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The use of shaming to assert success and confusion is important in Islam, and it can affect one's comfort with Islam. The importance of removing pride and humility in religion and the internal sh pattern of Islam are also discussed. The use of idols and the shaming of "will" in religion is emphasized, as it can lead to negative reactions and negative comments. The segment also touches on the ongoing practice of burying girls alive and the importance of protecting one's own children from evil behavior and the future healthy environments.

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Salam Alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuhu hamdu Lillah wa salatu salam ala rasulillah were buried. So let's continue. It's Episode Seven today and we are at verse number 48. Allah subhanho wa Taala continues and he says LLM euro Ll lm felucca love means Shay in yetta. Yet all the lead anelia meanie was Shama le sujeto don't they see a llama Holla Holla him and shake it to what Allah subhanho wa Taala had created, yet a failure all the lead or him yet to failure or is the shade that slowly disappears as the sun continues to set. So as the sun is about to set, you'll notice that the shade extends and it's sort of leaving you and it gets longer and longer until it disappears, that's

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yet to affect you, to Allah. Even that shade yet a five year old lead no more and then Yemeni was Shema so on your right and on your left that shade usual Shema le sujet La La it's also submissive to Allah. That's amazing. So even our shade submits itself to Allah subhanho wa Taala it's remarkable. What was while home death hero when he left he has to do man fist semi wire to one man fill out all the mean by everything that belongs to Allah in the heavens. And in the earth woman I feel oddly mean dab back from even the most miniscule of creation, while mela aka an even the angels for whom LA is stuck, be alone. All of these things first and foremost they make such a to Allah and

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they don't have a lawyer stick beer on and they're not proud. They're not. They don't have any sense of pride that Wait a minute, I'm not going to prostrate to Allah, I won't submit submit myself to Allah. Johar funaab Bellman felpa him way afar Luna, you know and this is one of many evidences in the Quran that angels do exactly as they are told why afar Luna you know and and they will do whatever they are commanded to do. So what Ally's capturing here is that everything on this planet, including your own shadow, submits itself to Allah is making sagitta to Allah in a manner that is pleasing to Allah. So here's the lesson for you. And I

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also said, when I fill out the main data, and everything on this earth, even the most miniscule of his creation, even the tiniest of creations, even the tiniest insects, even the plants, even the sun, the stars, the moon, everything makes sense to and prostrates to Allah. So if all of those things can do, if all of the insects and the animals can make sagitta to Allah, and worship Allah, what happened to you? That's the lesson for us. How come for us as human beings Now obviously, the exceptions are the exception. So I'm just talking generally, how come at the end of the day, generally speaking, so many people can't do it. They can't submit themselves to Allah. And you

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notice what Allah singles out, well, whom lay a stick bureau on his stick belt, and they don't have any sense or ounce of pride or kibble to do that. Because why to prostrate to a love requires 100% humility, you know, you might be able to do the action and they're still kibbled or pride in the heart. So that could also entail that could actually put your sagittis subject to being accepted from Allah. So you have to be cautious of these things. So ally, so just singles out that the one thing that you can remove, that will guarantee you sujood prostration, is you remove all forms of kibber and pride. And the opposite of that, of course, is remaining humble and standing in front of

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Allah with humility. And the way that we express humility to Allah is by putting our foreheads on the ground for Allah May Allah so which will give us strength Allahumma me will call it the LA hula. Definitely the ILA heinous naini in NEMA, who Isla Wahid

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and Allah said don't take even to idols of worship or to de tes of worship you know in some traditions you might have three Gods but it's usually sometimes what in conversation or even in worship one might be missing and this was also a practice during the time of our prophets highly sought was Sam and so the point here is a less singles out and even address of that specifically, there's no such thing Allah Himself is saying, Don't attribute that even to Gods to me not even multiple gods to me not even one god to me, because why, in NEMA? Who ILA why indeed he is the one. He is the only one he is the source of the of oneness of Allah subhana wa

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Darla tauheed yay for her boon, whether whomever is worth it well out of water who Dean well see that, To Him belongs everything in the heavens and the earth. And to him is also what a Houdini while seabear while siba, unchanged, untouched, that's our deed, a lot preserved and protected our religion so it could never be altered, it could never be changed. What that means for you and I is culture, your culture can be part of our religion, but it's never the religion. You know. And that's, that's exceptionally important. You know, we might dress a certain way when we pray, we might talk a certain way we might act a certain way depending on which culture and society we belong

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to. But when it comes to religion, when it comes to the morals and ethics and principles of our Deen, Allah says that our Deen he created while siba unchanged, Unturned or altered fobo to law heat at the moon. So as a result is there going to be anything other than a length that you are fearful of that you are conscious of, because you know what happened here, then we should akun we're afraid that their loyalty to their idols would be compromised. And so they work day and night, they went in all corners to defend and protect their worship. So Allah subhanho wa Taala says that, you know, even in tradition, that idol worship, lots of things can change that even the idol itself could

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change, the design of it can change. And if you ever look at images of idols that were worshipped, you know, early 1800s, or whatever, as far back as you can go, and you look at those same idols, maybe the shape, maybe the what the idol stood for, all of those things are still intact to some extent. But also there are a lot of other things that have changed. You know, people might add other rituals to that worship, they might design the idol differently, they might give different versions, different companies will do this and that it sounds silly, it sounds trivial, but that's exactly what he was calling out that even the little things about the idol worship you're so concerned

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about. But this religion is while ceiba this religion is untouched, it's as pure as the day it was revealed. And Allah protected it since then until the day of judgment. So who else are you going to fear now? Is it not enough that again, this book here, untouched, unchanged, unaltered, since the day it was revealed? Is that not enough for you? This is what Allah subhanaw taala is asking. Then Allah continues what may be coming near Mateen Femina Allah, then all of the noble blessings that Allah gave you, they are all from him anyway. So if Okay, fine. So Allah puts aside idol worship for a second, look at all the things that you do have, you know, the ability to wake up great health,

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you can live you, you have the greatest blessing of life. Look at all the wonderful things that you share your family, you have an opportunity to wake up and go about your day, enjoy your life, enjoy your time in this world is not enough. So this is what Ally's saying. feminine law somebody either Masako madora la he touched on, then when the law captures them in disobedience, or in misguidance for LA, he turns it around, then they'll start crying out like animals tend to Evelyn from the edge era, is when you hear the sound of the animal crying. You know, if a cow or a dog or somebody is missing, we know somebody you know, other animals that you're accustomed to or a partner that they

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have. And that that animal goes missing, you can hear the cry of that animal that's out. And so Allah is saying that when death comes and captures you, you're going to be sitting there and doing what he turns around, you're just going to return to Allah crying like an animal. Because you've been warned, you've been given lessons, you've been given instructions, you've been told, you've been educated and still that didn't do anything. So now you're going to come and turn to me in this particular way, this manner, somebody that kashia from Doran comida ferry coming combi Robbie him usually go and then Allah will remove a border, Allah will remove that misguidance from your ankle

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either Fetty coming from the Arab English record, if you were to disassociate yourself from the things that you used to associate with Allah. So in other words, if you stop the show, then Allah will remove all of this from you. So Allah will bless you with clarity and guidance. The photo will be met at a noun fatimata roof I sell photography on this day. It's unbelievable. They will continue to disbelieve regardless. So in other words, a lie. So Michel is saying that even if he removes, even if Allah allowed you to remove those idols, liat food will be maintained at home, then there are still other things that you might still display.

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Believe and commit disbelief with at the end of the day. So, what Allah subhanaw taala is also addressing here is that internal shirk. So yeah, you might not be bowing down to a statue or to an idol. You might not be praying to that. But somewhere deep within you might be thinking, hmm, people pray that this idol for money, Ellen, if I want, if it really works, maybe I can, maybe, okay, I'm not going to actually make an offering. But, you know, Hey, could you make me a little bit rich? Could you give me a little extra, maybe you might just talk to it, maybe your heart might just talk to it. That's what I was addressing here. Internal shock. So that's just, you know, in some ways

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that can even be more dangerous than the obvious apparent shadow that you might see or hear of, is the internal one. Because that has to come from a an attitude of selflessness. Like you have to be able to recognize that that's there in order to address it in order to do something about it. Remove all of that, and then allow silicosis photometer. Okay, so with that internal choke, or any minor forms of it, you became comfortable with it. Just like what we said yesterday, in yesterday's episode, sometimes a lie becomes a lie. And when when you repeat it so often, you're convinced so panela, that that lie is the truth. It's, it's inevitable. You know, the great Malcolm X once said

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that the media has a way of doing that, where they can take a lie and repeat it so much that people will eventually be convinced that it's the truth. Right? And he was talking about media propaganda and other things as well. And so in the poor and here Allah is saying is that fetta Mehta is like you're eventually going to get comfortable with the stuff you're going to eventually see, it's going to convince you, and it's going to put you in a state where it's almost impossible for you to recognize anything is wrong. So what is a lesson for solfatara lemon? Oh, you're going to know it's going it's going to be confronted. So you better believe it. No matter how much you are convinced

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that this is the way to reach Allah, Allah will show you for solfatara learning, you will eventually have knowledge and you will be taught you will be put in your place. A lesson is coming metallized so to protect us,

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we are charging Luna Lima Allah Yaga Muna nasi by merasakan at home and we've also placed for them that they don't even know the sacrifices that we had provided that we had given for them or the risk that we provided for them so even sustenance itself, they didn't understand the value of this. So in other words, showed up the leads to this attitude of you start losing gratitude, you start losing gratitude, you start losing appreciation for even the most obvious basic things that you need for survival sake. So that's what Allah is calling out here. So what is Alessi? tala he led to Luna kwangtung TIFF total. This is another way that Allah swears in the Quran or gives an oath and he

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says, the law him for Allah He is like saying, the craziness by Allah the craziness and the stupidity that this is reached to you will be asked about quantum testosterone, about all the things that you're making up. Now listen to the final a brothers and sisters, this is where things shift now so we finished dealing with blasphemy. Now look at the next topic that Allah brings up.

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What either boo Shira Voyager Luna lilla Hill Bennett, and we gave Allah subhanho wa Taala blessed and he gave them daughters Subhana Allah Masha, Allah subhanho wa sallahu Maya stone. So even despite that Allah gave them doctors they said subpoena who they praise the law, while at home is the one and they still got what they wanted at the end of the day. So what is the law referring to here? Keep listening, what the bush should do home bill, whenever they were given the glad tidings of a daughter. That's the title of this video, by the way, how Allah feels about and how Allah protects our daughters.

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After Allah dealt with blasphemy, and unfortunately, you know, I wouldn't be surprised that this practice, but obviously in different forms is still being done today. The daughters in general, girls in general,

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Allah in the poor end, first and foremost, calls this practice out and says that look, you know, back in the time of the machete cone, they always hope to have a boy Why? Because they wanted the support. They wanted somebody to join the army, they wanted somebody to work. So they felt like only boys could do that. And this is why that whole practice for generations to place where they restrict

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Did inheritance to the daughters. And there was a really nasty, despicable vile, like the worst of the worst practice back then. But again, it wouldn't surprise me that in today's world, there are parts of the world that might do something similar. Basically, when they back then when they had a daughter, they, they would say things like, like some of the most despicable shameful words. So basically is like, why did this happen to me, you know, it's a daughter, okay? Just just get rid of her, or we're not going to really pay attention. So she's not going to get nothing from us, she's going to inherit from us, she's just going to be, and I hate to say these words, but at least to

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just paint a picture for you, of what it was like back then. They treated daughters like pets. So they had no rights, they were just kind of lingering around in the house, because why they didn't see any value. And they were also concerned about, okay, you know, she's not gonna be able to join the army, she's not going to be able to support then we're gonna have to take care of her. She'll be more, you know, she'll cost us more wealth, more time, etc, etc. They came up with all of this garbage, right? So what does the les say? Listen to what is a Bush era, whenever you were given Bushido Bush era in Arabic, is the word that is used when you congratulate somebody on incredible

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news. So Allah by using this word is already happy and pleased. The fact that you have a daughter, we don't have a single area in the entire core, and that talks like this about a son. But when it comes to the daughter, and this is a pattern that's found throughout the Quran, Allah protects women, because and the way that you can, you can understand that and see that is how Allah addresses their concerns. So when girls were being buried alive, or killed just because they were girls, Allah first and said, What either Bushido Don't you know, you have the best thing on this world. Congratulations to you, you should be happiest to parents on the planet. The fact that you have a

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daughter in another surah so tell me J Dilla. What did Allah say in the very beginning, the very first day but as semia Allah who call allottee to J doodle caffee, Xochi, her, Allah heard the cry, or the complaint of the woman that was going through a tough time when she was going through abuse from her husband. You see, whenever she was in trouble, whenever the woman was in trouble, Allah stepped in and took over that whole situation. So in that sutra, when the wife came to the Prophet Lisa to sue them, and she complained, my husband was abusive to me, Allah took over the conversation here now, when these people were taking daughters and burying them alive, Allah took over the

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conversation and to and literally eradicated this practice. So I love first and foremost is what either Boucher First of all, change your attitude, we should be grateful that you have a daughter, unfortunately, I hate to say but it does exist internally as a cultural problem within the Muslim world as well. And I'm sure that some of you listening to this, you know exactly what I'm talking about. And still exists. I've seen it. I hear about it all the time. So culturally, it's still there. You know, I've heard this, I've heard this with my own ears that,

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you know, I heard a brother, he was handing out some sweets and msgid. And it was a tradition that his culture had, that as soon as they had a child that would go to a Masjid or go to a large gathering that just had out some sweets just in order to celebrate, you know, it's great news. They're happy. He had a daughter, but I heard that a brother came to him I heard this with my own ears. And the brothers said, Mashallah, you had a child, you had a child, what do you have? And the brother said, Hamdulillah, I had a daughter and the brother looked at him and said, okay, don't worry next time inshallah you'll have a son.

