Ali Albarghouthi – Ramadan Motivations #06 – The Excellence of Patience

Ali Albarghouthi
AI: Summary © The importance of patientening and learning to be patient is essential for achieving happiness. The end result is dependent on the individual giving it to them, and practice is essential for becoming a patient. The importance of patient self-storage and avoiding mental health issues is also emphasized. The speakers emphasize the importance of learning and practicing Islam, avoiding paying interest on loans, and focusing on the basics. They encourage listeners to visit the library and ask questions if they have any questions.
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Santa Monica to line marchetto

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smena what happens in India or Salatu was Salam ala rasulillah. While early he was like me he was seldom Allah we ask you we are hamanaka mean to bless us on this day of Ramadan we asked you all but Allah mean to accept from us and open the doors of righteousness for us the doors have hired for all of us and close the doors of sin as you've opened the doors of Jen May Allah but Allah mein opened the doors of righteousness for us and allow us to enter them and to be accepted and as you've closed the doors and gates of Jen that close that the doors of since for us and stop us from doing what harms us in this dunya and in the FBR.

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We ask Allah xeljanz says and Salaam Salaam upon His Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and we asked him to allow us to follow his sooner in small and big things to make us of his companions, his companions in this life and his companions and close followers in the next life, I mean,

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so today's Hadeeth insha Allah is about patience.

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And in that Hadith, which is reported and Buhari that last part of that Hadith, he says Sunnah love it, he was in them were Miyata sub bar, you saw beautiful ma will not only have an alpha and higher up what I was, you know, so

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he said Salalah, and he was

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the one who seeks to be patient, this is the one yet the sub, the one who seeks to be patient a lot what would make him patient, and no one is given something that is better and more encompassing, meaning bigger, more encompassing, than patients.

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So in this valley, the profits of a lot of us in them highlights that that gift of patience is unparalleled. There's nothing like the gift of patience when Allah gifts it. And then the first part of the Hadith, the Prophet sallallahu wasallam outlines how we can become more patient. Now this is extremely relevant for us.

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Because you are in the month of patience, Shadow somebody. It's not because I'm saying so it's because there are so long so a lot he was in a call. It's called it in an authentic hadith Shahada. So this month, he called it in an authentic hadith Shahada Sabri the month of patience, meaning right now at this moment, you're living in and experiencing the month of patients. Why is it called the month of patience? Because in it for about 30 days, 29 or 30 days, you're staying away from things that are habitual to all of us. And that alters many things in our lives. You know, psychologically it affects us emotionally, in our minds in our hearts and also physically,

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physically, we encounter some difficulties in the month of Ramadan, our sleep patterns change, what we eat what we consume, and we feel that and we feel it For how many days a month. So that teaches us patience that takes us through patience, whether we are aware of it or not. Allah Zoda in this month, is teaching us patience. And there is a reason why we want to be taught patience, as we will explain the Hadeeth insha Allah so Allah is teaching us patience in this month. And as we are learning it, right, we are gaining something very invaluable.

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So how do we earn patience? How do we learn it? How do we get it in that heavy the prophets of Allah audio send them says, Well, many of us have been, you Sabir hula, the one who seeks patience, Allah will make him patient. So means that patience happens through practice. Now it's important that whenever we want something, we have to realize two things. We have to realize that whatever we gain comes from Allah azza wa jal. So yeah, I can try and earn it, I can practice it, I can put a lot of effort into it and that is essential. But with all of that, the result The end result is dependent on Allah zertal giving that thing to me. I can try to get a job. But Allah ultimately is the one who

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gives it to me, but in order to

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Get it I need to apply, I need to have the right skills, I need to go for an interview, right? So I cannot do two of or two extremes, one of two extremes. Either I say Allah give me that job, I just make y'all like, give me that job. And I don't go to the interview, and I know submit a CV,

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I'm not going to get it, just simply by me asking a lot, but doing nothing, I'm not going to get it. Or I do the opposite. Meaning that I try all the physical things, but I neglect to ask Allah or rely on him. If Allah doesn't want it, Allah doesn't give it to me. Or if I get that job based on my skills, thinking that I will need Allah zildjian I've corrupted my heart and corrupted my body by what by believing that I don't need Allah or it's not Allah Who is behind that job. So I cannot do do these two, two extremes. I must physically go after something. But also ask Allah for it and feel that it's a gift from Allah when I receive it. So we got that both of these things are important. So

