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If you ask me, where do you stand here, so afraid of everything around me proudly and say,

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I am a Muslim

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Vladimir salatu salam

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aleikum. Wa

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salaam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.

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This is the first one

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of our series. Actually, you know what I'm going to do, I'm going to leave it up to you guys what we call it, I want you guys to log on to the fan [email protected] slash, I will have slammed Malik, Claire. And you guys can, you know, shoot out some names and I'll pick one. And we can call it something like, like dying shallow, whatever you guys decide. This is an update and update, you have to do an update because we put it to you guys. We put it to the Facebook fan page, and we posed the question, what should we call this series? And a lot of people came in, while probably nine or eight people came in,

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and they answered us, but the winner is nusseibeh Richie, she's the one who gets to decide what it's called. And she called it a slice of advice, such as aka mellow Hydra. Now what I'm going to remind you of is real quickly tell you that now because nusseibeh helped in this project, some would say she helped in a small way. Well, I would say she helped in a big way, because now every single video that comes out is called slice of advice. If it helps you guys improve in some in some way of your lives and helps us improve. She's gonna get the idea for that just for a little help, just for a little bit of help. She's gonna get the job because she actually came up with the name.

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This is the first of a series of refreshers, refreshers that come once a week inshallah some of most of them are going to be about like Islam and a lot of different things I nature, but I thought I'd started off on a lighter note, because I always get this question from the brothers.

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Brother, Abu hafsah. How do you tie your

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brother over hausa? How do you put on your brother Bahasa How do you tie your turban, Brother, you get it. I always get those questions, especially from single brothers. Single brothers want to know how to properly tie ultra? Well, I'm going to show you how to tie one inshallah, just second, let me grab my trusty look right here. And this we're going to do this nice and slow because brothers, sometimes it may take a little while to get things. So this is how you tie. So ladies, don't pass up. Hold on to this, you put it on like this, first of all,

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on your head, slowly, slowly brothers need to be you know, you need to work with them a little bit slowly, you gotta have an even you can't have a lopsided because then it doesn't tie properly, right? You gotta have an even usually like this loose, but this length is good. And then you you

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tuck it behind your ear, ears, right, because again, you're trying to you don't want it to cover your ears. If you mean you can hear and you know you get hit by a car and end up under a bus or something. So you take the left side first, if you want to do it that way, this is how I do it. Take the left side of the motor first, which is my left, you bring it all the way around here, like this around get around your head. Now some of us got pretty big heads. So it may not go like this, it may go a different way. Or if you got a square head or a bald head or you know some somebody's got some funny shaped heads anyway, if you have a little white boy here like me, this is how it goes right

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around here. And then you tuck it in on the far right side. So it ends up on the right, right, this is what you do, right. And you take this side, which is the right side, you bring it all the way, slowly, slowly, all the way around to the right side again.

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And then you tuck in your fringe thing behind your ear. And then you tuck in your water, like so, right back here. So then that means you're tucking it all in back here. And you have this nice little tail, right? So you look you look kind of fly with that little tail, and then you put some water on, grow your beard. For God's sake. That's much more important than this. Grow your beard so you don't look weird. Learn how to tie so the sisters don't pass you by and you can look fly and you won't die single Giacomo Kula hyaluron Assalamualaikum warahmatullah wabarakatuh All right, this is actually an outtake. This is part of the first one we're talking about. We're talking about the

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brothers and the sisters and whatnot. What we need to figure out before you

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Learn how to tie and you look fly and the sisters don't pass you by, you better talk to the Wali because he might try to punch you in your eye if you go behind his back and talk to his daughter or his sister, right, because that's very important. The Muslims we need to be men.

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And we need to approach the belly properly, not coming through, you know, the person who goes to a system without her Wali is like a thief that enters a house through the window. So you need to be able to focus on that one and be mad enough to go ahead and talk to the one he he doesn't need to look nice before you do it. And that's why I went ahead and showed you how to tie this around your head so the body will look at you and go well Mashallah, Mashallah, Mashallah. And then inshallah if you're honest, and if you're a righteous person, he will give you his daughter and Allah will allow you to marry one of his female servants Xochimilco

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to love him.