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Al-Anam 60-73 Word-Analysis and Tafsir 66-69

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What can never be here called mocha. But your people have denied it, whose people, the people of the profit sort of artists, and they have denied what the Quran will help. While it is the truth will say less to our lay can be working, I am not at all a trustee over you.

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Joaquin is from the roof as well cath lab, who is working Guardian, meaning one to whom all measures are handed over to the local is also from the same route.

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To tell them I'm not only ketover your meaning I'm not authorized to force you to accept the truth. My job is only to convey I'm not here to force you.

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Similarly, let's do our a combi working. What this means is that I am not a guardian over you that I could give you just that I could give you recompense I am only a warner. And Allah is the one who gives us

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remember that this pseudo was revealed when towards the end of the meccan period. So final warning is being given that your people they have denied, tell them I'm not looking over you, I am not going to force you and I cannot give you deserve.

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What do we learn from this ayah First of all, that the diary is responsible to convey only

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he should be worried about his responsibility and what is his responsibility to convey to give the message and he should leave the rest to a loss of handle data a lot will hold people do account, we are not responsible for forcing people to accept, we are not responsible for giving does that to the people Allah will take care of that our job is to convey we learn from total cost is 29. What will help Camila be come and say that the truth is from your Lord, for mention of alumina human woman should affiliate. So whoever wills let him believe woman Sheriff and Jaco and whoever wills then let him display. So whoever wants to believe can believe whoever wants to just believe he can display

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the diary. He is not to force people

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nicolina in for every number, there is Mustafa there is a finality. What is another important news, relevant information.

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And over here, meaning every news that is given in the Quran, or every Hubbard that Allah subhanaw taala has given

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every information that Allah subhanaw taala has informed us whether through our messenger or through the Quran, for every neighbor, there is what a moussaka what is Mr. Ko, it's from the roof that was offered Otto and kharar means to become stable. Most of the call is the time or place to settle, time or place to settle. It's the appointed time for something

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meaning that every number, every information that has been given, it will come it will happen at its time. It has a conclusion meaning a fixed time where it will take place when it will take place. Because the people were very hasty bring the punishment bring the punishment, but they're being told that every news that our last presenter has given, there is a certain time that has been fixed for it to occur for it to take place was overthrown and so on you will know you will know what the consequences of that number.

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So what can we learn from this is

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that first of all, just as the time of death for each person is fixed. Similarly the time of death, for the entire nation is also fixed. Allah has decreed as to when each person will die, and when each nation will come to an end. nicolina and Mustafa, because the people of Mecca demanda. When are we going to finish? I mean, you say the punishment is going to descend upon us when is it coming? They're being told even that has a fixed time. value we read that for every person is death, there is a fixed time we learn licola ajilon keytab for each and every matter there is a decree from Allah subhanaw taala. We often have in this eye that everything has its fixed time, whether it is death,

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or it is it is or it is for something to happen, there is a fixed time for it, hastening for it and being impatient for it will not bring it forward.

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Even sometimes just want something to happen quickly. And it's not happening. Why? Because it's not meant to happen at that time. There is a fixed time for it. And if you become hasty, if you become impatient, you're impatient is not going to bring it forward. It's only going to make you miserable and unthankful. That's what it's going to do. So you have to wait until it is meant to happen until it is written to happen. And until then what are you supposed to do?

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Be patient and focus on what you can do. by for example, sometimes

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women who are pregnant, they just want their baby to come out. Right. And to get it over with, especially the first time and what happened, they literally spend their time killing, waiting for the child to be born. And they don't focus on things that they must do from before. And when the child is born, then they don't know when Knight is in one days, and they cannot manage anything. Why? Because they did not prepare beforehand.

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So this teaches is a very important lesson in life.

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It's a very important lesson in life that for everything, there is a fixed time and keep it for that time.

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When the time for something has not come, don't think too much about it, prepare for it. But don't just sit there waiting for it to happen. Do something else do that which you're required to do.

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de la

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me a co

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be working at nikolina

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sometimes we're very hasty, you know, for something to happen without realizing its seriousness. And when it does happen, then we come to know how serious it is, to similarly over here was overthrown, then you will know right now you're being impatient. You can't wait for what will happen, then you will come to know about its reality.

