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Salam alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh at hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa Salatu was Salam ala shortfill Mb you will mursaleen Nabina Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam early he was happy he didn't want to stand there be some Nettie he la Yomi Deen am buried as those of you who are able to as we give you a couple of seconds to join us. This is the final episode of sotell cosmos. And also the final, I guess you could say episode or journey through the life and times of mozzarella, he said am, I am just so grateful we've made it this far. We went through sort of Taha, we took parts of soda to sharara. And we went through and soon we're going to complete Sudoku puzzles. Guys, that

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is such an incredible accomplishment when he lay in hand, all I can say is that hamdulillah Al Hamdulillah. I can't believe how much material we've covered in during this time. And this is where I really feel this is where the bottom of COVID, if that makes any sense, the bottom of being in lockdown on the bottom cup, just being home more than we would have wanted to be. This is where it all starts to come together. There's a lot for me to talk to you about today. So let me just finish up the soda. And then we'll talk we'll get into some other things. We are at verse number 84, Allah subhanho wa Taala says men, a bill has an IT fellow who hydro minha whoever comes with any good

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deed, any act of righteousness, fellow hydro minute, they're going to get the best of the, you know, the word higher is a constant theme in the surah. We saw this word quite a few times about Hyatt Hyatt have the best, the best, the most preferred. And so it ends off the same way that the suta had continued with. So Allah is saying that every time you do a good deed, Allah will always give you the best in terms of result in terms of reward, and everything about what a good deed encompasses. So let's just talk about that real quickly. How do we feel when we do a good deed? We feel amazing. That's one higher,

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we know that the blessing and the bottle cat and the acceptance is there. Bismillah Hey, Tyler, that's a huge hire. If you do a good deed, and others see or witness or are, or they're part of that good deed. Now you've just encouraged others. Now you've just encouraged others to do the same thing. They're influenced, they're inspired by you. That's an amazing height. Now, when you do one good deed, when you you feel and you experience all of these things we've just mentioned, what do you start developing, start developing a good habit. Do you want to do it again, you want to do the same deed again. So then you start building up a good habit, a good routine. And such I mean, we

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could just do this all day. So when a les says hiatal minha, Allah is not just focusing on the reward of that deed. But everything that revolves around when a good deed is performed. Everybody that is there, everybody that is involved, everybody that witnesses it, everybody that benefits from it, all of those things are part of good deeds.

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Woman job is see. And but whoever comes with a wrong deed, an ugly deed, a despicable act, a sin. fella uses a lesbian army to say, we're not going to reward anybody who does this kind of say at this kind of deed, Illa Mecca and we are men don't accept based on what they've done. You see, it's not straightforward. Like when somebody does a good deed, when somebody does a good deed Allah keeps, it's so clear, and so straightforward. You do a good deed, you're going to see the best as a result of that good deed. But then when you do something wrong,

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Allah says, I'm not going to give you in return, except whatever wrong you've done, then that's what the consequences gonna be for every wrong, this is what you're going to get in return. That's it, whether that be a punishment, whether you're going to lose some of your good deeds, whether you're going to lose some botica. The point is, it's always going to equal whatever that bad deed is. That's all you get in return period. You know, so you don't have to worry about all of the other things that bring that bad deed. Allah will decide what to do with that. All you and I need to know is you do a bad deed, you're going to get confronted with some kind of consequence and that's it,

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it's going to stop there. If you repent after that, then it cancels out the bad deed anyway and you move on. That's mercy from Allah. That is

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mercy from Allah, Allah makes it very clear when it comes to good deeds all you're going to get the best. But when it comes to the bad deeds, you're not going to get any worse than what the bad deed was. That's it. I'm not going to go deeper and deeper depending on certain deeds. Of course we know in our religion, you know, what should or can the Falcon hypocrisy and these things, those are exceptional cases Allah gave a specific set of Hadith about consequences of those things, but we're just talking, generally speaking here, okay.

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In a lengthy photobiological, poor earn aloud or dukane illa marid. The one now that it shifts the attention to the Prophet alayhi salatu salam, the one that had obliged the quarter and upon you, Laura dakila mad, he will return you back to your mother town or city, your origin mad, Allah will need to return you back to Mecca. Don't you worry, you're going to go back there. You know, didn't the same thing happen in the beginning of the surah when moose says Mum, she puts her son in the river and then she's worried and she's exhausted and she's stressed out what did Alessi in our rod do? In now rod, do a lake with Jerry, it'll mean more saline. We're going to return him back to you.

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Don't you worry. And we're going to place him from amongst the messenger so don't you worry. So the same thing Ally's saying here to the Prophet it starts with some we're going to return you back to where you came from. But for now, you've got to leave your mother city you've got to leave this place. called rugby lm woman just say to everybody, Allah my master he has knowledge of and he is fully well aware of who guidance is brought to woman who will feel bodily mobian and who was misguided, didn't musala SLM say the same thing to fit our own. He said the exact same sentence, a lot is my master and he knows who he is upon guidance. All of this we went through. And the same

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lessons are given to the Prophet Mohammed Ali Salatu. Salam, what do you and I learned from that? How the Prophet Allah subtle, Sam is benefiting from these previous generations and stories is exactly the same way that you and I benefit from these stories as we journey through them in the quarter. And so we are in essence, it's like we're sitting in the place of the Prophet alayhi salatu was Salam as we're going through this knowledge, the same way or at least a similar way in how he would have received this revelation. It's, it's, it's kind of beautiful actually.

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Woman according to Torah, Jew, you will never hopeful and you'll call la Calcutta, boo Illa. Arabic, you weren't hopeful you didn't think that you were going to come in contact with a book except it was by the mercy of your master it was by Rama of your master. This is where I got the title of this video from always pay attention to the titles, guys, because all those titles are connected to some kind of theme that we're going to address. So the title of this video came from here, did you ever think that you would have access to a book written by Allah? Do you ever grow up thinking that you're gonna somehow be part of a nation that connects to this, that reads this that relies on this,

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what Allah is saying the fact that you have an interest and a connection with this book, in and of itself is a Rama from your master. Just the fact that you are willing to listen to it, that you're willing to understand it? And the fact that you just have access to it, there are so many Muslims, hundreds and 1000s of Muslims across the globe. The Quran is right in front of their face and they will never touch it.

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The Quran is right on their phones and they'll never click on it.

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Just think about it. So we're not talking about physically the most half is in front of you and you sit there you open up the pages No, we're talking about just having access to it. It's there it's right there yet it's so far away. And that's what Allah alluded to in so little for time. When the Prophet Allah is subtle, some will complain to Allah carload Rasulullah or be in power meter. Hello, has Alcor Anima Jorah your complaint to Allah. My people, all my mastermind people. They took this for me. It took it tougher to have por el mercado de todos helical Quran. Allah he says to Allah, they took this book has the you know what's interesting about the word hatha has always used is

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always used for something that's near you. It's in front of you, you can touch it, you can have access to it.

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Prophet sallallaahu salam is saying the Quran was right in front of their face. It was right there.

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And they took that core en Majora and they made hedger away from they migrated away from it. So is that a physical thing? Not necessarily. They emotionally, intellectually, psychologically migrated from the core. And so the moment that they had a problem about life, they had a sickness they had they needed some direction on how to solve certain issues. The last thing that they would ever think about, if even they would think about was the Quran, Missy with the poor answers about when I get sick, what I should do, let me see what the Quran says about finding success in life. Let me see what the core Auntie teaches me about getting over depression and anxiety and stress. Let me see how

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that all works in the corner, that's the last thing they would think about. So they made his daughter away from the quarter end. And so Allah is reminding us here at the end of cervical cosas. It's such a mercy to Allah, that you think about and you came in contact with his book, that's a reflection of a lesson Rama, may Allah always allow us to be amongst those who are grateful for that, allow him me for that talk going on over here a little carefully. And he tells the Prophet it starts with seven. So don't be amongst those that are going to be avahi around to the disbelievers. avahi around here is you you can't back them up anymore. You can go back and defend them anymore.

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That's it. Once you leave, you're going to leave Mecca, you're going to leave and make hedgerow and don't look back until I tell you so for now, you can be concerned about those who disbelieved all of your heritage, all of your ancestors, all of your, you know, family, friends and neighbors, you can't be concerned about them at this point, you are on a task and just focus on that.

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You know, the lesson there for you and I

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you know, often when you develop religiosity, you know, you develop a connection with your deen and you want to start doing things different. And sometimes the sister, you know, as she learns more and more about her Deen, she wants to practice the things that she's learned. So one day, she starts wearing hijab. One day, she starts dressing differently, she starts acting differently. She starts reading the ingredients on every item at the grocery store. She never did any of these things. You know, she starts watching who she's sitting beside on the bus, she starts looking at, you know, when people try to have conversations with her, she's just straight to the point. You know, we saw that

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in soda. It'll cost us didn't we? The two ladies in the city of medion. When they were talking to musala, he said what a boon Akshay home can be. Our father is a big shaker in the town. Our Father sent us to you so that you can be rewarded for whatever you did for us. He He's the one that wasn't us. We didn't come here. We're not interested in you in any way. We he sent us here. They were straight to the point. So she starts doing all of these things. But then all of a sudden, her parents, her brothers, her siblings, her friends, everybody in her circle. And so I want you. Since when did you start wearing that? When did you start acting this way? We always go to the club. We

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always drink. How come? You don't want to do it? Now? It's wrong with you. You know what? I don't think we can be friends. I don't think we can hang out. I don't think it's gonna be the same. What is the less say? Don't look back.

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You know, you do not have guidance in your hands. Didn't we find that verse in soda? tilaka sauce as well in the color demon. But you can't guide people you love? Well, I can the Lucha de mesh. It's only Allah that guides whoever he wants. So at some point, you have to just like, you know what, Oh Allah, I'm coming to you.

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And the people that can't support that sometimes you just have to leave them behind. You'll have to take a step back and be like, Look, this is who I am. You know, I'm a Muslim, and I'm practicing my religion. Now. I'm doing my best to be the best Muslim I can be. These are my values. I'm proud of them. And I want to practice them. So if you guys can't support that, you guys can support me in that, then yeah, I don't think we can be friends. And don't look back. You know, lots of young young high school students, they would ask me, um,

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you know, I want to be, like, inclined to my Dean. I want to practice my Dean Will my friends, man, they're going to give me so much heat. They're going to tell me all kinds of things. I'm going to feel the pressure. What do I do? What do I say to them? Find out takuna Nova, you're a little little carefree. Don't even look back? Just because if they don't want to support you, just

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cut ties with your friends, you can find new friends, say bye. And move on alone will give you better friends. It's easier said than done, of course.

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Well, I also don't know Karen Tila, he buried his own zealot a lake. And don't allow anything to obstruct you from the area of Allah after they have been revealed to you. You know, this is a lesson for all of us. Sorry, guys, I'm going to the first time I think I'm going to drink coffee in front of you.

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Allah says don't allow anything to obstruct you to distract you to steer you off. After you've received the threat of Allah, they've been blessed on to you, they've been revealed on to you, you know, for a student of the poor. And when you're going through sewers, for the first time, or any time for that matter, you have to treat the journey as though these assets are being revealed to you. When you treat even soon as you studied in the past, when you treat it as though Allah is revealing it to you at that very moment. That's when you immediately develop, like a sense of appreciation, you discover new things you didn't discover the previous time, all of that starts to

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happen. You start to really appreciate what this poor end is to you, and how important it is in your life. So Allah is saying is that don't let anything distract you from that. You can't afford to have anything come in between you and the last book. And I'm going to add and say, you know, one of the reasons why these ideas are important to us,

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is because we don't know when we're going to die.

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The fact that we don't know when we're going to leave this earth. We cannot we cannot allow things to get between us and our Deen because we want to die upon our Deen

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well let me know in lower income Muslim own, don't you dare leave this earth unless you're Muslim. That's what we want. We don't want to be anything else. We want to leave this earth this way. So we have to keep trying and doing our best to ensure that we do everything we can to hold on to our routine. Know despite how many people may come into our lives, and try to obstruct us from that to try to steer us away from that

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wonderful 11 loud or big so how do you how do you strengthen and maintain that relationship with the core and so that it can be permanent? Look what Allah tells us to do whether a lot of big always call upon and make door out to your master while at the coonan Amina Mashallah Kenan don't ever be amongst those that are associated with a law. You see how beautiful this area is. It's absolutely remarkable. I'm going to use this a for next week's quote by insha Allah

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Allah tells you after he tells you that you know don't let anything get in the way between you and this book. What are a lot of big just make dua to him, he'll help you. Just talk to him. Keep that connection and you'll be okay. And just make sure that you don't do anything serious like associate anything with Allah don't do that. Last a guy's work tegile Allah, Allah Allah He Isla Han Aha. Don't you ever call upon anything

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or associate anything with Allah? Don't ever call with Allah, anything except only Allah subhanho wa Taala don't associate

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it Isla Illa who there is no deity worthy of worship, but he could Lucia in Harlequin. Illa watch her everything is gonna die except his face. halleck halakhah everything's gonna get destroyed. Everything's gonna get destroyed. Everything's gonna turn into dust. Everything comes with an expiry date. Remember those eight guys? It's like, it's like all of pseudo classes being summarized right in before our eyes. Everything we've talked about a lot just squeezed it in different sentences and different words. It's like we're going through all of pseudo classes all over again. Lucia in Harlequin Illa watch in context, to go back to fit around. He actually felt he was divine. He didn't

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think any plague any disease, any of the miracles that masala Islam performed could harm him. But he eventually became the source of his own destruction. He split the sea fell down and his people are dead, fell down and his people are dead. You know, and another suitor, he had one last chance that around had one last chance to take the Shahada in solitude. And you know what he said? When people are like just just believe in Moosa? Just do it. He's like, okay, la isla in the last minute, be he been extra ill. Is that okay? Okay, fine, whatever. There's no de t worthy of worship.

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Except whatever venue Sora he was saying

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he couldn't even say Allah. What a guy. He just I yeah, okay, there's no nothing to be worship except whatever they're saying.

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Unbelievable. Unbelievable. Couldn't even just utter the Shahada at that moment, he was done. So Allah is saying everything just like fit around, everything will die.

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Except the face of Allah subhanho wa Taala

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lol hochma la he total general all in the final ruling, and our eventual return will be to Him subhanho wa Taala. This concludes sort of us at eight verses. And as we do always in all of the episodes and series that we've gone through, I pray that Allah subhana wa Taala accepts our efforts. I pray that Allah subhanho wa Taala accepts the time and the effort and all of us that are listening myself to who prepares and go through some, at least get an insight of some of the knowledge of the quarter and I pray that everything that we've learned and everything that we've been reminded of, is something that will uplift us and make us better people and that's something that will punish us in

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this world or in the hereafter alone. I mean, with that being said, the prophet alayhi salatu wa sallam told us that whoever does not think that people does not think Allah Malaya, Sharona slash go to law, whoever doesn't think that people does not think a lot.

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So I want to thank all of you. Thank you, for allowing me to be part of your day.

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We all have 24 hours in each day. And I want to say thank you to all of you for allowing me to be part of those 24 hours, however way shape or form whatever time zone you're in. Thank you. And may Allah subhanho wa Taala allow us to reunite one day in general theodosian Allah. And perhaps maybe we might be talking about these moments, just like I say in other episodes, maybe one day we might be talking about like, Yeah, one of you might come to me and be like, I listened to you. Every day when I woke up, you were the first person that was on my phone. And I would be like, I remember your name. I saw it in the comments field. Every single episode, your name was in that comments field.

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Look where we are now on hamdulillah. Allah accepted it from us. Maybe one day we might do that in sha Allah hytera that I pray for that shout low to either all of you that are typing a set, Mr. equal, Wiley comes down to LA he will about a cater to all of you that are sending your advice to me May Allah give you back the same to us in return 10 times more. All of you that are saying just Akuma love hate and to me what you can which is a Kamala who qualify for Daniela, Hello to all of you as well. Hello, whom I mean, let's talk about what what happens next. We're going to take a one year break, you will not see me for one year. I'm joking. I can't do that that would be more torture