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when I want to be patient, I cannot a simply ask Allah for it to Allah make me more patients, y'all like grab me more patient. I like patients. When dealing with my family. I Like patients in my job. I like patients when driving. So y'all, I just make me patient. That's it. And I don't practice it. I don't try to earn it. I'm not going to be patient like that. On the other hand, I can just simply practice patience without believing that I need to ask Allah for it. Because it says in the Hadith, what

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if you have a question asked, inshallah. It says in the Hadith, what, that if you want to be patient, Allah will make you so So Allah is the one who makes it. Allah is the one who makes it. And that is a realization that Allah is that it gives to the believers. So if I want to be patient, I practice it. And Ramadan shows us how that is so so I want to eat I say, No, I can't. It's hard on I stop. And I feel hungry. But I say no. And I keep telling myself No, no, no. Until McCulloch time, then I say no, yes. that teaches me patience. I'm hungry. I'm thirsty. I say no, no, no, until the mechanic time. subpanel I could have a headache, I can take a painkiller. And I have to wait till

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the correct time, that teaching the patient, patience is hard for me, right? I have. So I have a condition I still can be I can still fast. But it's just harder today. And I don't feel like it. But I forced myself that repeated commitment to fasting, that repeated

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forcing of the self to do something. And to be away from something is the practice of patience. And the more that you practice patience, the more that you become a patient person, and the more that you acquire this attribute, so the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam says, If you practice it, you become more patient, you develop patience, and we understand this of how to live our life. Meaning suppose for instance, that I want to diet outside of fasting, I want to die. So I want to stay away from certain food. In the beginning, it's hard. But if I say no to myself, and I forced myself, I'll have that ability to say no, and to continue to say no, until I kick off that habit. I don't eat

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these things anymore. So before I was addicted to something now I'm not. Now for instance, suppose I want to walk or run a 10k

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I could hardly do 1k but I started the first day, and I built stamina, and I built the termination. And day after day, I add some Pamela kilometers, until after a month or two or three, I can walk or I can run 10k How did I develop that patience, by daily determination and saying every day I will do a little bit more. Every day I am determined to do and follow this path until eventually I will reach it so every single day I add a little bit more my stamina builds my determination Brill's until I reach insha Allah the end and I can do the 10 key that I've determined to patients is exactly like that. We do this all the time. We do this all the time. When we study when we die it

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when we lift weights when we pursue a job when we learn a new skill, we always depend on patients for that. So whenever our self shuttler remember this when our our self, our neffs our weakness tells us I can't do this. I can't let go of that. Remember that? No, you indeed can. But maybe you and I at this moment lack the will to do it like the patience to do it.

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So if you want it, you can get it in sha Allah, you just have to be the tournament. ask Allah for it. And try slowly and we'll be in the loop, Allah will help you reach that objective will make some use of beautiful law, if you want it. If you want patience with anything in life, Allah can give it to you. You just have to be determined and ask Allah for it. Now,

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the next part he sets a law while he was in love. No one has been given something that is better and more encompassing, more bigger than patience. Why is that?

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Why is that there is nothing better than patience. Because you need it for everything.

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If you will not want it you want to obey Allah. You need patience. How can you pray with our patients? How can you give us a cow without patience? How can you go to hedge? How can you forgive others? How are you? Can you can you be good to your parents or take care of your kids without patience? How can you stay away from home without patience? How long is so attractive, so easily? So debt attainable? How can you stay away from how long without patience?

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How can you deal with difficulties in life without patience? How you can even deal with good things in life without patience because when you receive something good, it has the tendency to make you very rebellious and to forget about Allah xojo

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How can you be grateful if not when you receive this thing you say this is from Allah and I need to receive it with gratitude. do with it what Allah with what Allah loves. And now what Allah hates that requires patience. So gratitude sincerity reliance on Allah. entry to Jenna stay away from Hellfire requires patience. So you are in a month that teaches you how to be close to Allah teaches you how to enter Jannah and escape from hellfire. That's why he said some Allah audio sent him in the hadith of cm will do now fasting is an armor and a protection from hellfire. When you have when you fast, you don't have to be patient, how to defend yourself and protect yourself from your enemy,

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the shaytan. And if you are patient, and this is an incredible insight from the haoran

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iya coming Cornish Runa sabi Runa, heavily Bumi I think as Allah says in the Quran, and there are 20 patient men among you, they will defeat 200

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that is in regular times and circumstances as a regular human being, you do not have the ability to overcome such a number if you are just 20 people defeating 200 if you're only 20 is unimaginable. That cannot happen. Mathematically, it cannot happen, right? at any fight.

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It's so uneven.

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Yet if you are patient, and if you have email Allah as dogen says your strength will multiply to the extent that 20 patient believers can defeat 200 impatient non believers. And by default, they will be impatient if they are non believers, because they have not learned the patience of email.

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So I want you to remember this, that if you are patient, your strength, so multiplies, that you are so strong within the shape line. And so many of the helpers have the shade on, the only thing that you and I need is patience. So it injects so much strength in you and me that we can do so much with our lives. So if you and I are are at a position in our lives, where we are saying that I am so weak that I cannot.

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Life is so hard that I cannot

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remember that you have that tool, that weapon that Allah has given to you, which is that open of patience. And you have so much of it because you have a lot zildjian a non believer typically cannot be patient as a believer because you don't have that resource. You don't have to have depth of Eman that I have the divine behind me, Allah behind me, and you can always supply me he can always protect me, I can always ask him for more and he can keep giving me more. That is the patience that Allah can give when no one else if they just rely on themselves can get that much patience. So you have it. So if you are in a position in your life at this moment where you say I cannot I am too

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weak. Life is too hard. Remember that Allah have given you in this month, the ability to acquire your patience and if you get it be in the law xojo primarily and fundamentally the inilah xodus then you can do everything and anything if Allah wills it.

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So get patient

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In this life in Shall I get patients because we need it for everything, get patients in the month of Ramadan. And if you're finding it particularly hard this month, these few days, remember that Allah Zoda is training you and me. He's training you to acquire more of it so that after Ramadan, you can say I can do this. And this is not too hard with the help of allies. So do

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Flavin shop. So let me Shall I quickly try to answer these questions. And we can help with that. This question is for my cousin, she's asking if hijab is obligated because she's unsure about it. Absolutely. Absolutely. hijab is obligated This is by consensus, it is there in the Quran, it is there in the sooner of the messenger, sallallahu alayhi wasallam. And then on top of that, Muslim consensus, scholarly consensus for ages has been that hijab is absolutely an obligation meaning it's not a matter of debate or reach to heart or doubt, or maybe difference difference of opinion. It's absolutely obligated and this should be

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aged, right or engraved in the heart and mind of every Muslim, our weaknesses, our side. That's something that is very different. I'm too weak, I cannot do this, that that is that is different. But as far as as being an obligation in Islam, it's absolutely fundamental that you and I believe that it's an obligation because it becomes scary then when we compromise these basic beliefs. I cannot believe that Salah is not an obligation that's not an option. Whether I whether I'm praying or not praying because I'm lazy or I'm don't have time that's a separate issue but not believing that someone has an obligation that's really very scary. Or not believing that from others an

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obligation or not believing that you know the Quran is from Allah as of and these are very basics. Similarly hijab as being an obligation that is a very basic belief. So yes, it is absolutely a obligation in Islam. Can I perform Voodoo wearing regular socks, or there's a special sock so you can perform with wearing your regular socks in

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the regular socks that we wear that cover the ankles, right? You can wear those insha Allah and wipe over them. So you wash your feet, and you wipe over them? So regular socks are fine and Sharla is it forbidden to be away from your husband for months? Both are overseas in different countries. I've heard this from people that it's forbidden, it is not forbidden. It is not forbidden. If it happens through agreement between them they have to be a part because of you know circumstances. So he's out overseas today take care of family or to work or what have you. So that is allowed in sha Allah right at what is what would be forbidden is for the woman to leave the house of her husband and

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travel without his permission, that would be forbidden. But if they agree that they have to be in separate countries because of circumstances that is different, and that is permissible In short, just for input in certain also it says that ones who are not at loss are the ones who enjoy each other to patients and to be to the truth. Absolutely. So as all of humanity are at last except those in the Latina Amman what I'm going to say they had so they have a man and righteous good deeds they perform them.

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What this also was suffering with the loss of will help they they enjoyed each other for patients and for following the truth. So they are patient and they ask each other to be patient. So without patience, Subhanallah worthless so just hang it up for that input of yours. Can a woman do ethica only overnight at home and she is living alone. And as it's prohibited that to offer sooner and fourth at one spot in this ruling for home and also for a woman to do so can a woman do have decaf overnight at home which is living alone. It's prohibited that it's often assumed to unfold at one spot and this is the ruling for home. Okay, I think I understand what she's saying.

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So, okay, so we said that only a minority of scholars, only a minority of scholars are allowed to gap at home. The majority of scholars say that ethnographers in the masjid and that's the right opinion by the way. The right opinion is that there is no ethical if at home. Ethical is only in domestic both male and female. I think F is only at domestic. If you're doing something at home this is not really called technically an ft calf. But but it is all one recommended that you will have a more solid at home. You know what a Muslim would call it a Masjid or house Masjid. What is that a spot? It could be a room could be a corner at home that you designate for Ramadan and outside of

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Ramadan. But this is

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Mine was Sunday. This is my message. This is what I pray. There's a special place that you keep clean. This is where you pray your phone your prayer sooner, it's recommended that you do this. There's evidence for that in the sooner. Okay. So, if you choose So, to replicate the FT gaff, we're now calling it to ethica but to replicate ethica replicate the effect of TRT calf THAT WHEN IT COMES THE LAST 10 nights of Ramadan that you know, you put yourself in more or less seclusion and you stay in that spot or in that room that is that is your musalla and you read on and you read books of Hades and you pray and you do the good. This is insha Allah something that is good. You're

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replicating, duplicating Antica, but it's not technically Attica, but you're trying to gain what the benefit or some of the benefits of ethical by being in solitude. So this is okay in sha Allah. Now, it's not prohibited in sha Allah to pray your father and son in the same spot, you just simply need to separate them.

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That is what is that that is the sooner Okay, so you need to separate between them. The separation either could be in time or space. So if let's say for instance, I prayed my father, right. I don't want as soon as Say, say a Salaam Alaikum warahmatullah Santa Monica Rahmatullah Allah, what I'm a Freemason, the same spot immediately after that is wrong. You need to separate between them, how do I separate if I'm in a rush, and I need to pray the sooner immediately after, once I say Santa Monica said I'm on a call, I stand up, I moved to a different spot and I pray my son.

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So here I've separated the two so that they are not linked as if they are on one side up. Okay.

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If I had more time, which is better, I will sit a bit, maybe remember Allah zildjian a bit, and then stand up, it could be in the same spot and stand up and pray what I've done is I've separated sooner from by time, so time is my separation.

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So that is allowed in sha Allah so it can be in the same spot, just separate between them in sha Allah and the minute or so and then stand up and pray you're falling short. That's fine, inshallah. how frequent to advise a friend who aren't who are not

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who do not take care of their food claimed he has mental issues.

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Who, so I don't fully understand this. How to frequently advise someone who are not clear on food.

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Okay, so it does not take care of their food. They said they claimed that they have mental issues doing Do you mean that they are not fasting?

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Can I stay away from him?

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She stayed with me. Okay.

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So I'm not sure what you mean, do you mean that that person does not fast and they keep eating and they say that they cannot fast because they have mental issues.

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So that's what I understand from your question. So how frequently to advise them so panel? I don't know what the mental issues that they have in their real mental issues or they are not alone Adam, I don't know. If they are really really troubled and they cannot fast maybe they have an excuse Allah annum I don't know. Maybe they're using this as an excuse. Maybe they need some advice. So if you need to know that they are a person who can fast but they're using it as an excuse.

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Every once in them, she fast but she cannot focus. So she loses focus and she goes and eats a lot. I mean, it could be that she has an excuse I do not know. I do not know. So some different scenarios right then I'm apologize if I'm going wrong over time. I'm trying to keep it in sha Allah after about 10 to 15 minutes after that is for questions in sha Allah so if you feel you need to leave it, you can leave in sha Allah so I just want to answer the question before I leave so anyway, if you feel that she truly has an excuse, and she actually forgets she has an excuse if she actually forgets that she's supposed to fast and she goes and eats and drinks, you just let her know.

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She let her know okay, you're not supposed to eat sister you're not supposed to eat. So put that aside. So as soon as you see her your reminder as soon as the every time you see her you remind her if she forgets.

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If the issue is different than Allah let me You need to know what that issue is and deal with it accordingly if if she truly cannot focus you truly cannot fast me she has an excuse. So just depends on that what the excuse is right.

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There's a question here. Let me try to grab it. seeking knowledge is obligated upon every Muslim is that

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Including dunya seeking knowledge like degrees, no. So seeking knowledge that it says it's an obligation on a Muslim, on every Muslim, this is religious knowledge.

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The other knowledge is recommended, depending or permissible. So being a doctor or lawyer, an accountant or what have you. No one says that this is an obligation on you that you need to learn this knowledge. No, you don't need to learn it. You need to earn a living, that can happen without learning or getting a degree, you can certainly be something physical that you do that requires minimal learning. So only earning a living and sufficient living is an obligation on you. The rest is not an obligation. religious knowledge is an obligation on all of us but only in so much of what is an obligation on us that we need to know that he not memorizing all of the Quran reading on

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Pachauri and Muslim is an obligation on every Muslim that would be impossible on honest honest but it was an obligation on is to learn what we have to do. learning the basics of belief learning the basics of practice, basic core stay away from basis of selling and buying these are the things that really need to learn. So for instance, in Ramadan learning what invalidates fasting how I'm supposed to fast from when to when how a great my fast these are the obligations beyond that there are things that are recommended, right? So that is the obligation so thought about anything either as an obligation This is religious knowledge, if I'm trying to get a degree that takes you away from

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remembrance of Allah is not okay to search from the search from such degree.

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It depends on to what degree that degree is taking you away from Allah right? So, if it is really taking you away from Allah, so did were you forgetting about the obligations. You're not fasting, you're not praying on time. It's corrupting your heart that's corrupting your life. That's not a good degree. That's not a good path.

00:26:59 --> 00:27:04

But if it's taking you away, meaning you know, minimally away from Allah azza wa jal

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let's say let's say for instance, that before

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you used to spend a lot of time in the bed a lot of time and reading the Quran, but now because of this, you can spend less time on it. But you're still what praying on time, still pray, reading some more on every day, but not as much still remembering Allah but not as much because you need to focus a lot more on that degree. That is okay. Insha Allah, that is okay. Because until you get it, you may need to sacrifice some of your time to be able to attain it later on in sha Allah, you'll be able to come back to that degree, right?

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So yeah, exactly. So you're not spending as much time as you want on remembering a lot. But you're still covering up the basics. You're still you know, Subhanallah taking care of the basics it says finally Charla to somebody saying you're starting University, which the government is paying for and pay later after finishing? Because I cannot afford it? Does that make it harder? Ah, not necessarily in sha Allah, you need to visit that issue near visit the affordability, whether you can afford it or not, you say you cannot the loan that you are taking from that government? Are you paying any interest on it or not? And is that interest delayed? Or and can you pay it on time without interest

00:28:22 --> 00:28:39

or not? So we need to visit all those issues in sha Allah. So the ideal thing is that you pay for it yourself, if you cannot afford it, but you want to take a loan from the government, can you afford to pay that loan back without paying any interest, that should be your focus and number one, insha Allah

00:28:41 --> 00:28:42

kind of

00:28:45 --> 00:29:07

I forgot, I forgot the word that I wanted to see. But that is your priority, that you would pay it without any interest. And you try and show a lot if that's the case, you can work while studying. You can work while studying to pay it off as soon as possible so that you don't fall into paying any interest. So that can make it permissible in Sharla. Right, that could make it permissible

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or lower. So I know that I've taken a lot more time that I'm announced, and I apologize for that in sha Allah. So our main talk in sha Allah finishes around 10 to 15 minutes, the rest is given to questions. So inshallah I'm going to see you in sha Allah as long as you guys have questions, but now beyond half hour in sha Allah so that it does not become too much on all of you in Sharla so I asked Eliza general but I need

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to grant us patience so that we will learn it in this month and we would enhance our patients so that we can be more patient Muslims and human beings in Ramadan and after Ramadan so yeah Allah make us more patient in Ramadan and after Anthea Allah teach us to be patient in Ramadan and after accept our fasting accept our pm accept our reading of the Quran. Make

00:30:00 --> 00:30:36

Those who remember you often in the month of Ramadan during the day and during the night. Teach us the best of manners in Ramadan and protect us from the worst of manners in it. Allow us out but allow me to be close to you in this month allow us to make dua for our parents, our spouses, our children and for the oma Muhammad Sallallahu annual send them allow us to meet often and accepted from us in the month of Ramadan and after just alchemilla okay it all for listening and for your attention and for your questions and we ask Allah zildjian for me to accept from all of us, just below hit up and we will meet you tomorrow in sha Allah, whether with another story from the Quran,

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Allah Subhana Allah will be handing a shadow under

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a stuffy Rekha to avoid a but hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen salaam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.

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