Musleh Khan – Tafseer Sura Al-Qasas #08 V43-50

Musleh Khan
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So now when it comes to love you about a car to 100 a level salatu salam, ala rasulillah. We're back. So brothers and sisters, how is everyone doing? And how is the weekend going so far? here in Toronto. It looks deceiving out there. It's a beautiful sunny day, but it's like three degrees. And I went out to do my workout. The gyms are closed here now. So we're back to stage two. And I went out there and I'm like, Wow, it looks real nice. Let me just walk out there with my sweater. And I ran in like a little baby and got my jacket in my hat in my two. Can you name it like God, anyhow. However, whatever the weather's like, wherever you guys are, yeah, I hope you guys are enjoying that

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stuff. Okay, let's get right into it. Now we are going to so here's the thing. The topic is about what happened to him after he drowned. I gave it that title obviously because of a particular verse we're going to discuss today. But all this time, it all the stories that we've learned about with Masada heusler everything to do with his biography. So far, we've been taught what's happened to musala. He said before the parting of the sea before all of that happened. Now when fit around and his people were drowned, we haven't really learned much about what happened moving forward. So we're going to start to get a hint of that today in sha Allah. So that's going to start at verse number

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43. Okay, so let's continue guys, Allah subhana wa tada says, What attain them musen keytab i mean better the map, electronic portal no oola we have given most of the book after we had destroyed nations that came before them.

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So that's been our own and its people. So Allah subhanho wa Taala gives Moosa the total. So this is one bustle era leanness, so that it would give deep insight, deep insight that people could look and reflect back on the history of all of those previous nations and how Allah subhanho wa Taala destroyed the disobedient or who don't want to metal Allah honeyeater karoun guidance and mercy or rotten I should say that I love him yet that killed him but perhaps they can take the time to reflect and ponder a little bit to really remember and think back you know, those of you that study Arabic yet that kettle is not the same as yet that killed him. If you say yes, that cohoon that they

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remember, they remembered If you say yes Ted that Kelvin so you add the letter 10 it means that they're in a constant state of remembrance, they're constantly doing it and that's what the power n is as well. Right? It's all scriptures at the end of the day are usually like that. It's to kind of stimulate a level of connection and remembrance. That's consistent it happens often so that's yet to have that killed one. Woman Quinta be Jenny bill hobby. Now our attention is shifted to the Prophet alayhi salatu was set up.

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So now we fast forward, Prophet Ali subtle Salaam is being revealed the surah in Mecca and listen to what a less telling him? Well, Matt Quinta began a bill called to be you weren't at the western tip of the mountain is called by Isla Moosa when we had decreed for Musashi Salaam amaura woman Quinta, Amina Shaheed him, when he had decreed upon him all of our commands and you weren't even a witness, you weren't even present. So the Prophet alayhi salaatu wa Salaam is being told you weren't there. You weren't next to the mountain when he climbed up and you met Allah subhanho wa Taala. And you spoke to him, you weren't there. You didn't witness anything. You weren't amongst the people that

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when he descended from Mountain tour, and he told everybody what had happened, you weren't amongst the witnesses. How come you know so much about all these details of you know, mu psilocybin meeting a lot, even from taking off his slippers, you know, all of those details, from parting of the sea to all of the miracles that happen to the conversations that he's happening within our own. You weren't even there yet. You have all this knowledge and all these details. Well, I can shut now portal. But instead This was from us. We created generations after generations. Football will rally him with Romo. And they had a long period that passed over them football with Alejandro mode. It went on for

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some time. There were so many generations and so many nations that came after fit around and they passed one generation after another after another. This area is going to

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be referred to at the end of the Sodor. And it's a beautiful connection. But here's the thing. You know, when one generation continues and they practice the deen, and when that generation dies off and another generation is placed, is it usually that all of the teachings of the previous generations just get carried on? Is that usually the case that the pattern No, you know, there's, there's usually things that have to be relearned if people have, of course, are willing to relearn. And my point here is that, over time, the tendency when it comes to practicing religion is a lot of the values in our Deen are lost. So let me give you an example. Those of you who are around in like

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the early 90s, early 90s, so late 80s, early 90s, okay. Do you remember that? If you heard a heavy, you were like this?

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Wow. I didn't know the Prophet. I said. So I've said that. I didn't know that's in our religion. When you heard a verse that was not not gone through it all, like all aspects, different things, you know, what psychologists would say about this tip, see, what doctors would say none of that stuff. The sheer horror that you man where the speaker would just simply give you an A state with for you the Tafseer. And you were like, Oh, my God, this is amazing.

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Now, when people hear the same Hadeeth, and yet, that's not enough. Generally speaking, it's not enough. I can't teach a class. A lot of you can't teach a class where all you're doing is just narrating a verse, and giving the Tafseer of it and walking away and leaving it so that the audience can figure out ways to connect Euler. We can't do that anymore. Now you have to find logical ways of explaining that verse. You know, I never thought it would happen, but it has. I have gotten asked more than once by students who say to me, why do I have to perform will do for a sauna? Like why?

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Why do I have to wet my limbs? wash my face with, you know, a wet my feet? Why do I have to do all of that? Why can't they just pray? I showered already, I'm clean. And even if I was dirty, doesn't care about what's in the heart. So what if I'm dirty, that shouldn't stop me. That shouldn't stop me from praying, I just want to pray with differences in me. Now you have to find different methods to explain the same thing where once upon a time, you would just give the Hadith the Prophet I slept with some told us to perform will be for each pray. So we that's what we do. So merona will Aparna that's what we do. Now, it's not that easy. So certain values are lost. And then now we have to

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figure out a ways to reignite the audience so that they stay interested. And that connection with the poor and in the Senate is still there. Now I have to figure out different ways of doing that. Watch one, let us watch how to love those guys. Watch this. One, I click the third Wi Fi envy mediana you want to even amongst the generations of the city of medion in other words, the prophet is left with some salvia comes from the word fella and fella is that you live in a home where your grandfather lived there. Your great grandfather lived there. Your great great grandfather lived there. That's so you are 1000 we have this home because generations before generations before

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generations lived in the same place and you're continuing that tradition that's called Thalia. So unless you were the stallion of the city of medion. But yet you talked about the rivers you talked about the people you met there you have, you know, you talk excuse me, you talked about generations that live there. You talked about a man who visited that place, he saw our river he helped out to ladies, he saw this nation. You talked about all of these details yet you've never even been to Midian to the Prophet audience salt was sent on to New Orleans. At night you're reciting all of our idea to them while I can clean them up sitting and instead rather these you were amongst the

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messengers that we sent. We inspired this knowledge on you and those who came before you. Well, I'm not going to be journey be told you we're not beside mount Thor is Nan de now when we made the call to musar Lee said when I killed Rama de Mille rumbek. This was a mercy a runner from your master. You know, I want to talk to you a little bit about this term.

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Because mercy just doesn't cut it. It doesn't do it. You try to translate as mercy. It just doesn't work and some kind of luck now

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Let's talk a little bit about this Rockman comes from the word Rahim Rahim literally refers to the womb of the mother, the womb of the mother, right? And it's really incredible that Allah subhana wa Tada. The one attribute that is used the most in the entire poor end is

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Why? Because the number one thing Alo wants you to know about him is that he's loving, just like the mother is to her baby, whilst that baby's still in the womb. He's loving, he's caring, he's nurturing, he will forgive, he will take on all of our sins, all of our pain and struggle, Allah subhanho wa Taala will still forgive us if we turn to him. When we mess up and we make mistakes after make mistakes, we keep turning back to him. Just like the mother carrying this child, the child's kicking around a child punching her stomach, can't sleep, she can't eat well, everything. And it's a perfect environment for the baby. You know, there's temperature control, the climate is

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perfect. He doesn't have to pay rent, you just have to worry about food. Everything in the in the mother's stomach is cared for and taken care of, for that baby. A lot put us on Earth. We have an ability we have the opportunity to live, to survive, to do the things that we need to do to find peace and happiness. And in the midst of all of that, we're going to make a ton of mistakes. unintentional as well as intentional. But if we turn to Allah, so the baby after it's born, it'll grow up, it'll mess up, it'll disobeys his mom, it'll do a lot of things to upset his parents. But still what a parent is going to do. I still love my kid. Even when you talk to a parent that has