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for me than anything else. One year break. I can't I can barely take a one day break. It's, I'm too into this. I am too into this and I just can't. So here is some of the topics for the next series in sha Allah hotelera Allah, I definitely want to stick with Tafseer. So I have three choices for all of you. Number one surah, Yaseen and Sugata Rockman. Together, that's one series. So these are the choices and you guys know what to do, just type it in the comments field what you what you want to study. So number one, see what is seen and pseudo Rockman that's one. Number two, this is my personal choice, my personal favorite, which is sudut and Nora, sorta, nor, I love suited to note

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because of the fit that's found in this particular sutra, but lots of lots and lots and lots of day to day physical issues that we we encounter and we experience are all captured and help us to navigate some some of those struggles in soda to know. So for example, gender interaction, the two most famous verses on the subject of fountain soda, the note, but the way that they're explained is really really strange, really strange. I've heard a lot of them, you know, you're either on one side or you're on the other side. That's it. But this, these a yet do much more than just put you either on left or right, no, there's a lot of 50 in there. So I want to be able to share some of that with

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you, so that the node has the sutra

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Excuse me the A A to note. When Allah subhanaw taala says a long noodle seminar where it will Allah is the knower of the semi wet and the outward. What does that mean? What makes this particular a is so beautiful and so powerful. So it's a note also gives us a lot of etiquettes when we go to people's homes when we're guests, and when we invite guests to our homes, so that a note has a lot of rulings, talks about the hijab talks about who you're allowed to take your hijab off in front of the different categories of people. And so I mean, so much different, so many different things that even gives you the exceptions of hijab who's allowed to take their hijab off, who which kind of

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women are not obliged to even wear hijab. A lot of Muslims don't even know that there's actually an A in the quarter m, where Allah exempts certain women from even wearing the hijab. So we can talk about that, that's sort of the norm. And finally, here is your third choice. The third choice is asuna. Tell Matt EDA, sorta tell Matt EDA, the fifth sort of the quarter end, I actually started this tough co2 with my class before COVID. So this was an imperson to have seen it, but I didn't get a chance to finish it actually a barely started, I think I only did the first maybe 10 or 12 out yet or something like that. So I'd like to finish that. I can't rest and knowing when I start something,

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I can't finish it. It's just not it's never been me. So I'd like to go back to that started again and do this with all of you. Now why suited to the mat? You know, you showed all the love on her she said if you want to learn and you know the Helen and her arm of life, study sort of matter.

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You know, her statement alone is

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that speaks volumes. So it's an amount either has the last and final verse, or one of the last verses that the Prophet it sought to sell I've received so little man either has so much fear about Okay, the whole afternoon keytab and eating from Abu keytab Can I go to McDonald's and order a burger? If I cannot older? Can I order room service? Who is that? Who? kita? Who's the Christian or Jew I can eat from or not you from? If they invite me over to their house, and they serve me meat? Am I allowed to accept it? Do I have to ask them? Can you just give me a valid certificate before we bite into the steak? Like what do you do? How do you make these choices? What's the right thing to

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do? All of that is found in suits that are made as well that's a practical issues are found in there. So you have three choices guys. Number one sudah Ts seen an outright man that's together as one series number two suited to nude or number three sudah. Tell Matt EDA so just type it in the comments field and later on today and maybe even tomorrow. No, no. Tomorrow, we want to start this right. Yeah, we want to start this tomorrow. So no, no, no, no, we're going to find out we're going to make a decision inshallah by today. So sometime later this afternoon, I'll look through the comments, see what choices are out there. And inshallah I'll post up the decision between and it's

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all based on you guys. So majority inshallah wilin. So, make the choice guys type it in the comments field, and let's get busy in sha Allah and continue our journey through some of the most beautiful sources of the poor and let's continue that journey in sha Allah, Allah. May Allah azza wa jal bless all of you reward all of you along I mean, those of you who missed any episodes of pseudo classes, or any of the other previous series that we've done, they are all on my YouTube pseudo classes will be updated later this evening on my YouTube channel, so you can take your time go through it, listen to it again, if you want, it's all up to you inshallah. Okay, so with that being said, Have a

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wonderful weekend. I will speak to all of you around the same time tomorrow, but if they let hytera take care whatsoever Alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh