammad Rasool Allah suffered a loss of the last

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prophet Allah, Allah forgive me, Allah forgive me, Allah bless me, Allah bless me protect me out of Vicar. So musar Lee slamming his brother, they say, remember, it's speaking in plural. So he's talking about both himself and his brother, which means that siblings Listen up. You don't just leave your sibling behind. You save yourself from the Hellfire and they're still drowning. know, you've got to be a support even for your siblings. This is one of the biggest biggest dilemmas and problems in all family structures around the world, you'll have one child that's taken it upon themselves to excel fine, and the other ones struggling. They're involved in other things, whatever,

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like whatever the case is, but they're still your sibling, at least if you can physically change their state that will add that that much we understand, but at least be a form of tisby remind, say, look, you know, I listened to the suta today, man, it's amazing. This is you're talking to your brother, or your sister who's never listened to any soldier in their life and just talk to them about it. Man, soda is just an amazing soda. I've never heard it before. And you're talking to your sibling who's never picked up the poor end before. And you're just trying to spark something. And in putting aside religion, you get accepted to school or college university and you start school.

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They're still failing, help them You be the extra help that they need. You try to support push, nudge them. That's what's happening with musar lace and he says when nethercote plural, me and him we both can remember you together. plentiful supprimer la

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in La Quinta, Sabina basura Oh Allah, you are the one that has always been all seeing. You see everything basura you watch and you see everything piling up. But Ott, look here Musa, Allah says now, we have given you in the past already what you've asked for the Moosa

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It's beautiful, how many times have you seen yeah Moosa already in the soda or just like a page and a half we saw we saw like three or four times already, yeah Moosa. Just come

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him. We've given we've had surgery amasa It's okay. We've done it before. So what is the last say? What are cutting men in LA can moderate and

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we're gonna be still our favors men and now we're going to show it to you mcgrattan Ohara once again, we've done it before you dropped your staff, it turned into a snake you picked it up, it was back to a staff again, your barefoot snake didn't touch you. You put your arm under your armpit it came out it was brighter than the sun, your hand you you became bright and beautiful. And it returned back to its original form. That was a miracle. We've shown you so much and don't you worry, we are going to do this again. Now, this is scene one of the story, the story that is now going to shift to a different scene. Watch the beautiful transition is our hyena ella mikumi your hair, We

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inspired towards your mum, what we inspired so what happened most says mother now comes into the story. So now Allah shifts from Musa alayhis salaam in terms of his life and miracles that are directly connected to him. The conversation on the mountain continues. But now let's talk about the mum. Let's talk about mum. So you understand where you came from you understand everything that we've got your you've gone through and what you'll be going through. But when you were a kid, when you were a tiny baby, you need to know how you were raised and some of the things that happen. So your mom now We inspired her as well. The same way we inspired you. We gave her something too. So

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what it led to a nuclear sci fi fit boot. Allah had ordered her to put you moosari slim into a basket, okay into something. And then because if he he fit terrible luck of the fee phillium and take this basket and throw it in lm. Em is another word for river but yem means a wide river. Couple the fee. Remember I told you there are two words in the Quran to describe throwing, we have elkaar which means to drop right beside you, and causa which means to throw as far away from you as possible. So this word is used to describe when Musashi Sam is in the basket, throw him not just in the river, but far away so no enemies can see it. No, oh, nobody can access it. So it's literally

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just going to start floating away into this river. And it'll be a way it would be inaccessible to anyone. just appreciate the detail. Remember, like I said before, it's like you're watching a movie unfold. This is like a Netflix episode of Musashi Salaam that we're getting here right now. So, this basket gets thrown far away into the river

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fell up helium will be sand hill. So you look at helium will be Sahil is that all of a sudden now, the river, the ocean, the waves will start to push this basket into the direction it's going to be. Do you see brothers and sisters how meticulously everything is being calculated by Allah subhanho wa Taala watch what's going to happen at the end of this episode. He who I do will be what I do will

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somebody is going to be an enemy from me or Allah. What I do will love and this is going to be an enemy of yours.

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So somebody is going to get this basket and musar li Sam is going to be in here. Alright, someone's going to get this basket. So we were very she's told that much. But she's also told mum just imagine if you were the mum. So Pamela, how you how you feeling with all of this. you're told to take your son put them in a basket. Don't just let them float away. Throw him as far away into the river as possible. You see the wave start taking your son away. And then Allah inspires and informs you that you're an enemy to you. As well as to me is going to take him Who are we thinking about here?

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fit around? The worst human being ever is going to get your son. Imagine if you were mum right now. How would you feel? what what what's processing in your mind? Man Subhanallah this woman was strong. His mom she was strong. And it continues what LA to LA camera hub but a mini and Allah subhanho wa Taala filled in the heart of musala he said on muhabba

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Two words for love in the quarter and or would that come from the word hope you have hope, which is generic, just a general type of love. Everybody gets that. But muhabba This is the only place in the entire poor and mahabis mentioned muhabba here, this is like, deep love. This is serious and it's special. And unless says Mini, it's coming directly from me, and it's piercing to you directly.

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You know,

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when you see your husband or your wife, or put aside, when you see your child, see your son and daughter amongst other kids, we all appreciate children. Who doesn't, right? If you don't appreciate children, something's something seriously wrong with you, right? We all appreciate children all across the globe. But when you see your own child, amongst other children, what happens to you as a parent, and all the parents out there, you know exactly what I'm talking about. Those of you who don't have children, bear with me, okay. But the parents out there, you know exactly what I'm talking about. When you sit there and you see your child in the midst of other kids. There's that

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love that connection, that appreciation that gratitude, that's my baby there. If you see your kid is in a race, so there's other kids there and your kid is racing, and you don't even care that your child is coming in dead last. You're just so proud, proud, proud of him or her and your eyes are fixated on him or her. Everything about them. And you're just like you just appreciate that they actually got in the race. They're just trying. You appreciate that much. That's muhabba for your children, that's from Allah to musala his Salaam. He has this direct special love that he sends to Masada. He sent an incredible and he says mini from me only to snare Allah IE and you will start to

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manifest and build under my watchful eye. Allah will monitor you. So you will grow you will mature. This mess about you killed somebody and all of a sudden Conference Center. I'm watching you. I will see blossom in front of me. So Pinilla, last verse is stem, she took her so now this basket is floating away into the river somewhere. And walking is your sister. I'm sorry. He said I'm sister. It doesn't say where she was walking, no details. You know why? That'll come later. This is season one, guys. We're just feeding the appetite a little bit. But you'll your appetite will get satisfied as you continue journeying through the story. It's temporary. So your sister was walking somewhere

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fetta pool and she said how do look, I'm I'm a folio. Can I tell you guys like who's gonna take care of this baby. She doesn't say, tuck follow Which one of you are going to take care of. So it seems like the sister is with a group of other people, ladies or whoever, right? And this basket just kind of goes by she finds this basket. She opens it. And she sees this beautiful child. She's like, Oh my god, whoa, what is this? Where did Where did this come from? Immediately the thing that she reacts first and foremost is she looks at the other ladies that many other people are out and she's like, should we decide who's going to take care of this child who is going to nurse him who's going to

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raise him? And she says yuck fool. She speaks in third person. You know why that's so important. She already knows who's gonna do it.

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It's her

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but she's not saying it she's not gonna be like, Oh my god, I'm taking this child's mind Get away from me. She just starts to play this little indirect game. Huh? I wonder if who's gonna look after this baby now huh? But meanwhile deep down inside of her What does she already know it's gonna be here. So finally it's so beautiful. The language is so beautiful. Photo Jana Kayla omic. Allah continues remember he's on top of the mountain barefoot talking to Allah and unless telling him Father ajarn that cat EULA omic we returned to back to your mum K to Potter. I know her so that she her eyes could feel

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relaxed to Cobra Cobra to Aryan. I'm sure a lot of you hear that. Cobra two rU takamura means your eyes are fixated. It's stationed on something. So it's like you stare at something

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and you can't get your eyes off of it. You just oh my god. It's so beautiful. Wow. This is a real baby. That's what happened to mozzarella cheese and

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everybody that saw him as a baby. A loss of hope.

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Tyler made him that they were just like, oh my god, this is so cute.

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Look at this child. Wow, touch it. It's real. It was beautiful thing we've ever seen.

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But here's the thing, guys. Isn't this about Lusa? Why are we talking about his mum, that's where the title of this video came from. Go back and look at the title of this video. The love for your mom, the joy that you find with your mum is your own joy when you make her happy, you're happy. So once you see that she her life is filled with joy, then you start to get some of that joy to. So musala histogram is being taught here. We returned you back to your mom so that her eyes could just look at you and be like, Oh my God, he's okay.

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Well, after hasn't, and so that she would stop grieving. So Allah looked out for her. But Allah is teaching musala Islam. We also need to make mom happy. So that you can find stability and strength. Every kid is like this doesn't matter. Doesn't matter what your relationship is like with your parents. When you bring home that report card, when you say you've graduated, and your parents are there in the graduation, those are the people you make that that make you feel the most joy and pride of what you've accomplished is to know that they're there and they're supporting you that you see happiness. You see your mom, there's a tear of joy, by the way portra to you and also means

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tears of joy. You see your child putting on her hijab, for the first time by herself. You see your son waking up for fudger by himself. As a matter of fact, he came in and he woke you up. He's like mama mom, that you guys almost slept in Stein prefecture and you just start crying right and you woke us up. So amazing. That's the joy

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when you make your parents happy. By default, you don't know child feels miserable at the cost of happiness with their parents doesn't make any sense. It's the way Allah created us. And finally brothers and sisters, woke Lyttelton Epson remember musala Sam, you killed somebody. So leser reminding him I'm going to give you all the relief but just remember your situation you killed somebody for nfj neck communal home, and we also gave you the strength to come out of a hum a hum is another word for darkness. Uh hum is another word for sadness. So a lot so it also Uh hum is is another word for dark clouds. You know on a rainy day, dark clouds. That's

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a lesson I pulled you out of all of that. Those moments when you were sad and you were depressed you missed your mom, you missed your life.

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We pulled you out of all of that.

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Fun work with a 10 NACA Fortuna. And we exhausted you in test after test after test fell a b c d f d le medion. And you remain for some number of years in the city of medion amongst the people of medion.

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So much to our left Cordelia Moosa and then you eventually came to us at a specific time and schedule yeah Musa see how the end ended everyone yeah Moosa. How many times is that four or five times now? Just not even two pages of the surah? Yeah, Moosa. Yeah. Moo Sam was, was always keeping him comforted.

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What I'm going to leave you with is the ending of this verse. Any of this verse is so beautiful.

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Everything that Musa alayhis salam allies teaching him You came to us exactly the way we scheduled you to be here. You know, you got thrown into a basket that was scheduled at a specific day and time, you got put into a river and the river gushed you away to a direction that happened at a specific time. You ended up floating and this woman your sister found you That was the person chosen out of all these women, this is the one that we chose for you, and she took care of you. And then here you are, you came up to this valley, you took off your shoes, all of this was supposed to happen, that exact pair of shoes you were wearing, you were to take it off at this moment, and then

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you were to talk to me and, and and and here you are, again, through magic parallel coder yahooza. Everything happened at a scheduled time. You know the lesson here brothers and sisters and this is what we conclude with.

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Everything that happens in our life is scheduled. And if we can internalize what that means, we can develop a sense of ease and comfort that every

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thing we experienced in our lives, we will never complain about. Because we'll remember, everything is under a puddle a specified time and schedule.

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You know, your marriage may have started beautifully. You got married when you were 40. You wanted to get married when you were 30. But it happened at 40. It was a puzzle. That was the scheduled time for you. But then, what you think got worse, is that after two years, you got divorced.

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Got it all one child. Now you're a single parent, that was a hot dog. So you work with it, you struggle through it, and you just try to get your life moving forward. Then all of a sudden, Allah subhanaw taala opened another door for you and another door here. You know, one of the things that I noticed, particularly with single moms,

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is I noticed that, I mean, it's just something that just my eyes would would catch on as I'm, you know, scrolling through social media or something, is I'll come across a bio of a Muslim woman who was once married, and her stories out there and whatever, right. And then after she came out of a marriage, she became a leader. She became inspiring to other women, she started to become more vocal, she started to bring awareness to abuse to about your she started her own movement on better marriages and improving marital relationships, things like that, like a love may have extinguished one light.

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And as a result of that 25 light bulbs just turned on in a place in her core deep down in her She didn't even know was there. And she became an inspiration. And I noticed this there's a couple of figures I don't want to mention names, right, but a few names that come to my mind that I'm just like, wow, talk about turning your life around from darkness to light, or from light to more light. You go from a light bulb to the brightness of the sun. It's just

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for Magic parallel Korea, Moosa just captures all of that. So panela that's what I want to leave you with. And I'm going to pause here in sha Allah, guys, we're What are we at 40 versus pseudo Taha is how many vs guys let me just check real quickly here. 135

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soda has 135 we're just at 40. And look at how tasty this sorta is. Already. It's, it's just beautiful. I can't wait for the next episode. And I hope that you can feel a little bit of that same excitement in sha Allah hoteller. So tomorrow it's the confrontation between Musab Ali Salim and Farah around the moment becomes the moment tomorrow in sha Allah he's going to be there with fit around all these a prepare them for that moment it's going to happen now. How does he handle it? Mousavi slim that's what I'm going to share with you tomorrow in sha Allah hotel met Larissa which will bless you all love him. I mean, Till we meet again was Salaam Alaikum warahmatullahi

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wabarakatuh kid