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The speakers discuss the history and characteristics of the Spanish flu, including the importance of finding a collective group to support one's journey and achieve success. They also touch on the benefits of seeing animals and plants, the importance of learning to appreciate and appreciate nature, and the use of GPS in natural scenery. The speakers emphasize the importance of letting people experience the beauty of life and not just try to see it, and stress the importance of appreciation for animals and people. They also mention various examples of animals and their behavior in relation to our understanding of the universe.

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Salam Alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh Alhamdulillah wa Salatu was Salam ala rasulillah Well, but first and foremost, thank you all may Allah subhanho wa Taala reward bless and honor you for at least taking the time messaging me and being concerned about my overall health Alhamdulillah I am doing excellent. It's just from time to time guys, I overdo it, you know, I over exert myself. And it just lots of things process in my mind, and especially because of lockdown, I'm thinking about a lot of different things that I want to do when September rolls around, kids are going back to school, there are a lot of things that I'd like to do projects that I'd like to release. So just a

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lot of things going on. But Alhamdulillah let's get right into it, you'll notice that I've posted the Arabic text of all the A yet that we do with each episode. So that's why in the titles, it'll just look very long, but that's because the Arabic and the translation is there for you for your own reference. So you're welcome to cut and paste that I'm really looking for somebody who has the time, if you can just cut and paste those translations and add some of the notes that we're talking about. So that we could have an improper Tafseer at the end of this of these episodes. And that way we can release it to everyone and everybody can benefit from it in sha Allah and you'll get all you know

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compensation of the reward of everybody that learns from it insha Allah hotel, so if there's somebody out there, that is following along in these episodes, if you can take these yet and translations which I will post for you, but at least some of the things that I explained to you in sha Allah hotel Allah and if you have some time to put that in like a Word doc or PDF file or something and at the end of the surah you can release it to us and we can share it with all those who have joined us through this journey. Male Lysa which will bless and honor you and elevate you that you continue your journey and learning the entire quarter and along mean we are at verse number

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eight so let's begin Allah subhanho wa Taala continues now the last thing that we had mentioned was in nada con la for Rahim that Allah subhanho wa Taala completely understands you and knows what your concerns are. All for Rahim is also that Allah knows what you're going through a lot understands you so it's it's very personal. It's very beautiful. The next day or today's verse at verse number eight Well hello well behind and well Amira Li Tata caribou halwa Xena. So it starts off with the most beautiful animal, the tamed horse, then it continues well behala will have me so the the meal as well as the donkey, they taught caribou how Rosina you can climb them, meaning you can ride them and

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go on long distances and journeys. And they're also beautiful with Xena, you know, you'll always see like a beautiful scenery of animals and there is almost like no such thing as a beautiful scenery of animals unless you have beautiful horses in the background. You know, you can see their main you can see the beauty of their furred the way that they graced the farm land as they're running. All of these images are captured in this area, while Tyler moon and Allah subhanho wa Taala continues, he says, and he has created even things you have no knowledge of. Now this is really interesting. If you've ever watched any animal documentary, whether it's about sea animals or land animals, every

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biologist every scientist tells you that this is just the tip of the iceberg. These are just some of the animals discovered by mankind. As a matter of fact, I watched a documentary A long time ago about sea animals. And according to so many scientists, which I didn't even know but the vast majority of sea creatures have not been discovered yet. So all of the sea creatures that you've ever seen pictures of you've seen and you've you've looked at. This is just a minority of the majority that dwells in the ocean, while Allah tala mon Allah subhanho wa Taala has created so much that you still have not discovered as of yet. You know, some scholars had said that this ending of the verse

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also refers to Extra Terrestrial activity. So aliens, so perhaps that Allah created life on other planets that we don't know about. Allah subhanho wa Taala knows best but certainly I just throw that out there kind of gets you thinking a little while are the law of Postal Service really well, I mean, hijack it while OSHA Allah hadoken engineering, anyone who has the intent, you see a plus to do is when you have the intent to travel or to be somewhere or you want to steer towards a direction for the sake of Allah. So for Allah Allah postle Sabina huaming. Hi, Jay. So those who have the intent to seek Allah subhanho wa Taala. Well, OSHA, Allah

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hadoken intermarine if Allah wills, Allah can guide anyone who whom he wishes. So if Allah once he can put you on a path towards him, but then when men had jet era, there are also some that are just going to go the other direction jet, they're just going to go in a different direction. So the majority of the believers will be together, they'll be unified, they'll have one thought process, one intention, one goal in mind, but there's always going to be somebody, there's always going to be a group, there's always going to be a few individuals that are just going to steer towards the other direction. And I'll give you a classic example, that probably all of us can relate to, to some

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degree. Just imagine any organization, any administration, any Muslim body, whether it be for a Masjid for an Islamic organization, a charity, what have you, you'll always have a collective group of brothers and sisters assura that can agree on many things. But then they'll always be that one, or that to those individuals that when the meeting is over, they're going they'll go and they'll have their own private meeting somewhere else, and be like, Yeah, we got to get the president out of here. Yeah, you see the secretary, no good. We need to somehow get them out. We got to do this. Although we agreed on that. Let's try to do this. Instead, you'll always have somebody that will

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want to go the other direction. But Allah subhanaw taala clarifies and says, What OSHA Allah hadoken Ah, Marian, don't you know that if Allah wanted, he could guide every single one of you and keep you all together. But he didn't do that. Because that's part of our purpose in life is to discover our journey to make the right choices and to try our best to cooperate, agree and support one another so that we all stay on the same path for the sake of Allah who will lead the N salamina seminar he man and man and luck men who Shara woman who Sharon fee to C mon. He is the one that sent water from from the skies water. He is the one that sent from the skies water. Quick side point for students

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who especially who studied the Arabic language. There are two words to describe rain in the poorer end, you have map one, which is very common when you're learning Arabic that you want a glass of water, you say, I'll tell you the mountain you know, give me some give me some water, Matt when is the kind of water that replenishes you, that's the water that benefits you. And so in the end, just the rain that nourishes our plants that nourishes the ground that feeds the animals that's called Matt one. But the second type of word that is used to describe rain is McNaughton. And a lot of people think that motto is also the word that you can use loosely to describe rain. Actually, in the

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end matoran is the kind of rain that punishes people so just keep that in mind when you have matoran anywhere in the core and you're talking about a punishment from a loss paradise so that's like the motto of the rain that was sent to the those who disbelieved with new highly his soil and the rain that is felled you and that's that causes flooding, extreme flooding, but mountain is the rain that we all want. So that's just a side point. Local men who shut up and so from that man on you can drink from it. I mean, who sheduled on fi to see more. The plants and trees will get water and benefit from it. To see more and even the animals they will graze and benefit from that water as

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well. You will be to Lacombe Hazara was a tool that one nephila while another woman Kula thammarat listen to this, Allah will grow for you and flourish for you greenery all lives at one nephila Well, arena, but women quickly thermalright so palm trees and grapes, one and all sorts of fruits in the feed that he can tell me at a fed cattle and that is indeed an example or a miracle for those who take the time to reflect. Now I want you to pay attention. Okay, follow along with me.

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We just finished a conversation about animals. Now if you don't have access to animals where you can get to a farm so especially where I'm from here in the western in Toronto, if we want to see animals we have to go we have to get in our cars and drive certain places to see that we have to wait for a certain hours for farms to open or the zoo to open that's the only access that we have to animals. But this a a what Allah subhanaw taala is also teaching us is that look, if you don't have access to animals, then look the trees. You know the fruits that you have cut a fruit open and look at it and look how Allah designed it cut a lemon cut an apple, you know, just the other day, my wife and I we

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bought a dragon fruit. I know maybe for some of you where you live dragon fruits are just like just a regular food. It's like an apple or an apple or an orange. But for us here a dragon fruit is like wow, who buys that? And we cut it open and we look inside and we look at and we're just staring at this fruit and we're like so panela Look at this.