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lost a child, no matter how messed up that child was when he or she was alive. When that child has gone you'll hear the same parents say they were perfect yeah they they had their ways but I missed them they were the best

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and that's what the lesson kind of without it does with his creation that's the Russian of Allah to his creation. No matter how much you mess up and you do all this craziness. If you turn to Me and you seek my love and my forgiveness I will love you and forgive you. But in the law haha photo Rahim. Allah will always be exceptionally forgiving. Always merciful, always.

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So how do you translate the word love? Oh, man. I have no clue. I don't know. I just I think I'm just gonna stick to it now because mercy just doesn't capture it.

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So les says what I killed right in the middle of everything that I've taught you was a runner from your master

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lithium coma a 10 minute theory mill Cobb indica la lomita that carry on so that you can warn nations that came

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min Nazir in from the warnings that we've given you that came before you as well as that came after you know, the homeopathic Coronavirus in hopes that they could take the time and think about this and remember this stuff. Well and to see Bahamas see that too. And now Alice shifts his attention to the coloration of Mecca and Annie and so it all says if a will see but if the same affliction came to them the map put them at ad in what had came before them. The amount put them at a aku banner, they will say to you a little banner. So if they ever find themselves in trouble, the same way that Musa alayhis salaam and his followers and fit around and his followers all found themselves in

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trouble indecipherable in front of a lot. They will say oh Ben Allah, Allah Allah. If you had just sent to us a messenger, Nola of Santa Elena Rasulullah fernet WRI t co winner coinomiti meaning we would follow your instructions and we would be amongst those who are committed. Some of the scholars said the Jews are talking here the Jews of Mecca and Medina right? Oh, excuse me the Jews of Mecca. So, Allah subhanho wa Taala is saying that as soon as problems hit tough times hit if there was a famine if there was a drought if something happened in Mecca, Oh Allah Why don't you just send us a messenger so that you know we can follow your area that will be totally committed. Okay, fine,

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fella. magia homework help women are in Dina when Allah sent His truth from them, called Lola otium. To moose, my God. They said, Why Allah if you would only send someone similar to what was sent like musar Lee. So

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if you could just send somebody similar to what Moosa was like so

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lessons, the prophet Mohammed already slept with them. The Jews responded and said, Why don't you just send somebody like Moosa? Because obviously that's their prophet right? So I'm interested in somebody like him instead.

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Allah responds and says LLM Yak fudo Bhima. Ooh, Tia, moo, Sam and will pub Didn't they disbelief with what was given to Moosa prior? Didn't that already happen? Now, there's a bunch of things happening here. Let me share with you a couple of them. When they said the statement when Allah revealed this statement, they already Didn't they already disbelieve in Moosa. So you want me to send somebody like Moosa again, what do you think is going to happen? So number one, what is what's the disbelief that Allah is referring to here? The scholars have differed, but here are some of the opinions. In other words, didn't they this belief, and if I send you another Moosa Are you going to

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disbelieve, just like the pharaohs disbelieved in Moosa? That's one. So this disbelief could be referring to the pharaohs. A fit around so the followers have fit around. Are you going to disbelieve the same way? or number two,

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they change their books, meaning the followers that came after, when fit our own and his people was destroyed. The juice that came after changed the book. So are you the Jews of Mecca? Are you going to do the same thing? that those who disbelieve that Moosa, you're going to do the same thing? That's number two, or number three?

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This is he This is really interesting. So under the LMS said, Are you going to commit the same code for the same disbelief? The same, you know, behavior, like the fitter I was did in the past, like the followers of fit around? Did they killed the innocent? Are you going to be like them? Zilla talking to the Jews of Mecca? I'm going to leave you with that. So you can oppress? Are you going to take innocent lives? Just like those veterans, you're going to act like fit around himself? Is that what you're going to do? Is that what you're thinking about? That's why you want somebody like Mussa so you can take advantage the same way that those previous generations took advantage of. It's

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really remarkable. What's the conclusion? It's all the above and then there's a few more opinions a low level item which one is correct, but they're all very interesting. Odd, we'll say Ronnie Tovar on they said the two magic is pretty obvious. What's the two magic? When we saw early on he said I've dropped the staff turn into a snake. And when you put his arm under his armpit turn into light. They responded and said this, these kinds of miracles are nothing we're just a show with alojado it's just a magic show we're getting it means nothing. We'll call you in that be quitting caffeine one and we are all amongst those who disbelieved. Like we rejected this stuff. Like we don't care

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about this stuff. So what if he if his staff turned into a snake what's the big deal? They're missing the point

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to be keytab illa says okay, fine, Mohammed Salah lahardee was so tell them go bring a book to be ketomac or bring a book mean nd learn from Allah who will add them in whom at variable income to solve your pain so challenge them or Mohammed Salah lover I'm gonna bring a book that is that has more guidance in it so that we can follow it in quantum solid pain. If you're really being honest. Go ahead.

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For ELO Mr. g Bula, aka fat lm fit Illa Mr. g boo laka Farah Lem, listen to her. And if they are unable to respond to you

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farlam. Understand and NEMA yet to be your own home. They are simply following their own desire. So in other words, deep down, they might come up with some arguments, they might challenge you, their lips might be saying a lot. But deep down inside, it's this is just kind of what they prefer to do. They just don't want to follow your message period. They won't have anything to do with you.

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They just want to follow their own house, their own desire their own neffs

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they hate the idea of having to listen to you as their leader. They want to be their own leader and do it and do it there.

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Well, men, although don't mean Manitoba, however, will be a lady who doesn't mean Allah, then who is the one that is misguided, except that they follow their own whims and desires below you to who that mean Allah. That is not the guidance.

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Allah in Allah halaya de la palma volume in Allah is not going to ever a guide the wrongdoers. This is where we're going to pause because the next session, another conversation. So this is starting to hint to us. What's happened? post the drowning of fit around in his people. That it seems like quite a bit of the struggles that moosari Islam was coping with at his time. The Prophet Mohammed Ali sought was Salaam is still dealing with the same thing, a lot of it. He's still dealing with people that are doubting his message making fun of him, whatever knowledge that he brings forth about a lot. They're denying it all. And when tough times hit, they asked for a profit, even though there's

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one in front of them. But they're like, No, no, no, no, no, we want mithila or tm or ssamjang club. But we want something that was similar to what was given to Moosa prior to us. So they were very specific, like we want what we want, we don't want what you give us Allah. Is this sound familiar? You know, I've said this before, one of the mistakes that Muslims make, when we talk to Allah, and we asked him for things is that we ask, ask, ask. But what we don't get to do and we forget this a lot, is we don't get to tell a lot or expect how he should give it to us. And when he should give it to us. That's his territory, Allah decides when and how we don't decide that. So

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that keeps us asking, that keeps us connected with him. And that's those are some of the lessons that we capture from today's short reminder isn't that tomorrow for tomorrow in sha Allah,

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we're going to take a good chunk of these verses simply because again, I want to group and keep one theme, as best as I can. I want to keep one theme together in shallow data. So let's do that tomorrow. Bismillah of God, we're almost done the pseudo

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level, I didn't think we were gonna get to the end of the sort of that quickly. Nevertheless, at Hamdulillah, here we are, you know what I'm going to do? Because this is a bit of a shorter session,

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while it was set out to local bar cater to all of you that are sending your set items.

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Okay, so here's one question. Let me just take a look at some of the questions here. What was my answer about the golden rule? Before the Sunnah. So

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these were young students. And I didn't focus on the answer with respect to the question itself. because keep in mind these kinds of questions, why do I have to pray five times a day? Why do I need to wet my limbs before Sala these kinds of questions come from a place that does not have a strong foundation, like these students were not introduced to Islam properly in the sense that they may have come from a home or a background, where their foundation is extremely weak. So they don't know who Allah is. They don't know the value of religion. And they don't know as a result, how to submit to something like tolosa, paddle toddlers to submit themselves to the religion like they don't know

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and understand the concept. So that's one afternoon that I started my response with that look, who is a lot to you, bro. That's what I started with. Like, who has a lot to do you even know what law is? Can you prove that a law exists? And if you can answer those questions, then what's the point of knowing who Allah is? If you don't follow his instructions, like okay, so he sent a poor and he sent some guidance, you claim you're a Muslim, a Muslim literally is somebody that submits themselves to one creator. So even though you might not agree with it, that's besides the point we our own people have severe no alternative we hear we obey. It's part of what it is to be a Muslim. And you're not

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you're not understanding what it is to be a Muslim. So you've got to retract, you've got to go back now and start looking at a shaky foundation. So that was one avenue that I tackled the question with. And the second thing of course, is usually when these kinds of questions come up. There's a there's like a dilemma, maybe in their personal life where they may have been connected to a law once upon a time, but they've had certain expectations, you know, life fasted a whole month for you. But you still didn't give me the job. I was asking for. Ola. You know, I pray five times a day.

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A day for you for the past 15 years. What I still feel miserable. I'm still not rich. I still can't start the business I wanted. I still couldn't marry the girl I want. I still didn't do good doing anything. I didn't get anything. I'm still in this marriage. That's just messed up my whole life. All I you know what, you're not really there for me. And so, something to do with the relationship went bankrupt. And so they started questioning why should I now pray? Why should I make Waldo? Why should I not go study this Deen read the Quran like forget about it all. Third thing is that this also comes from a lot of what salaries in the sense that we are living in a time and I've said this

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before, guys. So this is really, really important. We talk a lot about fitna, we talk a lot about temptation, drugs, *, alcohol, all of this stuff on the streets, right? We talk about all of that stuff, you know, bad friendships, and blah, blah, blah. Yeah, that stuff is bad. But you know what we rarely talk about the root of the problem. You know what the root of the problem is, when your kid is in class, and a teacher or a professor comes in and starts, starts to ingrain? in their mind. So students,

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is there a god? Now remember, this is the professor, this is the teacher, this is somebody your son or daughter is looking up to. This is a person that's educated, that's going to disseminate knowledge and experience on his or her students. So there's the trust factor is already there. So when you have a professor or a teacher that says Islam only has a political agenda, but when it comes to the spiritual aspect of Islam, it's outdated. It's old, it's archaic. It doesn't belong in 2020. And so you know, here is a different option. You can be your own person, you don't need to commit yourself to any god. Or you might have a teacher that comes in and says, There is no God,

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somebody prove to me there's a God, there is none. You know, you could have an atheist walk in and come up with some pretty convincing arguments eloquent in their words. You know, Allah subhanho wa Taala alluded to this and sort of the knuckle, right?

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What a tabula rasa for elsina to come with ketiga head on out on the tufted weigela. Here, Kathy, you know, don't be fooled by the people who describe and who have eloquent tongues that they make what's halal haram? And what's wrong, Helen, for that matter, actually, all they're doing is just making up lies with a lot. That's what a less isn't suited than that. And don't be fooled. You know, your tongues might be saying a lot, but there's no foundation, there's no principle it comes from nothing. But the kids that don't know that. So that's where a lot of the confusion can start. So that's where I tackle that question about the will do and, you know, it took some time, it wasn't

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just one conversation. It was several if I remember correctly, it was I think two or three conversations before I could get this brother to kind of start thinking about doing this stuff again, because they he I believe he was in university and he was getting a lot of this from those like MSA groups that catch vulnerable Muslims pull them to the side bring them to like Christian circles and Bible circles and things like that. And just flood their brains with all kinds of stuff and then they're just lost. They're like, you know, like yeah, forgot about Islam, you know, this is better for me. So lavoir them

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okay, guys. Okie dokie guys. So we'll pause there in sha Allah who Tara Allah thank you all for being online with me today and I will see you all tomorrow insha Allah hotel as we continue our journey through this beautiful beautiful story sort of puzzles. Okay guys, just like a little head and take care was set up Marley comacina to LA to Baraka

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