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AI: Summary © The transcript discusses the history and character of Hope, the only woman in Islam who had a child. Hope's mistake was discovered during a group of women who were m pregnant women in them. The transcript describes the use of "naught" in English to describe emotions and words, and the "has been met with" meaning "has been met with" meaning "has been met with" meaning "has been met with" meaning "has been met with" meaning "has been met with" meaning "has been met with" meaning "has been met with" meaning "has been met with" meaning "has been met with" meaning "has been met with" meaning "has been met with" meaning "has been met with" meaning "has been met with" meaning "has been met with" meaning "has been met with" meaning "has been met with" meaning "has been met with" meaning "has been met with" meaning "has been met
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Assalamu alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh at hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa Salatu was Salam ala BL mursaleen Nabina Muhammad Salallahu it Who are the early he was happy he he wearing a Marburg brothers and sisters Welcome to get again another brand new series, this is going to be the Tafseer of Surah Maryam, which is the 19th chapter of the Quran. So that Miriam is one of the most beautiful sutras of the entire quarter end. And we're going to see and appreciate much of the lessons and Eden benefits of the sort of how the sort of begins what makes it distinct and different and unique from all the other sources. And so many lessons for you and I so many things that we can take from sort

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of medium that helped us not only become better Muslims, better people and believers in the sight of Allah subhanho wa Taala Ireland, but sort of Miriam tackles some of those private and intimate struggles, particularly that women go through, but families in general, and we're going to see and start to get a hint of that once we begin the sort of inshallah Allahu taala. So we're gonna jump right into it. This particular surah is kind of a continuation of the previous sort of sawtell calf which is going to continue to talk to 100 keytab, the Christians as well as the Jews, and both from Mecca and Medina, it is a mechi sora with the exception of a couple verses, when we come to those

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verses in sha Allah, I'll explain them to you and give you some context behind it. Second point is that in terms of an actual reason of Revelation, some of the scholars mentioned a few narrations and I'll mention a couple of them to you. The first is that in Mecca, there was the famous companion hubub IGNOU ultra total, the Allah one who was very famous companion went through torture and pain and struggle in his early days of Islam when he was a young boy when he was a teenager. And later on in his story, eventually, you know, continued his life as a Muslim he migrated from Mecca to Medina, became one of the richest and most respected companions of the Prophet Ali slept with them. So

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anyhow, there was a sinister incident in Mecca where somebody had some money or some wealth that belonged to Habib, Nora, Torah, the loved one. So hubub went up to this individual and said, Look, you need to give me back my things now. And the man looked at him and said, Are you still Muslim? And Habib said, of course, I still am. So the man says, the only way I'm going to return your wealth to you is if you commit kofler In other words, you leave Islam completely, and hubbub you are set to this man, I will never leave my religion, no matter what the scenario what the issue is, I will never leave it. Until the day of judgment, I will remain a believer with Allah subhanho wa Taala. So

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in this case, the man says to Habib, Nora, okay, fine, at least give me some more. I'll give you your things, your wealth and your belongings to you. But you need to give me something in return. So give me something some kind of wealth or object or money or something in return, and also ask this god of yours, to give me a child, because apparently this man that had kebabs, things, couldn't have children or didn't have any kids. And a verse was revealed from sort of medium addressing that issue. So some of the MSA that sort of muddy and was connected to that incident, although the entire pseudo wasn't revealed because of that incident. So that's one narration that's mentioned. And

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there's a similar narration to that as well. So the point is, is that this particular sorta is going to tackle first and foremost a very beautiful and intimate issue that happens to families across the globe, and it's going to start off with one of the most famous prophets of Islam, one of the prophets of Benny Benny sobre el Zakaria, Allah has sent him home you all know his story, you know, he couldn't have children and he begged Allah subhanho wa Taala This is found in soo little MBA or ob let me follow the one to hiral very thin so he begged a lot I saw a job to give him a challenge says Don't leave me alone. You know, don't leave me here by myself by myself. Turns out is also

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don't forget about me you provide children to so many families and so many generations. But oh my master Don't forget about to me well entitled why everything and you are the one that is best to provide for me a progeny that can inherit my teachings and my activities after me. So he begged Allah subhana wa tada for a child. Now we're going to see how this conversation unfolds. That's how sulit muddy and begins

