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Salam alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh Alhamdulillah wa Salatu was Salam ala rasulillah so let's continue brothers and sisters our journey through suta timnah hell we are on verse number 36. Allah subhanho wa Taala continues well after the birth Neff equally omental Rasulullah and they are Buddha law attorney Botha hood. And we sent all with all nations prophets and messengers, and they had two primary roles, and they are Buddha law which to enable toehold so that you can encourage people to worship but also protect themselves from tyrants and misguidance. And transgressing in the path of a loss of passing within the parameters or limits of Allah subhanho wa Taala for men home manhood

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Allah there were some from amongst them that ally so a Joe had guided woman whom and how Katara heal Bala. And then there were also some that have been stamped with the label of misguidance. In other words, in other words, this is a really tough thing to swallow. There are some that no matter how much you wish guidance for Allah had already written misguidance for them. But in context here, these idols and whatever other than Allah, these these people worshiped and devoted to a life saying how utterly he'll Bala like it's a done case, there's just no way you will ever find guidance in them, you'll ever find direction in them. And then I'll look into news for co2 fill also travel this

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world found little kafer can our activity Mackenzie been and see what we did to those who as a result of their lies and their deception, see what we did to them. Entire sila who their home No matter how much you desire for guidance from them for in the law halaya de may you'll deal alone will not guide those that misguide This was one of the hardest a yet for the prophet Isaiah his salatu salam, can you imagine your whole purpose your whole life, your whole motivation is to try and remind and teacher people, especially those that are loyal to you, you want to advise them and you want the best for them. And for whatever reason, you know, not everybody was susceptible to your

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message, not everyone was open was acceptable. And as a result, you had to swallow a tough pill that I just can't guide I don't know what else to do it Nicoletta demon about some of us have people in our own families that are like this. No matter what you say, no matter what you do, just you can give you can't force guidance on anyone. That's a really difficult thing to accept, even for us. Just regular day to day people. You know, you have your children, you have your city, your siblings, even sometimes you have your parents, and you want the best for them. You want them to be at the masjid with you. But you're driving there alone everyday you want them to be in a classroom with

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you, but you're the only one that's been in the classroom. You want them to watch what they eat, to earn halal money and all of the wonderful things that religion teaches us. And at the end of the day, it just doesn't happen for everyone. This was a really difficult thing for our Prophet alayhi salatu salam to accept simply because of his incredible love for his people, and his incredible desire to give them the best of himself. And still, you know, it happened with his own uncle, the man who was like a father to him, Allah subhanaw taala, revealed in Nicoletta demon, but you can guide the people that you love. Well, I can Allaha de Mayo share. But understand that only Allah

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will choose and decide who he guides. And you know, one of the wisdoms behind why it works that way is that we don't know the outcome of guidance. We don't know that, okay, if this person makes the right decision, if this is the best thing for that individual. And for all of us, there are certain things about you know, even when you do the right thing that has to remain with only the only Allah will truly understand why that individual is that the way they are, for whatever reason, and this has happened. And you can see hundreds of examples of this in our scioto that there were companions that lived the worst lives you can imagine pre Islam, for whatever reason, a lot put them through

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that, for whatever reason, they were they could have had guidance from day one, they could have followed the guidance, or at least most of them could have followed the guidance of their previous prophets and messengers and local you know, scholars and other religions and faiths that were still committed to the oneness of Allah they could have fallen in and done that. But for whatever reason, Allah cause many of them to be on a completely different paths doing the most absurd and the craziest of things. Yet Allah still brought them to guidance at a time that he was pleased with metal lines so Joe give us strength. Well, Amanda home Ignacio

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And for them, there is no help or aid or some will have been there he just had a man him labor, loving me and then there is an oath or a swear by Allah subhanho wa Taala that Allah azza wa jal will not bring or resurrect those who have passed away. So this is something that the machine Kuhn would claim, there's absolutely no way and they would say, well law here, your God will never resurrect the dead, it just won't happen. Look what a law responds and says better, generally, he

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by no means we made a promise. alumnado promise that he would do it well, I can accept a nasty lie or ala mode, but most people they just don't know. They don't see it. They're so limited, they're so restricted in their knowledge, you can't you, you don't have the ability to imagine or comprehend that Allah can resurrect the dead and bring it back to life. He did it once we're alive. So usually the first time around is more difficult. But here we are, a love created us from fluid caused us to develop to grow, and here we are, and then we pass away. What makes you think that a las panatela can't do that again, usually the second time, the third time around, it's easier than the first

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time. So if anything, it's actually easier for Allah to resurrect a second time. So Allah azza wa jal gives a real affirmation that this is going to happen what what I've done early on a lot of promise that this is the ultimate truth that's going to happen. Now, here's the thing for Allah sake. In other words, Allah had said it, and he takes it upon himself. I'm going to show you like don't to worry, they have judgment is already on its way at amberleigh It's already been done, and it's coming your way. So you'll see, it's going to happen. leanbean Allahu melotti, telefoon Effie he will he arella Malathi in a cafaro in the home can will Cathy been so that you can clarify all

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the things that they used to differ in all the Harlem and Latina capital and so they can have knowledge of those who disbelieved unknown Kendall Kathy being that they were ultimate liars. In amalco Luna Alicia in either Audrina who an akula who can fail cone. Indeed, our statement, our word to anything is that if we wanted to be then as a result, we say be corn, fail corn, and it is and we talked about this a lot when I did a Tafseer facility as seen. Hopefully that's going to be online soon as well. inshallah, we're going through all the details of what it means. In the mouth, polio, now you're shaking or couldn't say a queen bee and it is, you know, it's a very powerful statement

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in the end that Allah azza wa jal, only He can do this, only he has the ability to say this, no human being on the planet ever in existence has the ability to just do and it is and it just happens. And even if you have the ability to do who who's to say that the outcome is going to be exactly as you envisioned, or exactly as you planned?

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Well, Latina hedger, roofie let him embarrass female volleyball, and those who have traveled or struggled in the path of Allah mimbres email volume after they had transgressed leanbean Allah home, Lenovo, Lenovo, we end the home fit dunya center, we will give for them, we will, we will thread a path for them, we will open a path for them for dunya hustler in this world, all that is good. So those of us who travel or migrate for the sake of Allah, now, this is not just talking about physical, digital, you know, moving from one place to another, there's an internal hatred of that we all have as well. And it's when you decide enough is enough and you change your life. You change

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those certain habits, you change certain things about you certain qualities about you. And you do it all for the sake of Allah. You know, if you have anger issues, you change that. If you had issues with money with lying with cheating with wasting time, like anything, and you decide to go from all of that to something better for the sake of Allah. That's your internal Hitchin. Oh, that's a that's a mini hitch holder for yourself. And in this as a lead doesn't specify what kind of hitch holder so it can encompass all of those things. So unless panatela is saying, any one of you that does this kind of hatred from good from bad to something better. Members email volume, guess what you get?

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Here's the beginning. with Lenovo, we are known for dunia has said you'll have this whole world to yourself like you'll have all the pleasures, you'll have all the happiness the contentment of this worldly life. What a jewel will fit Akobo but the reward of the euro is even more

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grater. What's the reward, we know what that is edge. The Edge hub that's referred to here is now edge one is a massive reward, it's a reward that you can comprehend. It's not the same as a web or heceta. Those are different different grades of rewards with edge children is also one of the terms to refer to agenda. Or it can also refer to a less forgiveness and acceptance and mercy which ultimately leads each agenda anyways. So Allah says that his agenda is in the effort is even greater. So the here's the thing, that if you change your life for the better and you find yourself that life in itself has become better, you know, you're more stable, you're more happy, you're more

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secure, like everything is just peace and contentment. That's great, but Allah is saying, Don't lose focus, because there's something even greater than that. And that's the priority. So despite that you'll have hasin at all throughout worldly life. Don't lose sight of ultimately at the end it's the asset or life that you're looking for that you're striving for. Low can we are there more than if you only had a clue. bollettino sobre la la be him your tower Kowloon here's how you get it. Levine of Savile Row those who are patient while out of Bohemia, toa Kowloon, and you have full and those who have full reliance on trust with Allah subhanho wa Taala so you want the best of this world two

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things you need, patience and telecoil you have these two qualities. Allah will give you everything in this world and also keep your focus and trust that your that your The ultimate goal is always still going to be the hero when a sudden Emil kubelik a la jolla no he la him first Oh Allah Vickery in quantum la Tyler moon, we have never sent before you ilari gel and no hip except meant that we had inspired meaning prophets and messengers first victory. So ask those who have knowledge in quantum latterly moon, if you do not know. You know, this area is usually referred to scholars and just information in general, if you don't know something you ask the people have knowledge, but in

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context, it was referring to the scholars of Africa wiki tab. So the Muslims are being told when you don't know something about their scripture, about their religion, about their decisions and way of life. Go and ask them you know, what's amazing about this as a look calls the scripture at least back then, a lot called the scriptures of other religions. He called them a vicar remembrance. What's another name of the core an advocate remembrance. So it shared the same name, which is really interesting. Now, here's the thing, this a in context is calling all of us to take the time also that when you don't know something about your neighbors religion, or the people that you know,

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around you, the where you're wherever you will live. That's, that's important for you to understand, at least have an insight, especially if you aren't a Ma'am, if you are a scholar, if you're a teacher, if you're somebody that takes a religious study seriously, you should also take the time to learn about at least the religions that live with you that surround you. And it's really at the end of the day, knowledge is the thing that solidifies appreciation, like you develop at least mutual respect and this is why the statement This is how the statement comes about where many scholars will say that despite we disagree, we still have a mutual respect, we can still coexist. And we saw this

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example when the Muslims first went made his daughter to Abyssinia, you know, they're going to a Christian land, but they didn't go there and be like, yeah, okay, you know, what were the best and this or that, they coexisted. And they lived together. And there was a mutual respect. Respect doesn't mean you have to accept everything. It's just like, you know, look, I'm Dino camellia Dean, you have your path, you have your way you have your thing that you do, I have my own. But the way to develop that discipline, is you got to understand and take the time that if you don't know just ask, go to their scholars go to their rabbis, go to their priest and ask them some of these questions.

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You know, there are still places in the Muslim world till this day, that you cannot be an Imam unless you are fluent, unless you have knowledge in just all you know, the basic major scriptures, so the todo the Injeel and other major religions, you have to have at least some basic understanding of other scriptures as well if you want to be an Imam for Masjid. And I think that that's really important in this day and age, especially for those of us that live in this part of the world, that we take the time especially as leaders, but even a students of knowledge students have religion, that you study other religions as well. And here's the last thing I'll mention about this. There's

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still a lot of benefit in doing that you learn a lot when you capture

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You know, different versions of the same story in other scriptures as well. So for example, you know, suta Yousef, it has a whole chapter in the quarter end, but it's also one of the longest stories and chapters in the Bible as well and incredible detail. Now, again, when you get into the nitty gritty of things, what's authentic and what isn't what goes against the teachings of the poor? And you know, that's a separate issue. And and then those are some of the limitations that we're told, right? That we're taught that if it contradicts your own religion, then Okay, you just leave that out. But it's kind of interesting at the end of the day that you can capture certain details

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about stories that are mentioned in the portal. And that might be a bit vague or not much detail is mentioned. But it's captured in other scriptures. You can kind of piece together at the end of that and just have an understanding, at least just have an understanding yet. Oh, wow. That's pretty interesting. It's mentioned there. And this is what the details are said there. And this is something that would have been a bit of the love I mentioned as well. He asked the Prophet alayhi salaatu wa Salaam Shall we learn from Abu keytab and the Prophet alayhi salaatu wa sallam told him don't depend on it. Just think about he doesn't say don't learn from them. He says don't depend on

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it. So there is still some wisdom. There is still some wisdom when we study other religions and it's important at the end of the day metalizer which will continue to increase US alone. I mean, Bill by unity with zubarah with clarity and the Psalms Zuber what en Selena la cara vikhroli to beigene la nassima New Zealand la him and we sent down to the ultimate a vicar now Vicar in the next area is talking about the Quran. So we sent down the core an advocate little bacon so that you can clarify for people what was sent to them. Now the poor and has been qualified, that it will clarify what other scriptures are saying so Pinilla just imagine that. And this is really important, because

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there's certain subjects that are talked about in a completely different way. 100% different way. So for example, certain prophets and messengers are insulted or put down or talk differently in other religions. And so the poor end came, and you know this when you have dialogue with other members of other religions, and when you talk about certain concepts, there might be this sense of disrespect. You know, when you mention or refer to certain individuals, like oh, yeah, that person or this guy or that dude, and the poor and came to say, look, at the end of the day, man, there still has to be a level of dignity, and a little bit of respect and courtesy to these individuals, okay, fine. You

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may not believe in their history or their theology, but this these were still important figures. And so that's one of the things that the core and came to at least re emphasize and to help protect. So this is how the core and also clarifies what was sent to other religions as well learn so to continue to teach us well, I Lumia, defecated on the perhaps that insha Allah Tada, they can take the time to ponder and reflect last couple of verses, and we're done. Guys. This is really interesting. Now I mean, a Latina Mecca to say at the end, yourseIf, Allah who became one of do they think that they will plan their own evil deeds? And a lot So Joe will leave them without capturing

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it? And yes, if Allah who became more aware, to whom Elijah will be faithful, I assured. So this is number one, that they think that they could just go about their day, do whatever they want, whatever evil deeds or sins, just being grossed in it, and a lot of social will kind of leave you alone. And when things calm down, then the punishment Oh, yeah, to whom Allah that, then the punishment will come to you. So in other words, if you're not partying, but if you're not partying, if you're not smoking, if you're not doing drugs, if you're not doing this or that, as soon as you finished all of those things, and you go back home and you're peacefully sleeping, do you think that's how the

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punishment will snatch you? That's one scenario. That's one scenario Allah gives, you know, it's very possible that a lot So Joe could capture an individual in the midst of their sin. Here's the second scenario. We hold the home feet Taka loopy him from our home, the magazine,

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or the punishment could come to you, when you're doing just normal day to day things to live with him. You're just going to the store, you're going to the grocery store, you're going to the mall, doing whatever, and all of a sudden, Allah snatches you so panela we thinks about death like that. You know, when you're just at the mall, you're in your driveway or walk going for a walk you're at the lake, you're at the park and what have you, and you're like, man, I could I could, I could pass away like right now. A lot could take me away at this very second was I'm flipping this burger was I'm barbecuing while I was I'm just throwing the rod into the two

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The lake and I'm just fishing away, I could actually just pass away this very second. That's the second scenario. It's very, it's unexpected, you don't realize it, it could happen at that moment. And then finally, a lot. So a job, we hold the mireilla to hold wolfin for in our backroom law, or for the Rahim or allies, so a gel could capture you when you're trying to run away from the attack, how often

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is the kind of fear when you can sense or feel that somebody is coming after you. And so you're kind of you're scared. So you're waiting, you're hiding, you're doing everything you can to protect you. And this is why a lot so it just says about the djinns fella to have full home waha Forney, so don't be afraid that they're gonna come and get you all the time, but be afraid of Allah subhanho wa Taala, because he could capture you at any time for enodeb become louder or for him because indeed, your master knows exactly what you're dealing with exactly what you're going with going through. So putting all of this together, this last ally, silica gel is warning the machinery corner that at the

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end of the day, Do you honestly think that just because you're scared that I won't capture that you'll go about your day to day routine, do go to work, school, do whatever, whatever you want, and the death wouldn't find you. Or you'd actually make a conscientious effort to do the things you're not supposed to do. And think that, okay, I'm in the midst of this sin, Allah is not going to take me until I get back into the masjid on jomar whilst I'm in sajida, then Allah will capture my soul then. And now it's not going to work this way. So Allah is actually bringing to our attention, it doesn't matter what you're doing. Because at the end of the day, when Allah gives the order, that's

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it. How many stories I think every one of you listening to this, you probably know somebody that was totally unexpected. And they just, they just died, they just felted their death. completely unexpected, no health issues. They weren't at the wrong place at the wrong time. Nothing. And I think every one of you listening to this might know somebody like that, who just you get a phone call and person's dead. What were they doing, they were just standing, you know, outside there were they were sitting on their couch, or they just took a nap and they never woke up again. And these are the things to reflect on. And to remember, these are the things to constantly ponder on.

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Brothers and sisters woman activity. And if somebody told you don't know what spot to stand, and death will find you. That's how you start to develop seriousness with time. That's how you start to take your relationship seriously. And that's how you start to refine some of the qualities in you that need work that need help. That's how you start paying attention to this stuff. That's what the reminder of death does to an individual and reminds them of their end. So whilst they're still alive, whilst the wheel continues to turn, they're trying to make a smooth ride as smooth as possible. They're trying to keep it as stable as possible. That's what you want to do at the end of

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the day. So with that being said, Guys, we're going to pause here for our Tafseer and tomorrow inshallah we'll continue again, we'll take about, I don't know 510 verses or so for per session, we're doing good, we're almost halfway through the suit or what he left him but we're not in a rush. We are not in a rush. You know, there might be a couple of sessions where I will literally sit with one area for 20 or 25 minutes. So just be prepared for that we're not in a rush to go anywhere to do anything. These are simple dosages of co2 that could perhaps encourage and inspire you to be the best person best Muslim that you can be. And as I said, always and forever. As long as we are alive.

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We always have what it takes to improve life is an indication that the doors of repentance and forgiveness is always open to you. So as long as we're here and we're listening and we're interacting and we're going about our day that in short lo tada it it's still an opportunity to be inspired and to be encouraged towards the right direction so I pray that we all receive that always in forever. I mean, second Hello Hayden everybody and may ally so it'll keep you safe and healthy. Hmm can wherever you are was soleimani lucky robotica to