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fruit, and it tastes a certain way looks a certain way even the skin around it is so beautiful. So take the time to appreciate that even when you're eating fruits, when you see beautiful scenery, natural scenery,

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all of these things are a yet of Allah subhanho wa Taala and his existence. So when we talk about how do we know that Allah exists, show me some signs of Allah existence, just look at sometimes the food and the fruits and vegetables that you're eating, then it continues in the field Delica a Attila palma de facto now this area concluded with a yet effect total and those that are constantly reflecting and thinking that's the first step. And it's the hardest one. Because why you literally have to sit there with knowledge and wisdom to try to reflect and see the beauty in an orange to see the beauty in a mango to see the beauty in one fruit. Because most of the times what ends up

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happening, you're just hungry, and you just want to devour the thing. But to take the time there and actually remembering a of the poor. And that requires some time and reflection and wisdom. So that's the first step a look into is what Sahaja likoma Laila when the hell are Shem so well, Komodo one nujoma masaharu to be Embrey in the fee that decal at lippold. Me yapilan Now Allah subhana wa tada says I placed for you the night to the day, the sun and the moon, and the stars, all of them have precision timing, and they have a specific course to follow, you know, that never overlap with each other, the star is not just going to go off course a certain way. You know, I'm a junkie when it

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comes to space exploration. So I watched like certain

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certain which McCall it

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NASA when they send out their rockets and then they send out spaceships and things, not spaceships, but they send out rockets to explore different planets and explore

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it to explore Saturn, Venus and all of these other places in our solar system. But the point is, is that they launch a rocket. And when they do that they use the stars for themselves to guide their their rocket where it needs to be because how do you don't have a GPS for space? So what's their GPS? What's the map that they use is they actually follow the stars? Because people ask this, like in the 70s, they had launched a spacecraft called Cassini, which was destined to reach Saturn. And so people ask the question like, and it took 20 years for it to reach Saturn. So how do you keep track of it? How do you know where it is? And so panela Allah subhanho wa Taala says that we put the

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stars in specific places by a less command, so that you can use that for direction. And this is how maps are designed. And GPS is designed as well. So the point is, is here's the second stage, then a line. So a Joel says in the field early, Kayla told me komiya pillow and this is for people who spend the time and really try to understand yakkety alone. So in other words, if you can't yet affect your own, if you can't go into deep thought and reflection, then the next stage here, which is lower than yet effect code one is EF p don't at least think just try to understand, okay, fine, you don't have access to animals we know that. Maybe fruits and exotic fruits is something that

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maybe it's not your thing, maybe you don't go to the grocery store looking for this stuff, right? You just buy the basic stuff, okay, fine. But at least look up into the sky. At nighttime, watch a couple space documentaries, and appreciate what Allah put out there. At least get that to stimulate some thought and reflection and understanding and appreciation for what Allah has done. Here's the next verse, one that Allah can fill out of the mobile telephone elewana look at and how Allah subhanho wa Taala designed on this earth more telephone Allah on so many different colors in the fee that he can tell me the Quran. That is an idea for those here is the third stage the third part for

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people who just remember so you go from deep thought and reflection to number two at least just try to understand so look up in the sky because you we all have access to them. And then the third stage is just try to remember something. So just look around you and appreciate all the different colors. Appreciate the colors of the trees, the fruits, the animals, just life in general. Just everything material just people just appreciate that a lot design so many different beautiful shades of colors around you in everything and anything. And finally brothers and sisters who are letting Sahil banner Lita kulu Minh hula

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He is the one that placed for you in the ocean, things that you can eat. So we're talking about seafood. So again the next time you buy sushi or you go to the grocery store and you see seafood, these are the A you have to think about lamb and body and just water storage or Minho Hillier, and in some of the sea creatures there is jewelry that you can wear, that you can appreciate that you design and decorate yourself. And if you know you can have for yourself you can have for somebody else, Allah designed all of these things. Why would you find pearls in an animal or a creature that lives in water? And then use that to decorate yourself or use it as jewelry? Why would Allah do

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that? These are all signs of Allah's creation, no one can do that. And then Allah continues tell by soon I see you were it was a total fool come out here a fee. And you would look when you're on the ship. Behind you Mahathir a fee is referring to the splash in the ocean and the trail that the ships and the boats leave behind. You know, one of the things that the Titanic was famous for was its massive propellers, it had probably the biggest and largest propellers ever designed by mankind. At that time, I think there's bigger ones now. But the point is, is that there are stories of survivors that used to say that when they were kids, and they were on this ship, that they would stand for

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hours just looking at the splash in the ocean, and the trail that these propellers left behind. And sometimes those trails will take like you would literally sail for miles and kilometers before they disappear into the ocean. So that trail again, all of these things are things to appreciate those of you who have access to boats, and you can you do that regularly, you know, if you're traveling or going for work, and so on and so forth, you can appreciate that stuff. And some handle, especially when you take kids don't you notice that 95% of time, they don't want to sit down, they just want to stare at the ocean, they want to look outside, they want to see the splash, you know, took my kids

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on a ferry boat years ago, and my my my daughter, she was still a baby. But it was amazing. Like it when I held her and I showed her outside of the water. The first thing that caught her eyes was a splash in the ocean, she didn't even notice that she was there was water around her she didn't notice nothing. Her eyes were fixated that there was these massive splashes coming from the ocean. And she just kept staring at that all of that is captured in this area. So these are things to at least look at and appreciate. And finally, in conclusion, Allah subhanho wa Taala tells us what he did to whom In fact, he will our local interschool that you can take from all of the blessings and

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the wonderful things that Allah gave you, so that you can insha Allah somehow develop some sense of appreciation. So brothers and sisters, so far the sorta started off with the creation of mankind that you were created from fluid. And then a lot so which will continue as men not to fall to fit either who will see more more being. But then unfortunately, the despite you were created from one drop from one fluid, that you had the audacity now to argue and challenge Allah's existence, this is one of those verses that put us in our place, then it continues, and it starts talking about animals, how we benefit from animals, how we live with animals. And again, for you to appreciate

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this verse. Yes, you probably don't live in those countries where people are still riding horses to get around from A to B, but just go on YouTube, type in historical videos from the 1800s or from the early 1900s. And just look at how the world used to live. I mean, you basically had two horses and you had a carriage when that's that was your car back then. And the streets were just flooded. And that was the way of life you just had horses going up and down, taking you places to work to school, what have you, then it continues on to Las panatela gives us more benefited how we used animals to clothe ourselves, we eat those animals, they fetch our luggages and they take things that you know

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for us that we don't have to carry ourselves. So that was the mode of transportation. But then if you don't have access to animals to appreciate some of these verses, then that's where we went into some other things the sky The stars, we also look at water, we also look at jewelry, we also look at sea, he will also look at the vast oceans and all of the sea creatures and how the majority of them while humanitarian Allah has created them, but you still do not know what they are. You know every so often you'll look on the news that a massive creature was washed up into the ocean and no one knows what it is. It just showed up. They're dead. So it looks like that this creature was living in

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the depth of the ocean.

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so deep that even human beings couldn't access it or see it. And then when it died it just kind of floated up floated up after days or weeks What have you have floated up to the surface and onto the beach front and surprised a lot people are seeing this for the first time. All of these things are yet of a law. That's how this sort of has been introduced to us yet of a law. It's also another beautiful way of thinking about the sorta that sort of a nutshell is all about the the indications and miracles of Allah subhanho wa Taala. And so with that being said, my brothers and sisters, I pray that Allah azza wa jal continue to teach us this portal and continue to develop in our hearts

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and in our lives the love of our Prophet alayhi salaatu wa Salaam alone I mean, so tomorrow inshallah we will continue We are now at verse number 15. And I haven't really thought about how much I wanted to do for tomorrow but we're going to try to take at least five to seven verses per session moving forward in shot low Tara. So hope you can appreciate that but isn't the lemon alarm so which will bless you keep you healthy and keep you safe? a nomad can love them. I mean, just like them a level higher on and if you have any questions, just put it in a comment section. I'll read them and I'll get to them next session Bismillah technolo hydron was Salam alaykum warahmatullahi

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