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The mme obviously is named after the famous family has said him, which we're going to come to her story in the second episode, when I tell you everything that we can find about her biography, we're also going to talk to you about, you know, the famous famous incident when gibreel alehissalaam comes to her and gives her the glad tidings, the bushwood Ah, that you're going to be a mother and her response and how she reacted and how she coped with that kind of news. We're going to dissect all of that, so many unbelievable lessons in that incident. So I can't wait to get to that episode in sha Allah, but at least you understand the, the surah is named after her. She was the only woman

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in the history of Islam that gibreel alehissalaam actually came and spoke to. And that's very interesting considering that gibreel alayhis salam only speaks to whom? To prophets and messengers. And this is why some of the elements said that as a result, if there was ever a female Prophet, it would have been Maria alayhis salam. And that's one of the reasons why we, when we say her name, we say La has said that we don't see all the love Why now, because we kind of give her that status and that honor, that she tasted a little bit of what prophets and messengers tasted. So we pray and we ask a lot, so Jill to keep her safe, Allah has sent him we keep her safe and a chibi under his peace

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and protection. So let's get right into this in shot la Butera. Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim caf. Hey, yeah, I sighed. Now scholars differ how to recite this, some will stop at

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pause there Hi, yah, inside. Others will say no, say it all at once.

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A solid, the majority put all the letters together. So when in terms of the meaning of these letters, we simply don't know we've talked about this in previous episodes before but just in a nutshell, it is fundamentally incorrect to say that these letters have no meaning only a lifespan of what Allah knows, and there's just nothing behind it. What is more accurate is to say that there is wisdom behind these letters there is meaning behind these letters. But we as mankind, we have not been given the knowledge of what these letters represent. Some of the older men do try based on stories and scenarios, to give us some insight of what they believe it might be talking about. And

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believe it or not, some of the scholars even held the opinion that each letter represented a name of Allah subhanho wa Taala. So you had like Elif would mean, Allah, lamb would be a left leaf, and so on and so forth. So the same idea here, but again, there was no authentic evidence to support that. So the majority believe that these letters are just part of the secrets that are found in the poor and certain aspects of the Quran that we simply will never know it's true meaning, but we do believe that there is wisdom, why do I say it like that? Because Allah subhana wa tada would never reveal something in vain without meaning just reveal it for the sake of revealing that doesn't happen. So

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we know that there is some wisdom behind that inshallah, but perhaps maybe one day, welcome fee how I met, Darrell, when we get to agenda in sha Allah hotevilla one of the privileges that we have is we get to ask Allah for some of the things that we think about that are personal to us. And believe it or not, for me, one of the things that I think about that I will ask Allah subhanho wa Taala if I ever get that chance to do that is Oh Allah, can you tell me what Kapha inside really means? What does Alif Lam really mean? What are these disjointed letters? What was the secret behind them? So it's something to kind of think about and perhaps look forward to that when we meet our Creator,

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that we get to ask him and learn these things. Let's continue. Verse number two, the cool, mature a big rabida who is a carrier? Now listen to how Allah introduces the story. Allah says the cruel rahmati we are going to remind you of the mercy of your master about a great slave named zucchetti. Yeah, alayhis salam. Allah didn't say not pulsara la cultura material Robic. We're going to share with you the story of zucchetti it is Sam Alessia the vicar, Vicar. We all know what the killer is. And we all know that Vicar is the thing that connects us directly to Allah's remembrance. So that means that the story of Zakat era his Salah is special in its own way, and that it links us with a

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close and intimate relationship with our Creator. that perhaps other stories don't do right off the bat. You know, you'll have to take time to journey through that story.

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we reflect on it and that's how you can start to build connection between the story and Allah subhanho wa Taala. But Allah introduces zeca de la his setup in this sorta that his story is a remembrance of Allah in and of itself, and it's a reflection of Allah's mercy. So that's the introduction. That's the first page if you open, you know, a novel or a biography of Zachary or Lisa, that's the opening sentence right there. This is going to be a story that will be a source of remembrance, and it's a manifestation of the mercy of Allah subhanho wa Taala that's the story of zakat. Er the pseudonym is Ned o bessho, NIDA and huffy he called out upon Allah net nada. Nada

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comes from the word ni debt and the debt what it means to call out to somebody that's far away. You know how you when you see somebody walking far away you scream, you say hello, Simon a comb and you kind of wave that's called NIDA or so is that Getty early he said, I'm called out to his master NIDA and huffy a call that came far but it was huffy, it was quiet, it was discreet, it was private. So in other words, something about Zachary Allah, his solemn, that he spoke to Allah subhana wa Taala, about no one else knew. Don't we all have that? We all have called, we all have calls that we that we have from within, that no one knows about. And we keep it between us and Allah. We all have

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needs. We all have stories, we all have something that's very personal from within that very few people, if not, no one on the planet knows about except between you and Allah subhanho wa Taala. So there's something here that Zachary or Alison is calling out to Allah subhanho wa Taala. That's a fee. It's private. It's discreet, it's quiet. It's just between him and his Lord. parlato be in the world a lot of money was sterile or sushi. But let's pause here because this area, there is none like it in the entire quarter. He says, All my master in knee one, allow them one weekend, allow them bones, my bones have started to weaken. And look what he says many not that my bones are

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starting to fall apart by themselves. They're actually weakening and splitting. From me, it's language like none other. This is what makes sort of medium so special. The language itself is so unique, the rhythm and the choice of words, but just listen to how deep zeca Dr. Li celeb how deep his choice of words are when he speaks to Allah. This is why scholars say the best language and style when you speak and call out to Allah is how prophets and messengers called out and spoke to Allah subhanho wa Taala This is one of the reasons why it's their choice of words that they make and and how they describe their feelings. What's going on within the choice of words to describe that.

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So he says, My bones are separating from me, I'm getting weaker. So this is the first intro of his state. Then he says number two was stare I love sushi bar, and my hair is exploding. ish. Darla is actually you ever, ever see when somebody lights up a fire? There are the sparks that pop out of the fire. Those sparks are called a styler. So he's saying that there are sparks from my head. What is he referring to? He's referring to the gray hairs. How do we know this? Because he uses the word shava. shava is actually the thing that is a sign of old age. And shaybah refers specifically to gray hairs. So gray hairs is a sign of old age. Those types of gray hairs. Now obviously, we know

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that there are even youngsters, teenagers that will have gray hairs, right? That's a separate issue. We're talking about the gray hairs that are a direct result of aging. So as you continue to age you start seeing Okay, there's one gray hair that popped out in northern, there's another like I've got a ton under my hair. I've got a ton of them. So I've got two style books which are happening all over the place. Right. So we're starting over sushi bar, and shaybah. One last thing I'll mention to you about this particular word, the prophet alayhi salatu salam, once he was approached by Abu Bakar of the lavonne and ever Burkhard looked at him and said yeah rasulillah You look great.

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And the Prophet early saw to some sort of Abubakar rhodiola hang right away. Notice that

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something wasn't right, the processing was starting to age. So the profit it sought was Sam looks at Abu Bakar and says she Bethany uses the same words, the thing that's making me get gray is three sources in the Quran. So little hood pseudotyped, while para, and suited and Elune, three sources. And if you look at these three sources, I've done the Tafseer of these three sources in the past, all of them have one connection, one theme that connects all of these sources together. And it's all about the Day of Judgment. So little wealthier, some of the scholars say that, if you want to know what it feels like to stand on the Day of Judgment, so tilted, wealthy are will paint a clear

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picture of that, if you want to hear about all the warnings that came about the day of judgment from all the prophets and messengers and previous generations, and the struggles that they had to go through, then sort of Toad will give you that if you want to hear about the conversations that the people who denied the day of judgment and what the consequences of that was, and also a description of the general description of the agenda and who's going to be where so that are made to set a loon will give you that everything was linked or interlock together with the Day of Judgment. And so the Prophet, Prophet Allah subtle somebody would think about these three sources he would think about it

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to the extent that it caused him to become great. That was the stress of those three sources in comparison to others. So is that good era Salim is saying he's like I'm noticing I'm getting old. I start seeing great. Well I'm a combi Dora eco Bishop iya and I'm not with respect to Dora to you my master chef iya shafia

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is the word that you use to describe that you haven't lost hope you don't feel unlucky. In other words, his strength and his trust in Dora with Allah is just as strong as any other point in his life. So he keeps it very clear he tells Allah that my door to you is not or is not shut here. Like I don't feel like I'm losing hope or I'm unlucky or things are not working out from I don't feel any of that. I still trust you out of continues waiting the little Millennium in water he will Canada tomorrow a tear up your own for her baby mila dunka Walia.

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He says I'm afraid

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that there will not be a guardian Guardian Mayawati, somebody to look out or somebody to take of a memoir he after I pass away, or Canada to model a tear up era. And my wife, she is our app, piddle. Our app Kira. Kira refers to like a traumatic experience, something terrible had happened or something that his wife had gone through some sort of trauma that she experienced. And we don't know the details of what that was. But as a result of that experience, she couldn't have children. So there's a number of things he's mentioning here, he's noticing that he's getting weaker, his bones are starting to separate from his body. So he's becoming weaker. He's aging, so he's starting to get

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grave. He hasn't lost hope in Dora with Allah, but also his wife. She went through something in her life, and as a result, she can't have children. So he continues for her Bette Midler don't care where Leah so from your blessings from your mercy for habotai Mila doon min Ludden lead when is the word that you use? When you say Oh Allah, I want something special from you not something that you don't give to everyone else. You know, if I had a box of gifts, I could have a box of gifts that I give just anybody that walks into the house friends and so on that hey me then I have a special box of gifts in the closet packed away with a with a lock on it. And that's only for the special guests

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people that are close to me or something about them that I go there and I said okay, you don't get from that box you get from this one that's called Mila dawn so he's asking Allah give me something special something that's personal something that you probably didn't give others yeah to be allow me to have that. So he clearly wants a child but the child somebody that can continue his activities his continued his religious commitments in Palestine that he can continue those things if we if and when he passes away yet so anyway any woman earlier appalled they can inherit from me and inherit from the family of Yaqoob well, childhood Oh bureau Lee, and make him somebody that you Oh Allah

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subhanho wa Taala you are content with his Acadia, listen to what Allah says now. Allah takes it over. So for Allah here's the request. Fine.

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Acadia owes Acadia in nanhu by shuttle cabbie hola me in a small area here we are going to bless you with a boy. And his name is a yahia you know what's amazing?

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He is feeling executive he is feeling like he's losing life. And he can't have a child so he can't give life. So Allah gives him life. And Allah names the child Yeah, which means life. So it's just the pattern itself is just remarkable in the sorta, so Allah says, oh, we're going to give you life, it's going to be a boy. And by the way, is small we are here we are going to give him a name and the name his life. And then you can see lemenager Allahumma COVID who sent me and no one before him has ever had this name. So now it's also not just the name itself means life, but the life the presence of this child. Nobody has ever heard of a child with this name, so that the presence of the child

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alone is life. So it just completely in one sentence a lot turned around four to five verses. turned it around flipped it upside down just in one sentence.

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Carlota be in nee Apollo to be Yoku Li hula moon, or Canada Model A TRL para listen to the conservatives Acadia la escena. He says, Oh, my master Anya Cornelia, Hola. I'm going to have a boy child, or Canada model a tiara. But my wife, she went through this traumatic experience and she can't have children will come to me and I'll keep it at listen to what he says again. But he says a different lens goes. And I've reached the point of age in my life. That is their 80 year 80 year tier is that is the word that is used where you can't confront something. Like executory is saying, I can't stand up and confront my old age like I can't understand. I'm going to have a child. But I

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look and feel like this. My bones are falling apart. I'm getting gray. My wife can't get a cat to have children. I can't I can't get over that. Listen to what Allah says next. This is a lesson by the way. All of you out there that want to have children. And the doctors say you can't have kids. You know you they say there's too many complications. And I've told you the story before. A lot is the one that provides and gives you children. No one else does that. Sure you go to the doctors, you go and you see the specialists and you ensure that you do what you can to ensure that you're in a state where you can have children but ultimately, it's always a lost decision. So that's what he's

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being remind he's being taught this all over again. zekeriya Elisa Lam climatecare daddy Carlota book who are la hails what that says oh no, it's gonna happen. And by the way, your master reminds you who are la une This is something that is effortless Hagen It's a piece of cake it's effortless for me to allow you to have children again just wait and see it's gonna happen. What are the highlights to come in COVID Welcome takushi I created you before anything else before you were nothing so in other words, I was saying you came out of nothing so a lot did it once already by creating you What makes you think he can provide a child out of nothing again? He's done it before

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then Allah continuous Paulo to be jolly

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Zachary early Islam says Oh Allah can you give me a sign give me an A a show me how this is going to happen upon yet to get a less says you're a Allah to kelemen NASA SLS a layer in in so we know that you will not speak for three days consecutively. You won't say anything. Okay, fine. 400 euro poem he says Zakaria would come out to his people. Meanwhile, Rob from his place of prayer, may Rob is actually the station where the Imam stands. So wherever the Imam stands in a message, that's called a matter of here's the thing. This is amazing guys.

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merab the root word is what have you been? What does horrible mean? Even if you know basic Arabic, what does it mean? means war.

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So merab is the place where the man goes to war with who with the shale team.

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When you and I pray at home wherever we stand, that's our job. And why is it called the that's a position a place where you go into battle, because that's where you fight off all the temptations all the West's hours. You know anybody who you know is possessed everybody

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Sick, what do they do when they go into that state? They hide off and ward off the shale team. All the temptations are gone. That's why it's called maharal. It's amazing. So Pamela, and an executive, he would go there, oh, how he lay him or her, sometimes what zecharia would do with in those three days where he wouldn't speak, he would still have to, like educate his congregation, his people, and those who followed Him in prayer. So he would do things like this. For Ohio, la him, he would give them hints, and sub bihu, Boca ratone, where I share that you make tisby of Allah during the days and during the nights. So it's like, he would just look at them, he would go like this.

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And they got it. They know right away. It's just like, if I say to all of you without, you know, verbally saying anything. What do you get from that when I do this?

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That's what Zakaria does. That's our heart, he lay him he would give them hints. He wouldn't actually say it because why Allah will remove speech from him for three days consecutively. So even if he's wondering, how is that going to happen, Allah is just going to make that happen. But he's still be able to communicate using other forms. And that's the hint here behind.

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Oh Ha, la him. Now, we're going to pause here and shut like is this Sora is very stored. It's very delicious. It's a very sweet, intimate Sora. Do you notice that something has already happened in terms of its pattern? It started off dark. There's a lot of darkness in the introduction. You have a man who's sitting by himself and he can't have children. He's thinking about his life. Because he's getting gray, he's getting weaker, who's going to inherit after him who is going to continue his legacy and lead and teach these people. And then his wife can't have children. She went through a traumatic experience. So everything's just dark, dark, dark, dark.

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And then every all of this gets flipped upside down. In one a, the ASIC ad in nanobots shuttle cabbie, Hola, Amina small, we're here, we're going to give you a child and we're going to name him the opposite of dark. We're going to name him life, we're going to give you life. Unbelievable. And then everything starts to come to life again, comes out. You can I ask sulla for an A, he gets an A. Now he doesn't speak for three days. Now. He's reminding the people Okay, you got to make to speak so on. Everything is starting to unfold. So what's the lesson here, brothers and sisters, again, specifically in context, those of you who are trying to have children, and for whatever reason, it's

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not happening. This sutra is for you.

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This sorta is for you. How to build your confidence, how to gather all of that pain and those emotions of not being able to conceive a child and how you can navigate through that so that you can feel confident that despite the world says it's impossible. This sorta it is still possible. It is still possible, like, you know, I just have to make sure and sub bihu book rotowire she got to make sure that I keep up my relationship with my creator and keep making to speak to him. subhanho wa Taala when a positive inshallah there's lots more. That's just, that's just the introduction guys. There's lots more to talk about. And then tomorrow in short, love, we continue and we will start the

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story of the great medium alayhis salaam, may Allah subhanho wa Taala continue to bless all of us that we can journey through an yet another chapter of his beautiful revelation. May Allah subhanho wa Taala allow everything that we learn to be huji to learn our language and our Lena something that will uplift us and benefit us and not something that will punish us or be against us. A local man. I mean, we're gonna pause there guys, let everything that you've just heard, let it resonate, reflect and think about it and what it means to you In short, lo Tara. So Take care everybody, same time tomorrow in shot low Darla. It's sort of medium second low hiren take care with solimar alikum

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warahmatu Allahi wa barakato