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Zakir Naik
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the meaning of the Arabic word Lama, which is used in the Bible and is related to a myth that Islam is forgiving small mistakes. They also mention a difference in opinion on the topic of the word Lcut, which is used in English for small injuries, and the meaning of the word Lcut is related to a myth that Islam is forgiving small mistakes.
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What exactly is meant by the meaning of the word Lama,

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translated here as I believe small faults in the verse of Surah najem,

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that there wasn't the Quran in surah najem chapter number 53 Verse number 31 and 32. May Allah smart Allah says that to Allah belongs everything heavens in the earth, Allah subhanaw taala has created everything in the heavens in the earth.

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he gives you every evil act according to the deeds

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and he rewards every good act according to the best.

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And Allah subhanaw taala. If a person avoid the major sins, and the shameful deeds, except the minimum, translated small, false, Allah subhanaw taala, forgive him. Now there is a difference of opinion among the scholars, as far as what is the meaning of this Arabic word Lama.

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If you read a summary, one, number two, page number 527.

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It says that, according to most of the sellers,

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they said that lump sum,

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it means anything done only once, even if it's the major sin. And this was the view of

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Abu Huraira. May Allah be pleased with him, which I had my love mercy on him, and so on and so forth. But if you read

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Kirby, volume 17, page number 71. Here it says that on site Musab, he says that lamb means a thought which comes into your mind once and was a myth, maybe an evil thought would come then goes away.

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According to Al Hasan fuddle.

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He says that llama means forbidden glands that to give once

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without intention, but if you give a second glance, then it's a sin of love, beloved prophets at the first glance is forgiving, the second is prohibited. So if it's the first glance, without intention, then it comes into the small sin Salama.

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And for the Frieden,

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debris one, number two,

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page number five to six and five to seven.

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Some of the scholars they say that Lama means the sins done by the Muslims, before they accepted Islam at that time, in the days of Janelia in the ignorance which Allah will forgive all the sins. This is

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because when the non Muslim was sick, we used to tell those who became Muslims, that these things we used to do yesterday, and now you say it's a sin. So this was was revealed. So in chapter 53, verse 3132, saying that stay away from the major sins and shameful deeds and what is the llama means the person they do Allah will forgive. But according to most of the scholars, the majority scholars they say that llama means minor sins of small falls.

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And further, if you read the view of Imam Rahim, he says that lamb means small minuses and that it of say Bokhari

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one number eight, Item A 6243. We have a batsman lab up with him. He says that he does not know the meaning of Rama except what he heard from Abu Huraira Milla repeated him who says that the Messenger of Allah said that every son of Adam has his share of adultery. And he does it inevitably. The adultery of the eyes, is a person giving a gift with somebody, they don't you have the tongue is to speak

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and what is in man's desire, his own wishes, and then his private part will either confirm or deny.

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So, there is a difference of opinion as far as the word LOM is concerned. And further if you read according to mama NaVi,

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he says that law means what a person intends to do, but does not do.

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A person thinks of doing it does not do with going towards that but does not do the last Morrison's. Furthermore, the other scholars, they say the the specific motions, but according to Toby are a number 17 page number 70 That means minus sins are small faults which Allah subhanaw taala inshallah forgive and they have cross references for Nisar chapter four, verse number 31, that Allah subhanaw taala as long as you stay away from major sins, you forgive your sponsors.

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