The Beauty of Iron – Tafsir of Surah al-Hadid – Episode 07

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An explanation of one powerful chapter of the Qur’an: Surah al-Hadid – The beauty of Iron.


AI: Summary © The transcript is a jumbled mix of disconnected sentences and phrases, making it difficult to summarize. The main point is that no evil action will be taken, and the conversation is concluded by Jesus. The mainline is deception, which is interpreted by Jesus, and the speaker is not taking a stance. The conversation is about desperation, punishment, and hesitation, and the importance ofiery in purifying hearts from the foul. The transcript is difficult to summarize as it appears to be a mix of random comments and phrases.
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smilla Rahim al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil aalameen or salat wa salam ala nabina Muhammad wa ala and exactly is made up about Salam Alikum my brothers and sisters

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May Allah bless you all for continuing to attend to the study of the Quran We ask Allah to give us more time to study his entire book during our lifetime. I mean,

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the conversation continues between the believers and the hypocrites on the piano. And the way the school has explained it is as follows. Allah tells us that on the Day of Judgment, that the Muslim or the Muslims as well as the hypocrites will be gathered just before the bridge. And then what will happen is darkness will be cast over everyone. And in that moment of darkness, the believers will be given the individual light, and that individual light will be proportional to the amount of good deeds a person did in this life. They explained that that light, for some will be as enormous as a mountain, others a date palm tree, and others it will just flicker for in front of their feet. And

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with that light will they try to cross over the bridge and make their way to paradise. But at that same moment, the hypocrites will not be given any light because they refuse to believe in this life. Though they ended up so close to paradise, Allah will make them exposed on that day by not giving them any light. When they see they have no light and they see the believers are making their way to paradise in haste. They panic and they start to shout out to the believers. Una Nakata. beastman dhulikhel. Wait for us we want to share your light. Help us to also go with you to parallettes do the Barry was the central no they don't they continue and angels speak in their place and say Taylor

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gerawan could no turn around and go back to the dunya you have no business going to power us today. Today you are going to the hell file.

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So when they are told that they don't give up, they continue to pursue the believers and then favourable they don't be sued. A great wall is erected between them. And the believers the word for wall here is soul. We said a soul is a an unscalable wall the type of wall that is used to protect a city from from attack from outside. So they are permanently

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separated from the believers. Allah says that inside of the wall there is a rational meaning paradises inside well valuable and on the outside of the wall where the hypocrites are meant to be a ladder behind them there is the hellfire. Now if you imagine being there and seeing it from a bird's eye view that you see these one African hypocrites chasing after the believers are then separated by this big wall and then told that they cannot proceed any further. On the inside of the wall. You see the believers in paradise. On the outside you see the hypocrites and the hellfire.

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So the hypocrites on the outside and the believers are for the insights. Now, this is actually symbolic. Because what is a hypocrite? hypocrite is someone who lies about being a Muslim, he says are Muslim on the outside, but on the inside, he disbelieves. So on your opium Allah says, used to hide your reality, and now I'm going to expose your reality. You're now the outside of the world, everyone can point and see that you really were a fake person, a hypocrite. As for the believers, they are the ones who are true to me on the inside. So I place them inside the wall today is loss of power. Yes. Do they give up? They do not give up the hypocrites. Levin says the verse that we are

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going to cover today.

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It was possible to have the children quiet a little bit just getting distracted by the majority in the back there.

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It's good to have the children, the kids, definitely some of the setup would say if we don't hear the children playing in the machine, we know that the future generation is not going to be as good as the present model. Yes. At the same time, though, they also have to get to the machine.

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Okay, that the conversation continues, you know, Duna home alumna, commerical. So from behind the wall, they still don't give up Allah says you know, doing a home they called out to the believers alumna Kumar, what we with you know, whatever he says that means they are saying, you know, in the dunya, we should be together.

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We used to live together, we used to go to the same messy together. We even used to marry into each other's families. Man, we were even buried together in the same graveyards. How are you going to leave us today, all believers, we will with you in the in the dunya, alumna, commerical, and the word use for call is neither Yoona Dunum and that is different to the word da da means to call or to ask.

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na da means to cry out to call out, they almost like they're throwing their voices over the wall, please, there's desperation in the call. The believers will respond for the first and last time to the hypocrites and will explain to them that though you were with us in this worldly life, you are not truly with us spiritual and they will give four reasons why you are on the outside of the of the world today. They say number one bottle better. No doubt about it. You're right. We were with each other physically. While I can not confirm mental and physical number one reason is that you put your own souls to trial. Number two reason 11 says What are busto that you were people used to hold back

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and procrastinate.

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Number three reason what tabletten you were people that used to have a serious doubts. Number four, what what cool? Leave that you were wrapped up in wishful thinking.

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After they say that to them, they leave and make their way to paradise and the hypocrites are left by themselves. Let's go through this one by one. What was the first reason

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was it?

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It wasn't procrastination.

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You put your own souls to trial. The word used is fitna.

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tanto fitna means in this context to put something to trial. To put something to the test, what did they put to the test their own souls, meaning that you chose the life of hypocrisy. No one forced it on you. You weren't duped into becoming a double agent, you chose to live as a hypocrite.

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Don't blame anyone today. You used to mingle with the enemies used to give them your ale. And then your heart became inclined towards them. And then you joined this site. Who did all of that? Do? You did it yourself?

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Yes, you put your own soul to trial number one. Number two was what?

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What are bus two means

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to procrastinate Yes. The word LTL literally means to hold back. Yes, or to postpone something. In the context of hypocrisy it means that you were waiting for the destruction of the Muslims and the prophets and alarmism. So if you were living in Medina, at that time, you would find that they were hypocrites still. And the hypocrites one of the things they were hoping for was that the coloration too far they come and destroy the Muslims so that they will gain the power and the prestige and Medina is so they used to hold back and procrastinate in having

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true belief in the process of loss and hoping that one day, you know what this man is going to lose it and we will come up on top because when the enemies come, we will say we are with you guys, we never used to help these guys. In fact we are helping you to take over. So they say to them, this is your second reason that you are people that used to procrastinate and in that there is a lesson for us. That one of the ways people fall into hypocrisy is that they hold back on having true faith in Allah and the prophets of Allah.

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They procrastinate. They say, I'm going to start praying tomorrow. I'm going to start making Toba. Tomorrow, I'm going to kick out that bad habit from my life. Maybe next Ramadan, not this Ramadan. This is procrastination. And it is a form of hypocrisy.

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The extreme of it is to hope that you know what all of this Islam and the Muslims they are destroyed and nothing is done to them. And I'm going to hold back until that moment comes so that I can come up on top. What are Bustan number three waterbottle empty ARB means to have doubts, but the word used here is not schuck. It is urabe. Have you read in the beginning of the Quran, Allah says Allah Islam in their legal kita boo,

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la Eva See, use your translators. There's no doubt in this book. But there's a difference between the word shock. And the word shock means doubt, to be 5050 on something, it means to have a suspicion. Yes, a suspicion. Like, for example, you're walking down a dark alleyway in the middle of the night, and there's someone wearing a hoodie walking towards you. I don't have anything against hoodies.

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But in your heart, you start to have some doubt suspicion, this person gonna harm me, or is this person an innocent person? That is what it means. So I'll say is that those will not be cool. They used to have suspicions about Islam.

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They used to be very critical about Islam. And today we find that as long as it some people, the literary critical when it comes to Islamic teachings, for example, some people today they claim that there is no such thing as an Arab in Islam, it is a cultural practice of the ancient Arabs, nothing to do with Islam. It's not what never asked for them to cover like that. Or they criticize the idea of had the P rW law, the punishment of the person who steals for example, or the person who commits dinner, they say that this is not really Islam, or they look at the idea that this is part of Islam.

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You know, I remember that I come across people, they laugh at the idea that Islam said interest is how they said this is ridiculous. How can civilization prosper if there's no interest heard that from the mouth of a Muslim?

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Is? So they have serious doubts about Islam? This can't be Islam. Yes. suspicions or suspicions in the process that allowed us and was this really a man who was a prophet of God?

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And I remember Recently, there was

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on national TV in Egypt, there was an interview, okay, this lady, she's interviewing another lady who is covering her face that she's not wearing in the club. She's covering her face, because she doesn't want the identity to be known by the people. And what she wants to say is really strange, because the

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the woman that was interviewed that she was plus his makeup, I know her job is. So she says, What do you say about the practice of law? She said, What do you say about the prophets of Allah? So she's Muslim, the wanting to do? So the lady, she says, I believe that this man, Mohammed is a very smart man, very intelligent man, etc, etc. So she says, You don't believe as a prophet? She says, I believe he's a very smart man, a very intelligent man. He was a very influential man, just but don't you believe he was a prophet of God? She says, No, I don't believe that.

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I don't believe it. Now this woman

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she turned against her. She's How can you say that? What type of Muslim are you to deny that the Mohammed Salah son is not a prophet of Allah, as she started having to go in and go live on TV? Yes. But let's look at the man. The man is there in that woman's heart is there she cannot handle it when a person denies that the process of them is not a prophet of God. Yes. So the third reason that you on the other side of the wall they are saying is that used to be people used to entertain doubts here. Somebody may say, I have doubts about Islam, sometimes. I do. I have doubts about Islam. But does that mean I am a hypocrite?

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See, there is a difference brothers and sisters. It is possible for a person to experience doubts in their mind sometimes. Yes, like a fleet.

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But that's that's different to someone who entertains doubtful thoughts, isn't it?

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He entertains them, he stirs them around in his mind. He wants to give them life.

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This difference, a person in the first case, he has a doubt, maybe the stuff will about a lot. There's a lot of really exist. It comes into his mind, because he's watching things on YouTube all the time. So he starts thinking, Man, white man doesn't really exist, man. He's atheist, you know, make a good point. Sometimes. He's also doubt in his mind, he says stuff and I'm a hypocrite.

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Where it depends, have you? Do you entertain that thought and take it to its nth degree? Or do you disregard it, dismiss it and say, You know what, this is from shavon. I'm not going to entertain it. Of course, lrsm himself gave this advice.

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A man came to the process. And he said, I have doubts. Imagine the process of Yes, there's no YouTube then. So

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it can happen anytime.

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So the process haven't explained. I'm paraphrasing, but the person explained that she thought will come to you and make you question everything until he makes you question a lot himself.

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And when that happens, what should you do? What did he say to do?

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All the 11 she thought he was close. He told him to read a surah in the Quran.

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very close, though.

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isn't a Surah

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Surah to the class. He said when shaitaan comes to you and says to you what Where were you? Where did you come from? Where did your father come from? Where did where did it come from? At that moment? Read through a lot more head. A lot of Summer Love unit one unit? What am your call now for one? Why?

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The reason is, is because the antidote to doubt of that nature is to dismiss the doubt not to entertain the doubt. And the way you dismiss it is by reaffirming your belief, per se. He is a lot the uniquely one. The one who needs no one and everyone needs him is so this is the difference person may have some doubts that come into their mind sometimes. It's not a big deal. I'm telling you myself, it's not a big deal. The problem is when you entertain those doubts, does that make sense? That's the third thing. The last thing will have what

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you used to have Amma Li Imani is the root of the word Omnia only a means to have wishful thinking. just wishful thinking. You know, wishful thinking means it means when you hope that something happens, but that thing can never happen. Okay? So brother says essential Brother, you know, what's your aspirations in life? He says, I want to win the Nobel Peace Prize for innovation in chemistry. Mashallah.

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That's really good. By the way you studying at the moment is a lot more so than anything I wrote at school.

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Seriously, how you become Nobel Peace Prize winner of chemistry, you know, you have a GCSE in chemistry. Yes. This is wishful thinking. Allah said the Mona Hippo used to have wishful thinking. Now the question is, what were they thinking about? The Mufasa? Well, they said they wishful thinking was that the Prophet sallallahu Sallam wouldn't be killed, and Islam will not be dominant. Now, the beautiful reverse implication of that is that that was wishful thinking. The reality is that Islam would always be dominant. Islam would conquer all and Islam would be Supremes power law. So another lesson brothers and sisters, that when you watch the news of the Muslim board, it is very

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depressing, very hurtful, makes you very upset. But you should not go to the extreme where you think this means the end of Islam. This means that it's not will never be prosperous. No doubt the situation is bleak. But we have been promised will allow people to live tackling that in the end Allah said the poor on the victory is for those who are mindful law, that is the promise of a loss of hanadama. So though you can get upset, though you may cry have never become like the hypocrites who think Islam is not going to succeed. Just realize that Islam is going through a difficult time. And even if you think about it on a historical level, Islam has been in this world from the time of

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the person to today which is 14 139 years, 14 139 years of those 14 139 years.

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were with Islam as the superpower of the world. Did you know that 1200 out of 1400 the overwhelming majority of Muslim history has been one of success and supremacy. Only today, are we going through that love of that date? Soon inshallah we'll return back to its high and remain like that until the autopia. This is the promise of Allah. Yes, do not be so depressed about this, Allah will give us victory in due time.

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So Allah said that they said to the woman after Mahabharat cool avani that you were deceived by your wishful thinking.

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The reality was that what you hoped for was never going to

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Until the hour of unlocking the armor literally means the affair or matter of Allah comes, that is the point until that is, you will keep on being like this until this happens. What is the number of Allah here? images he said, it can mean two things. First, is until Islam becomes prosperous, ie photron Baca, when the conquest of Makkah took place, then they realized that Islam truly is here to stay forever. But the other opinion is more interesting that they will continue to live as hypocrites until death comes

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when medical mode turns up on the doorstep, and takes this soul from their bodies, and the curtain is lifted, then they will realize that man, I was a bad hypocrite all my life. And that teaches us a lesson. That munafo cool. They are deluded people. If you approach them and say to them, why are you living like a hypocrite? Humans don't live like this. They will say what do you mean living like a good person?

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What do you mean, I'm with enemies? I'm not with the enemies. I'm trying to help the Muslims by being with the enemies. This

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is people that work for the government, okay. On a particular policy that has been

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shown through studies to be a detriment to the Muslim community. You are working on that policy. You are working on that agenda? How do you justify that? No, no, we are working within the ranks in order to make things better for the Muslims. Seriously, you are deluded man. You are deluded?

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And by the way, it's not for the money isn't

00:22:35--> 00:23:11

that never entered your mind at any stage? See, Allah says in sort of Baccarat without the hoopla to see to fill out the Apollo in Nevada, no. Muslim, isn't it? When they are when they are told Don't be mysterious in the world. They say we talk about mysterious malware righteous people after naked man. We're here to do the right thing. You're the people are doing silly things. a va says well, home law, yes your own. They don't perceive it. They don't realize it. They are deluded until death comes through.

00:23:12--> 00:23:50

Then that delusion melts away they see the reality. But then it is too late. The amarula wahama can be lying on the last word of the believers to the last report is that shapen he deluded you? Now they don't say Shut up. They say aloha who is the word aloha who is the person who takes advantage of other people. Because Guru is the idea of convincing someone that something harmful is actually something good. Yes. So you know, like, some heartless, evil people that engage in human trafficking.

00:23:52--> 00:24:13

They call people from third world countries, young people to come and live a life in the UK, because you'll be successful and prosperous. But when they come to the shores, they enslave them and make them do horrible things. You've heard about these terms, human trafficking, they are engaging in horrible, overall drama.

00:24:14--> 00:24:19

And they are people who are taking advantage of others. The believers they refer to shape honors that person.

00:24:20--> 00:24:27

Because they thought he makes bad things seem good to you. So you end up doing them.

00:24:28--> 00:24:30

You know, somehow there was a run by the papers.

00:24:31--> 00:24:39

There is man who sold his story to the Daily Mail, or the daily failures they're about to say. And his story is that I used to work for them.

00:24:41--> 00:24:59

And my job was is that I used to work in Luton workplaces. Yes. My job was to go into the into the mosques, sit with the people and try and find something that can be used against the speaker. Yes. Then what happened is they sent me to Yemen

00:25:00--> 00:25:17

to infiltrate a pile. Yes. So he said a very dangerous mission. They promised me 10,000 pounds. So I went to him, and I infiltrate This is his word. And I want you to believe his word that he infiltrated. He said the ranks of al Qaeda. And he was there with the senior people.

00:25:18--> 00:25:38

And he got some information from that. And then he came back to the UK. He said, I went to EMI five, I told them what I had, they took my information and they refused to pay me the 2000 pounds. Then I told them, I'm gonna go to the papers. They didn't believe me and here I am now. Daily Mail, take my story. Yes, this is the life of a hypocrite.

00:25:39--> 00:25:42

Allah says, In Surah Nisa,

00:25:43--> 00:25:57

Buda Vina, baynard Anika, La ilaha illa Allah Allah, Allah listen to this, Allah says, they did the between this and that, neither are they with them. No, there are no are they with these people?

00:25:58--> 00:26:12

This there are hidden or they are there. They just see where the interest lies. If you see I'll be with them. If you say I'll be with them. See, this is wishful thinking. This is deception, who is deceiving them a ship on is deceived them

00:26:15--> 00:26:20

the next verse from Yamaha to mean configure to what I mean and that in a careful

00:26:21--> 00:26:58

then the conversation is concluded by Allah. Allah speaks to the hypocrites and says, today no ransom will be taken from you know from those who disbelieved. Notice how Allah He loved them together with the kuffaar while Amina La Nina capital. Why? Because the reality is that the hypocrites are disbelievers except that they lie about it. So all your will clear, allow our brain the hypocrites alongside the disbelievers can address them as one and punish them as one as low Why?

00:26:59--> 00:27:39

In order to show everybody else that though they seem to be Muslim in this life, in reality, they will dismiss us but secondly also to teach them one after four that don't think you're going to get any special treatment today. You are going to be treated just like the one off in porn that was just like the kuffaar are going to be treated the same punishment. In fact in sorta Nisa, Allah says in the Mona Tina Fidel Kim is fairly minor now. No doubt about it, the hypocrites are going to be in the lowest pits of the health while that they will get the punishment even worse than the disbelievers May Allah protect and preserve us all from the boss.

00:27:40--> 00:28:24

So Allah says to them that no fear would be accepted for me. No ransom, this idea of giving, not accepting ransom on your Nokia is always mentioned in the heart. What does it mean? See, when a person reaches a point of desperation, he is willing to give anything to avoid the punishments, you know, only truly appreciate the meaning of this. But something happened to me in my own life. Not too long ago, my youngest daughter, okay, she became very ill. And we had to take her to the hospital a number of times, took a three times a fourth time we took us years, the problems with breeding soybeans pile one years old at the time, when he took it to the to the house of the fourth

00:28:24--> 00:28:44

time, I remember that things escalated very quickly. And the doctors gave her the first round of medication didn't work, then the second round of medication didn't work, then they put her on IV treatment, okay, do all these wires going into her veins and she's been causing loss of drugs. And then all these other doctors came onto the scene. I remember I was right there looking over her.

00:28:45--> 00:29:06

And I could tell by the way they were panicking, that my daughter may be slipping away from me. And in that moment, I remember falling to the ground on my knees. And I called out to Allah like never before. And I said to Allah, every good thing I have in my life to live, I wish I could sacrifice it now just so you can keep it with me.

00:29:07--> 00:29:56

I remember saying that to him. And after that, I read these verses and I appreciate what they meant. That the one attitude and the Kufa when they realize where they are going, and the pain that they will suffer, they will be willing to give anything away. Allah take anything and everything my child my mother, every welfare had taken all a lot just save me from this. So when Allah says yo mala you have to mean configure, no ransom is going to be taken. It shows the desperation in the minds of the one African and akufo they have reached the point of total desperation. Allah says you have no hopes. There's no turning back the clock. There is no repeating this punishment. It's going to

00:29:56--> 00:30:00

happen. And then I must say something very scary. He says

00:30:00--> 00:30:53

Metal welcome will now your memoir is the file. The word matter means the place that you return to. The place that you're going to return to now is nothing but the fire here no lockup. This is the scary part. Allah says the fire it is going to be your molar. What is molar? molar means your protective friends, your protective friend, how can the fire be your friend? ally is turning the word on its head and saying the only friend you're going to have today is the fire itself. And just like a friend never leaves your side so too will the fire never leave your side? does Allah say Ramadan laughing? May Allah protect us. Look at these words, here, Mona, that is going to be your

00:30:53--> 00:31:17

protector for another day. What big sell mercy to summarize everything. Allah said What a horrible mercy the mercy is your final destination, the place that you are going to stay for an eternity What a horrible place that is some of the scholars they said. This is the only place in the Quran where Allah refers to the fire as being the moment

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and Allah reserved this label for the worst of people that went after corn as well. And also the scholars said, there is the distinction here. Allah first spoke about the place. And then Allah spoke about the company when Allah said, yo man, I had to make a video while Amina Lena cafaro man, welcome are not your place is going to be the file. This is your place. And then here Mola, your company is going to be the fire as well. They said that look, the place in the company is brought together because sometimes a person can go to a horrible place where you can find good company. And sometimes a person can go to a very nice place but find horrible company. Allah said the Hellfire is

00:32:05--> 00:32:55

not only a terrible place, but it also has terrible companies was totally diminishing any hope that these people may have some of the lessons we learned from these two verses and I'll finish with this number one lesson brothers and sisters. That hypocrisy. Allah punishes hypocrisy, like he doesn't punish anything else. The punishment reserved for hypocrisy is very severe. Therefore, every Muslim, every person listening to this needs to be concerned with their heart. What level of hypocrisy is in my heart? How much of hypocrisy is in my heart There is a saying amongst yourself, that the only person who thinks himself free from hypocrisy is a hypocrite himself is if you think to yourself,

00:32:55--> 00:33:14

man, I'm not a hypocrite, nor do I have any shade of hypocrisy, that is a sign that you are suffering from hypocrisy. There is a lot to teach you. Okay, very simple to read it in Sharla and your praise, Allah will free you from hypocrisy that there are is Allahumma barrhead portobella

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along mapa Hill Palooza, minute news be fab

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a lot mobilehelp alumina means Oh Allah, purify, purify our hearts from the foul. This is one thing. second lesson we learn from this is that hypocrisy can be very subtle. You may not know that somebody said what is the proof of that? Is is a statement where they say I love knuckle mountain what we with you? I think about that part of the meeting was did we marry into each other's families? Now? Would anyone want to marry their daughter to a hypocrite? No, no one would. Unless, of course you didn't know they were hypocrites. So this verse is teaching us a property can be very subtle. You may not notice it. And I told you last time that two prophets of love, their wives

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became hypocrites. You remember who they were, who were there when we

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know Hassan and Luther so I mean a prophet of Allah who received revelation of Allah even he didn't realize, what is it the wife of his heart? It was in the heart of his Well, yes. So hypocrisy can be very, very subtle. And that is why it is also very dangerous is more subtle. What I mentioned one point about no hell so very beautiful reflection. Nonetheless.

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He is the first messenger, meaning the first prasun of Islam was a newbie, but know how to his numbers and assume the first row so how long did you live for?

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1000 years

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1000 years ago dances for 950 of the fifth of the 1000 years he was quoting people to Islam. And for 950 years he was being abused, rejected, abused and rejected. Now the thing is, usually when you go through a difficult time, you think about people that went through something similar. And you find strength in that isn't

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the thing about notionally tsunamis, he had no one to fall back on. He was the first messenger. It's not like he could say to himself, yeah, but so and so went through the same problems. He didn't have that in his mind to say there is someone who came before who went through this and he remained developed.

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Like our profit center Wellness Center, he could find a strength in all of the profits that came before. Yes, but no head no one. And despite that, he had such patience and determination. What an incredible man he was, despite his formidable character, his own wife was a bonus makes you think readers make anything.

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The last lesson we learn from these verses, brothers and sisters, is

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that from the science of hypocrisy is to be have a very be a very be a person who engaged in procrastination, procrastination is something that can lead you to prophesy. Therefore, never, ever, tell yourself, I will do this good deed tomorrow. Rather be someone who always says I'm going to do this good deed today is the promise that along with

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he told us that one of the worst punishments the person can be given is that he is left to do his sin.

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In the Hadith, in Sahih, Muslim the person who said, you either are the law who may have been a sharp, if Allah was evil for a slave, Adam seca and who then don't he lets him continue to do his sin had the UEFI me he Yamanaka piano until he is raised up with that sin on your multicam

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that this is for the punishment of Allah. Therefore we should make dua to Allah that whatever mistakes we are making in our life, small or big, Allah show it to us now. Don't let us continue doing it like the one after call. And let us have the trophy to change our ways long. I mean, that also loss of libido habit for yourself your main desire for life and welcome if anyone has any questions