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And I think, you know, at some point this this guy, this father, he was ready to fight this men like right in the mess. Did you know that it almost turned into a shouting match. But thankfully myself and some others, we kind of just told him told her brother, don't ever repeat that again. And don't ever say anything like that, you know, it's wrong, etc. We gave it to him good. But the point is, that taught me firsthand that this stuff still exists. Then Allah says,

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Bill, Allah Whatchu. Now Allah calls out the practice back then look what they did. avala their face became darkin what Chu who their entire face moosewood de so it was like this. Just pay attention to my face, right? They got the news that they're having a daughter and they went,

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Oh, a daughter. I already picked out a name.

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For a sudden, we already planned everything. We already got the party and excitement, everything ready for a sudden that so see see that attitude that expression, that response that's loaded to their face became shaded with grief and sadness. You know they couldn't they were just upset about the whole situation and then Allah says must sweat the more sweat the their face just became darkened by well who will be Halim Now listen to it. Well who are Kelvin, and they were also Kelvin is the same word that was used to describe usurps father, early his Selim, when he the sadness just came to a point where he swallowed his sadness. You ever notice that when you're really sad about

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something, but you don't want your kids to see, you don't want others to see it's so you kind of like swallow the sadness, you kind of just pulled it in, you know, the tear might still fall, but you kind of laugh it off. That's called Calvin Gilliam is when you're holding back your sadness, and you're keeping it within but it's it's so overwhelming. It's so much you want to let it out, but you keep it together. That's what the apple barleys salon did in front of the sons, you know, because he didn't, at some point, he didn't want to show them that, you know, so much of his love and grief was for use of either his slim who was still missing at that point. And so he held it and kept himself

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together and parents, you know what kelvim is? Because you do it all the time for the sake of your kids. You do this all the time. I'm a parent sometimes if something really saddens me, I don't want my my, my young kids to see that. And I don't want them to be concerned they're going to lose sleep, wondering what happened to mom and dad. And so we all do that as parents, especially when you have children. Sometimes you might do this with each other. You don't want your spouse to see that something that you know might have happened hurt you so much. So you put on a brave face. All of that is called Calvin

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then the A it continues but I'm going to save that part for the next episode because I want you to appreciate as a fresh episode and a fresh start of how Allah dealt with this problem. So there you have it. First and foremost, also I want to add the Prophet alayhi salaatu wa sallam said that anybody who has three daughters three daughters authentic Heidi's narrating soon enough Abby doubt 100% authentic you can even look it up online

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that and you treat them with a nobility as well as mercy the Hellfire becomes hot on for you as a parent in other words, if you fulfill all of your responsibilities towards caring for our daughter it's know nothing about a son is mentioned here. It's this is specifically this hadith is about daughters, you have three daughters or more and you take care of them well and you show them mercy Allah will make the Hellfire hot on for you. So in other words, your daughter's could be the protection between you and the lust punishment if you take care of them right. So when the Sahaba has heard this, they said Jada sola What if we have to

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the Prophet Ali slept with Salim says even if you have to, obviously when companion came and asked, yada swallow, what if I just have one daughter, and the Prophet Elisa was celeb smiled.

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And he said, even when you take care of her, you treat her well. The Hellfire will be held on for you. So if you if you have one daughter, at Hamdulillah, I have one daughter. You know, I'm sure many of you have daughters as well, even if you just have one, that daughter is special. And I've posted about this several times in the past of just how, how special and different daughters are they just, it's just different. You know, they talk differently, their concern is differently. And the connection is just very different. You know, a son is one, you know, it's one kind of relationship, you know, and that's special in its own way. But daughters is just it's very personal.

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You know, and it touches deep within and it hits emotions from within. It's a very different, and I don't even know really how to explain it. But those of you that have daughters and you have sons, you know exactly what I'm talking about, you know the difference. It's just, it's just a very unique experience. And so Ally's capturing a lot of this, but Subhanallah you will see as we continue the next couple of verses how Allah defends and how Allah protects daughters. It's remarkable. So May Allah so to protect our daughters and protect our sons, Allah whom I mean, may Allah so which will remove this behavior and this attitude towards either daughters or sons. But in this day here,

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particularly with the daughters, may Allah azza wa jal remove this vile and sick attitude that some cultures

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carrying around the globe and even internally in this room a lot so we'll remove that from all alone. I mean, just from a level height and and shout low Taleb, we will be taking a large chunk of the suit of tomorrow because we're going to get into a theme that I want to keep together in one episode. So just be just stay tuned that be prepared. tomorrow's episode might be about 25 to 30 minutes long in sha Allah, I'll do my very best to keep it as concise as possible. But I definitely want to keep the one theme all together in one episode, so it's just easier to follow that way in sha Allah. May Allah azza wa jal bless all of you, bless your family and keep you all protected and

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healthy. I love them. I mean, just like my level hate on everyone, hope you enjoy today's episode until we meet again, set up more Alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh