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Bismillah R Rahman r Hamlet Hamlet layerable alaminos so that was my last evening I want to be in Mr. Medina and he was happy with my brothers and sisters versus Ramallah Murat level Ricardo. We have a wonderful system in Islam where Lazarus has given us the belief of fate. Now you kind of sometimes wonder, why is it that we've got belief in Allah than we've got belief in the messengers.

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believe in angels believe in the messengers belief in the books we live in the last year and that fate is there. So this is from famously from hadith of gibreel. I serve in various other parts of the Quran and Sunnah, where we believe in these six articles of faith, so belief in Allah belief in ANGEL belief in the messenger belief in the books, okay, belief in the last day, meaning everything that will happen in the afterlife, and believe in fate. Now, why was why is the part of fate so important? It's so important because our whole worry about our whole life becomes a lot easier and a lot better when we believe in fate. And how Allah has given to us now is very different from every

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other religion that you've got out there. I've even met Christians that have told me or pushing that have the beliefs in the and that come to me where they can't reconcile their beliefs with with the whole thing about the bad faith because they have this thing about how they believe in God. You see, in Islam, what we believe is that Allah has agenda, his he's got all he's got full power over everything. Yet he allows certain things to happen for a reason. So the power over the whole of the creation and over everything around us and over nature, over the natural disasters that happen around us, the power of all of that Allah has, Allah has kept to himself alone. In the Christian

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faith, there's a kind of a,

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you know, Satan has this much power and God has this power and the power of good and evil are always at one another. In Islam, what we believe is that shaytan is within the power of Allah. So even shaytan can make any move without Allah's Allah allowing him to go that far. Okay, so every evil that is out there, every evil, you can imagine that it's in within a certain bubble. And that evil can't escape that bubble, the circumference, and the parameters that Allah has set for that evil is stuck within those parameters, no matter what they are. And this is a beautiful thing, that we have a beautiful belief that we have in Islam, you have no nothing out there, whether it's close in my

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life or days within my life, whether it's in my outside surroundings, and it's happening, nothing in my life that is going on nothing in this world that is going on.

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Nothing can actually have that that effect. Without Allah permissions, everything is within what we call Be it Neela within the permission of allows region. So if somebody wants to become sick, they become sick, because Allah wanted them to become sick. And if somebody gets cured, they get killed because Allah wanted them to get cured. Now the sickness and kill comes from Allah. However, there are means on this. So this is this is where this is where our faith is. Our faith in the matter of allowing the fate of Allah is that we will use the means of this earth yet we will rely on Allah, and we will have a faith in Allah. So this is a beautiful balance between how we move move ahead

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with with our inner whole, this beautiful way how we conduct ourselves because what we believe in is we're believing that Allah azza wa jal has given us a system where we have to still use the means. So when it came to those who lost the last time, the Sahaba asked this question, and they asked the question about, okay, how is it? You know, if, if Allah has written everything for us? Shouldn't we just sit down and wait for those things to come true? All right. And rustlers last month said, How do you know that Allah hasn't written that you would get up and do those things necessary for those effects to happen? So in the example of the cure, when it came to saying that well, you know, I'm

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ill, I mean, a lot, Allah gave me the illness. So Allah is the one who's gonna take it away. So I'm just gonna pray to Him. And I said, That's not what our faith our faith is. What our faith teaches us is that we will take the medication or we will take the necessary means to become better. Okay, we will do that. And then we will also rely on allies, right, just like when a Sahabi came to the to the Prophet sallallahu Sallam and he said

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miserable like I said, Do I tie my camel first and then depend on the law? Or Judah? Do I depend on London time I come up the process of St. Louis, tie your camel first, then you depend on Allah. Right? So, so look, taking up the means is a massive part of our our faith. And that's what makes the whole thing about faith. Faith is where we know there's a system out there, Allah controls it 100% However, he will allow certain things to happen for a reason. This is where Allah has beautiful, the faith that we've got in a lot is unique you you don't find this level of detail in how we believe and and it's so harmonious in what we believe. So let me give an example. We believe

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in a loving Hakeem and a loving Aileen. Okay, Allah being a Hakeem which is the most wise and Allah, Allah Allah, which is the most most knowledgeable so Allah knows everything. And Allah is very wise at the same time. And we believe those things simultaneously. So in the Quran, you will find a lot of references where it says, well, who will Ali mille Hakeem, or in who Hakeem when I leave and so on? He's the most wise he's the most knowledgeable. Now, why is it that we have both go hand in hand, because there are a lot of things that you cannot reconcile unless you bring both these two things things together. So we believe at the same time when we believe that our Lord knows something

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is happening, we believe allies wise in in allowing this to happen the way he has decided to to happen. So when something that goes goes wrong in our lives, we don't just put that well Allah knew that then why is it that why can we stop that thing from happening? So a lot of people have this have this question, well, Allah knows this evil is going on. Yet he you know, why does he just just let it Why did you stop it? Now so there are many other things that we don't know that are going on in the background? And we'll never know until we get to the Day of Judgment. And Allah said in the Holy Quran, Haryana Runa, Lata Wheeler, are they waiting for the moment where Allah will reveal the

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the intricate details of why things happened? Right? Because once Allah revealed that even the people who didn't believe will say, wow, you know what, everything just makes so much sense right now.

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Allah says yo maya Tita wielu, who the day when all the intricate details of things come about your own Ledeen and assuming of those who have deserted Allah beforehand, in the dunya, de will say La Casa de todo su Robin, whatever the messengers of our Lord whatever they brought to the earth, they came with the absolute truth that everything will be revealed on the Day of Judgement wants to reveal it was gonna say, you know what, that is perfect. The way Allah did it, and the the what the reason why Allah wanted it to happen in the earth, though we never understood it on the earth. Now we understand that is just spot on. 100% there's nothing that we can say was wrong with that, even

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things that we wouldn't agree with right now. Okay, there are things that are happening right now around us or in our world or in our lives. And there's no way we can we can understand why those things are happening. Well, the religion of Islam has told us to accept them as they are and what we do is when we leave it to Allah to reveal things to us whenever some things we will get to know on this earth while we're living or why they happen and sometimes we're going to find out when in the in the next life so for example, you might think about the wall sometimes this wall and it's unfortunate or the robot sometimes what happens is Allah says the Holy Quran in the end of the

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second Jews he says while Allah different law he NASA boggling be about left us out by liking the LA Zoo phenomenon. I mean, sometimes Allah will inish will use a certain army against another army so that further greater corruption that would have come on the earth does not come. So this appears right at the story where there's David and Goliath, right in the underworld and dilute and in, in in the second use of the Quran arrived at the end, you find this whole thing about, you know, the giants that were in, around around Jerusalem, and you find out that I saw them as a young soldier who comes across and then he kills jalota. Now, at the end of that Allah says, Well, I will add that

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lightness about them. If Allah didn't use certain armies against other armies, then there's more corruption that would have come about and Allah says straight off the bat, he says, well, OSHA Allahumma petanu Well, I cannot lie Fatima you read. If Allah didn't one, then these people wouldn't

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have killed one another but Allah says he does what he wants. Now he will allow certain things to happen and we don't see the greater outer outer thing of why it's happened but the danger is going to be revealed. So let me give another example we find this beautiful story of Musa and to the right masala Salaam he travels with with the finger, he first tells him he wants to travel with him. He says no, I don't want to travel, you're not gonna be able to bear what I do. Because certain things Allah tells him to do musalla Cinema there's no way he's gonna understand why he's doing what he's doing. And what is his what is the effect of Allah making him do things which we won't understand.

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But from the, from the from the unseen world, it makes perfect sense what he's doing. But from our seeing world move from moose asms eyes, it doesn't make sense at all. This is a horrific. So the first thing first thing these days are on the boat, okay? The sail is recognized here. So they allow for that, and his guest who was musalla, Iceland, come for free, right? And then federalism takes him takes a certain thing and he starts to damage the boat.

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And musasa says, What are you doing? You're trying to drown all of us on this boat. And they have to get off shore I get up to the shore. And most of us just just thinking what what is this bargain? You guys got a free ride and then he wants to damage the boat. And the kid said, You know, I told you not to question me. Now look, again, something's happening from the rain from the unseen with there's no way we're gonna be able to know what it is. And from mutualisms eyes, which is all of our eyes, it's like, Man, this man, what is he doing? Let's just say this, what kidder is doing is like an act of God happening. So we will be like, What? Why what are these sailors done wrong, that the

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boat should be damaged? Right? So the next step they go to is

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they the walking along the the shore, and there's a young boy that comes across and feeder, allegedly takes the young boy's head, he twists, it, breaks his neck, kills him instantly, and leaves him for them.

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Now that's murder. That's crazy. Why would why would that? Why would that have to happen and musasa comes, you know, he is shocked and he tells him a political attack some of it

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you just killed a soul without having the right of retribution or something, you know, which was the law of the time?

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Why would you do that? Why would you do that? So federalism takatoshi in other ways to be able to do now again, let's stop here. Because what's happening with that loss, so let's just look at as a loss of some innocent person died, right, let's not look at indicators and killings, but let's just look at it as Allah's

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whole, his umodel his problem was, that this

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this person is to die. This was this was unless broken, so let's just say allows originally he, he wanted this to happen. So then then that happened. And then what we find is that Allah azza wa jal once he's taken that that so he hasn't revealed anything to fit it to say to us as a why. So they're still traveling. But it's confusing. From eyes. It's like, Whoa, it's an innocent soul just suddenly gone from the from the earth. What wrong did that so do? Why did that innocent soul have to go? You know, all these questions are going inside inside one's head. Why does this have to happen? Right? You might have lost the soul. You might have lost someone in your family members. And it's like Why?

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But there's a meant there are many things that are happening outside of what we don't even see what we don't even know we don't even see. So let's move on. They go they go to the nearest sort of town and they're starving. And musasa you know, they asked for food from the members you know this coming because they they're supposed to get food and where the guests from outside the culture of the time was whoever to come from outside. They're supposed to get you know, some food.

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And what happens is nobody gives them any food. And as they're leaving this town, they come across this

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they come across this wall and he's just rolled his sleeves up and it starts to mend the wall and does the ctfa does a ton of favor. And most of us will send the universe at least ask them for something in return. So here's a good act with which Heather is doing. Elisa he's doing but there's nothing in return he gets in from a parent thing is like why would you want to do something good to these people? That'd be so you know, so hard. Right? So these are our eyes. Why would you want to do good summer so if Allah is doing good summer to someone who's horrible. There's a reason and this is where our whole thing about it.

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And Hakeem where Allah knows everything. And last fall hikmah this is where it comes. So here's what we don't see. What we didn't see with the boat was that if that boat made it journeys, that if the these guys on the boat, they take a little bit of money for people to cross the river and go to the other side and come back again, had they gone at that time there was a an crew ruler, who would have come and would have taken that boat, he would have taken all the good books, this was a good boat, and he would just have to take in a good book. So if the boat was damaged on the other side, by the time they mended, they're able to get to the other side and keep their boat. Right. So a damaging

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life somewhere stops you in something, let's say you know, you wanted some kind of business, you wanted some some extra profits here some maybe you wanted to get a certain house somewhere, maybe you want to do, you know, move ahead with some investment that you need, whatever they might be, right. Maybe it's education, what are babies, but you've been damaged, you've been setback, that setback that you you've had, there's a reason why it happened. If you hadn't gone ahead, maybe you would have ended up in the wrong place wrong time, and you'd have got your life would have been a lot worse. That's how we understand that there's something happening. And that's going to be

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revealed for us on the Day of Judgment. Sometimes there's a dispute, look, sometimes the dispute you didn't want the dispute to happen. Sometimes the people who are saying things to you that you know, is horrible, it's a horrible situation to be in your place. These people are being horrible to you, they're disputing with you blah, blah, blah. And you just don't know, you just can't work it out. Why are these people doing this in my life? Why can I just be left alone, but what you don't realize realize is because of those disputes, you might have made a second plan of doing something different, right? So you go into a different direction in your life. And because of addiction,

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different direction, you're far better off than the other direction you would have gone into. So Allah brought those disputes into your life, so that you can make that other choice. And these things happen. And we don't know what was lying on the other side, which diverted us to this other side of everything. And why am I here for up for a good reason. Sometimes you lost money, sometimes you've lost a contact, good content that you had, sometimes you lost a good friend that you had or good business contact that you had and all of these things, they have a great

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effect on a on a person because of the greater Qatar and the better faith that Allah gives them. The second one where they lost the soul, Allah xuejun revealed through Philip sumosalad cylinder had that boy growing up, he wouldn't been someone who would have been horrible to his own parents. So look, a beautiful young, innocent child, really nice, lovely, what company you would get into for what reason you tend to criminal for why he would hurt his parents later on. And the hurt that his parents would get would be worse, would be something unbearable. Imagine they invested their whole life in this child, okay, they made him grow up 2030 years. And then suddenly this child turns

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around and another 20 years, gives a horrible life. To to these parents, the parents would have said, Man, it would have been better if we never even had this kid, he wouldn't be better. And there are parents like that today that are thinking he would have been better that I never had the children. I never had this one particular child, this child has given me so much grief, so much shame so much. You know, my life is so bad, I'm having to pay off his debts, I'm having to look after his, his his things and do whatever and then I still get grief. I still get grief. So better than that. Better than those 2025 years of grief at the end of the parents lives when they are weak,

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when they are you know feeble when they are trying to just just do the last few things in his life and just get on with their life better than that is better than takes the child away. Now what happens to look what happens? The child would have been about 10 years old, and the child zap was was gone. Like we see as kids are taken in but let's just say it was an act of God to take that child away. That child goes straight into Jenna. So Allah does a favor on the child. straightaway. Allah said in the Holy Quran that he gave another child in the womb of the mother mother, that will the Acropolis mother would have a lot more mercy for the parents when that child grows up. Right now

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that grief the parents had whatever the grief the parents suffered when they when the child was actually you know, the first child was gone. Latin return on that grief, Allah is going to give them so much one that in the next world. It's a win win situation for everyone. win win situation for that child that that die, win win situation for the parents, right? win win situation for their futures, win win situation for the Day of Judgment. Wow. And we sit here everything that that child who lost his life, how bad is that those parents are in grief and so on so forth. But look at that. Look at

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hikma and the wisdom that Allah had for something way beyond what we see. And the third one, which is where he where he mends the wall, we see a fable has been something good to happen to some bad people, these bad people don't deserve that good, good thing to come in their life.

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But what we don't see is there's there's amongst that there's it, there's a whole nother another story that we wouldn't have ever been aware of. There are two orphans in that in that city. And these two orphans that are living there. These two orphans, they they've got none, they had a dad, a father that passed away. And that father left him some treasures,

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but he barely under the wall. And if those if that wall had fallen than the treasures would have been exposed, and then straightaway, those silly people would have just consumed all of them. But yet, if the world gets mended to a time when the kids the orphans grow up, then they will find out where that treasure is, and they will be able to get their own father's treasure. Right. So there's good big boys, not for the Aladdin do that good for those people. Look, look, we thinking that a good has been done. Those people in the city don't deserve it. Yes, they don't deserve it. But it wasn't for them. Right? It was for another set of people that are amongst them. Sometimes you can

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see your enemies. Sometimes you see people out there getting so good. But there's a reason there's a reason why it's happening. Maybe it's benefiting another set of people because they've got that good that is that you don't you just don't know. And the intricate details of everything of our faith is going to be revealed on the day of what our duty here, what should we do? The promise that Alliance has told us is time Billa he said to seek help from Allah, and don't become a person who's unable to do some like, Oh, I might as well just give up because this bad thing has come up come about. If something bad happens, that was awesome said just carry on seeking help from Allah, just stay on

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that. Because that way, we don't lose. Look, if you're after something, and you're not, you don't get it. But you're still seeking help from a lot, you still in the better position because you've kept a connection with Allah. There are those who don't get what they want from Allah azza wa jal, but then what they do is they just let go of their contact with Allah, which is a worse situation to be. Because at the end of it, you've lost that thing anyway, you're not getting whatever you want anyway. But if you lose your contact with Allah, you've lost everything. So it's better what the person wants and says says, look, keep your keep your keep seeking help from Allah because if you

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don't get this one thing, you might be able to get something else. And don't forget, in the Hadith, it's clear that that one will make a lot of Allah Ed gives us what we want to give to something else in return, or something better in return something else we never even asked whether you did something else, or his stores reward for the Day of Judgment. So either way, we never losing it, we keep a connection with Allah, and we seek our help from Allah. The next thing you said is not to feel that you're you're unable to do anything like not some people, they just give up. That thing about giving up is never a believers, nature just to give up, just don't give up. Don't give up keep

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your keep a strong willpower. All the messengers that came imagine this every message that came in other messengers, seven prophets, who never even had a single follow.

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And there are seven prophets who had only one follower or two followers, according to the body. They've never even had a single follow up, but they never gave them the duty unless told us to do that, due to look, think about this, right? If Allah told me to do something, and I've got to carry on, you know, giving Dawa or pericardium do my good, right. But I'm not getting the results. I'm not getting these people to change, I'm not getting my desired results. Allah is not going to mark us on the results, Allah is going to knock us on our efforts. Wow, this this is deep. So think about it. What I'm doing is I'm I'm let's say, for example, I want my brother or sister whoever is I want them

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to be good come to standard. So I'm gonna be a practice, Mr. So, and I'm Everyday I'm going to and giving them giving them dollar and so on, and nothing's happening. So sometimes I feel manager said, I just give up because I've said it so many times. The thing is, look, I'm not going to give that guidance to make the results happen where this person changes their life. That's a last thing to do. But for me to show my effort that I'm calling them, that's my test. My test is that whether they change, you know, the test of people is not whether people change out there because of your efforts. The test of people is not that you've made a wonderful thing happened with your intention. Let's say

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you want to make a certain environmental change. Are you trying to best the test is not whether you make that change. The success that you've got is not measured by that the success is measured by my effort. And that's what I love, we'll measure the dangers, but there are so many profits that would have come to this earth and they didn't find the success of having so many people believe in them. But you know what all those profits are 100% successful because they put their effort in. That's what we need to look at. So when we're

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When when something's happened in our lives, Allah will look at our reaction to it. What have I done? So my thing is now look to take up the means to try and change the situation. Take up the means dependent Allah do my daughter and just carry on. That's my thing. That's what Allah wants me to do, not whether I managed to change it or not, maybe that thing may never change because Allah has got a plan. For me some other plan is may never change. But the thing is, I've got to do my part of carrying being who I should be as a believer. That's it. Once I do that, I'm successful. you're successful. Once you do that, that's what Allah wants us to do to demonstrate that we're going to do

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what is our due to what Allah told us to do as believers. Okay? The next thing Allah says, Allah says, Allah says in Look, if something happens, this is the best thing about fate. We say that Allah, Masha, Allah willed for this thing to happen. It's happened, meaning I can't go back in history and change this. There's no way you're going to change anything that's happened in your life. There's no way it's happened. It's happened you can try and make it better. But you can't change the occurrence that happened. And so our belief system, our fate says it's happened. It's happened. And it's happened where Masha fall one of our law, one kid, he will fight to happen with

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his hikmah with his wisdom, it's happened. That's it. And the one thing that the Prophet told us not to do. The one thing a lot, Allah's Messenger messenger sallallahu alayhi Salaam told us not to do is to say, oh, had I done this, if I had done that, if this if that if I hadn't gone there, if I hadn't done this, if only that happened, if only you would have been here, if only this evolved that if if if if if you if you start thinking like that, you've opened the doors of the shaytan for him to come and start his works on you're not on yourself and start whispers start whispers and start to make you go crazy. We don't open that door of if we don't say if this had happened in the past, if

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that happened, but now we don't do that, as believe is this the best cleaning system in the world? I'm telling you, there's not a single religion in the world that I've come across, in my studies with that has got such a powerful believing system. Because you know, why does it makes you positive all the time, I can't be negative as a believer, once I believe this, think about it, I can't be negative, something's happened to this happened. It's happened for a reason I'm gonna deal with it. It's not, I'm not gonna deal with it, I'm gonna take my means I'm gonna try and change it. But I put my faith in Allah. And I know even if he doesn't change, or even if you get to worse, I know Allah

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has got a better plan. And it's happening because of that. But I'm not going to just sit down. I'm not going to say I can't do anything about it. I'm not going to give up. I'm going to try my best to make the best happen. But whatever happens, it's going to be no, I'm going to be led at some point, I'm going to believe that that's the best thing that I learned led me to, like saving a little dilemma. He said a wonderful thing. He said, he said, my faith in Allah, how do I not last day, he said because I make a plan. And then as I go along, along with my plan, something else happens. And because something else happens, it takes me off my plan and it puts me somewhere else. And that's

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how I know allies that is that some blog, he's gonna do that because he knows the greater plan. He knows what's the best best thing for us. Right? What did the Quran say about fate super ham. This is powerful, the suta Hadid Allah said Li Kayla katso Allah

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while tefra hobbema attack one of the powerful things a lot of through how that is, he says, so that you don't become those who

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overly agree because of something that you lost. Also, that you don't become overly happy with something that you got one allowing to do is allowed to keep a balance in our lives, he doesn't want us to get too attached to certain things sometimes. Sometimes the loved ones fade so that we can remember how that's a very good thing. Because you know what, when people go to the astronaut, they're gonna look back and they're gonna say, I'm so glad that that happened. Look, there are a lot of people or people, people on the Earth right now are thinking, well, if only I had this money, if only I could get that, and I would have not been in this situation. yet. They're going to be the

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happiest people on their judgement when they're the first to enter Jannah. Because rasulillah philosophy said a lot of poor people and rich, because out of poverty didn't have the money, they didn't have those, then they're not so the ego couldn't make them go crazy. And all these things and make them go towards sin. It was so great for them to have that life on this earth. So the handle argument, our belief in our faith system can only make as positive, positive and positive stick with the belief in sha Allah. Just before I'm going to do I'm going to say to you, there's a link at the bottom of this YouTube video guys. If you can just click that link. It's an it's an Eventbrite link.

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