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Why? And when you see alladhina Holden Fei Tina, those people who engage in offensive discourse concerning our versus our if

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you hold on is from the roof, that was how well bought and hold, it really is to dive into water to rush into water to descend in water. When a person enters into water, for example, if you put a child in the bath, or person goes for swimming, did they want to come out? No. Many times people don't want to leave get out of the water. Once they're in, they're in. They're so engrossed in it, they don't want to come up. And when they enter the water, do they stay in one place on one spot? No, they move around, they discover their boundaries, they discover as to where they can go, how vast the water is, how deep the water is, how it feels in one side and how it feels on the other

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side. This is what they do. So your hoonah is to engage in something

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to be absorbed in something.

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So when you see some people, they are your whole Buddha fee it now they are engaged in our Ayah isn't that a good thing that a person is going deep in the eye and he's talking about the eye. But over here it was apparent it says but

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leave them Why? Because this hold is not good hold this has negative meaning they are engaged in marking at the ayatollah

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in making fun of the ayatollah in finding faults in the ayatollah looking for discrepancies.

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They it's mere intellectual exercise. They're debating. That's what they're doing. They're researching. They're discussing, they're debating why to learn about something so that they can change their ways. No, to find faults To market, to negate to refute.

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So when you see that people are involved in such an activity, in such a discourse in such a discussion in such a research, then should you be a part of what they're doing.

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Don't be part of what they're doing. Even though they might say, Oh look, we're studying your code and we're researching your Quran, we're discussing your Quran, even then stay away from these people, Allah says for our own home, why? because a person, what happens to him if he is with someone who is doing a particular action, he will also do it, he will become influenced by it.

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For our I did learn one turn away from them, had they hold up her decent lady until they are engrossed in some other speech in some other discourse. So for example, if there is a person who is researching the Quran to find discrepancies to find faults and to negate the Quran, don't help them in any way whatsoever. Don't even listen to them. But if for instance, they're doing something business related, food related research, for instance, then you may accompany them in what they're doing.

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They hold off he had eaten and Lady one ima and if you ncn NACA shavon. shavon makes you forget uncle, peppers, new and senior

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Asia Thawne makes you forget. And that happens many times falletta horrid, then don't say bother. Because after remembrance, meaning after you remember, after you remember that, oh, this was not permissible. I'm not supposed to be here. I shouldn't be sitting here I shouldn't be listening to what they're saying. Then Allah says that the fourth bar that they call meralco means loyalty mean, don't sit with them don't sit with the wrongdoing people want to remember.

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Secondly, they set the bar the the clock, the COVID. Here first a reminder, meaning after reminding them, reminding them that they shouldn't be doing this. Once you've done your job, then leave, don't sit with them anymore. What do we learn from this if, first of all we learned about the prohibition of being in the company of those people who mock at the ayatollah, whether it is a social gathering, or it is an academic classroom, or it is a book that somebody has written, or it is a website that somebody has made anything in which the Ayat of Allah subhanaw taala, are being humiliated, are being insulted, are being refuted? Don't go there. Why?

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Because when you like someone, can you tolerate anyone saying something negative about them?

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Can you know, you don't really want to listen to it. So if you truly love the Quran, if you truly love our most primal data, then you will not like anyone who is saying we're doing something negative.

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What if you are sitting in such a gathering to defend your deen?

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If you think you are at that level, at that scholarly level, that you are fully aware of your religion, and as well as their religion or as well as their approach, then go ahead. And there are very few individuals who are at this level.

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And if you know that you're not at that level, don't even go there. Don't even go there. If they call you tell them I'm sorry.

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I'm sorry. Because it's possible, they will pose such questions at you, that you will not have answers for.

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I was in the company of a sister very knowledgeable. And she just told me she was mad.

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opened for an N credit back to back before even wanting to do a comparative analysis of like, you know, Islam versus Islam in the subgroups with other religions. And it's so true, unless you have the true knowledge, you tend to get really confused and really wander around and you really want to know, okay, which is what and what am I supposed to do? Because everything looks right. And sounds right. Unless, you know,

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like, for example, many times people will quote the eye of the Quran and kill them wherever you find them. And if you don't know about the context, and if you just hear somebody mentioning that verse, only the translation, you're like, yes, you know, this is not right, it might raise it out in your heart, or a question in your heart. So until you know yourself, it doesn't mean you've read the Quran only once. And then you go in such a forum or such a gathering or such a discussion and you go start defending your deen instead of defending, you might even lose your

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attention to be very careful because they will approach you in conferences. And they will come in approach where they want to learn, and we reply to them, but we don't know that we're putting ourself in a situation and this happened to me in journey of faith, where a group of people will come and just mock the religion of Islam, but just to see how you can defend your religion and then they give you a doubt.

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So, basically, we learn from the side with the prohibition of being in such a company and such a gathering of people who are talking negatively about the IOD misinterpreting the either the last panel data presenting uses arguments and things that

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Have nothing to do with armor that have nothing to do with knowledge. Why? Because, first of all, you don't want to be influenced by them. Secondly, you want to protect your feet. Thirdly, if they are destroyed at that place at that time, you want to be in that place. No. We also learned that it is said that to sit in a gathering where the dean is being made fun of by choice. So to sit in a gathering where the dean is being made fun of by choice, what is that

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and to sit without any dislike his sin,

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and to sit for some worldly need is MOBA, meaning is neither seen nor is it reward.

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And to sit with the intention of enjoying good, is worship.

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So if you sit in such a place in order to enjoy and good, then it is worship.

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But again, remember that every gathering in which people are doing something like this, mocking at the IRS or talking negatively about the IRS, it's possible that even they're not knowledgeable.

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Like sometimes you go to a party and uncles and aunties and they're talking and all of a sudden they say something negative about the Quran. Now you happen to just learn those ayah in the Quran. And you go and tell them no, this is not like this is like this, you didn't know, I you know, I'm doing that course, let me tell you. Or, for example, somebody saying something negative about the Prophet said about Islam, and they have no idea. They're saying, I heard I heard. So you have the knowledge and you feel that you can have some influence over there. So you go and speak over there. Because if you do that is an act of worship.

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But if you are going over there, and you have no knowledge yourself, and they're at a very scholarly at a very academic level, and you're putting yourself to that challenge, without even being prepared for it, then you're going to drown.

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We learn instead of the Messiah 140 Records unnecessarily complicated, and it has some merit to it lay Euphorbia where you stand that will be here for a taco tomorrow, who had a look at why, because in comb, he then Muslim, if you sit there, then you will be like them insane. In habits and in consequence. We also learn from this idea that if a person because of forgetfulness, because of forgetfulness, he forgets something major and realizes afterwards, then what should you do?

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If you say, Oh, I forgot. So let me just do this now anyway.

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What should he do?

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He should stop doing the wrong thing. And you should do what is right.

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So for example, if you're sitting in a gathering, and you realize, oh, what they're talking about, this is not good. And I shouldn't be sitting over here. And I know I cannot defend. You know, some people, they're good at talking other people, they don't even have the guts to speak. They if you know you can't speak leave, as soon as you remember. Similarly, if you're eating, you forgot to say Bismillah at the beginning halfway through your and as I didn't say Bismillah What are you gonna do? Forget about it. I didn't say this minute. I mean, just eat this food now. No mismaloya.

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So anything that you forget to do, as soon as you remember, do it, do it. And it's possible the chip on makes you forget. And later on Allah subhanaw taala reminds you so at that time, take benefit from that reminder.

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We also learn from this ayah that a person who mocks at the eyes of Allah, Who involves in negative discussion about the Ayat of Allah in such a person is in fact avoiding. He's a wrongdoer.

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While they're on a lead in a column in his having him and those who fear Allah, they're not held accountable for who, for the disbelievers. Meaning for those people who mock at the Ayat of Allah mean changing anything at all? Well, I can vichara but only for a reminder that alone You're the one that perhaps they will fear him.

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Now when you see that people are talking negatively about the Ayat of Allah, what do you feel?

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You feel very guilty, that maybe I'm not telling them enough. Maybe I'm not explaining them enough. But despite you're telling someone what happens, they persist in their negativity. And sometimes they may increase, isn't it?

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For example, somebody is not eating with the right hand and you tell them eat with a right and it's this one and they begin walking at the center.

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Now, you didn't do so with the wrong intention that they increase in their sin. But when somebody is mocking at the ayatollah, you feel guilty. What does Allah say? That those people who used to own those people who have Taqwa they are not held accountable manner, meaning they're not accountable for who mean hey 70 of their has abused herself is above those who are marking into the main chain anything at all.

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What I can but meaning but they are accountable. They are responsible for what the clock reminder

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Meaning you are responsible to remind other people as well, why not Lumia the phone, perhaps they will fear of loss.

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Perhaps they will fear a loss of

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just the other day I heard someone they were saying, really found words. And I mentioned something to them. And I didn't think that they would listen to me. But I mentioned something to them. And they remain quiet for a few minutes for a few moments. And it felt as though it was sinking in the example that I gave them, it made sense to them.

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Now, if I said, though my save them is not going to make a difference to them at all. It's their habit, they're always going to speak like this. My symptom is not going to make a difference, then would that bring about some kind of fear in them? No, it's possible they won't change. It's possible, but at least it went in their ear, at least it hit them, maybe they will change, maybe inshallah la lomita. Home, perhaps they will develop the core. So why should you not give the car?

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So what do we learn from this ayah

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that the believers will not be held responsible for the unbelievers act of ridiculing the ayatollah. But it is the duty of the believer to do what

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to remind other people of the wrong action that they're doing. That is our responsibility.

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Well, either

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una de Tina,

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hobo Nietzsche

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up on the crawl now and only lolly me.

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Sometimes we hear somebody saying something negative, give them a chance, tell them, remind them, advise them, don't give up hope from the beginning, be a little positive, be a well wisher for them, as well.

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We just learned yesterday that some of us are tripping over one another. So this thing goes to the same things shut down, makes us stop. Don't do that. Because this person will never listen. So it's a reminder for us to keep doing your job, and hope.

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And early we read about that how at the time of death, depending on the type of the person depending on the type of the soul and type of the body, the angels are going to come. Now this is something that we can share with our siblings, our friends, perhaps it will hit them, perhaps it will make them realize that the words that they say should be good, should be clean, what they think what the type what they share should be good, should be clean. Because depending on how clean they are, that's the type of angels that will come. When I can remind

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there's homies where there are incidents around the world that are not appropriate. And instead of just keeping them quiet, and we tend to become news reporters and broadcasting them all over the place. But we don't realize that when we do that, we also increase in that and yes, people who are not aware of that become aware of it, and then more people know about it. And you're just increasing the tip now whereas if we were just to

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give them a topic to understand, right from wrong, we just go to Oh, you know, this happened and then so and so and then it I don't understand why exactly.

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are mentioning that.

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Over here last night is telling us that when you see people who are involved in such kind of discourse, then it learn how to turn away from them. don't cooperate with them in spreading what they have started. Sometimes somebody sends an email that all there is a false For Honor. There's a new kalon it's an old email. We know people will forward it to everybody. Now what's the point of forwarding it? What's the point? What's the benefit? What's the reason

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it's only one to spread the message. So don't help those people who are beholden Fei atina by spreading what they're saying. Just ignore it or the linemen ignore it. Don't publicize it, don't announce it. don't publish it. on your Facebook.

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I just remembered that if

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and when

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Even a lot, a lot of new use caffeine, a lot of you he was never gonna change. But if you're gonna go to him and say something nice, older lady in a dental world,

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even though we're not people that say to them a column believer and effective penetrating statement that will go through their hearts. So don't you think that if somebody is talking negatively if somebody's saying something bad, they're evil, they're bound to be punished, and they're definitely going to hellfire. So there's no point even talking to them, advise them, perhaps your reminder will benefit.

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Sometimes bad things happen. So for example, cartoons or Polish or other

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different things, and we take it into our own hands, and we go and create a bigger problem by doing hisab of these people. But they're really the entities with a license with us. Remind them tell them that it's incorrect, but don't take their payment back in your own hands. So the law,

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the best way is what Allah has taught us have already learned him to stern away from them, ignore them, ignore them. That's it.

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Because when they see you getting irritated, getting bugged, you're getting very emotional, then they want to poke you even more. So just ignore them. And this is effective when dealing with children when dealing with siblings, even when they become very annoying. at every level, this helps us to ignore them.

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Another very important lesson that we learned from this is that one family is better than 1000 worshipers, why? Because if he has, if he has understanding and he will react in a more sober way compared to the 1000 emotional worshipers who will not do the crime, but rather they will do more harm.

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So panic alone won't be home the kind of Chateau La ilaha illa Anta Mustapha Rocha wanted to be like Assalamu alaikum warahmatullah